Title - Hair
Author – Car Jack
Pairing(s) – Sanzo, Goku
Rating - G
Summary – An everyday act stirs up a vague sense of déjà vu that washes over into a dream.

Disclaimer:  Saiyuki is owned by Minekura Kazuya




"What were you doing?  Rolling around in the dirt?"  Sanzo carefully worked the comb through Goku's hair, gently working out the tangles and leaves and other debris that had been knotted into the long strands.  Goku was standing with his back to Sanzo with the monk sitting at his desk in his office, the peace and quiet of the last hour now gone.  "You stink."  The boy needed a bath, too. 

The comb caught on a snarl and pulled the hair as Goku whipped his head around.  "But there was a squirrel!  It stole some of my peanuts!  I only wanted them back, but then it looked so cute eating them, that I just wanted to pet it."  He scratched at one of the scrapes on his arm with a pout.  "But, I guess he didn't want to be petted."

"Che," Sanzo snorted.  "Of course he didn't.  A squirrel is a wild animal, not some domesticated pet."  Pressing a hand on the boy's shoulder, he forced him to stand still as the monk continued to unsnarl the hair in his care, thinking that Goku fell somewhere in-between a wild animal and a pet.

A strange feeling came over the priest as he continued to make some order out of Goku's hair; a feeling of having done this before.  That in itself wasn't strange, as he had combed the boy's long hair many times, but this time it seemed to tickle some ancient memory.  Frowning, he tried to bring the memory closer to the surface, but it remained stubborn.  With an irritated jerk of his head, he shoved the illusive thing away.

He saw his hands gently smoothing Goku's hair after the comb, actually registering the sensation of silky strands as they passed beneath his palms.  His irritation rose higher and he quickly finished the job and hustled the kid to the bath, then to bed.


Running the comb through Goku's hair, he smoothed his palm over the straightened strands.  "You were gone a long time.  Were you having fun?"

"I was!  Nataku showed me the coolest place!  There were flowers and dragonflies everywhere!  He said that fireflies appeared at night!  Can we go see them?  It would be so cool to see the fireflies at night with you!"

The dream rippled at the mention of Nataku's name, but settled before he could wake.  "Perhaps, if you behave yourself."  The crown of braided flowers that Goku had just gifted him with rested on his head and he was glad that no one other than his ward was around to see him.  It was embarrassing. 

But he didn't remove it.

"I'll behave!  I promise, Konzen!  I really will!"

Konzen arched an eyebrow in skepticism and the dream wavered again as Sanzo burrowed deeper into the mattress and pillow, struggling to hold onto the dream. 

"Well then, we'll see." Konzen muttered as he pulled the comb one last time through Goku's hair.  He tied it into its usual tail and pushed the boy away.  "Perhaps tonight," he whispered.

Sanzo found himself staring at the far wall, the paint washed in moonlight, and realized he was now awake.  He hadn't had such a dream since he was a boy – so long ago that he had forgotten all about them.  He realized that the Goku in his dreams was the same as the one with him now, he was sure of it, but how could he have dreamed about the boy before he had ever met him?

He shifted and a warm lump curled against the back of his legs told him that Goku had once again crawled into his bed.  Sanzo frowned, habit pushing him to kick the boy out.  How often had he told the brat that he was old enough to sleep by himself?  He started to sit up, but the Goku's head was resting on one of his calves, so Sanzo elbowed his upper body up so he could look at him. 

The darkened room didn't allow much light to see the boy, wrapped up in his own blanket, except for the glint of Goku's coronet, reflected in the moonlight as if the moon intentionally aimed at it.  The dream still vividly fresh in his mind, Sanzo ran his hand over his own head, almost expecting to feel flowers, but of course there was none.  Involuntarily, his hand closed over the short strands of hair tickling the back of his neck, expecting to feel a hair clip. 

Surprise stilled his body.  Why had he done that?  Of course his hair wasn't as long or longer than Goku's – it never had been. 

He sighed and let his hand drop, for once not waking Goku and kicking him out of the bed.  Just this once he would let the brat stay where he was.  But only because the night was cold and Goku wasn't.  Sanzo settled back into his pillow, curling his legs around the warm boy.

Just this once.


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