Title: Remembrance
Author: caeseria

Email: kappa5335 [at] gmail [.] com
Rating: NC-17
Pairing(s): Sanzo/Gojyo
Disclaimer: Saiyuki does not belong to me, unfortunately but to Minekura Kazuya. I wish they were mine, alas.
Summary: Sanzo stumbles upon an interesting way to take Gojyo's mind off the fact they are stuck in an elevator.
Author's notes: Written as part of the
yuletide_smut exchange. Thank you to jedishampoo for the awesome last-minute beta!


Gojyo pulled the pillow from under his head and curled into a ball, hugging the pillow close as he gradually woke. Consciousness surfaced slowly, little snatches of conversation from last night filtering into his head. He rolled onto his back and stretched, enjoying the feel of his bare skin on the soft sheets.

Bare skin? What?

Gojyo sat upright, feeling his world lurch slightly as last night's drinking interfered with his equilibrium. Carefully he released the pillow and pulled back the covers, staring down at Gojyo Junior. Yeah, he was naked, all right. One glance confirmed this wasn't his room, either. Who the fuck had he gone home with last night? He remembered drinking with Sanzo after Hakkai and Goku had turned in and then… there was a big gaping black hole of memory where the fun stuff should have been. Shit.

Gojyo was still communing with his dick when… when… oh fuck, when Sanzo came out of the bathroom. "Sanzo?" Gojyo squeaked guiltily, pulling the sheet up over his body and hugging it tight around his nipples.

Sanzo continued to towel off his hair while Gojyo stared open-mouthed at him, self-consciously noticing the fact that Sanzo was dressed in a pair of faded jeans and that the top button was left casually undone. Sanzo seemed rather unconcerned about the fact that Gojyo could clearly trace the faint trail of hair from below his navel and into the opening of his jeans. He dropped the towel around his shoulders and stared back at Gojyo, crossing his arms. "What?"

"Er…" Gojyo fought for conversation, his mind latching onto the first thing that popped into his head. "Your hair is sticking up at the front." Oh god, so lame. Kill me now, please.

"And?" Sanzo rummaged around on the dresser and picked up a pack of cigarettes. He lit one, all the while watching Gojyo, not breaking eye contact for a moment. Finally it appeared that Sanzo was going to cut Gojyo a break. "You don't remember anything, do you?"

Gojyo fought down a blush, which he could feel pinking his ears and threatening to run riot over not only his face but his neck as well. "Of course I do," he scoffed. "Sha Gojyo never forgets anything."

"Sha Gojyo is a fucking idiot," Sanzo snapped, flicking ash at a nearby ashtray and in the process making a mess all over the dresser. He inhaled deeply a couple of times and then stabbed out the rest of the cigarette. "Never again am I going to allow myself to be persuaded by your drunken babbling, moron." Sanzo pulled a t-shirt out of his bag at random, grabbed his keycard and left the room, slamming the door behind him without a backward glance.

Gojyo buried his head in his hands and panicked silently. Shit. Fuck. What the hell had happened last night? Gojyo slid from the bed and began frantically searching for his jeans. After a few seconds he gave up and grabbed the nearest article of clothing, which unfortunately happened to be one of those complimentary kimono thingies that the hotel supplied. Gojyo ran for the door, pulling the kimono over his shoulders as he went. He ran down the corridor, praying Sanzo hadn't vanished into the elevator just yet. Dammit, no belt. Gojyo grabbed the fabric in one hand and ran around the corner, finally spotting Sanzo standing by the elevator.

"Sanzo! Wait up!"

Sanzo glared at him, flipped him the finger and stepped into the car. Gojyo ran faster, just making it to the doors before they closed behind him. The elevator started moving and Gojyo took a second to catch his breath, leaning over and panting.

"You did enough heavy breathing last night, so shut the fuck up," Sanzo bitched.

"What?" Gojyo stood up, remembering at the last minute he was currently beltless and completely naked underneath. He fisted the material in his hand and tried to remember something. A brief memory surfaced, only to disappear just as quickly. Sanzo, leaning over him as he sat on the edge of the bed, one hand on his neck, drawing closer…

"Finally, there it is: realization," muttered Sanzo, rolling his eyes.

Gojyo leaned over and punched the stop button on the panel. The elevator lurched to a halt, making Gojyo feel slightly sick as the sensation of his stomach swapping places with his brain rolled over him.

"What the fuck?" Sanzo pressed the start button again and the elevator came to life, only to stop again when Gojyo stabbed the button repeatedly.

"You can't have fucked me. I'd feel it this morning," blurted Gojyo, ignoring the sway of the elevator as it ground to a halt once more.

Sanzo smiled. It was lewd, full of promise and sexy as hell, Gojyo decided. How the hell had he missed that before? "Perhaps I let you fuck me?" Sanzo suggested with a raised eyebrow.

Speechless, Gojyo ran the scenario through his head and then replayed it just for effect. "I would have remembered – uh – definitely would have remembered that, Sanzo."

Sanzo took a few steps across the elevator until he effectively had Gojyo pinned against the wall, the brass railing digging into the small of his back. He rested one hand against the mirrored surface and leaned in until Gojyo could feel Sanzo's breath against his ear. "Are you sure?"

Gojyo wiggled in an attempt to put distance between them, anything to give him time to get his befuddled brain to start working properly. Sanzo laughed, a low, seductive sound quite unlike anything Gojyo had heard Sanzo make before. Sure, Sanzo growled and shouted, but not like this. Not with intent to seduce and definitely not at Gojyo. Gojyo could feel the sweat break out against his lower back and just when he thought he might be in serious danger of whimpering like an idiot, Sanzo drew back.

"Remind me to ignore your sorry ass the next time you burst into my room, begging to be fucked," Sanzo commented breezily and pressed the start button again.

"Now, wait a minute– " Gojyo was in mid-sentence when the lights flickered on and off and the elevator lurched for real. This time the car stopped with a distinct shudder as the lights went out completely. There were a few heart-stopping moments when Gojyo couldn't see a damned thing, not even his hand in front of his face – if he was inclined to let go of his death grip on the railing – before the little emergency lights came on, one in each corner of the car. The effect was hardly worth the effort for all it did to light the elevator.

"This is your fault," Sanzo snapped, "fucking around with the stupid buttons."

"Like hell!" Gojyo managed to pry one hand off the railing and gathered the edges of the kimono in one hand. He should have just stayed in bed, he decided, even if it was Sanzo's bed. At least he wouldn't be here, about to plummet god knew how many floors to his bloody, messy, death.

"Oh god, we're going to die," he babbled, leaning his head against the wall.

"We have a mission, assigned to us by the gods, so nobody is going to fucking die until I say so."

"That makes me feel so much better, Sanzo," Gojyo said.

Sanzo turned around and began fiddling around with the panel on the wall, muttering to himself. He glowered at the little buttons, perkily backlit by the emergency lighting. "Where the hell is the emergency phone?"

"Huh?" Gojyo fought down his fear and stepped carefully across the carpeting toward the panel.

"What are you doing?"

Guiltily, Gojyo froze in mid-step. "I dunno. You never know if these things are going to plunge into the basement just because they are unbalanced or not..." Gojyo stopped talking once he saw Sanzo's incredulous look of disbelief. "Let me look, okay?"

Gojyo leaned down and examined the panel for a few seconds, trying to take his mind off the fact that he was bent over and Sanzo was right behind him, crowding his space – probably on purpose, the bastard. "Nope, no phone, must be an alarm button or something instead." He stood up and turned around, almost within touching distance of Sanzo. That might have been fun, except for the look of intense aggravation Sanzo was wearing.

"Move." Sanzo pushed Gojyo to one side and stabbed the red alarm button.

Nothing happened for a few seconds and then there was the faint, shrill sound of ringing from just above Gojyo's head. Sanzo glared at Gojyo and pressed the button again, with the same result.

"You are fucking kidding me," Sanzo deadpanned. "You are telling me the alarm is connected to the floor outside the elevator and not the manager's office?"

"Uh…" Gojyo offered. "So what happens if nobody answers the alarm?"

Sanzo continued to ignore Gojyo and jabbed the alarm again. It continued its high-pitched ringing in time with Sanzo's button-pressing. Finally he moved away from the panel. "We're stuck," Sanzo pronounced, like it was kind of holy epiphany.

We are going to die. We are going to die. Gojyo kept repeating this in his head, mentally preparing for the worst. He desperately wanted to sit down but he didn't trust that the elevator wouldn't plunge a few stories if he did so. Man, he was such a baby. Give him a big, bad youkai and everything was fine; complicated electronics, on the other hand, were a whole different thing. "How far do you think we have to fall?" he whispered, clearing his throat as it threatened to close in panic.

Sanzo snorted. "No idea. Could be twenty floors or we could be stuck between the first and second floor."

"Fuck. Do you suppose if it does crash we'll freefall before we hit the bottom?"

"Enough!" Sanzo yelled. "We are not going to die!" He stabbed the alarm button again just to punctuate his words. The silence after the ringing stopped was eerie.

"So…where the hell do you suppose everyone is? Why hasn't anyone come to check on us?"

Sanzo didn't reply. Instead, Gojyo noticed, he seemed to be watching Gojyo's reactions, a calculating look on his face.

"What?" said Gojyo petulantly when Sanzo remained silent.

"Fuck it."

Sanzo crossed the elevator in two steps and gripped Gojyo's shoulders, pulling him down for a kiss. Gojyo was caught by surprise and the initial landing was awkward and somewhat painful. After a few seconds, Sanzo angled his head slightly and gentled his grip on Gojyo's arms. Gojyo sighed agreeably as the perceived threat backed off somewhat and he felt less…crowded, less claustrophobic.

Sanzo's hand threaded into Gojyo's hair and his kiss changed from hard, rough and demanding, to a softer, gentler touch, his lips parting as he encouraged Gojyo to deepen the kiss. Gojyo released one hand from its death-grip around the rail and carefully wrapped it around Sanzo, finally doing the same with the other hand.

"Gojyo, back off. You're suffocating me," Sanzo wheezed.

"Sorry," Gojyo pulled back and said, "need to hold onto something in case we fall."

A grunt was Sanzo's only concession to Gojyo's fear before he resumed kissing him, leaning his body against Gojyo's until they were touching from hip to chest. Gojyo risked an exploratory hand on Sanzo's ass, squeezing hard through his jeans and feeling Sanzo's muscles tense in response. Sanzo slid a leg between Gojyo's and it was a couple of seconds before Gojyo noticed cool air on his skin, the robe falling open. When Sanzo leaned forward slightly and applied gentle pressure against Gojyo's newly interested dick, Gojyo moaned.

Sanzo tugged on Gojyo's hair gently, pulling his head to one side so he had better access to kiss down Gojyo's neck. Oh god, I would have remembered this, Gojyo thought frantically. A cool hand stole inside Gojyo's robe and slid over his skin, tracing his ribs and then down along his hip bone, finally gripping tightly as Sanzo began to rock his hips upward. Gojyo's brain had almost stopped functioning, enjoying the pleasure and the contact. Gojyo craved touch – he was addicted to it – and Sanzo's feather-light exploration was almost divine. All Gojyo could do was continue to grind against Sanzo and hold on for dear life.

There was a small shudder as the elevator dropped slightly and Gojyo felt a panicky whine leave his throat. Judging by the way Sanzo's fingers tightened against his hipbones, Sanzo had noticed his sudden increased heart-rate and the way his legs sagged slightly. Gojyo wasn't sure if that was because of the elevator or the fact Sanzo was nibbling behind his ear and placing soft kisses along his jaw, rendering him helpless.

Sanzo was making small noises of agreement as they moved against each other. Slightly dazed, Gojyo felt himself slipping to the floor, down onto his knees, feeling the almost painfully sharp prickle of the industrial-capacity carpet against his kneecaps and shins.

Seeming reluctant to release him, Sanzo followed him down. He stared at Gojyo until it was so intense it became uncomfortable. "You wanna forget about the elevator? Then suck my cock, Gojyo," Sanzo said with a grin, unbuttoning his jeans. Slowly, Sanzo leaned back until his back was against the wall and he slowly began to stroke his erection, giving Gojyo a show. Nice and slow, letting his eyes flutter shut, allowing a moan to escape his lips. Sanzo opened his eyes and fixed Gojyo with a passionate look.

Gojyo cursed to himself. Sanzo knew he was hot, dammit, and was doing this on purpose. Hell, even Gojyo could appreciate the sentiment and he found himself smiling back with a shit-eating grin that told Sanzo he was about to be in for a whole world of pleasure. Imminent death forgotten for the moment, Gojyo crawled toward Sanzo and pushed his hand away, replacing it with his own, feeling the smooth, soft skin of his cock and giving it a couple of teasing strokes. He leant down, swiped his tongue over the head of Sanzo's erection and licked at the precome, savoring Sanzo's taste on his tongue.

Oh hell, I definitely would have remembered this, he reiterated to himself. Gojyo looked up just in time to see Sanzo grip the railing above his head, felt him shift slightly, urging Gojyo on, rocking his hips in invitation. He took the head of Sanzo's cock into his mouth and sucked experimentally, feeling Sanzo's body tense, hand in his hair. Gojyo took Sanzo down as far as he could, leaning forward to wrap a hand around the root of Sanzo's cock, to tease his balls with languid strokes of his thumb. Gojyo quickly discovered Sanzo was especially sensitive right beneath the head of his cock and exploited the fact mercilessly, enjoying the little noises Sanzo made and the way his thighs trembled.

Sanzo's hand moved away from Gojyo's hair, pushing the kimono down over his shoulders, letting the silk fall away until Gojyo's ass was on display. "Hmm, nice," muttered Sanzo.

Gojyo backed off Sanzo's cock long enough to look up and grin. "You pervert. Watching my ass in the mirror while I blow you."

Sanzo didn't answer. Instead he pushed Gojyo gently away and kneeled up, pushing his jeans down over his hips. Gojyo thought the sight of Sanzo wiggling like that was something to file away for later, perhaps for jerking off to one of his favorite fantasies: Stripper Sanzo. Sanzo gave Gojyo a puzzled look and then lay back on the carpet, wriggling some more until he was comfortable.

"Assume the position, Gojyo."


"Get on board, idiot," Sanzo said impatiently.

Oh, that. Gojyo shuffled over and straddled Sanzo's hips, placing his hands on Sanzo's chest for balance. His body knew what to do. Automatically he began to move his hips, sliding his cock alongside Sanzo's, enjoying the friction and the way Sanzo's cock twitched at the contact. Sanzo set about matter-of-factly preparing Gojyo, shoving two spit-slicked fingers into Gojyo's ass. Gojyo was breathing hard, needing more than Sanzo's fingers now, his fists curling on Sanzo's chest just as Sanzo brushed against his prostate.

Gojyo whined for real this time, an honest-to-god whimper of need as he thrust backward, feeling Sanzo's fingers push further into his body. Gojyo pulled away, feeling Sanzo's fingers slipping out as he took hold of Sanzo's erection and guided him impatiently toward his entrance. He dropped his weight slightly as the head of Sanzo's cock breached his body, letting gravity guide him. Sanzo's jaw was clenched along with his hands on Gojyo's waist, and his eyes were hooded with lust. Gojyo wanted to see more of that look, he decided. He relaxed his body, panting a little as Sanzo slowly filled him, stretching him until Gojyo was resting on Sanzo's hips. Gojyo clenched his muscles and watched as Sanzo gasped and arched his body beneath him.

"Want to fuck me, Sanzo?" Gojyo almost purred.

"Ngh. Fuck, move," Sanzo bit out.

Gojyo obliged happily, setting a steady but teasing pace until Sanzo took matters into his own hands and started to thrust, holding Gojyo in place with a vise-like grip on his hips.

Gojyo arched his back and rocked back onto Sanzo's cock with abandon. Gojyo looked up and spotted himself in the mirror, his motions automatically slowing so he could watch his body, watch himself. The kimono hung off his shoulders, pooled around his wrists and if he moved just so, he could see Sanzo's cock as it slid into his body. He watched Sanzo's fingers grip his hips as he moved, could see his own cock, hard and angry against his stomach, the way the muscles of his abs tightened. Gojyo moved one hand and brushed one of his own nipples, pinching it, feeling the spike of pleasure travel along the length of his dick.

Lazily he watched as he wrapped his hand around his cock, gave it a few strokes, timing them with the roll of Mirror Sanzo's thrusts. Gojyo looked down to find Sanzo watching him with a heated look on his face. "Should have known you'd get off watching yourself," Sanzo said breathlessly.

Gojyo laughed, only to abruptly have the sound cut off into one of agonized pleasure as Sanzo thrust hard and began to fuck him in earnest. Gojyo felt Sanzo brace his feet on the floor and he leaned forward, hands on either side of Sanzo's shoulders. "Yeah, that's it, Sanzo. Come on, you know you really wanna fuck me hard. Make me remember."

Sanzo made a guttural groaning sound and pounded into Gojyo, enough that Gojyo had to stop himself from falling forward. Fuck, yes. His body welcomed Sanzo, his back arching, pushing his ass out and letting Sanzo set the pace. Sanzo wrapped his hand around Gojyo's cock and began jerking him off, hard, quick strokes near the head of his cock, until Gojyo came in a blinding rush that blanked his mind for a few seconds. He could dimly feel Sanzo's cock pulsing in his ass, his own body shuddering in response.

With a groan, he fell forward onto Sanzo's shoulder, his arms buckling finally under the strain. For once Sanzo seemed inclined to lie there and not complain.

After a few moments Gojyo stirred, his muscles shaking as he sat up. He moved off Sanzo and leaned back against the wall, trying to persuade his body to calm down and his heart to stop racing. Sanzo laid there, arms out flung like a broken rag-doll, strands of his hair plastered to his face by sweat. Gojyo watched Sanzo's chest as it rapidly rose and fell, the play of his stomach muscles, the way Sanzo's throat moved as he gasped for air.

"Fuck," Sanzo said eventually.

"Hell, yeah."

Made you forget about the elevator."

Gojyo laughed nervously. "True." Gojyo bit his lip and then decided he had to know - consequences and Sanzo's temper be damned. "So… you gonna tell me about last night?" Okay, dumb attempt to sound casual, Gojyo, well done. And way to ruin the mood, idiot.

Sanzo lifted his hips and pulled his jeans up. He sat up and buttoned his pants, giving Gojyo a calculating look combined with an evil smirk. "There was no last night."

"What?" Gojyo felt he had the right to sound slightly pissed off.

"Nothing happened; I kissed you, you kissed me, then you passed out. I just wanted to fuck with your head," Sanzo said, raising an eyebrow.

"Well, shit. You are a bastard."

"Hn." Sanzo pushed his hair back off of his face, brushing out a few tangles as he worked his fingers through it.

Gojyo filed away the fact that a well-fucked Sanzo was also fairly easygoing. Hmm. Gojyo was about to stand up when the lights flickered and came back on, momentarily blinding him. He squeezed his eyes shut, crouching to retain his balance as the elevator lurched once more. There was a metallic-sounding banging from somewhere near the base of the doors.

"Are you in there?"

"Stupid fucking question," muttered Sanzo, standing back up and leaning against the wall. He fumbled around and produced a battered (and somewhat squashed) pack of smokes and lit a cigarette.

"We'll have you out in a moment, honored guests."

Gojyo exchanged dumbfounded expressions with Sanzo. Gojyo could hear a lot of muffled talking from the other side of the door and then the sound of something being pried open. "Doors?" asked Gojyo.

Sanzo ignored the question and leaned forward, sliding his hand around Gojyo's neck and pulling him in for a lazy, exploratory kiss that made Gojyo's knees tremble slightly. "My room, tonight. No drinking," Sanzo whispered in Gojyo's ear.

Gojyo was pretty much sure he'd have agreed to anything just to repeat that performance. He nodded, since speech was damned near impossible at the moment.

The doors opened with a tortured squeaking of metal and Gojyo only just had the presence of mind to pull the kimono shut over his nakedness. They were greeted at knee-height by a red-faced, apologetic manager and… Goku and Hakkai. Hakkai wore his polite look that said that he was ready to quite happily disembowel anyone who crossed him. Fortunately this was aimed at the manager, not Gojyo.

"Aw, man! You guys got stuck in the elevator!" Goku enthused. "Was it scary? Did ya think you were going to die?"

Sanzo walked to the edge of the elevator and sat down, finally sliding off the edge and onto the ground a few feet below. "Gojyo, move your ass," he said when Gojyo didn't follow him immediately.

"Heh," Gojyo commented nervously. Looking down on everyone else only brought about the realization that the elevator was stuck partway between floors, with possibly a long drop below. He had visions of climbing out and the elevator falling, cutting him in half or something.

"Gojyo, please, just jump down," said Hakkai in his best teacher voice.

"Pussy," said Sanzo from the hallway.

That did it. Gojyo shuffled forward and almost threw himself from the elevator, a shiver running down his back and he jumped, waiting for the deafening screech of metal as it dropped. Nothing happened. Now he felt like a complete tool and Sanzo was grinning at his discomfort. Just wonderful.

"Oi, Gojyo. What didja do to your knees? Eww, they're bleeding!" Goku said, pointing.

Gojyo looked down. So did everyone else, including the manager. "Er…not sure?" he hedged. Sanzo began laughing.

"I didn't realize you were quite that religious, Gojyo," observed Hakkai as he began to walk down the corridor. "I really do hope Sanzo managed to absolve any sins you may have had."

Sanzo began to make an odd wheezing sound that may have been laughter, while Goku looked confused. "Bastard," Gojyo muttered. "Where the fuck are the stairs? I need my pants."


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