Title: Just a Friendly Game of Cards
Pairings: All the Ikkou Boys, hehe
Rating: NC-17
Status - Oneshot
Beta: Rroselavy

This story is for
ditch_gospel, who requested this story about 2 years ago.  So sorry it took so long, Ditch!  She made a request of a foursome and strip poker and this is what I came up with.  There's not much of a plot, other than the guys were bored.  Enjoy!

Disclaimer:  Saiyuki is owned by Minekura Kazuya.


Just a Friendly Game of Cards


"This is boring."  Sanzo reached over and snubbed out his spent Marlboro.  "Every night we play poker or mahjong.  It's monotonous."  He opened a new can of beer before lighting another smoke.  "You're monotonous.  This fucking mission is monotonous."

"You would rather we be attacked by Kougaji's assassins?"  Gojyo opened the pack of cards and began to shuffle.  "Would that be better, Sanzo-sama?  Would that break the monotony?"

Sanzo blew a long, thin stream of smoke from the corner of his mouth, straight at Gojyo, "That's fucking monotonous, too.  But at least I would see faces other than your ugly ones."

"Maa maa," Hakkai interjected.  "You don't want to jinx us tonight and bring trouble down on this inn, do you?"  He poured some sake into his cup, smiling.  "Perhaps we could try something different."

Goku smiled, eagerly bouncing in his seat.  "Yeah, something different!  Something fun!"

Gojyo paused in his shuffling, "Different?  Other than cards?"

"Well, all we have are a deck of cards and mahjong tiles.  Anyone have any ideas?"  Hakkai sipped gracefully at his sake, enjoying the mellow bite on his tongue.

Gojyo grinned one of his slow, sultry grins, bringing an answering smile to Hakkai's lips, "I do, but the esteemed Sanzo wouldn't have the nerve to play."

"Don't try baiting me into any of your perverted games, Kappa."  Sanzo motioned for Goku to move over a bit as he slid his chair closer to the table and chugged at his beer, "What did you have in mind?  Not that I'm in any way interested."

"Well, we could still play poker, but for different stakes," Gojyo answered, looking sideways at the blond-haired monk, missing the curious, amused look Hakkai tossed his way.

Goku frowned. "That's not different.  We'd still be playing the same game."

"Yes, but when you change the stakes, the game takes on a different feel.  Gives it new meaning."  His look now challenging, Gojyo stared fully at Sanzo.  Sanzo stared back, his expression bored.

Hakkai finished his sake and reached for the jug to pour another. "What stakes did you have in mind, Gojyo?"


Silence answered his reply as three sets of eyes turned his way.  Finally, Sanzo gave a disgusted grunt, his mouth forming a sneer.  Goku, confused, said, "Clothes?  Why would we want to play for that?  Sanzo and Hakkai might be able to try fitting into each other's clothes but not Gojyo and me.  No one can wear our clothes but us.  Why would I want to try to win someone else's clothes?  That's just stupid."

"That's not what he means, Saru.  The erokappa wants to play strip poker."  Smoke puffed out of Sanzo's mouth as he spoke.

"Strip poker?"  Goku looked from Gojyo to Sanzo uncertainly, "I've heard of that game.  Why would Gojyo want to play that?  It's a sex game, isn't it?  And there's no women here to play."

Gojyo smirked, slightly tipsy from the beer, and stared hungrily at Hakkai, "Who needs women when Hakkai's around?"  Hakkai smiled at Gojyo and dropped his eyes, demure, but no blush stained his cheeks.

Disgusted, Sanzo surged to his feet and turned his back to the table.  "Fuck that.  I am not going to be witness to this."  He stripped off his robe and laid it across one of the two double beds in the room after carefully rolling up the sutra.  "If you want to give in to your perverted, sick fantasies of fucking with an audience, you can do so elsewhere.  Perverts."

"Really, Sanzo.  I'm sure that's not what Gojyo was thinking," Hakkai stated, looking teasingly at the redhead.  "Was it Gojyo?"

"Who said anything about that?"  Gojyo smiled nervously at his friend, suddenly unsure of himself and almost wishing he had never suggested the game, even as his eyes drifted over to caress the back of Sanzo's robe-less body.  "I just thought it would make for a change.  I knew that pissy monk would go all prudish, the coward."

"Not wanting to expose my body for your pleasure does not make me a prude, or a coward."

"So you know you'll lose."

Sanzo turned back to face Gojyo, "Of course I won't lose.  I simply have no interest in fulfilling your sick fantasies."

"You think I have fantasies about you?  That's wishful thinking, monk."

"I know you're sick, perverted, and a moral detriment to Goku's upbringing."

"Oh, and you're Nanny Extraordinaire?   The guru in monkey raising?  I don't think so."

"I'm perfectly capably in teaching Goku what he needs to know, and you know it."

Gojyo laughed, pointing his lit cigarette at Sanzo.  "Sure, you can teach him mantras and mayonnaise.  That'll do him loads of good."

Sanzo stalked to the table the three were sitting at and leaned over into Gojyo's face, his hands splayed over the wooden surface. "What the hell is that suppose to mean?"

Gojyo stood and leaned forward also, meeting Sanzo half way. "That means that you are sorely lacking when it comes to teaching the saru the facts of life." 

Sanzo and Gojyo faced off with nothing but the table between them, Goku and Hakkai looking at each other from either side and under the two arguing men.  Hakkai was blinking in amusement and drinking his sake while Goku grew more confused.  Realization bloomed in the youth's eyes and he burst out, "Sanzo does just fine in teaching me about sex!"

Another sudden silence descended on the room as all heads now turned to stare at Goku.  As his words bounced off the walls, Goku's eyes went wide and he slumped down in his chair, red heat flooding his face so fast he expected to burst into flame.  Golden eyes, horrified and imploring, settled on Sanzo, silently begging him not to kill him.  Sanzo's own eyes were wide in shock and his body frozen still leaning on the table.

Finally, Gojyo broke the shocked silence by throwing back his head in laughter, "Oh ho ho ho!  So that's it!  You corrupt monk, you!  You've been indulging in monkey love!"

"Now, Gojyo," Hakkai murmured, hiding his own surprise while trying to tone down his friend's laughter.  "I'm sure that's not what … Goku … meant …"  His voice dwindled away when he got a look at Sanzo's face.  Clearly, Gojyo was correct in his declaration.  "Um, ah …"  Flustered, he tried to cover his confusion by pouring himself more sake.

Sanzo dropped into his chair, glaring at Goku and Gojyo, both.  "Baka!" he growled and downed the rest of his beer.

Gojyo was still chuckling as he, too, sat down and resumed shuffling.  "Well, well.  I guess I can't call you cherry-chan anymore, can I?  So if you're not so innocent, why object to a friendly little game of cards?  Besides, we've all already seen each other naked when we bathe.  This is nothing different."

"I'm simply selective about who I wish to undress in front of.  I'm not interested in screwing everything that breathes, like you."  Sanzo opened another beer.

"What?  You only do monkeys?  Is bestiality accepted by monks?"

Goku's head was swinging between Sanzo and Gojyo as they parried words, relaxing as he realized Sanzo wasn't about to shoot him full of holes.  At Gojyo's last remark, he asked. "Beasty – what?  Did you call me a beast?"  He swung to Sanzo.  "Sanzo!  Did he call me a beast?"  Back to Gojyo.  "And I'm not a monkey!"

"Oh?  Then how did you know I was talking about you, hmm?  You are a beast!  A little monkey beast!"

Goku surged to his feet, "I am not!  I'll kick your ass, you damn cockroach!"

Gojyo stood again, his hands planted on the tabletop.  "Yeah?  You and what army?  Your little, monkey-beast army?"

"I don't need no army to beat your ass, asshole!  I can do that all by myself!"

"Oh, ho, ho!  You wanna do my ass, huh?  I didn't know you cared, saru.  Does Sanzo know?"

"What?!  No!  That's not what I meant!  Sanzo-!"  Goku turned to the monk for help.

The sound of a paper fan striking across a pair of arguing heads brought the yelling to a stop, replacing it with cries of painful outrage.

"We seem to have so much energy tonight."  No one noticed that, as usual, Hakkai waited until Sanzo intervened before speaking up to calm the fight.  Someone looking close enough - had someone tried - might have seen a glint of amusement in a sparkling green eye.

"Shut up and name the conditions for the game!"  Sanzo opened another can of beer.

"How can I shut up and also name the conditions, huh?"  Gojyo scowled at Sanzo.

"You know what I fucking mean, idiot."  Sanzo blew smoke directly into Gojyo face.

Gojyo waved his hand to dispel the cloud and scowled, but related the terms.  "Clothes are worth points.  Shoes and socks are worth one point each as are any forms of adornment like headbands and stuff."

 "Youkai limiters not included," Sanzo declared.  Goku clamped both hands over his coronet in agreement.

"Well, they're not exactly clothing so, no, they are not included."  Hakkai agreed.

"Right, limiters are not included," Gojyo continued.  "Shirts are worth ten points, pants twenty-five points, and boxers fifty."

"What about armor?" asked Goku, speaking before Sanzo could ask the same question.

"Armor is considered adornment," Gojyo replied.

"It's not adornment," Goku objected.  "It's needed in the life we've been living."

"Well, neither Hakkai nor I wear any, so I'm calling it adornment."  Gojyo countered.  For a few minutes the group debated the point system dealing with armor before coming to the agreement that it would be worth five points.

"If this is what we're playing, I wanna have a drink, too.  Can I have some?"  Goku looked to Sanzo, "I wanna try it.  Please?"

Sanzo stared at Goku for a moment before jerking his head to the side, "Whatever.  If you want a drink, I won't stop you."

A grin splitting his face, Goku turned back to Hakkai, "Alright!  Gimme something to drink."

Hakkai smiled, "Well, we have beer and sake.  Which would you like, Goku?"

Indecision brought a frown to the young man's face until he saw Sanzo finish his can of beer and reach for another.  "Beer.  I wanna a beer."

Sanzo paused, then diverted his new beer and set it before Goku, reaching for another for himself.

Goku watched as Sanzo popped the top, mimicking the motions.  As Sanzo brought the can to his lips, Goku did too.  Gojyo gave the cards one last shuffle and began to deal.


Forty-five minutes later, Gojyo was drunk and naked.  Sanzo was drunk and wearing only boxers.  Goku was totally trashed and wearing one sock and his boxers.  Hakkai was completely sober and fully dressed.

"All I'm saying," Gojyo slurred, "is that just because I'm out of clothes, that doesn't mean I don't have anything else to use as a wager."  He leaned over the table, perfectly comfortable being naked.  Hakkai let his eyes travel over what he could see of the redhead's upper body.

"Stop trying to bargain your way back into the game, Kappa.  You're the one who decided the rules of the wager.  You lost.  Live with it and let the rest of us play in peace."  Sanzo's voice was also slurred as he waited for Hakkai to deal.

"Well, I don't know, Sanzo.  Perhaps we should hear what he has to offer."  Hakkai was in very good spirits, finding himself surrounded with naked and scantily clad men.  And himself fully clothed.  He did love to win.

"Yeah!  You should hear what I have to offer!"

"I can't imagine anything you have to offer that I would be even remotely interested in."  Sanzo snubbed out his cigarette.  Between the monk and Gojyo, the air hung heavy in gray smoke.

Gojyo raked his eyes over the priest.  "As I see it, Monk, you're only one pair of boxers from joining me.  Who says you'd be the one to win my enchanting charms?"

"'Enchanting charms'?"  Goku giggled and kicked his sock-clad feet, the alcohol flushing his cheeks.  "That's pretty mushy.  Do you actually say that to women?  I bet Hakkai doesn't get all worked up over such drivel!"   Goku hiccupped as he giggled.

Hakkai was impressed over Goku's use of the word 'drivel'.  From the way Gojyo and Sanzo were blinking at Goku, so were they.  He felt a touch of pride that his teaching was having an effect.

"Whether or not it's 'drivel', I would like to hear Gojyo's proposition."  Hakkai tried to encourage Gojyo's creativity.  It was always good when Gojyo got creative.   He turned his head to the redhead expectantly.

Unfortunately, said redhead was currently glaring at one young, golden-eyed youth.  Hakkai noticed that Sanzo's hand reached out, but stopped short, of touching Goku's arm as narrow eyes trailed over the youth's tanned form.  Goku hiccupped again.

Hakkai tried to calm the air, "Maa, maa.  I, for one, would like to not fight tonight.  We've done enough of that with youkai around every corner."  The two 'kids' had the grace to look a bit ashamed and they settled back into their chairs.  "Now, what were you suggesting, Gojyo?"

Gojyo still looked slightly disgruntled but willingly turned his head away from Goku and focused his eyes on Hakkai, which was where Hakkai wanted Gojyo's eyes to be.  The healer smiled.  Gojyo blinked, then a slow, lazy grin stretched across his face. His beautifully exotic eyes darkened and the red irises took on a flame quality.

"Well, I was thinking simply about a kiss, but…" the leer on his face clearly stated what else he was willing to do.

Hakkai felt a similar grin touch his own lips before he stopped it.  "Oh, I would think a kiss to be perfectly adequate."

"Adequate?  Is that all?"

"For now.  Later, if need be, we can negotiate further."  He watched Gojyo's mouth pull into one of his luscious smiles.  Hakkai opened his eyes and let Gojyo see the lust that was stirring within him before lowering his lids and turning to the other two, "Should Gojyo not win a hand, he should pay up to the highest hand, yes?"

Goku nodded, "Sounds fair.  Hick."

Sanzo stayed quiet, his silence interpreted as agreement.

Sure enough, Gojyo lost, but Sanzo had to wonder just how hard he had tried to win.  And it was Hakkai who had won the hand – no surprise there.

Goku watched, unashamed, as Gojyo and Hakkai kissed.  When they pulled apart, he turned to Sanzo and leaned forward for his own kiss.

"Don't even think it, baka.  I'm not kissing you just because those two idiots can't control themselves."  He pushed his cards to the center of the table so they could be remixed into the rest of the deck.

"Oh, come on, Sanzo," Goku wheedled.  He leaned further toward Sanzo, his eyes a burnished gold with a come hither smile.  The slap of Sanzo's fan had him jerking back with too much force and he flipped completely out of his chair, ending up on the floor, the chair on top of him and his legs tangled in the rungs.  "Shit, Sanzo!"

Gojyo's laughter could be heard out into the hall followed by another slap of a fan.  The laughter was cut off abruptly and replaced by curses.  Hakkai reached down and helped Goku disentangle himself from his chair and get reseated.  Hakkai thought the youth looked adorable, his face flushed from the alcohol, and the hiccups were the cutest thing he'd ever heard.

"I only wanted a kiss, no need to get violent about it."  Goku sent a peeved looked Sanzo's way.

Hakkai wanted to see Goku smiling again, so before he realized it, he voiced his thought, "You could kiss me, if you'd like.  Goku."

Three pairs of eyes centered on him and he realized that not all members at this table might appreciate his offer.

"Really?"  Goku stared at him in surprise.  "Wouldn't Gojyo get mad?"

Hakkai looked to his lover, "Gojyo?"

"Ah, no!  No.  I won't get mad."  Hakkai didn't think Gojyo would mind, but was still glad to see the interest in his lover's eyes, "Go ahead."

Hakkai turned back to Goku to see him looking at Sanzo.  The monk stared back at his charge for a moment, then turned away.  "Ch'."  Goku turned back to Hakkai and smiled shyly.

"Um, ok.  Hick."

So very adorable.

Hakkai leaned forward and gently covered Goku's mouth with his own.  Sanzo and Gojyo just sat in stunned silence as the two engaged in a deep and thorough kiss.  When they broke away, Goku smiled.


The grin fell from Goku's mouth at Sanzo's bark.  A look of trepidation crossed his face as he turned to look at the monk.  Whatever he expected to happen, it couldn't have been a kiss from Sanzo.  Hakkai knew it wasn't what he expected to happen.  But happen it did.  And just as surprising, it was gentle and loving and sensuous.  And hot. 

Definitely hot.

When Hakkai turned to Gojyo, he saw him also staring at the other two, his eyes smoldering.  His friend and lover turned his head and smiled at Hakkai.  When Sanzo and Goku broke apart, breathless, the redhead declared, "I think I'm a bit jealous."

"What's wrong, Gojyo?"  Hakkai asked.  "Are you feeling left out?"

"I think so," he replied looking at Goku.

Goku looked to Hakkai and Gojyo in confusion.  "Left out?  Why?  You kissed Hakkai first." 

Sanzo huffed, "The kappa feels left out because he's now the only one who hasn't kissed you, saru."  He took a drag off his cigarette and another drink of his beer.  "You can kiss him, too, if you want.  If it'll keep him from sulking the rest of the night."

Goku laughed and looked at Hakkai, "Should I kiss him, too, Hakkai?  Does he know how to kiss nice?  Or does he get all slobbery?"

"Excuse me?!"  Gojyo didn't find Goku's questions amusing in the least.  He wasn't about to question how their friendly game of cards suddenly became a game of Kiss the Monkey, but he couldn't believe Goku was questioning his talents with anything to do with sex. And even Sanzo had a small smile curving his lips at the comment.

Hakkai chuckled, "Well, actually, he does kiss quite nicely.  He can do this little thing with his tongue that is quite pleasant."

"Pleasant?!  It's better than pleasant, and you know it, Hakkai," Gojyo grumped.  They were ganging up on him!  "Just forget it.  Why would I want to kiss a monkey, anyway?"

"I'd like to see you kiss him, Gojyo."

Gojyo stilled.  Hakkai had used that tone of voice.  He stared at his lover, a smile returning to his face.  "You'd like that?"

"Yes, I would."  Hakkai looked to Goku.  "If Goku wanted to."

Goku turned considering, golden eyes to Gojyo.  Slowly, a sensuous smile spread across his lips and he said, "A thing with your tongue, huh?  I can do a thing with my tongue, too."  He stood up from his chair, "Wanna compare?"  Goku stepped up to Gojyo and placed one hand on the table and the other on the wall next to the redhead, leaning in close with a challenging grin.  After a surprised start, Gojyo's grin matched Goku's.

Hakkai considered pouring himself more sake, but he really wasn't in the mood for it any longer.  His attention was centered elsewhere; the events going on with his companions were much more interesting.  Amazingly, Goku was teasing Gojyo – the youth was leaning forward for a kiss, but staying just out of reach of Gojyo's mouth.  When Gojyo would lean forward, Goku would lean back – still just out of reach.  Hakkai could feel his heart rate increase and he realized he was holding his breath, anticipating the promised kiss.  He suddenly realized that Goku hadn't hiccupped for the last several minutes and he missed the sound.

Remembering Sanzo, he spared a quick glance toward to monk and found him staring, rapt, at the game being played by the other two.  Sanzo's mouth parted and an alluring tongue peeked out to lick at rosy lips and Hakkai had a sudden desire to taste them.  Were the priest's kisses really as soft as was implied by the one he gave Goku?  He let his eyes travel over Sanzo.  He had no regrets over Gojyo's ability to kiss, but he could also appreciate Goku's surprising talent. 

Perhaps sensing his attention, Sanzo turned to him.  The hungry look in the monk's eyes momentarily took Hakkai aback.  Then a small smirk curved a corner of Sanzo's mouth and those intense violet eyes traveled over Hakkai's clothed body. 

A quiet sound pulled his attention back to the other couple and he found that Gojyo had apparently managed to catch Goku and the youth now straddled the redhead's lap.  A stab of disappointment went through Hakkai at missing it, but there was nothing to be done for it now.  The two were totally absorbed in each other, their mouths making contact and their hands beginning to explore.

The game continued.

The kisses that passed between Goku and Gojyo had little lip contact but a lot of tongue.  From his own kiss, Hakkai had found Goku's tongue to be very agile (lucky Sanzo).

Getting out of his chair, he slid into Goku's vacated seat next to Sanzo.  From here he could see the monk's erection tenting the cotton of his boxers.  Hakkai leaned forward and Sanzo met him half way.

His mouth was soft.  The taste of booze and tobacco was reminiscent of Gojyo, and yet totally different.  He felt Sanzo's tongue slip into his mouth almost immediately and gently touch his own.  They kissed slowly, taking their time in exploring each other as he followed Sanzo's tongue from his own mouth into the priest's, then Sanzo would follow his back.  They snuck breaths in where they could, their breathing growing more labored and breathless the longer they kissed.  Sanzo's hands sunk into his hair and cupped the back of his head.

"Fuck, if I had the talent, I'd paint a picture of that."

Gojyo's voice finally broke through the haze of Sanzo's kisses and they broke apart to look at the other couple.  Gojyo still sat sprawled in his chair with Goku straddling him, watching as he and Sanzo kissed.  Both looked aroused.

"I don't know if I should be jealous or just turned on," Goku added, his gaze slightly possessive as it drank in the sight of his guardian and Hakkai.

"Oh!  Ah, ha, ha.  Perhaps we should have asked their permission first, eh Sanzo?"  Hakkai found his voice breathy and the words a bit difficult to force past his throat with his accelerated breathing.

"Tch.  I don't see why.  They were too busy."  Sanzo leaned back in his chair and Hakkai caught how his gaze traveled over Goku's compact body.

Goku laughed and moved towards the monk, "Is this what drinking does, Sanzo?  Make people horny?"

Sanzo scraped his chair back from the table and reached out to the boy.  "Sometimes."  The contrast of Sanzo's pale fingers against the darker tone of Goku's waist as the monk pulled Goku closer to him was worthy of a picture.  The two kissed again and Sanzo went so far as to pull Goku up onto his lap, the boy's legs straddling Sanzo's thighs as they had just been straddling Gojyo's.  Sanzo's arms crossed Goku's back, one hand cupped a butt cheek, the other caressing a shoulder blade.  Goku wrapped his arms around Sanzo's shoulders and settled himself comfortably.

Gojyo sidled next to Hakkai, watching.  "What's going on here, Hakkai?  I just wanted to spice things up in the card game a bit, I had no idea the monk and his monkey would take things so far."

Surprised, Hakkai turned to his friend.  "Are you objecting, Gojyo?  I recall you confiding to me that this was one of the things you liked to fantasize about."

"Well, yeah, but it wasn't something I would ever had thought to actually happen."  The two men kept their voices soft, so as not to interrupt the bout of heavy necking going on a couple of feet away.  Sanzo had slipped a hand under the waistband of Goku's boxers and was obviously now cupping a bare cheek.  Goku was thrusting gently against Sanzo and one of his hands had suspiciously disappeared, wedging itself between the two.  Sanzo inhaled a deep breath and rose slightly in his chair.

A hand sinking into his hair had Gojyo turning his head back to Hakkai to receive a slow kiss from the green-eyed man.  "Does that matter?" Hakkai asked.

"No," Gojyo answered.  His cock was in firm agreement as it was standing at full attention.  Hakkai smiled and reached out to wrap his hand around him, standing and guiding Gojyo to his feet by his cock.  He heard the scrape of a chair that wasn't his or Hakkai's, but it wasn't until the creak of bedsprings sounded that Gojyo broke the kiss to look up.

The other two had retired to one of the two beds and they had divested themselves of their remaining clothing.  Sanzo was settling himself over Goku, his pale, naked skin glowing in the light.  "To think that the two of them really have been getting it on.  How could I have missed that?"

Hakkai watched as Goku and Sanzo writhed together, establishing a rhythm, and he remembering Sanzo's comments earlier about Gojyo's desires.  Now, it was he and Gojyo watching as Sanzo and Goku were having sex.  "So very true," Hakkai replied.

Gojyo was touching him, tugging at his clothes, loosening them.  " I wonder how long it's been going on," Gojyo murmured as he slid Hakkai's jacket down his arms and let it fall to the floor.  Hakkai raised his arms so his shirt could also be removed.  He let this happen as he watched the couple on the bed, soaking in the feeling of Gojyo's mouth trailing over his heated skin.  Gojyo's arms circled his waist and the button of his pants released as Gojyo's fingers slid down the zipper.

Sanzo shot a quick look at him, then leaned down to whisper something, too quiet for him to hear, in Goku's ear.  Goku's molten eyes looked his way before whispering an agreement back.

Suddenly, Goku's breathless voice reached out to them.  "Hakkai.  You want some head?"

Hakkai blinked, "Wha-  Goku?!"

Sanzo shifted, turning Goku to his side and lifting one leg to allow his continued deep thrusts.  Then, those dark violet eyes turned to him.

By now, his clothes were almost gone, only his boxers remaining, and Gojyo was pulling at them.

"It's alright, Hakkai.  It'd be so hot, to watch him suck you off."  Gojyo's voice floated past his ear.  The words had a surreal quality and he couldn't pull his eyes away from the two on the bed, who were watching him with dark, matching gazes.

His shorts were pulled away, leaving him as naked as the rest of the group and a pair of strong arms encircled him.  "You've won the game, Hakkai.  Now it's time to partake of your spoils."  Gojyo slid his erection along his ass crack, "Do you want to top tonight?"

"Ah, no.  Not tonight, Gojyo."  His voice was soft and distracted.

He moved up to the bed Sanzo and Goku were on, kneeling at the very edge with Gojyo behind him, his fingers sliding into him.

Since Goku was the one to offer oral sex, he assumed Goku would be the one to do it.  So, he was surprised when it was Sanzo who reached out and gripped him, sliding his fist over his cock.  But then he directed him toward Goku's waiting mouth, his hand still gripping Hakkai's length.

A hard groan forced its way out of his throat as Hakkai watched both Goku's and Sanzo's mouths trail over his erection.  Their tongues twirled around his head and then twirled around each other.  They took turns swallowing him down, their saliva intermingling over his burning flesh.  A deep pulse thrummed through Hakkai's body, demanding satisfaction.

 He tilted his head back and rested it on Gojyo's shoulder.  Looking into the red eyes of his lover he demanded, "Fuck me, Gojyo.  Fuck me.  Now."

A guttural grunt was his answer as Gojyo positioned himself.  They were regular lovers so little preparation was necessary.  His sigh from feeling Gojyo penetrate him turned into a moan as Sanzo swallowed him down whole.

For long minutes he rocked between Gojyo's thrusting and Sanzo and Goku's sucking.  Surely heaven could never compare to this.

Eventually, the two writhing on the bed became too engrossed in what they were doing to continue sucking on Hakkai, so the healer let himself shift to the side, replacing their mouths with his hand.  Neither Sanzo nor Goku seemed to notice.  Sanzo was holding Goku close, his mouth resting against the skin just behind Goku's ear.  Hakkai could hear the monk moaning, so very quiet that the sound barely reached his ears over his own harsh breaths and Gojyo's murmurs of pleasure.  He found himself listening hard, picturing Sanzo's mouth behind his own ear, his moans reverberating through his inner ear and the warm, puffs of breath bathing the skin.

"Sanzo!  San … zo!  I'm gonna cum!"  Hakkai thought for, a brief moment of panic, that the declaration came from himself, but no, it was Goku.  Hakkai was right with him.

Sanzo's eyes dilated, and a harsh cry was pulled from the priest's throat.

Hakkai held on to Gojyo behind him as his body stiffened.  He angled himself to the side, spurting over the blanket next to the two men lying before him, narrowly missing them.  His body sagged and it was Gojyo's arms that held him up, carefully lowering him to the bed, his movements not slowing in the least.  Once Hakkai had himself braced, Gojyo finished himself off, hard, thrusting until his body collapsed onto Hakkai, his weight baring both of them to the bed.

When they had all regained their breaths, Sanzo got up and retrieved his cigarettes, lighting one as he reclined back onto the bed next to Goku as Hakkai and Gojyo sluggishly moved over to the other mattress.  "No mention this will ever be made," Sanzo declared, sated and mellow.  Goku snuggled up next to the priest, and Sanzo surprisingly let him.  "And it will never happen again."

"If you say so, Sanzo," the other three answered in unison. 

Sanzo huffed and pulled Goku closer.  "Just so you understand."

"Yes, Sanzo."


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