Title: Sucker Punch
Author: caeseria

Email: kappa5335 [at] gmail [.] com
Pairing: Gojyo/Sanzo
Warnings: Smex of the NC-17 variety ;)
Summary: Sanzo loses a bet to Gojyo, and has to pay up.
A/N: Based a prompt from jedishampoo. This is my first 'official' attempt at 53. I hope I don't get shot....Beta'd by the wonderful sharpeslass. Thanks also go out to jedishampoo for some suggestions. Thanks for keeping me on track, guys!

Sucker Punch


"Come on, just admit you got bitch-slapped, Sanzo." Gojyo pointed across the camp fire with his cigarette, using it to punctuate his words.

"Like fuck I did." Sanzo chose to look away, somewhere deep into the forest and over the top of Goku's head.

"Ah haha." Even Hakkai seemed to be getting in on the act, Gojyo noticed. "I think it was more of a sucker-punch, Gojyo," Hakkai remarked, trying to keep a straight face but failing miserably.

Goku leaned back against a fallen tree stump and crossed his arms behind his head. "Craaaap, and it was a girl, too!"

Sanzo tried out his best intimidating glare on Goku, but it failed to have any kind of impact whatsoever on the monkey. "It was a big motherfucker of a youkai, and it was not a woman," he ground out.

"Heh, it so had breasts, Sanzo-sama. I'm an expert on this kind of anatomy shit and anyway, you're a fucking monk; you wouldn't know a woman if she hit you in the face. Oh wait, that just happened, didn't it?" Gojyo retorted with a shit-eating grin, unable to control his expression.

"You have a fucking death wish, kappa?"

Gojyo leaned back and crossed his legs at the ankle. "Nah, but I do know a female youkai when I see one. Still, it doesn't change the fact you owe me."

Sanzo glared. "I owe you fucking nothing, pervert."

"I believe you'll find you lost the bet, Sanzo." Hakkai was smiling again. Gojyo was sure of it this time, although it was hard to tell in the approaching twilight. 

Goku looked wild-eyed, and was following the conversation back and forth, his head snapping from side to side with each verbal volley.

"It doesn't count," Sanzo challenged. "Since I was unconscious for the entire fight."

"Don't try to wriggle out of it, you shitty monk!" Gojyo snapped back, sitting upright. He flicked his cigarette into his empty beer can, where the heater sizzled as it made contact with the backwash at the bottom before going out. "Hakkai?" Gojyo looked to Hakkai for the final word on the matter.

"Sanzo? Do you agree to abide by my decision?" Hakkai asked.


"Very well." Hakkai was enjoying himself thoroughly, judging from the blank look on his face. Hakkai only ever achieved that kind of blankness when he was trying not to smile like an idiot. Gojyo should know: he'd done enough stupid things in the past to earn that look on a number of separate occasions.

"The original bet stated whoever had the most kills during the next fight was the winner, yes? In return, the person with the least amount of kills, the loser, would have to do whatever the winner required, correct?" Hakkai continued.

Everyone nodded in agreement, except for Sanzo, who was lighting a cigarette. "I shall take that as an affirmative then," Hakkai continued. "Therefore, Gojyo was the winner since he took down more youkai than either I or Goku."

"Bullshit," stated Sanzo empathically. "You always get more kills in than the idiot kappa. He looks flashy, but wastes time fucking around showing off."

"Hey!" Gojyo snapped back. "That's uncalled for, you prick! I so do not show off, unless there's a lady to impress."

Hakkai ignored Gojyo. "I believe you just stated you were unconscious for the entire fight, Sanzo, and therefore would not have been witness to any of it?"

Shit, Hakkai's good, or he's just enjoying fucking with Sanzo's head for a change. 

"Yeah, 'cause Sanzo didn't even get to pull his gun out," Goku said with a laugh. "That chick just appeared from behind that tree and slapped him down in one shot."

"You are fucking dead, monkey."

Gojyo roared with laughter. "You should have seen the look on your face, Sanzo, the split second before she got the drop on ya! And then we had to sort of stand over you, in case someone else got in a lucky slice with a sword! Ha!"

"Fuck you all." Sanzo stood up. He took a final drag on his cigarette and ground it under his boot heel. He glared from Hakkai to Goku, and then at Gojyo. "Don't think I don't know what's going through your head, you…you pervert kappa!" With a final hmph, Sanzo stormed off into the forest, robes flapping around his legs.

Hakkai waited until the white of Sanzo's robes had finally vanished between the trees. "I do believe Sanzo is so angry at the moment, he was lost for adjectives to describe some of your better qualities, Gojyo."

"Yeah, well, he still owes me, unconscious or not." Gojyo lit his last smoke and stared at the burning heater. "Tell me we're passing through a damned town tomorrow 'Kai, because I ain't gonna last without nicotine."

Hakkai smiled. "There's a town approximately twenty-five miles from here. In fact, we would have made it tonight, if not for the youkai we ran into today."

"Thank fuck for that," Gojyo sighed. "Oi, Goku, why don't you go find the monk?"

"Huh?" Goku looked up from where he had been leaning against the log. "Hakkai, do I have to? I don't wanna get shot!" Goku had gone straight for whiny mode, Gojyo noted.

Hakkai turned his best smile on Gojyo instead. "Gojyo, I think you should find Sanzo, since you managed to make him angry enough to leave in the first place."

"Wha?" Gojyo almost dropped his smoke. "Why me? I was just telling him it how it was. It's not my fault if the asshole can't look after himself in a fight!"

"Quite. Therefore, wouldn't it be prudent to find Sanzo before he gets himself into more trouble?"

Gojyo shook his head. "You'd better be damn sure he's not listening from the trees, Hakkai. If he hears you say that, you're gonna get your ass kicked." He dropped the end of his last smoke into the beer can.

Hakkai apparently found the thought of getting his ass kicked by Sanzo quite funny. The smirk dropped quickly from Hakkai's face when he noticed the beer can in Gojyo's hand. "Please do not do that, Gojyo. How many times have I told you about using a beer can as an ashtray?"

"We're outdoors, Hakkai. Shit, what do you want me to do – throw it on the fire instead?" Gojyo glared at Hakkai. "Fine, fine, I'll go find Sanzo. See, I'm going." He stood up and brushed down his jeans, then followed Sanzo's trail of destruction into the forest.


Sanzo was not hard to find, after all. Five minutes of walking, and Gojyo could hear the sound of distant gunshots. He picked up his pace, just in case Sanzo was in trouble and he'd come across more youkai in the forest.

The truth was a little more mundane, as it turned out, but a lot more amusing. The pissy monk was pacing back and forth, gun in hand. His robes were bunched around his waist, and he was muttering under his breath. Hidden at the edge of the clearing, Gojyo wasn't sure if Sanzo was muttering death threats or cursing: both, probably. Every now and again he'd swing around, raise his arm, and fire at the nearest tree until the banishing gun was empty. Then he'd reload and start all over again. Gojyo watched him for a moment, enjoying Sanzo's economic movements as he slid a bullet into each empty slot, and then with a flick of his wrist closed the chamber. It was a couple of seconds before Gojyo realized the gun was pointed directly between his eyes.

"Come out, you bastard," Sanzo snapped. The gun was steady; it never wavered in Sanzo's hand.

"Fine." With a sigh, Gojyo stepped from the edge of the clearing and into view. "You can put that down, it's only me."


Okay, good question. Gojyo tried a smile instead, which failed spectacularly. Instead, Gojyo tried for a reasonable approach. "Are you coming back to camp? We should get an early night, and -"

"Don't tell me what to do, asshole." Sanzo eased the safety back gently, and Gojyo heard the bullet drop into the chamber.

Shit. "Suit yourself, then." Brave it out, and perhaps he won't shoot you, yeah? "I'll be going back, 'kay?"

There was a slight pause before Sanzo answered. "Fuck no, you and I are gonna settle this now."

Gojyo spun around. "What?"

"Settle things with a fight. The bit where I shoot at you and you try to defend yourself."

"Are you fucking kidding me?" Gojyo felt like his eyebrows had disappeared into his hairline with surprise. There was a sharp report and Gojyo felt a bullet whistle by his temple, embedding itself with a thunk in the tree behind him.

"I never fucking joke around, Gojyo." Sanzo narrowed his eyes, and jerked his arm to the right slightly, putting the gun directly in line with Gojyo's forehead.

It took a moment, but reasoning and logic finally caught up with Gojyo. Sanzo was embarrassed. Not just embarrassed, but fucking mad as all hell about it. If they'd dropped the teasing at the beginning and just ignored the whole fact of what had happened, Sanzo could have chosen to let it go with dignity and grace. Okay, scratch the dignity bit, Gojyo thought: that was lying on the ground with the dead youkai who'd bitch-slapped Sanzo in the first place.

Sanzo wanted to even the score now, and prove he wasn't a liability to the group. It was all starting to make sense to Gojyo. So, if he let the monk have a piece of his hide, they could all go back to being friends again and get on with the mission, right? With a mental nod to himself, Gojyo felt the shaku-jou materialize in his hand. He hefted the weapon, feeling the balance, getting ready to make his move. 

Sanzo's eyes narrowed imperceptibly before another shot rang out. Gojyo dropped to the ground and rolled to the side, allowing the shaku-jou to unfurl in one smooth movement, careful to not actually aim directly at Sanzo, but close enough that the monk wouldn't be able to tell the difference. A sudden jolt in his wrist told him that Sanzo had actually got a shot off, hitting the chain as it sped towards him. The sickle slammed point-first into the tree behind where the monk had been standing seconds before.

Where was he now? Gojyo jerked the shaku-jou, pulling it free from the tree, and spun around. Sanzo was nowhere to be seen. Fuck. That would teach him to play nicely, because no doubt the fucking monk already had a bead on him and there was no way in hell Sanzo was gonna be playing for second place again.

How many shots had he got off so far? As if in answer, another bullet whizzed by, close enough to snag briefly on the shoulder of Gojyo's leather jacket. He dropped smoothly to the ground, letting gravity take him down and out of range. Another bullet followed his movement, but not fast enough to do damage. Was Sanzo mad enough to really try to kill him, or was he just proving a point? Gojyo had no idea. Sanzo was gonna have to reload now, and Gojyo knew only too well how fast he could do that. Time to move.

Instead of opting for a duck-and-cover approach, Gojyo ran straight toward where he thought Sanzo had been when he fired. A flash of white cloth against a bush told him he'd been on the money, right up until he realized the bastard must have shrugged off his robes in order to fake him out. 

"Fuck!" Gojyo spat, anger starting to take hold. This had gone on long enough. He stood up, feeling the hairs on the back of his neck rise. Instinct told him that Sanzo was directly behind him. He felt the nudge of cold steel at the back on his head, parting his hair gently, before Sanzo shoved. The unforgiving metal of the gun jolted into the back of Gojyo's head. "Ow! For fuck's sake, you prick!"

Sanzo laughed humorlessly. "Who got bitch-slapped, idiot water sprite?" Sanzo asked.

Gojyo took a deep breath, expelling it quietly. He let the shaku-jou vanish, hoping his surrender might trigger a return to sanity for Sanzo. When he felt the barrel pushed into his skull again, he realized his supposed surrender might have been a bad move.


"Nobody got bitch-slapped, Sanzo." Gojyo tried to keep his voice even and unthreatening. 

"Hn." Apparently this was the correct answer, because the gun was moved away from the vicinity of Gojyo's second favorite body part: his hair. 

"You did get sucker-punched, though," Gojyo added as an afterthought.

"You fucking asshole –" Sanzo spat, although the rest of the sentence was cut short by Gojyo's elbow, aimed with some force into Sanzo's diaphragm as he turned around. 

With a grunt, Sanzo folded gracefully to the floor, one arm around his stomach. Gojyo took the opportunity to knock the gun from Sanzo's other hand, watching it slide away under a bush. "Shooting at me is a shitty kind of foreplay, Sanzo, but hey, whatever yanks your chain," Gojyo said evenly. 

He bent down and retrieved the gun, flicking back the safety and sliding it into the waistband of his pants. Without a backward glance, Gojyo started to walk back across the clearing, in the direction of the camp. Let Sanzo sort out his own shit, like he usually did. If he wanted to act like a bitch, Gojyo was quite content to let Sanzo get on with it by himself.

Gojyo was halfway across the clearing when he heard fast-moving footsteps behind him. Turning at the last moment, he was able to avoid the full force of Sanzo's tackle. In fact, Gojyo may have managed to remain upright if the bastard hasn't used one of his own street-fighting moves on him, and twisted his foot out from under him. Gojyo went down with zero finesse, flat on his back, with Sanzo on top of him. The top of Sanzo's head connected with his jaw, sending pain ricocheting up through his skull. Gojyo's vision went fuzzy for a second, while instinctively he tried to roll Sanzo off of his body. 

Sanzo took the opportunity to deliver a punch to Gojyo's gut while he was disoriented, making Gojyo curse. The gun was also digging hard into the base of his spine, causing major discomfort. Gojyo attempted to shift, earning another shot to his ribs; however this one lacked the force of the first punch.

Gojyo felt Sanzo's weight shift and then Sanzo was sitting upright, straddling his hips. Long fingers came up around his neck, squeezing, momentarily cutting off Gojyo's airflow. Gojyo bucked upwards at the same time his hands grabbed for Sanzo's wrists, trying to pull them away from his throat. That didn't work, so instead he threaded both hands between Sanzo's, suddenly knocking outwards and finally dislodging the bastard's grip.

With Sanzo off-balance, Gojyo surged upwards again, using his body to push Sanzo off and to the side. The roll carried him right over, until he was on his hands and knees, straddling Sanzo's prone body. Instead of fighting back, Sanzo glared up at him. Surprised, Gojyo briefly wondered what the hell was going on in Sanzo's head. Sanzo's eyes narrowed and Gojyo watched, almost hypnotized, as Sanzo swallowed once and then the corner of his mouth twitched. It may have been a smile, but whatever it was, it was fucking scary as all get out.

Now Gojyo was off-balance, but not physically. Mentally, he felt as if he'd arrived late to a party and missed the introductions. Before he could try to reason through Sanzo's shift of attitude, he felt Sanzo's hands on his hips, fingers digging in hard through his jeans, and then the monk kicked out to the side, spreading Gojyo's legs wide enough that he lost balance again and sank down towards the ground. Sanzo's fingers jerked his hips down hard, until Gojyo's groin connected solidly with Sanzo's.

Holy fuck, Sanzo was hard. Gojyo's brain took the opportunity to go on a brief mental vacation. "Er, Sanzo?" Gojyo finally volunteered, feeling he should probably say something at this point. On second thought, perhaps not, he decided, in case the monk got his hands on the gun again. Even bringing up this little situation could be an explosive and possibly deadly mistake.

"Forget I said anything, okay?" Gojyo said hurriedly, trying to pull away.

Sanzo's hands locked around Gojyo's hips, preventing him from moving. He pushed upward, dragging Gojyo's hips forward at the same time, creating friction. Sanzo groaned softly, his eyes fluttering closed.

Gojyo felt his body respond, his dick tingling as it began to fill out in response to Sanzo's insistent movements. "Fuck," he sighed, his hips pushing down of their own volition. Gojyo dropped down to his elbows, head falling down to rest on Sanzo's shoulder as he moved. One hand traced down Sanzo's side, fingers spread over the silk of Sanzo's top, down to his waist, finally snaking around to grab the monk's ass. Gojyo squeezed, feeling Sanzo grind his dick harder against his own, hearing Sanzo's breathing quicken. Just when the sensation was becoming too much, Sanzo pushed Gojyo away.

Surprised, Gojyo flicked his hair to one side and stared at Sanzo. "What?"

"Are you in or out?" Sanzo asked huskily.


Sanzo sighed. "Yes or no? Do you want to fuck or not?"

"You're asking me?" Gojyo laughed incredulously. 

Sanzo sat up, pushing Gojyo off him. "You're not fucking me without lube," he snapped, regaining some of his former cranky personality.

In response, Gojyo pulled a small tube from his jacket pocket before he slipped the jacket off and tossed it to the side, along with the gun. "Always prepared," Gojyo replied with a grin.

"Tch."   Sanzo crawled toward Gojyo and snatched the lube from his hand. "Don't think I want to look at your sorry face, either," Sanzo added, turning around so his back was to Gojyo.

Gojyo sighed heavily: this had suddenly switched from dangerous, sexy and hot, into a clinical lesson on fucking the paint-by-numbers way. Gojyo would rather take a tutorial in knitting than get off by the rule-book.

He grabbed Sanzo around the waist and pulled him backward, until with a grunt he was sitting astride Gojyo's lap. Gojyo snaked his hands around Sanzo's waist, and leaned in, kissing his neck. Sanzo jerked away with a grumble, and Gojyo used the distraction to run his hand flat over the front of Sanzo's jeans, pressing his palm against Sanzo's erection. He heard Sanzo's quick intake of breath, felt him push his hips forward, encouraging Gojyo to repeat the gesture. Gojyo's fingers found the buttons on Sanzo's jeans and undid them, sliding his hand inside, grasping Sanzo's hot and hard length. He stroked it from base to tip, running his thumb over the slit in the top and spreading Sanzo's pre-come around his sensitive flesh. Sanzo's head fell to the side, allowing Gojyo further access to his neck with a small groan, as he pushed his cock into the tight circle of Gojyo's fist.

Gojyo let his eyes slide shut, allowed himself to fall into the familiar rhythm of chasing pleasure. He felt a light touch on his arm, felt Sanzo's hand wrap around his own and let Sanzo dictate the pace of Gojyo's strokes up and down his cock. He'd always thought of Sanzo as the type of person who jerked off violently, waging a personal war against himself in the process. Gojyo was surprised to find Sanzo set a slow and teasing pace, mixing it up with the occasional fast pull upward, followed by an incredibly slow downward motion, squeezing Gojyo's fingers hard around his cock. Gojyo swore he was so going to try that later on himself, 'cause judging by Sanzo's heated moan, it was something else.

With Sanzo lost in pleasure, Gojyo used his other hand to push Sanzo's jeans further down his hips, giving him better access. He lubed up his fingers, slipped them between Sanzo's legs. Teasing, he took a moment to run his fingers over Sanzo's balls, feeling them contract slightly at his touch, before slipping further back and applying pressure along his perineum. That had Sanzo pushing down hard in return with a groan, urging him on with his hips. The pads of his fingers found Sanzo's entrance, and he pushed up gently, teasing. Sanzo rocked back and down and Gojyo felt a tight heat enclose his finger. He pushed harder, feeling Sanzo's muscles flutter against the invasion.

"More," Sanzo demanded as he arched his back, alternately fucking himself on Gojyo's fingers and upward into his fist. Sanzo's hand tightened over Gojyo's, forcing Gojyo to pick up the pace on his cock. Gojyo slid another finger inside, Sanzo's wanton moans more of a turn-on than he would have thought possible. He had half a mind just to bring Sanzo off now, so he could listen to the noises the monk would make when he came.

Sanzo's cock thickened in his hand and became harder, and Gojyo knew if he was going to stop it had better be now. With a muttered curse he shook off Sanzo's grip on his hand and clamped his fingers around the base of Sanzo's cock, preventing him from coming. Sanzo swore out loud, and thrust down on Gojyo's fingers, still determined to come, no matter what. Gojyo ignored Sanzo and pulled his fingers out, pushing Sanzo forward onto his hands and knees.

For a split second he couldn't help but stare at the picture presented to him: Sanzo's ass in the air, his head down, panting. Gojyo watched his muscular shoulders rise and fall with his ragged breathing, then watched as Sanzo arched his back, finally turning around to look at Gojyo. The monk's eyes were glazed with passion, his mouth slightly parted, and the blush of arousal coloring his face slightly.

Gojyo didn't need a second invitation. He dropped his pants and pulled Sanzo backward. He poured more lube into his palm, running his hand over his dick, before sliding his fingers down the crack of Sanzo's ass, teasing him with the cold of the remaining lube.   Sanzo responded by jerking backward against Gojyo's fingers with another moan of encouragement. 

As much as he wanted to draw things out, Gojyo knew that wasn't going to happen. He was too wound-up, too on edge. Almost getting killed this morning, followed by the threat of imminent death earlier from Sanzo, had pushed more of his buttons than he cared to admit.

He allowed himself one teasing pass of his dick between the cleft of Sanzo's ass and that was it. Gripping the head of his dick he lined himself up and pushed forward. He felt Sanzo tense up at the invasion, and stroked his free hand down Sanzo's hip and leg, reaching around to caress Sanzo's inner thigh. Gojyo could feel Sanzo's leg-muscles trembling, along with the clench around his cock. As he seated himself deep inside, Gojyo stroked his fingers lightly back up Sanzo's inner thigh, finally feeling him relax into the touch.

He backstroked gently, adjusting to Sanzo's body, and letting him set the pace. As Sanzo relaxed further, Gojyo took hold of his hips and pulled him backward again, dropping back on his heels until Sanzo was sitting in his lap once more. Sanzo shuddered as Gojyo slid further inside with the new angle, and then he leaned back, arching his back. One hand came up around Gojyo's neck, pulling him down and closer, lips ghosting against each other, touching but not quite. Gojyo felt Sanzo's breath caress his lips, and he leaned forward further, tongue slipping out to slide against the part of Sanzo's lips. Sanzo opened his mouth to Gojyo, his tongue coming into contact at the same time. The kiss became more insistent, and Gojyo's hips bucked upward of their own accord. He groaned into Sanzo's mouth, unable to stop the sound escaping. 

Sanzo was rocking with the rhythm, setting the pace, and Gojyo followed willingly. His free hands roamed across Sanzo's skin, up under his silk shirt to find his hard and sensitive nipples, across his shoulders and down his arms, feeling the cool metal of the rings around Sanzo's middle fingers when he reached his hands. He wanted the touch of those rings around his cock, enveloped in silk. The thought caused him to thrust upward hard, and he placed his hands on Sanzo's hips to hold him firmly down. Sanzo seemed to enjoy having his hips imprisoned and forced immobile, because it only seemed to make him clench tighter around Gojyo's cock, to moan more enthusiastically into Gojyo's mouth. Gojyo took the hint: he squeezed harder with his fingers around Sanzo's hips, using almost enough pressure to bruise. Sanzo had stopped trying to thrust up and down; instead he was just moving back and forward, forcing Gojyo's cock deeper with each movement.

It was too much. Gojyo could feel his balls tighten, and that warm tingling in his stomach and dick started to radiate outward. He broke off the kiss, gasping for air. "Sanzo," he gasped. 

"Ngh." Sanzo wrapped his hand around his cock, rocking into the touch. His head fell forward, exposing his neck to Gojyo.

Gojyo bit down on that exposed skin, just at the junction of Sanzo's neck and shoulder, and wrapped his fingers around Sanzo's hand. The feeling of Sanzo's fingers gripping his cock, the thought of silk and metal sliding across hard, heated skin, it was too much. Gojyo squeezed Sanzo's fingers at the same time he bit down harder on his neck.

Sanzo came hard with a surprised shout. Warm stickiness enveloped Gojyo's fingers as he continued to stroke Sanzo's cock, refusing to let up the pace even with Sanzo coming. Sanzo's muscles fluttered with his orgasm, and Gojyo closed his eyes, trying to hold off. "Sanzo, gonnashit!" was all he managed to grind out, before the fire burned through his body and his vision sparked and then dimmed.

He heard rather than felt Sanzo pull away and Gojyo flopped gracelessly to the side, landing on his shoulder. His head rested against the ground and he lay there, content to let his gasping breath sort itself out.

Holy shit, that was one hell of an orgasm.

When Gojyo had his next conscious thought, Sanzo was lying next to him, staring at the darkening sky, a cigarette poised on his lips. He turned to look at Gojyo, and then leaned up on one elbow to face him. Sanzo removed his cigarette, and leaned down; brushing his lips softly across Gojyo's, teasing him with the tip of his tongue. Gojyo wound his fingers in Sanzo's hair, pulling him closer as he kissed him. Sanzo finally pulled back, returning for a final teasing nip of Gojyo's lower lip. 

"Now we're even, kappa," he said in a mild and sated tone, before flopping back down on the ground.

Gojyo frowned and pulled his jeans back up, lifting up his hips to do so, before re-buttoning them. "Whatcha mean we're even?" he asked, trying to ignore the brush of denim against his sensitive flesh.

Sanzo sighed. "The winner gets whatever he wants from the loser. But if you ever fucking bring this up again, I'll kill you." 

Now that sounded more like the real Sanzo. "Hold up, Sanzo-sama. As nice as that was, I don't remember telling you what it was I wanted." Gojyo leered: he couldn't help himself.

Sanzo looked surprised, and then he colored, skin flushed dark with embarrassment. "Fuck you."

Gojyo couldn't help it, the shit-eating grin spread right across his face. "I was gonna ask you for a smoke, since I ran out, but since you seemed set on something else, who am I to complain?"

Sanzo sat up violently. "You – you…"

"Asshole?" Gojyo offered.

Sanzo stood up and grabbed his gun, stuffing it into the back of his jeans. He wrenched the smoke from his mouth and flipped it onto the ground close to Gojyo's leg.

"Fucking smoke it then, idiot," he snapped, before stalking off toward camp without a backward glance.

Gojyo sighed, picked up the cigarette, and took an experimental drag, before looking at the filter. "Fucking wet end on the bastard," he commented to nobody in particular, before taking another long haul. "Guess I'll get your robe from the bush as well, while I'm at it, although fuck knows what Hakkai's gonna say when he sees me coming back with it." 

He sighed heavily, although without malice, finally taking a last drag before flipping the butt across the clearing and lying back down. He crossed his arms behind his head and grinned to himself.  "I am such a fucking god. I totally rock."

The end.

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