Title: Provoking Gojyo
Author: caeseria

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Rating: NC-17
Pairing(s): Gojyo/Sanzo
Disclaimer: The pretty boys belong to Minekura Kazuya. I borrowed them and have put them back as I found them. Promise.
Summary: Sometimes it's hard to tell who's in control...
Warnings: Self-destructive Sanzo (comes with its own warning..) grudge sex, dub-con
Author's notes: Written originally as part of a much larger story, which got boring. I decided to rewrite it for the 53 festival over
at bad_friends. (Does that count as cheating?!) Beta-fu by the adorable and bunny-slipper-wearing sharpeslass ;)

Provoking Gojyo

Gojyo leaned back against the wall of the inn and exhaled, watching the smoke from his cigarette drift lazily skyward. They'd arrived two days ago and Gojyo had quickly discovered that the best place to get some peace and quiet was in the small yard behind the kitchen.

The ikkou were stuck in this small town, mainly because Hakkai had fallen sick. It was more than a simple cold and, for once, even Sanzo had reluctantly agreed that trying to push west with Hakkai in that state was pointless. Gojyo had driven the last day, since Hakkai had developed a fever and was delirious. Since then, Gojyo had spent most of his time looking after Hakkai, making sure he got both food and rest - the two things Hakkai always pushed on everyone else when they were sick. Still, Hakkai was starting to get better and Gojyo had come outside for a rare break and to get some fresh air.

The night sky was overcast and Gojyo watched as the clouds scudded across the heavens, blocking out the stars. A light breeze ruffled Gojyo's hair and he pulled his shirt tighter about his body to stave off the chill, autumn air.

Gravel crunched a short distance away, alerting Gojyo to the presence of another person. Gojyo ground out his smoke and instinctively flexed his fingers, ready to call up his shakugetsujou at the slightest sign of trouble. Being suspicious kept you alive, especially when every youkai within shouting distance was after their sorry asses and then some.

Eventually the figure materialized out of the darkness and Gojyo relaxed with a sigh, leaning back against the wall. It was the monk, back from his foray into town, no doubt. Sanzo's nightly excursions confused Gojyo; Sanzo was downright unsociable on a good day, so what the hell was keeping him in town every night?

Sanzo looked out of place wandering up the deserted road toward the inn; he was dressed in street clothes, probably trying to avoid being recognized, Gojyo guessed. Sanzo's hands were shoved into the pockets of his jeans and he wore a loose, black shirt. He was hunched over, as if trying to avoid the cooling breeze, and his face was unreadable from this distance, his fringe hiding his eyes.

When he reached the corner of the building, Sanzo stopped, as if sensing Gojyo's presence in the shadows. He looked up and Gojyo smirked. Sanzo was fairly twitching with irritation. Something had set the bastard off but it was anyone's guess as to the real cause of his current mood.

Sanzo paused for a moment and then continued, stopping a foot short of Gojyo and glaring at him. "Fuck you, kappa. Get out of my way."

"I'm not in your way, Sanzo-sama." Gojyo pointed out the obvious. "Why don't you take yourself upstairs and sleep the alcohol off, yeah?" It was clear that Sanzo was drunk, even if he was still standing upright, which was pretty impressive by Gojyo's standards.

Predictably, Sanzo suddenly veered towards Gojyo and slammed a hand onto the wall behind him, so that it landed just next to Gojyo's shoulder. "What's your problem, kappa? Haven't gotten any ass lately and it's making you touchy?"

Fuck, Gojyo thought. Could he be any more of an asshole? Gojyo fought down the urge to shove the bastard's face into the nearest hard surface.

"Go to bed, Sanzo, and sleep it off," Gojyo suggested. "I'm not in the mood for your bullshit right now."

Sanzo leaned in, closing the remaining distance between them. Gojyo had the uncomfortable feeling he'd just been run to ground by a predator. Grudgingly, he made eye contact with Sanzo, taking in the glazed eyes, slightly parted lips, and the pink tongue darting out to wet them. A cruel smile played at the corners of Sanzo's mouth as his eyes narrowed slightly.

"What are you in the mood for, Gojyo?" he whispered, words slightly slurred. "Wanna suck my cock?"

"Like fuck I'm gonna suck your cock, Sanzo. I told you to go to bed." Damn it. There was nothing worse than a drunken idiot attempting to make a play for sex. Gojyo should know, after all; he'd seen it often enough when he was in Chang'an, working the bars and looking for card games.

Gojyo made to push past Sanzo but found his arm held in a bruising grip. He was tempted to just punch the bastard and get it over with. The only thing stopping him was the thought of the inevitable brawl that would break out shortly afterward and Gojyo didn't want to have to explain to Hakkai why they had been fighting again. It just wasn't worth the effort.

"The role of the wilting virgin doesn't sit well on you, Gojyo," Sanzo continued sarcastically, tightening his grip on Gojyo's arm. "It's not like we haven't fucked before."

"And you were drunk that time as well, you prick. I'm surprised you remember. Or do you keep that memory locked away until you need jerk-off material?"

Gojyo shouldn't have been surprised by the blow to his jaw but it still hurt like a bitch. "Ow! Fuck, Sanzo. I told you already: go pick a fight with someone else." Gojyo was done; the only thing he desired right now was his warm bed. Surely it wasn't much to ask for, for fuck's sake.

Meantime, Sanzo was going in for another swing. Gojyo could tell by the way Sanzo's shoulders bunched as he adjusted his stance. Hell, he'd seen Sanzo fight often enough and been at his back so many times he could read his moves like a book. Gojyo's slim hold on his temper finally snapped and he stepped forward, grabbing Sanzo's wrist and spinning him around, slamming Sanzo hard against the wall of the inn. Sanzo's head snapped back, hitting the wooden planks behind him with a dull thud. Then the bastard began to laugh.

It was the strangest thing Gojyo had heard in a long time. Sure, Sanzo laughed, but it was often low and held in tight check, the type of laugh you'd miss if you weren't listening for it. This time… This time it was louder, full of scorn, a release of pent-up emotion, tightly contained for too long. It was the laugh of someone who needed desperately to let go. It was disturbing as all get out and if Gojyo had had hackles, they would have been standing straight up at that point.

In an attempt to stop Sanzo's maniacal laughter, Gojyo grabbed him by both shoulders and shook him hard, slamming the monk against the wall again just for good measure. That felt good, Gojyo decided. It was long overdue payback for the bitchy asshole's comments over the last few days, not to mention Sanzo's continuing attempts to goad Gojyo into a fight. Yeah, it felt damn good, especially since the prick probably wouldn't remember any of this tomorrow anyway.

Sanzo had stopped laughing. In fact, Gojyo wondered if he'd perhaps gone just a bit too far with the shaking. Shit. Gojyo needn't have worried; Sanzo was glaring at him with murderous intent this time. The monk looked suddenly sober, although Gojyo knew that was impossible; still, it was kinda freaky.

They continued to stare at each other, locked in a stalemate, neither side willing to give in gracefully. Gojyo's blood was pounding through his veins like a fast moving river, adrenaline making everything around him that much clearer. Blame that on the constant need to be battle-ready. Sanzo was panting softly, his eyes following every small movement of Gojyo's body, watching, wary of Gojyo's next move and ready to react to it, if need be.

Gojyo had forgotten what a turn-on power could be. There was no need to be gentle with Sanzo; no soothing words or tender persuasion needed. Sanzo was just a body, lean and powerful (if somewhat bitchy and unpleasant), and, if he was going to be honest with himself, Gojyo was hard, rock-fucking-hard, after that little foreplay-fight.

"Fine. I'll suck your cock, Sanzo, but don't think I'm gonna kiss you afterward." Gojyo's fingers bit into Sanzo's shoulders.

Sanzo tried, halfheartedly, to free himself. "I've changed my mind, asshole," Sanzo ground out. "And I wouldn't kiss you with my last dying breath."

They both knew it was pointless posturing. Gojyo moved his hand from Sanzo's shoulder, still wary. Gojyo could never really predict what Sanzo was going to do next, but that was half the fun. He rested his hand on Sanzo's abdomen, fingers sliding under the fabric of Sanzo's shirt, pushing it up slightly so he could feel the warm skin underneath. Sanzo's stomach muscles contracted at the touch of his cold hands and Gojyo smirked slightly, letting the monk see his grin. Sanzo refused to release eye contact throughout and Gojyo found that strangely erotic, for some reason. Every time he moved his fingers, Gojyo could see his movements reflected in the depths of Sanzo's gaze, in the slight narrowing of his eyes or in the sudden contraction or widening of his pupils.

It was time to stop messing with the monk's head, Gojyo decided. It was cold and Gojyo wanted to get off and then go to sleep, in that order. Gojyo brushed his hand lower, fingers sliding under the waistband of Sanzo's jeans, and slipping his hand inside. He popped the buttons on Sanzo's jeans one by one, giving himself room to maneuver. He wrapped his hand around Sanzo's half-hard cock and gave it a few strokes. At a slight thrust of Sanzo's hips, Gojyo caught the not-so-subtle hint.

He couldn't resist winking at Sanzo before sinking into a crouch; there was no way in hell Gojyo was getting his knees dirty for this. Gojyo considered it might be fun to tease the crap out of Sanzo but he didn't want to deal with the violent consequences. Instead, he leaned forward, sliding the tip of Sanzo's cock between his lips, flicking his tongue experimentally, already tasting pre-come. Settling into the task, Gojyo took a firm grip on the base of Sanzo's cock and began to take the rest of it into his mouth. A few swipes of his tongue along the sensitive underside and Sanzo's fingers were tangling in Gojyo's hair, his grip firm, expressing his determination to show Gojyo exactly who was in charge. Gojyo listened to Sanzo's breathing change, every other breath or so hitching when Gojyo sucked harder or backed off slightly.

Gojyo rested his other hand on Sanzo's hip in order to keep his balance. The monk's fingers moved in his hair, pulling him closer as he thrust his hips forward. Gojyo tried, unsuccessfully, to pull back, gagging in the process, feeling tears prick at the corners of his eyes in response. Bastard. Sanzo knew exactly what he was doing. Gojyo dug his fingers into the Sanzo's hipbone with bruising force, as a reminder, his anger taking the edge off his lust. Without warning, Sanzo came with a small cry, arching his back and slamming his hips forward, forcing Gojyo to swallow; that or choking were his only options.

Sanzo released Gojyo's hair and slumped back again the wall, breathing heavily, eyes closed. Gojyo pulled back and stood up, wiping his hand across his lips, still tasting Sanzo's come on his tongue. "You fucking asshole," Gojyo shouted. "What the fuck was that? What the hell did I ever do to you to deserve that?"

Gojyo watched Sanzo's eyes slide open, pinning him with one of his trademark scowls. Too many personal questions at once, Gojyo realized. Sanzo was determined to keep everyone at arm's length, lashing out with calculated vindictiveness whenever he let someone get closer than he thought he should. This was just another one of Sanzo's little reminders and it made Gojyo's blood boil.

"You don't wanna talk then, Sanzo-sama? Fine, but I'll make you listen, whether you want to or not." Gojyo moved forward, pressing against Sanzo, who was still caught up in some kind of post-orgasmic haze. Sanzo'd let his defenses down: a bad move when you've just pissed someone off and used them as nothing more than a fuck-toy.

Gojyo snaked a hand around Sanzo's waist, pulling him roughly against his body, letting Sanzo feel his erection. He ground his hips forward against the, now-struggling, Sanzo, enjoying the fleeting look of pain on the bastard's face as his sensitive and exposed cock came into contact with the rough fabric of Gojyo's jeans and belt buckle. Gojyo pushed back, forcing Sanzo against the rough wood of the wall, using his other hand to pull down Sanzo's jeans, revealing his ass. Gojyo pushed Sanzo's jeans down further, ignoring the steady stream of curses turning the air blue. Sanzo knew how to swear; he was an expert at it. Gojyo disregarded Sanzo's drunken attempts to shove him off, using his body weight to grind the fucker into the wall, hoping the monk would wake up with a few splinters somewhere sensitive, come morning.

Gojyo stepped onto the edge of Sanzo's jeans, pushing them down to the ground, waiting until Sanzo tried to kick out at him. Predictably, Sanzo did just that and Gojyo was able to get one of Sanzo's legs free of his pants. Gojyo got his knee between Sanzo's legs and grabbed his thigh, forcing Sanzo off balance and sliding his arm under one knee.

"Got anything to say now, Sanzo-sama?" Gojyo asked with a grin.

"Fuck you."

"No, fuck you, Sanzo," Gojyo replied, hand fumbling for his belt buckle and the buttons of his jeans. Ignoring the monk's futile effort to regain his balance and his dignity, Gojyo freed his own cock, not bothering to push his pants down any further than necessary. As far as fucks went, Gojyo knew this one was going to be short and sweet. A raging, angry Sanzo was a total cock-tease and it wouldn't take much to press all of Gojyo's buttons and make him come.

Gojyo pushed his hips forward, shoving Sanzo's leg up higher, exposing him further to the chill air. Gojyo's cock was so hard it hurt, yet he took a moment to savor the feel of his own thumb moving gently over the sensitive head, smearing pre-come around. Sanzo ceased his struggles when he felt the head of Gojyo's cock against his ass, even his breathing seemed to pause for a moment. Gojyo moved his hips, rubbing against Sanzo's asshole before he pushed home. Sanzo arched his back, his fingernails digging into Gojyo's shoulders, leaving bloody imprints in Gojyo's skin. The pain spurred Gojyo on and he stopped trying to ease in gently, instead pushing in with short, forceful thrusts, making Sanzo take what he had to give, just as Sanzo had done to him.

"Fuck… you…" Gojyo gasped, finally seated deep inside Sanzo. Gojyo pulled back slightly and thrust forward again, hard. Sanzo squirmed, his breathing harsh in Gojyo's ear, hands locked in a death-grip on Gojyo's shoulders. Gojyo thrust deeply again and grabbed Sanzo's other leg, pulling it up to rest on his hip and letting Sanzo's weight settle onto his cock. Fuck, it felt good. Gojyo didn't think he could have gotten further inside Sanzo if he'd tried. He ground forward, using a circular motion, knowing he was grinding Sanzo into the wall behind him. He didn't particularly care, either; this was as close to fucking heaven as Gojyo was gonna get tonight.

"Move, idiot." The words travelled like fire into Gojyo's brain, sparking his lust even further. "Get on with it and fuck me."

Well, how was that for an invitation? Sanzo must be more of a masochist than he thought. Gojyo didn't usually take Sanzo's advice, but this time, what the hell? He thrust into Sanzo again, setting up a punishing rhythm, letting his desire set the pace.

Sanzo was making rough gasping sounds in Gojyo's ear, fighting for breath. Gojyo heard himself echoing those harsh noises. He could feel Sanzo's muscles trying to respond as Gojyo's cock drove forward, the way becoming easier with every successive stroke. He closed his eyes and threw his head back, felt his muscles contract. Oh fuck. This was it; Gojyo was coming harder than he had in years.

Gojyo felt teeth on his exposed neck just as his orgasm hit, and the pain fueled his release. He slammed Sanzo hard into the wall. A sudden, warm wetness against his stomach told him Sanzo had come as well. Breathing heavily, Gojyo pulled back a bit, allowing Sanzo to gather his legs back under him as Gojyo pulled out.

"You fucking bit me, asshole. I'm bleeding." Gojyo touched his fingers to his throat, hissing in pain at the contact. He could just make out the dark stickiness of blood on his fingers.

"It's what you deserve, pervert. Now fuck off and leave me alone," Sanzo hissed.

Gojyo tucked himself back into his jeans as he watched Sanzo, who was still leaning against the wall, gasping for breath. Not much fight left in him now, Gojyo thought. But perhaps that was what Sanzo had been looking for all along? After all, Sanzo had deliberately provoked him; Gojyo would have bet money on it.

Still, it was better to be safe than sorry. Gojyo decided he'd rather smoke in his room and take the reaming from Hakkai, than have to deal with a furious Sanzo, well-fucked or not.

Without a further word, Gojyo opened the door to the kitchen. But something made him pause just before he stepped inside. One last glance in Sanzo's direction confirmed his earlier thinking. Gojyo watched as Sanzo, apparently thinking himself unobserved, reached down with a wince and pulled up his jeans. He watched as Sanzo buttoned them up and then pulled out a cigarette. He lit it and, with a smirk, exhaled loudly. Just like the bastard had planned it all along, thought Gojyo. Asshole. For some reason it made Gojyo smile, just a little bit, as he headed back to his room.

Fin ;)

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