Title: Power Play
Author: caeseria

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Rating: NC-17
Pairing(s): Hakkai/Gojyo
Disclaimer: The pretty boys belong to Minekura Kazuya. I borrowed them and have put them back as I found them. Promise.
Summary: Gojyo has always gotten by on a mixture of stubbornness and pure luck. Can he trust someone enough to surrender and let go?
Warnings: BDSM, D/s, dub-con in places if you squint
Author's notes: Written for a_mael over at the 7thnight_smut AU gift exchange. Thanks to all the wonderful people who already read and commented, and of course to the gorgeous sharpeslass for the awesome beta-fu, listening to me bang my head off the wall on occasion and offering her sage advice!

Power Play

Gojyo shifted as he leaned against the chain-link fence, trying to get comfortable. The sun had set and the cooling breeze was welcome on his skin after the scorching heat of earlier. He took a final drag of his smoke and flicked the butt away, watching it skitter and roll to a stop on the broken concrete of the parking lot.

If he was gonna go inside, he might as well do it and get it done with. He'd been out here for the past two hours, watching curiously as small groups of people crossed the empty parking lot. They'd all been heading toward one location in particular: an old building close to the dockside. Gojyo didn't know why he hadn't noticed the club before. Possibly it was because it blended in so well with the other derelict buildings nearby. Perhaps he just hadn't bothered to look that closely before.

When he'd found the place a few days ago, Gojyo had assumed the people he saw were simply out for a stroll, but that didn't make sense since this area was littered with dilapidated old Victorian industry. Considering half of them were dressed in suits and the other half barely dressed at all, it only made sense there was some kind of venue out here, carefully hidden under the radar.

The final straw had come about five minutes after he discovered the club. A small group of people – one man and two women – had passed close by him. One of the women had whispered something in the ear of the man, who turned to look at him and laughed. Fucking laughed at him. The other woman had made an observation, loudly enough for Gojyo to hear anyway.

"Does he honestly think he'll get inside the club dressed like that?" she said in a stage whisper that carried clearly across the parking lot.

"God, how tragic, honestly." The other woman giggled, one hand over her mouth. "I hope he has an invitation, otherwise he'll never get past security."

The man paused slightly, his grip tightening about both women's waists protectively. "Perhaps he cleans up nicely, love," he said sarcastically. "I've seen a lot worse. Come on, we're going to be late."

Just like that they were gone. Who the fuck did they think they were, getting off on judging him on the way he looked? Okay, so he wasn't exactly dressed for clubbing since it was a weeknight, but shit. Gojyo ran a hand through his hair and scowled.

Gojyo had been suddenly seized with a burning desire to prove them wrong. So what, he wasn't upper-middle class material but when had that bothered him before? He knew he could get inside, security or not – invitation or not. Fucking dressed or not. Hell, he'd probably do better naked than either of those two bitches with their designer clothes. In addition to his basic good looks, spending his formative teenage years on the street had taught Gojyo survival skills, given him a certain ability to predict human behavior, something those fuckers playing at living had never experienced.

Gojyo swore if it was the last thing he did, he was going to get inside that club and find out exactly what the big fucking deal was.

Still, reminiscing about his humiliation two nights back wasn't getting Gojyo anywhere. Neither was standing around out here, watching people. Determined to prove a point, Gojyo had dressed carefully for tonight in tight, low cut jeans and a black shirt that brought out the unusual and intense red of his hair. He'd purposely left the bottom few buttons of his shirt undone, allowing a sliver of tanned skin to show through the gap. He knew he looked good, damn it, he felt sexy and confident. He'd show those two bitches exactly how Sha Gojyo operated.

Pushing his doubts away, Gojyo forced his feet to move more quickly, to catch up with a group of partygoers coming up on the entrance. Blend in with the crowd, act like you belong here.

A small, backlit sign next to the door announced the club's name in a wash of neon color. As he drew nearer, Gojyo could feel the heavy bass beat reverberating through the ground, settling in his stomach and edging his adrenaline higher. This was the moment of truth – he'd either make it inside or, at the very least, get his ass handed back to him by the pair of designer thugs on the door.

Gojyo could tell immediately that this was no regular rave venue. The outside of the club had been designed specifically to blend in, no different from any of the other derelict buildings in the area. It wasn't supposed to be here and it didn't exist unless you knew about it. As the woman had implied, entrance was by word of mouth or invitation only. The lucky bastard who owned this place had either enough money or enough hidden power to keep it that way.

The thugs were checking ID's at the door. Gojyo sidled up to a willing-looking female and slid an arm about her waist, leaning in with practiced ease and a stunning smile, whispering in her ear. It was too easy to play the game, to feel her soft body surrender against his, leaning into him with instant trust. Easy to flash his ID and slip inside at that moment, to kiss her cheek and offer to find her later, so effortless it was boring.

As he stepped through the door, music enveloped Gojyo's senses, a deafening wall of sound with its industrial dance beat, creating a sinuous call to blend with the crowd, to move your body, to fuck. Strobe lights cut across the dance floor, creating intense bursts of light and darkness amid the throng of people. Gojyo steeled himself and embraced the writhing claustrophobia of the crowd.

Either security was scarce this evening, or it was well hidden. In any case, they'd left Gojyo alone, which made sneaking into the off-limits areas of the club that much easier. Gojyo was slightly disappointed, he'd expected something a lot more exciting than what he'd found inside; to all intents and purposes, it was just a regular club with classy aspirations. So just what was the big deal with this club and why was there so much hype about it? Curious, Gojyo spent some time watching people: where they went, whether or not they came back. He watched their body language and facial expressions, something he was good at. It became easier to pick out the type of people that headed along one passageway in particular. They dressed differently than your average club-goers, their outfits a little more on the edge. Gojyo could almost feel the excitement some of them gave off, exchanging secretive looks with each other. Gojyo put his drink down, excused himself from the cute guy who was making a play and followed two women heading toward the corridor at the back of the club.

The hallway ended at the bottom of a set of wide and expensively carpeted steps. Gojyo didn't pause; he took the steps nonchalantly like he owed the place, and stopped on the landing. There were two options: one with security guards, the other with a nicely paneled oak door. Shit, he hadn't counted on security being this fucking tight. They were checking everyone's I.D. against a guest list. One of the guards had seen Gojyo now; to hesitate would guarantee him getting his ass thrown out on the street. So, the oak door was the obvious choice. Adrenaline bubbled up inside Gojyo, causing a light sheen of sweat to break out on his skin, and creating a tingling sensation in the small of his back. He'd kill for a fucking smoke or five right about now but it was too late to retreat without looking more out of place than he already did.

Gojyo stepped out into the hallway, waiting for the order to halt from security, but it never came. He walked toward the door and gripped the handle, praying it wasn't locked. Bingo. Gojyo slid inside, shutting the door behind him. With relief he leaned against the closed door, taking a few seconds to adjust to the low lighting and to wipe his sweaty hands on his jeans.

Gojyo's eyes adjusted to the mood lighting and he walked forward slowly toward the desk, forgetting about the club for the moment in order to admire the decor. The office was spacious, the walls painted a rich chocolaty brown to match the carpet. An enormous abstract painting in muted colors took up the entire back wall, at odds with the obviously Victorian feel to the rest of the place. The desk was huge and whoever owned it must be a fucking neat freak, as all of the items on the desk were placed at precise angles to each other and to the edge of the desk.

Gojyo could appreciate the sense of calm the room invoked, the muffled beat of the music creating a womb-like atmosphere. He turned slowly to the left, and was suddenly frozen in shock by the view before him.

"Holy fucking motherfucking... shit." Okay, breathe deep. Not what we expected, not at all, his brain provided helpfully. Well, okay, perhaps we expected a little bit of kink, but not… that.

The left wall was entirely taken up by some kind of window, which opened out onto the room next door to this one. It had to be a hidden window because nobody reacted to his (stunned) presence.

No wonder there were fucking security guards on the other door.

"See something you like?"

Gojyo tore his eyes from the scene in front of him and looked toward the voice. Panic made him step backward until he felt the edge of the desk dig into the tops of his thighs. Okay, it was just one man, no thugs, no security. How the hell had this guy snuck in without Gojyo even hearing him?

He took a quick second to examine the man in front of him, expensively but fashionably dressed in a pair of black leather pants that looked like he'd been poured into them. He was lean, almost as tall as Gojyo, and sexy, in a kinda breakable fashion. Perhaps that was just because of the way the man looked at Gojyo, an almost sly and knowing look on his face, peering up from underneath his long bangs.

Gojyo's brain helpfully supplied him with an image of the man, leaning against the desk, pants undone, with his cock down Gojyo's throat. Elegant fingers tangled in Gojyo's hair, his hips rocking forward, urging Gojyo to take him deeper. Gojyo could almost hear the way his voice would sound; soft and breathless with a slight hint of steel. Gojyo wanted it - badly, he realized.

The man walked toward Gojyo, as calm and collected as if he owned the room and everything in it, which, on reflection, he probably did. Gojyo recognized that walk; he used it himself all the time. It was predatory: the kind of walk he used to evoke supreme confidence, the walk that had gotten him laid more times than he could count. It was disconcerting but at the same time really fucking sexy to see someone else using it on him, like he was worth the effort.

The man stopped a few feet away from Gojyo and graced him with a disarming smile. He leaned against the wall and crossed his arms, as if he was waiting for something.

Movement out of the corner of Gojyo's eye forced him to look back toward the window. "Is that thing, like one-way or something?" he said finally. Okay, that was fucking stupid.

"Of course it is," the man answered. He stood up straighter. "Forgive me, I should have introduced myself. I'm Cho Hakkai, the owner of this club."

Obviously Gojyo was supposed to return the courtesy, but his throat was currently dry and he was slightly distracted by the blond getting fucked from both ends, nice and slow. Jesus, this asshole was running some kind of private sex club, right under the noses of the patrons downstairs. It was no wonder this place was so exclusive.

When Hakkai didn't move, Gojyo allowed himself to relax slightly and focus his full attention on the show going on next door. The blond was on his knees, a spreader bar holding his cuffed ankles wide. His arms were sheathed in binders, laced to hold his elbows and wrists together and stretched out straight behind his back. A rope ran from his wrists toward the ceiling over his head, suspending him awkwardly so that his upper body was forced downward, ass presented to the man behind him. No leverage; that had to fucking hurt, having all your weight on your knees and your shoulders with nothing else to support you. Strands of fine hair caressed the man's face and fell across his blindfolded eyes. This close, Gojyo could make out the sweat on his skin, could almost taste it. Nearly hypnotized, Gojyo watched the man swallow once around the cock in his mouth and then take it deeper.

The man kneeling behind the blond continued to thrust into his ass at a measured pace designed to drive anyone crazy. The twitching of the blond's erection just reinforced Gojyo's opinion on that score, so much so he could feel his dick twitch in sympathy.

Gojyo deliberately tore his gaze away from the window and refocused on Hakkai, who was watching his reactions with a calculated interest. Hakkai walked toward the desk, toward Gojyo. Gojyo purposefully stood his ground, ignored his heart as it threatened to beat right out of his chest.
Hakkai reached past him, his arm brushing against Gojyo's bare skin, sending a jolt of dangerous desire through Gojyo. Gojyo wondered if he had imagined the slight intake of breath and the answering shiver that came from Hakkai, just before he picked up a remote from the desk and pointed it at the window. Both the blond and the rest of the club vanished, to be replaced with darkness, reinforcing the feeling of isolation Gojyo suddenly felt.

Hakkai replaced the remote on the desk with a precise little click and turned to face Gojyo again. They were close enough that Gojyo could see the intensity in Hakkai's green eyes. He must wear contacts, Gojyo thought; nobody had eyes that color. Hakkai's body tensed imperceptibly and Gojyo wondered if Hakkai was going to lean forward and kiss him. Gojyo waited with baited breath, not sure how to react to this revelation. Gojyo's experience told him Hakkai was wavering, on the brink of something, trying to make his mind up. Hakkai blinked once, his eyelashes like faint shadows against those perfect cheekbones, instantly breaking the spell between them.

"I've been watching you for the past little while on our security system," Hakkai said, intruding on Gojyo's thoughts. "One wonders what you could possibly be after, sneaking around the off-limits areas of the club. Please, feel free to enlighten me as to your goals, so I can be of assistance."

Assistance, my ass. "I got lost looking for the washroom. I probably made a wrong turn somewhere."

You're going to have to be a little more honest than that."

Hakkai took a step toward Gojyo, causing Gojyo to shift along the edge of the desk toward the door. Something about this guy freaked him out but at the same time sent his adrenaline coursing like a drug through his veins, making him almost dizzy. Gojyo wondered briefly if they pumped some kind of sex-crazed chemical into the air, kinda like the scented shit they put in casinos in Vegas.

"Okay, so I got curious." Gojyo swallowed. For some reason he couldn't tear his eyes off this guy and he was losing his concentration. Keep backing up toward the door, nice and slow. "Okay, so someone may have mentioned something about the second floor and I thought I'd check it out," Gojyo lied. Fuck, was he a complete idiot or what?

Hakkai's eyes narrowed just slightly, before he graced Gojyo with a forced smile. "Really? I do sincerely hope one of our patrons hasn't been talking out of order," Hakkai said, after a slight pause. That pause implied an awful lot, Gojyo thought. Being on the wrong side of one of Hakkai's pauses would be bad news.

Gojyo was now halfway across the room and he continued to retreat, keeping his eyes on Hakkai. Instead of feeling safe, Gojyo felt as if he had a screaming void of emptiness at his back and that any second he was going to fall and keep falling. Nothing ever rattled him this much; just what the fuck was going on?

Hakkai appeared to consider Gojyo for a moment and then walked toward him. Gojyo's back hit wall and something else between the wall and his back.

"What the fu –" he said, turning slightly to get a better look.

A hand touched his face and then Hakkai's lips were on his, hard body pressed against Gojyo's. Surprised, Gojyo opened his mouth to say something and felt Hakkai's tongue slide over his parted lips, wetting them, before slipping inside. Hakkai's fingers dug into Gojyo's shoulders, moving down to caress his biceps and forearms in tiny stroking movements designed to soothe and relax.

Gojyo clenched his fists and tried to ignore his sudden hard-on and the chill sliding up his spine at the feel of Hakkai's tongue in his mouth. As if his brain was on autopilot, Gojyo did what came naturally and began to kiss Hakkai back, enjoying the hum of approval Hakkai made in response.

Hakkai's hands moved to Gojyo's wrists, long fingers wrapping around and squeezing lightly against the delicate bones. He pressed against Gojyo, circling his hips, grinding against Gojyo, making Gojyo groan. Hakkai changed his grip on Gojyo's wrists and pulled his arms up above his head.

Gojyo head was spinning at the contact when he suddenly felt something wide clamp around each wrist with a satisfying clicking sound, just before Hakkai released him.

When Hakkai stepped back out of kissing range Gojyo knew he was in trouble. He pulled violently on the restraints, hearing the clink of chain before the visual set in. He looked up to see both wrists encased in thick leather cuffs, suspended by a chain above his head. Jerking on the chains did absolutely nothing, even when Gojyo pulled hard enough to make his shoulders ache.

"What the fuck?" he demanded angrily.

"Is that your standard response to everything?" asked Hakkai. Gojyo noted that Hakkai was breathing faster than normal and he looked a little flushed, but that could just be the thrill of success, the bastard. On the other hand, Gojyo doubted if Hakkai was the type of guy who went around kissing just anybody for the hell of it, he just didn't seem the type.

"People know where I am. They'll look for

"I'm sure they do," Hakkai said in a reassuring tone that utterly failed to soothe Gojyo's nerves. "Let's find out who you are, shall we?" Hakkai pressed himself against Gojyo and reached a hand around, smoothing it over Gojyo's ass.

Gojyo bucked forward and away from Hakkai's insistent hand, which, in turn, put him groin-to-groin once more with his adversary. Gojyo was very much aware Hakkai was aroused; there was no doubt about it, especially when the bastard pushed back and slowly ground his hips against Gojyo's. The hand on Gojyo's ass delved into his rear pocket and liberated his wallet from the tight confines of his jeans. Hakkai's other hand lingered just a little too long on Gojyo's ass before he stepped backward, the touch almost a caress, a promise of pleasure to come, perhaps.

Hakkai opened Gojyo's wallet and began to flip through the contents. He leaned against his desk and crossed his legs at the ankle, ignoring Gojyo. Gojyo pulled on the cuffs, turning his body slightly to put more weight on one, to see if the chain might break. The cuffs were snug and wide and instead of biting into the delicate skin of his wrists they spread the pressure evenly. Gojyo clenched his fists and waited, turning back to watch Hakkai.

Hakkai held up Gojyo's driver's license between two fingers. "So, Sha Gojyo, are you going to tell me why you are really here? Personally I find it very hard to believe someone would go to so much effort to break into not only my club, but my office as well." Hakkai was all business now, exhibiting a hard edge, his smile gone.

Gojyo knew he was fucked. Hakkai probably believed he was after the evening's profits or something dumb and pointless.

"Honestly, I'm not after your money or anything," Gojyo bit out in return. "It's the truth. I got curious about this place and then when I saw security on the door, I panicked and came in here." Now he really did sound like an idiot. Gojyo pulled on the cuffs. His skin was starting to feel tender as the constant movement began to chafe his wrists.

Hakkai placed Gojyo's driver's license back in his wallet with careful movements, arranging it correctly in its slot. He folded the wallet and placed it on the desk, perfectly aligned next to the remote. He fixed Gojyo with a heated stare. "Do you know what you are currently chained to, Gojyo? That's called a Saint Andrew's cross; it's quite a clever design, really. If I wanted to, I could cuff your ankles to each corner of the cross. Of course, then you'd be just as fucked as the man on the other side of that window. I could do anything I wanted to you and you'd be unable to stop me."

Hakkai's rich voice promised a world of pleasure. The mental image he invoked with his words almost made Gojyo groan. Instead he bit his lip and glared at Hakkai, determined not to let lust get the better of him. "What kind of fucking pervert has a fucking… cross bolted to his office wall?" Gojyo blurted. Shit.

"The kind of person who has a one-way privacy window that opens onto a sex club?" Hakkai said with a raised eyebrow and a slight smirk. "Now what do you think I should do with you, Gojyo? Should I call the police and ask them to come and get you?"

"Shit, man, don't." Gojyo let his head fall back against the horizontal bar that attached the cross to the wall. The police had made it quite clear that they never wanted to see Gojyo again, especially after the crap he'd put them through a few years ago when he was living on the street. He'd come too far to fuck it all up again. He wouldn't go back to living like that, he couldn't.

As if he was reading not only Gojyo's panic, but the reasons behind it, Gojyo saw something in Hakkai's eyes soften imperceptibly. His stance didn't change, nor did the tone of his voice, but nonetheless, Gojyo could have sworn he sensed a certain softening.

"Then what do you suggest?" Hakkai asked. "I doubt you can afford a membership here – not that money is our only consideration; you may have other qualifications." Gojyo squirmed at the slight emphasis on the word. "Still, I'm open to offers, although you are hardly in a bargaining position." Hakkai folded his hands in his lap and tilted his head to one side. He reminded Gojyo of a cat watching a mouse, only the slight flicker of amusement in his green eyes kept Gojyo from utter panic.

Gojyo watched nervously as Hakkai stood up and crossed the room toward him. Gently he placed on hand on Gojyo's chest and pushed firmly, anchoring Gojyo to the cross behind him.

"Don't touch me," Gojyo growled, shifting.

"There's nothing preventing you from moving if you choose, Gojyo. After all, the only things confined are your arms."

Hakkai spoke in a voice so low it almost blended with the hypnotic backbeat of the music from the dance floor. The skin under Gojyo's shirt felt like it was on fire where Hakkai's palm rested.

Hakkai pushed again against Gojyo's chest and slipped one leg between Gojyo's.

Hakkai smiled, and his eyes flicked from Gojyo's mouth back to his eyes. "Shall I tell you why you haven't moved, Gojyo?"

"Enlighten me," Gojyo ground out. His traitorous body still wasn't shifting, he noted.

"Because I will it to be that way," Hakkai replied. He leaned closer, until Gojyo could feel his warm breath against his cheek. "You've already surrendered, but your brain doesn't recognize it yet. An interesting situation, no?"

Hakkai's other hand came to rest on Gojyo's hip, his fingers brushing over the denim of Gojyo's jeans, caressing the smooth skin over his exposed hipbone. Gojyo breath hitched at the feel of Hakkai's fingers drawing nonsense patterns on his skin, distracting him. He shifted slightly, evading those fingers, just to prove a point. Hakkai's palm pressed harder against his chest until Gojyo could feel the wood of the cross biting between his shoulder blades, while Hakkai's other hand moved from his hip up over the sensitive soft skin of his stomach, sliding under his shirt, mapping out each rib before sliding to the side to hold him in place.

Gojyo didn't realize he was holding his breath until Hakkai kissed him again. He clenched his fists, feeling the confinement of the leather around his wrists, pressing on his tendons. When he parted his lips and let Hakkai in, Hakkai moaned.

The hand pressing into his chest gave a final push, a warning to stay put, before it moved down, following in reverse the path his other hand had taken earlier. Hakkai's fingers slid over the waistband of Gojyo's jeans, his palm pressing firmly over Gojyo's erection. Gojyo bucked his hips into Hakkai's hand. He couldn't help it; his whole body jerked with the sensation. The chains chinked above his head, sending a rush of desire bolting through his body and down his spine.
Oh fuck. He was getting off on this, wasn't he?

Hakkai moved his hand along the hard line of Gojyo's erection, fingers gripping either side.

Gojyo began to rock his hips, unable to stop himself. He was panting into Hakkai's mouth and he could swear the bastard was smiling. Hakkai's other hand continued its upward path, brushing over Gojyo's nipple. Gojyo gasped when Hakkai pinched hard, breathing shakily when Hakkai went back to caressing his nipple instead.

Hakkai was kissing his way down Gojyo's neck, teasing the sensitive skin at the junction of his neck and shoulder, making Gojyo shiver and swear softly under his breath. Hakkai continued to stroke Gojyo's cock, using the confining friction of his jeans to drive him slowly crazy.

"Let me touch you. Undo the cuffs."

Hakkai laughed. "Hmm, as interesting as that may sound, I think not. I'm quite enjoying seeing you like this." Hakkai's hand moved from his cock and Gojyo was about to protest when he felt Hakkai undoing his pants. He sucked in his stomach, giving Hakkai easier access and then the button was free, allowing Hakkai to push Gojyo's jeans down his hips. Hakkai wrapped his hand around Gojyo's cock, in a loose grip, teasing him.

"Shall I tell you about surrender, Gojyo?" Hakkai's soft and persuasive voice cut into Gojyo's rising lust. Gojyo leaned his head against the cross post and tried not to give in to the pleasure.

"What was the one thing you noticed about the pretty man you saw earlier?"

Was this guy serious? He actually wanted him to think while he was getting the best hand-job he'd ever had? Shit. Still, the image of the blond filtered into his head anyway, even though he fought it and tried to think about Hakkai's hand around his dick instead.

Then it hit Gojyo. The blond hadn't fought it, he'd just knelt there and allowed himself to get fucked, welcomed it, even. Gojyo doubted he'd have done the same if their roles had been reversed.

"That's the sign of a true submissive, Gojyo, responding only to his or her Master's touch and command. Do you know he is unable to come unless his Master allows him to? Doesn't that intrigue you, the fact that you can trust someone enough to let them take complete control of your every reaction, your every need, and amplify that until you are so hard it hurts?"

"You are fucking certifiable," Gojyo gasped out, pushing his hips into Hakkai's hand.

"Am I really?"

Hakkai pulled back and ran his fingers over Gojyo's lips, waiting until Gojyo parted them and took them into his mouth, sucking hard. Hakkai rocked his hips against Gojyo's, mimicking the movement Gojyo made with his tongue. Satisfied, he pulled his fingers out and leaned against Gojyo, sliding his fingers down the crack of his ass. Gojyo automatically spread his legs wider, pushing back against Hakkai's fingers, wanting this.

"You say I'm certifiable, yet are you not doing exactly what I want, when I want?" Hakkai pressed one finger against Gojyo's entrance, letting Gojyo rock onto his finger as it slid inside. Gojyo groaned at the intrusion, starting to move back and forth between the hand on his cock and the finger in his ass.

Hakkai added another finger the next time Gojyo thrust backward. It was almost too much; the fist Hakkai made around Gojyo's cock tightened slightly, gripping harder. Gojyo was very close to coming, he could tell by the way his breathing stuttered, the way his muscles tightened. Psychobabble aside, this guy knew what he was doing, knew how to make Gojyo's body sing. He should be worried.

"Shall I prove it to you, Gojyo?"

Whatever, just let me come, bastard. Just let me…

Gojyo was right there, hanging on the edge. His fingers were curled around the chains of the cuffs, heedless of the way they bit into his palms, his entire body tense, waiting for that next thrust of Hakkai's fingers, the one that would push him hard over the edge.

Suddenly Hakkai's fingers slid from his ass and left his cock as he moved back slightly. Gojyo growled and his body jerked against the chains, seeking that one last touch, the touch that never came. It actually physically hurt, the way his chest tightened along with his protesting stomach muscles, the heavy ache in his balls, the craving to come, all for nothing.

"Fuck!" he gasped and collapsed against the cross, breathing heavily. "You fucking bastard."

"I'm afraid I am a bastard." Hakkai sounded smug. "But then you have interfered with my evening and I think it's only fair for you to make it up to me, don't you?"

Gojyo was seriously going to kill someone, preferably the man standing in front of him. Once he was free, of course.

"How badly do you want to come, Gojyo?" Hakkai asked, placing a hand either side of Gojyo's body and leaning in. "Do you want it badly enough that you'll cooperate? I can make you come without even touching you."


"How about a bet? I make you come without touching you and in return, you agree to meet with me again and do whatever I ask. Yes?"

"What kind of fucking deal is that?" Gojyo felt raw inside, his emotions shot to shit and his body trembling, vibrating with need. And all of it geared toward the bastard standing in front of him.

"The only deal you are going to get, Gojyo. Take it or leave it, surrender or not, it's your choice. And either way, it will take care of any irritating little trespassing charges that I might have been contemplating."

Gojyo almost didn't need that last reassurance; he was already pretty convinced he'd do just about anything to come. However, there was no way in hell this guy could get him off without touching him. No way, never been done, not going to happen.


Hakkai smiled and this time it was genuine. Gojyo's breath caught in his throat at the sight. Hakkai was sexy as hell when he smiled for real.

Hakkai leaned close enough that his breath tickled Gojyo's ear. "I know what you really want. You'd love it if I tied you up like that pretty young man and had you. Not in public; I don't think that's your thing, is it? But in private, I bet you'd go wild. You know how hard that makes me, thinking about hearing you scream as I fuck your ass, hearing you begging me to let you come?"

Oh shit. Perhaps Hakkai was just that good. Gojyo felt a sharp spike of arousal course through his nervous system, making his body flush with delicious heat. He forced himself to remain still, to not react to the sound of Hakkai's perfectly pitched voice, the way it got under his skin and sent shivers through his body.

"I think perhaps you don't realize how responsive you really are, Gojyo. It's such a waste, to imagine you fucking your way through life without experiencing true surrender. To see you bound before me, leather against your wrists and ankles, watching you strain against your bonds. I think you get off on that, don't you, or is that something you are just realizing now? This is a new thing for you, isn't it? Is that why you came here? Curiosity?"

Gojyo closed his eyes, tried to breathe through it. To ignore the tight curl of painful desire in his stomach, the way his hips were starting to betray him, to move without his volition, fucking the air, straining to reach the man in front of him. Gojyo could feel Hakkai's body heat, could almost feel the gap between where Hakkai's arms were on each side of him, the empty space between their bodies. He could feel Hakkai's lust, his sincerity and his desire to understand Gojyo. That shouldn't be possible, right? He shouldn't be able to see inside Gojyo's head, to recognize what Gojyo himself wasn't aware of?

"I want to strip you bare and expose your soul, Gojyo. And when you are naked before me, body and soul, you'll crave my touch, unable to live without it. Only then will I give you what you want, and only when you ask for it. I want to hear you beg me to touch you, to liberate you. Do you want me," Hakkai whispered with a slight catch in his voice, "the way I want you?"

Gojyo's cock hurt. Just the movement of his hips, the cool air on his cock, it hurt and God, it felt incredible. The muscles in his arms were screaming he was so tense. Only then did Gojyo realize he was right on the edge again, almost about to come and he hadn't even noticed. Then Gojyo realized something else, something profound, he could fight the whole way, or he could let it happen. He could… surrender to the sensation and let Hakkai take control, take him.

"Do you want me, Gojyo?" Hakkai asked again. "Look at me."

Gojyo opened his eyes and met Hakkai's stare, almost afraid of what he might see reflected there. Hakkai's eyes were heavy with desire, his lips moist, cheeks flushed. He was getting off on this as much as Gojyo was and for some reason that surprised him.

Hakkai licked his lips and closed his eyes briefly, and then fixed him with an intense stare. "Do you want me? Do you want my cock in your ass, in your mouth or wherever I choose to give it to you, whenever I ask? Will you submit to me, Gojyo?"

Gojyo's body tensed, the pleasure coursing through his system almost too much. He felt lightheaded, like he was floating in an altered state. Panic almost set in, Gojyo had never experienced anything like this, he'd never felt so high before. He was glad he had a grip on the chains holding him upright. He was breathing heavily, as was Hakkai, both of them feeding off each other's reactions and energy, the air between them tight with desire.

Gojyo's whole body reached toward Hakkai, straining against both the cuffs and the mental chains Hakkai had woven so skillfully. Gojyo heard himself whine deep in his throat, yet somehow it didn't matter.

"Will you submit, Gojyo?" Hakkai's voice was soft, yet firm.

"Yes. God, yes," Gojyo managed to articulate. "Let me come, please."

Hakkai smiled, the genuine one that sent Gojyo's brain into a whirl. "Come then, Gojyo. Come only for me," Hakkai breathed.

Gojyo's body went rigid and he arched, feeling his orgasm rip through him, making his cock pulse, coming harder than he could ever remember doing. He gasped and felt the sound ripped from his throat at the same time his orgasm raced through him. Gojyo's cuffed wrists took the slack of his body weight as he hung from the chains, unable to support himself.

He felt the cool touch of Hakkai's skin through his shirt, knew that Hakkai had pulled him close and was physically supporting him, keeping him upright. Cool fingers brushed his hair back from his face, soft lips kissed his cheek. Gojyo heard the click of the cuffs and he was free, Hakkai was lowering him to the soft carpet, wrapping his arms around him and holding him close.

After a while, Gojyo's senses started to return to him and he realized Hakkai was constantly talking, his smooth voice whispering nonsense, allowing Gojyo to return slowly and on his own, to follow his voice. Gojyo was covered in a thin sheen of sweat and his first conscious thought was that Hakkai was probably stuck to him, ruining his expensive designer silk shirt in the process.

His second thought was that he'd never guessed that giving himself over to another person so completely would be so fucking intense and rewarding. Gojyo felt like he'd quite literally blown his mind.

"Hakkai?" Gojyo heard his voice break and cleared his throat and tried again. "Hakkai?" That was better.

"I'm here, Gojyo. Are you all right?" Hakkai actually sounded concerned. Go figure that one.

However, Gojyo's mind was in such a spin he wasn't sure he could sort through all the emotions rushing through his head right now.

"'m okay," Gojyo mumbled in reply. "Could sleep for a week, though."

I'll get you a cab. Are you okay to wait here for a few minutes?"

Gojyo nodded, content to drift in an orgasmic haze for the time being.


Gojyo stood in the shower under a hard spray of water, letting the warmth seep into his skin and soothe his tired muscles. He ducked his head under the water and leaned against the wall, enjoying the sudden icy cool of the tiles on his heated skin. He had no idea getting fucked could be so hard on the body.

For a start, he'd slept for a solid thirteen hours once he'd gotten home and much of the cab ride had been a blur. Okay, so he was a heavy sleeper, sure, but that didn't explain his total exhaustion.

Technically he hadn't even gotten fucked, only mentally. There should be some kind of joke in there but right now the whole thing was still very fresh in his head. He couldn't quite blank out that look on Hakkai's face just before he'd commanded Gojyo to come. In fact, he was getting hard just thinking about it again.

Gojyo stared down at his penis and thought about jerking off. Out of habit rather than lust he reached down and gave it a squeeze, seeing if he really was that interested or not. If he was thinking this hard about it, chances were it was a waste of time. What made Gojyo's breath catch, however, was the slight band of bruising around his wrist. It was so faint Gojyo thought at first that it was a trick of the light, but it was enough to make him hold up his hand, turning his wrist from side to side. He traced the faint marks with a finger, noting the ever-so-slight tenderness to the touch. He flexed his hand into a fist, feeling the bruised tendons pull and protest slightly, doing the same with his other wrist, admiring the matching bloom of color there and the twinge of pain that accompanied the movement.

Okay, so he was officially a fucking freak if he found this a turn-on. What the hell was wrong with him?

Gojyo turned off the shower and stepped out, wrapping a towel around his waist and grabbing another for his hair. He needed cool air on his body, preferably now. The steamy sauna-like conditions of the bathroom were suddenly claustrophobic. He shoved open the door and crossed the living room, bypassing his roommate on the way and shutting the door firmly behind him, a clear signal to leave him the fuck alone.

He sat on his bed and let the water drip from his hair over his body, cooling his overheated skin. He flopped backward, landing with a soft thump on the mattress and stared at the ceiling, ignoring the fact that his wet hair was soaking the sheets.

Okay, examine the situation calmly, Gojyo. Admit that last night backfired on you spectacularly. You let someone get the better of you, fuck with your head and your body and you gave in. If it had been a chick you would have been fine with it, right?

But was that really the issue? Sure, chicks came and went, but so did the odd fuck, no matter whether it was male or female. He was equal opportunity, which had never been a problem: sexy came in both flavors, after all.

No, what was niggling at Gojyo's mind was the fact that he'd given his trust to a complete stranger in an unknown, potentially dangerous situation, had let his guard down enough to surrender to the moment and let that person dictate his own body's reactions. Never mind the fact that his response had been so mind-blowing and unexpected. The truth was that he should know fucking better.

It was totally not the fact he'd gotten off on being restrained, or that something inside Gojyo was telling him he craved the submission to another's will – Hakkai's will. No fucking way in hell was it that.

Gojyo sat at his desk and twirled his pen, watching the clock. Fifteen minutes to go, then he could officially get the hell out of here. He threw his pen down on the desk and leaned forward. He was doing it again, looking at his wrists, flexing his hands into fists to feel the slight burn from the bruises. The bruises themselves had almost faded to just a faint yellowing of the skin to remind him of last Saturday night. Not that he really needed a reminder: it was all stamped quite clearly into his memory, a play-by-play rerun.

He had to get this out of his head or he was going to go insane.

A shadow fell over his desk and he looked up, surprised to see the receptionist. "Still here, Gojyo?" she quipped. "I was just leaving but I saw you at your desk. This came for you earlier." She put a package on the desk and looked at him expectantly.

"For me?" Gojyo picked the package up and turned it over. It was nothing unusual, just a small brown box with his name printed in neat letters on the top. For some reason it set off warning bells in his head. He didn't know anyone who wrote with such precise and firm strokes in black ink. Real black ink. "Thanks," he offered lamely.

"Not going to open it?" she asked, pouting prettily.

Fuck no, he wasn't, not with an audience. As it was, his reaction was going to be the subject of the water cooler discussion tomorrow. He hated gossip.

The woman waited a moment longer and then flashed him a smile. "Goodnight, Gojyo. Have a good one!"

"Sure, you too." Gojyo recovered enough of his manners to thank her before returning to the package in front of him.

He took a deep breath and tore the paper from the top, destroying the neat lettering in the process. Inside the wrapping was a plain jewelry store box, long and narrow, with a small gold clasp on the front. Gojyo opened the lid and stared inside, curiosity getting the better of him. A silver chain sparkled back at him on a bed of black velvet.

Gojyo put the box down and searched for a note, a letter, anything. There was no return address on the package, either. Weird. He wondered for a moment if somehow it had been addressed wrong and wasn't meant for him at all. He picked up the chain, admiring the links, the way it twisted in the light. It was far longer than a normal chain and when Gojyo examined it further he discovered the clasp was fashioned into a small padlock. Both ends of the chains sparkled with a single diamond.

It was a fucking belly chain. Gojyo dropped it onto the desk and tried not to panic. It was only then that he noticed the corner of a small piece of folded paper, tucked into the box lid, almost out of sight. The person that had written the address on the package had also penned the note, that much was clear. As soon as Gojyo read the words, he knew they would be etched on his memory for as long as he lived:

I want you to know that you are on my thoughts and your taste is on my lips.

Hakkai – it could only be Hakkai, right?

Gojyo leaned back into his chair and stared at the ceiling. Okay, don't think about how he found out where you worked, that's not important right now. What is important is the fact that he's taunting you, subtly reminding you that you had a bet and that you lost. He wants you to know he hasn't forgotten and that he expects you to make good on the bet.


Sexy, fucking, manipulative bastard.

Somehow that thought wasn't as annoying as it probably should have been.

By the time Gojyo got home he was in a state of hyper-arousal. It was all he could do to make sure his bedroom door was locked before he stripped off his shirt and pants and got down to business. He'd just gotten comfortable and gotten his hand around his cock when the phone started ringing. Fuck, just ignore it. Just think about green eyes and a lean body pressed up against yours, bruising fingers around your wrists, holding you down, marking you. Fuck, yeah.

The phone kept ringing, the noise stabbing violently into his fantasy. Cursing, Gojyo surged up off the bed and grabbed the phone, half-tempted to throw it across the room. Instead he glared at it and pressed the talk button. "Yeah?" he demanded, flopping back onto the mattress.

There was a slight pause. "Gojyo?"

Yeah? " Oh, he had a bad feeling about this. As if he didn't recognize that particular brand of smoothness to the voice, or the way his body immediately reacted. "Who is this?" Gojyo said, just to be difficult.

"Did you receive my gift?" Hakkai continued on as if rudeness was a part of everyday life.

Well, that answered Gojyo's first question. "Yeah, I did," he said eventually. "Look man, it was a nice gesture and all, but I don't think I should be accepting gifts from random guys, ya know."

"Hmm." Hakkai sounded like he was seriously considering Gojyo's answer, like it was valid or something. "Then consider it an invitation, rather than a gift."

"An invitation?" Gojyo ran his hand through his hair. What the hell was Hakkai talking about?

Another pause. "Have you tried it on yet?"

"No, I just got home."

"Are you alone?" Hakkai's voice had changed pitch slightly, it was harder, a bit more demanding.

"Yeah, I'm alone. Why?"

"Put it on, Gojyo."

Gojyo recognized that this was not a request. He opened his mouth to respond, to tell the guy to fuck off and stop bothering him. Instead he surprised himself yet again when he said, "Gimme me a second." What the fuck was that? Still, the sudden flush of heat in his body at the tone of Hakkai's voice…

He dropped the phone on the bed and stood up, retrieving the box from his bag. When he took the chain from the box he picked up the phone again and nestled it against his shoulder. The chain slid through his fingers, heavy and supple, cool to the touch.

"What are you doing?"

"Running it through my fingers. Feels kinda neat." Gojyo wrapped it around his waist, feeling his stomach muscles contract at the touch of the cold metal, making him gasp as the weight settled on his hips. He slipped the tiny padlock through one of the links and heard it click closed. It was a very final sound, one that sent a spike of lust along his spine and into his dick. The ends of the chain hung down, the diamonds catching the last of the sunlight through the window.

"Okay, it's on."

"Tell me what it feels like."

Gojyo grinned; Hakkai was not as composed as he tried to sound. Gojyo lay down on the bed again and stretched out, running his fingers over his stomach, letting the chain slide over his skin.

"Mmm," said Gojyo teasingly. "I can feel the chain against my skin, just enough to notice. It's warming up to my body temperature now, so it's not as cold as before. I feel kinda restricted, but not totally." His fingers brushed the end of the chain, feeling it tickle against his hip bone.

Gojyo's dick was getting hard again. He thrust his hips up slightly and the chain moved with him, sliding across his skin until it touched his cock. Without thinking, Gojyo tightened his hand around his erection and squeezed, feeling the chain brush against his knuckles.

"Are you touching yourself, Gojyo?"

"Yeah, wanna listen to me come?" Gojyo whispered suggestively. He wondered if he could get Hakkai to jerk off with him. Gojyo realized he'd never heard Hakkai come and wondered what it would sound like.

Hakkai's voice cut into Gojyo's thoughts. "Stop."

Why?" Gojyo ignored Hakkai, continuing the slow slide of his hand up and down, adding a twist when he reached the head, just how he liked it.

"I said stop, Gojyo." Hakkai's voice had a hard flinty edge to it, like it had the other night, which totally spiked Gojyo's arousal.

"What if I don't? What are you gonna do?" Gojyo was testing Hakkai's limits, seeing how far he could push it. He squeezed his cock again and thrust upward into his fist.

"While you wear my chains, Gojyo, you belong to me. You come only when I say and only at my command. Remember that."

"What if I take the chain off?" Gojyo's hand moved faster over his cock, his breath getting erratic.

"I have the key, Gojyo." Hakkai sounded so matter-of-fact.

"And if I break the chain?" Gojyo's toes curled into the mattress and he rolled his hips upward, feeling the chain move across his skin again. "Fuck, Hakkai, talk to me."

There was silence on the phone. Then Hakkai said, "If you come, Gojyo, I will punish you. If you think last Saturday was all I have to give you, you are sadly mistaken. You are only just discovering your true nature. You want me to punish you, yes?"

"Fuck, yes." Gojyo bit back a moan.

"I can make it hurt, Gojyo. I will make you beg for me to stop and then you'll beg me to hurt you some more. Is that what you want?"

Gojyo couldn't answer, he wanted to, to deny what Hakkai was saying, to ignore that calm, utterly composed voice in his ear. Somehow Hakkai knew him better than he did himself, knew what he wanted. That thought… that... oh shit, he was right there. Two quick jerks of his hand and Gojyo came hard over his belly, the chain and his hand. Gojyo slumped back onto the mattress, breathing a mile a minute.

Hakkai's voice cut through Gojyo's lethargy. "Is that what you want, Gojyo?"

"Hakkai… " Gojyo couldn't form a coherent thought, other than the fact that Hakkai seemed to have a direct line to some kind of button marked Make Gojyo Come.

"As per our agreement, I will expect you at the club this Friday night, Gojyo, at ten. Do not disappoint me again."

The line clicked suddenly as Hakkai disconnected, leaving Gojyo with a faint buzz of white noise in his ear. He felt suddenly drained, and a slight nagging doubt clouded his mind. Had he actually pissed Hakkai off or was it just an act? Shit. Gojyo hated this kind of mindfuck stuff.

He stared down at the chain resting on his belly and wrapped his fingers around the links. He let his fingers tighten until he could feel the chain digging into his skin and his hips, daring himself to pull hard enough to make the chain snap. So Hakkai had the key? That was something he should have thought through before he'd put it on. With a sigh Gojyo released the chain and allowed his head to fall back onto the pillow.

Gojyo knew he'd already decided that he was going to meet Hakkai. He said it again in his mind, getting used to it. You are going to see Hakkai on Friday and accept your punishment. You want to see exactly what Hakkai thinks he can do to you, how far he thinks he can go and how far he can push your limits. You want this, you need this.

And you are completely fucked in the head, warned his inner self.


By Friday Gojyo was pretty sure he was losing his mind and not in a good way. An hour hadn't gone by without him thinking about that fucking chain as it moved against the skin on his belly, a dirty little promise winding into his thoughts, making him painfully hard at the most inopportune moments. That reminder naturally progressed to thoughts of Hakkai and from there to what exactly Hakkai classed as 'punishment.'

Hakkai had made it perfectly clear that he wasn't scared to use orgasm as a weapon. Friday afternoon at the office was a write-off: Gojyo's brain just wouldn't cooperate with work and he spent half the time looking out of the window, imagining those fucking cuffs around his wrists. If Hakkai had wanted Gojyo to get so worked up that he was a complete basket case, the bastard had thoroughly succeeded.

When he got home Gojyo forced himself to eat and then showered and got ready, picking out, at random, a pair of his clubbing jeans that only just skimmed his hips, and a tight black t-shirt. He stood in front of the mirror, forcing himself to really look, to see himself, to focus on who he was: from the fall of his red hair and the scars on his cheek, to his body, to examine his soul from the outside, as an observer. Do you want this? he asked the figure before him in the mirror. Are you willing to give up your control of this body, your emotions and your reactions, to give power to this other person? Do you trust Hakkai enough, even though you've only met him once? Gojyo made himself think about what that entailed, the complexities of it all, to really think it through. The answer was still 'Yes,' even though it made no sense logically. Something deep within his soul told him that although Hakkai might hurt him, Gojyo trusted him, even with his life.

Gojyo watched as the chain caught the light around his waist, just visible in the gap of his tanned skin above the waistband of his jeans. The sight caused his cock to start to fill and respond. Gojyo took a deep, steadying breath and asked himself once more, just to be sure.



By the time Gojyo had walked the two miles to the docklands, he'd smoked ten cigarettes. Usually he hated walking and smoking but tonight seemed to be the exception to the rule. As he came up on the club, he ignored his urge to stop and think; instead he followed the steady trickle of people heading for the door. The guy in front had a nice ass encased in criminally tight leather pants and something about him looked familiar. Gojyo kept his mind on that rather than the flood of jumbled emotions in his head. Suddenly he remembered; it was the blond from last week. No wonder he recognized the ass, he thought with a leer. I wonder what it would be like to drive my dick deep inside him and fuck him hard, hear him beg me to let him come.

When Gojyo reached the door, the thugs were checking ID's again. The blond sighed irritably at the wait and turned around to glare at Gojyo. He was a mean-looking fucker when he scowled and probably needed a dick in his mouth just to make him smile. The thought caused Gojyo to grin uncontrollably and the blond tutted and looked away, lip curled in disgust.

Both Gojyo and the blond were waved through security and Gojyo headed straight for the bar, determined to buy himself a few fingers of liquid courage before he located Hakkai. Security was up to Hakkai's usual standards, because by the time he'd finished his double, the bouncer had found him.

"Sha Gojyo? Come with me, sir."

Gojyo refused to let the hired muscle crowd him and simply nodded, putting his glass on the counter. So much for that second drink. He followed the security guard down the hallway and up the stairs, following the same path as before. He kept his eyes on the guy's back and tried to ignore the rushing feelings of excitement and nervousness pounding through his system. Fuck, he was hyped up like a kid on Christmas Eve.

The security guard knocked on the office door and swung it open, stepping back to let Gojyo pass. Gojyo heard the door shut behind him but his mind was already elsewhere, noting the fact that the place looked exactly the same as before, the low lighting creating pockets of darkness in the corners of the room, the calming décor creating that womb-like feeling, faintly smothering.

Hakkai was sitting at the desk, typing on a laptop. Gojyo took a few steps into the room and tried really fucking hard not to look over his shoulder at the cross. The window to the second-floor club was dark as well, so Gojyo had nothing to do except stand there and wait for Hakkai.

"Put your hands behind your back, Gojyo."

Startled, Gojyo looked up, but Hakkai was not even looking at him. Gojyo watched his elegant fingers continue to type rapidly on the keyboard.

Hakkai stopped suddenly and took a sip of his drink. The clink of the ice cubes echoed in the room. "Don't make me ask again, Gojyo," Hakkai said, staring at him.

Fine, right, play along. Gojyo put his hands behind his back and clasped his hands, feeling his shoulders pull at the unusual movement.

Hakkai went back to typing, leaving Gojyo to just… watch. Part of Gojyo's mind told him this was part of the mindfuck, Hakkai reasserting his control over Gojyo after the other night on the phone. Gojyo knew that. And yet, he was standing here, doing what Hakkai asked, with no prodding whatsoever. What was to stop him from just turning around and walking away? This was stupid; he was a grown man capable of making his own decisions. Nothing was stopping him, nothing at all, only his own mind.

Gojyo's eyes began to wander as the silence continued, only the sound of the keys on Hakkai's laptop breaking into the quiet of the room, along with the insistent bass beat from the music being played downstairs. Gojyo could feel the throb of the music through his feet, could feel it start to move up his spine and around his gut. Hakkai was doing absolutely nothing to him and yet all these unrelated things in Gojyo's environment were building, one on top of the other, to create an almost breathless feeling of excitement that bordered on panic. Gojyo could feel his heart beating hard in his chest, faster than normal, the sweat on the palms of his hands where he held them fast, and his breath speeding up and becoming shallow. His dick was starting to fill out and press against the tight constraint of his jeans, distracting him, like an itch that needed to be scratched. This is fucking crazy. I can leave whenever I want. I can turn around and walk out of here and never come back.

Hakkai's desk was as fucking organized as before. Everything in its place, assigned specifically, all in perfect relation to each other. Gojyo began to play a game, to close his eyes and try to picture what had been on Hakkai's desk last Saturday, to compare the two. He opened his eyes and couldn't see any real difference apart from Hakkai's laptop. Wait, something was different. Gojyo shifted on his feet and looked harder as Hakkai continued to ignore him.

Fuck. That's what it was; lying just in front of Hakkai's laptop was a riding crop. Well, at least that's what Gojyo assumed it was. It was a mean-looking, long fucker, with a small square of leather at the end. Holy shit. Gojyo's mouth went dry at the thought of Hakkai using that on his ass, the sound it would make against his skin. Would it hurt, or just sting like fuck? Gojyo imagined the marks it would leave on him and was unable to help the small sound that escaped his lips.

Hakkai closed the laptop and leaned back in his chair, watching Gojyo. He let Gojyo see his eyes moving over Gojyo's body, assessing him. Gojyo imagined he could feel Hakkai's gaze like a physical touch. The wait was almost unbearable and Gojyo was about to break, he could feel it.
Hakkai stood up, dispelling the tension. He moved behind and past him but Gojyo didn't dare turn around to look, to see what Hakkai was doing. He heard the sound of the lock on the door to the office click and then Hakkai's footsteps, muffled by the carpet. Seconds later Gojyo felt Hakkai's cool hand on his wrist and the brush of Hakkai's shirt against his arms.

Keeping his hand on Gojyo's wrist, Hakkai moved around until he was standing in front of Gojyo. When Gojyo looked up there was a small smile on Hakkai's face. Hakkai's cool fingers brushed his jawline and across his scars and Gojyo fought not to flinch at the touch. He'd never been really cool with anyone touching them, even years after they'd healed. Hakkai leaned in and kissed him and Gojyo automatically parted his lips, letting Hakkai in. God, he tasted like heaven, a mixture of whiskey and… Hakkai. Gojyo hadn't thought much during the last week about kissing Hakkai, and now he realized he was clearly insane for not having done so. Hakkai's hands brushed through Gojyo's hair and travelled down his arms, across the bare skin at his waist, coming to rest on Gojyo's hips. His thumbs made small circling motions against the hollows of Gojyo's hipbones, making him want to thrust forward and get more contact with Hakkai's body. Gojyo groaned softly into Hakkai's mouth.

When Hakkai pulled away, Gojyo was surprised to see a slightly dazed look in Hakkai's eyes and a flush across his cheeks. Hakkai gave off such an air of control it was hard to believe he might be as affected as Gojyo was. Hakkai's tongue came out to wet his kiss-swollen lips and Gojyo leaned forward, wanting to kiss him again. Hakkai held onto Gojyo's hips, keeping him out of direct contact.

"Tease," Gojyo said, surprised to find his voice sounded rough.

"Am I?" Hakkai smirked.

Gojyo could feel the belly chain slide against his skin and knew that Hakkai's fingers had finally found it. Hakkai's thumb traced the path of the links across Gojyo's belly, slipped under them and over, playing and teasing.

"Mine," Hakkai whispered, tugging on the chain.

Hakkai kissed him again and then ran his fingers under the waistband of Gojyo's jeans, popping the buttons open one by one. Gojyo was so hard he was convinced one single touch might just do it. He could almost taste his orgasm; he was only waiting for Hakkai to touch him and send him hard over the edge.

Hakkai had other plans. "Strip, Gojyo. Now." Hakkai leaned against the desk and waited, watching Gojyo's every move.

Embarrassed, Gojyo pulled his shirt over his head and then pushed his jeans down, kicking them away. He threw his shirt on the floor near his jeans and stood straight, fighting the urge to blush or cover himself with his hands. It was ridiculous; he was a grown man, dammit. He clenched his fists behind his back again, determined not to show any emotion.

Just when the tension was getting to be too much, Hakkai stood up and pulled his shirt off over his head. He let Gojyo's eyes travel over his skin, let Gojyo see the horrific scar on his stomach. Gojyo swallowed and met Hakkai's gaze. Hakkai didn't blink, just let Gojyo adapt to this new revelation. Gojyo was surprised to find he found Hakkai even sexier with the scar, although he wasn't going to push things and ask about it. Perhaps later.

"Stand facing the wall, in front of the cross," Hakkai instructed.

Gojyo froze, suddenly realizing this was real, with no more playing around or skirting the issue. The moment of truth and now he was having second thoughts. His reason warred with his lust, his brain screaming at him that this may have been a bad idea.

Just when Gojyo's flight mechanism was about to kick in, Hakkai touched his face, bringing Gojyo back to himself and calming him down.

"Tell me your safeword, Gojyo. If you use it, I'll stop, I promise." Hakkai's voice was calm and serious, pulling Gojyo back from panic.

He felt his shoulders relax somewhat and unclenched his fists. Hakkai moved behind him and Gojyo pressed back, feeling his hands brush against Hakkai's hips and groin. Hakkai pushed forward slightly, allowing Gojyo the touch, albeit briefly. "The safeword, Gojyo."

Only now he was going to give Gojyo a fucking safeword? What about the other night? Gojyo said the first thing that popped into his head. "Kappamaki."

Hakkai laughed. "Kappamaki, then. Now stand in front of the cross, Gojyo. I won't ask you again." Hakkai's voice changed. It became harder, with an edge to it: what Gojyo was starting to recognize as Hakkai's game voice.

Gojyo let out a shuddery sigh and walked toward the wall until he was directly in front of the cross. He reached out tentatively and ran a hand along one of the wide cross pieces, admiring the black wood. He was getting turned on again just touching it. When Hakkai came up behind him and touched his wrists, he didn't hesitate in stepping closer and reaching his arms up and to the side, allowing Hakkai to buckle the cuffs to his wrists. Gojyo looked up. These cuffs were different than before. They had an extra strap between his thumb and three buckles to each one. Gojyo tugged experimentally on the chains which held his arms out tight on either side, stretching the muscles until the pull was almost unbearable.

Hakkai's hands smoothed down his back and over his ass, causing Gojyo to tense up and then relax when Hakkai knelt down behind him. Gojyo looked over his shoulder but the light in the room was low and he couldn't see what Hakkai was doing. Hakkai touched him on the ankle and Gojyo obeyed, spreading his legs.

"Further, Gojyo," Hakkai commanded.

Gojyo tried to obey. Hakkai buckled another cuff around his ankle and moved to the other side. "Wider."

Shit. This was it then; trust the restraints or fight it. Gojyo dropped his weight, allowing the cuffs and the chains to take up his weight. Only then could Hakkai close the other restraint around his ankle. Gojyo straightened his spine, breathing hard as he tried to adjust to the strain on his shoulder muscles, the way his entire weight hung from the cross. His legs were spread wide enough that he was fully exposed, balls and all, and he'd never felt so vulnerable in his life.

As Gojyo flexed his spine, he felt Hakkai's hands running up the back of his legs, his thumbs pressing against the sensitive skin of his inner thighs, moving higher until he could caress and tease Gojyo's balls. Hakkai placed little nipping bites and kisses on his skin, amping up Gojyo's lust until he wasn't sure what Hakkai was going to do next. Hakkai was touching his ass, spreading his cheeks, his breath warm against Gojyo's hole. Holy fuck, Hakkai didn't waste time.

At the first touch of Hakkai's hot and wet tongue on his asshole, Gojyo jerked hard and let out an involuntary moan. At the next pass, Gojyo flexed his wrists in the cuffs and tried to push back, but the restraints around his ankles prevented any serious movements. The feeling of helplessness hit him like a punch to the gut and damn, it was sexy.

Hakkai kissed his right cheek and slid his hands along Gojyo's hips. "I told you I was going to punish you for disobeying me, Gojyo," he said, standing up until he was level with Gojyo's shoulder. "I am going to hurt you, just like you want me to."

Gojyo moaned and closed his eyes. When he looked over his shoulder again, Hakkai was standing behind him with a calculating look on his face. The burn in Gojyo's shoulders was more pronounced now, matched by one in his thigh muscles. He shifted his feet slightly, bracing himself on his tiptoes.

The first touch of the riding crop on his ass was completely unexpected. Gojyo jerked against the cross and yelped. He hoped to god the fucking walls were soundproofed. Fuck, it stung, but he didn't have time to process much before Hakkai laid another hard stroke across his other cheek. There was a pause, long enough for Gojyo to relax slightly and then Hakkai continued, barely hesitating between each stroke before striking again. Sweat broke out on Gojyo's skin and he knew he was making gasping noises of both pain and pleasure. Just when it was almost too much to take, Hakkai stopped. His cool hand cupped Gojyo's ass and smoothed across the welts. Gojyo fancied he could feel the heat coming off his own skin. It stung like crazy, each imprint of the crop starting to merge with the one near it until it was a solid burn.

"More, Gojyo?" Hakkai whispered.

No way was Gojyo going to commit verbally to anything at this point; he didn't trust his voice or himself. Hakkai stepped back again and continued, this time focusing on the backs of Gojyo's thighs, edging dangerously close to his balls. The noise was almost as bad as the sting of the crop and Gojyo couldn't believe he was getting harder, so hard his cock was standing upright against his stomach, with every stroke of the crop making his hips flex as he sought more.

And then Hakkai stopped. Gojyo felt Hakkai's arms wrap around him and press his body against his back. Hakkai was naked. When had that happened? Gojyo winced when Hakkai pressed against Gojyo's ass with his pelvis, reawakening the sting. Hakkai kissed his shoulder and bit down gently, sliding his hard cock between Gojyo's cheeks.

"Hakkai," Gojyo managed. "Fuck me, please."

"Not yet, Gojyo, I think I might make you wait a little longer." Cool, slicked fingers slid against Gojyo's ass, against his entrance, pressing in. Gojyo pushed back as much as he was able, feeling the sudden rush of lust as Hakkai's finger slid inside, past the ring of muscle until he was knuckle-deep. Hakkai twisted his fingers and pulled back, adding a second finger straight away, highlighting the uncomfortable burn and making Gojyo tense up.

"I want you to beg me to fuck you, Gojyo," Hakkai said. "I want you to really mean it, to need it, to want it." Hakkai scissored his fingers, stretching Gojyo. He thrust in and out two or three times and Gojyo's stomach muscles clenched at the feeling of fullness.

"More," Gojyo gasped. "I want your cock."

Hakkai licked along Gojyo's shoulder to his neck and Gojyo thrust back onto Hakkai's fingers again. "More."

"You want more?" Hakkai slid his fingers from Gojyo's ass and stepped back.

Gojyo leaned his forehead on the horizontal bar in front of him and tried to get his breathing under control. He'd never wanted to get fucked so badly. Nothing had ever prepared him for this feeling of want, of need. It made him feel alive for the first time in forever.

He could hear Hakkai behind him, taking a sip from his drink, but Gojyo couldn't find the energy to raise his head and look around. Hakkai's cold hand touched his hip, wet from the condensation on the glass. Hakkai's fingers stroked over his entrance again and Gojyo felt himself relax, anticipating the hard push of either Hakkai's fingers or cock. Intense, searing cold cut through Gojyo's world and he arched against the cross, yelping in sudden surprise.

Hakkai was pushing something into him, burning cold and hard, tracing a scorching line of sensation deep into his body. Gojyo's muscles clamped down on the intrusion immediately and almost painfully. Hakkai's fingers twisted slightly and then withdrew.

"Ice cube," Hakkai explained breathily in his ear.

Gojyo whined in protest, trying to ignore the way his muscles had clamped down around the ice. He could feel an odd sensation and he flexed his inner muscles, feeling them flutter tightly. His hips bucked as he tried to ignore the intense cold and the burn from the crop marks on his skin.

Hakkai pushed slicked fingers against his entrance again. "Hmm, you're so tight, Gojyo, like you've never been fucked before. Are you going to let me in?"

Gojyo shook his head and closed his eyes. Hakkai pushed a fingertip back in, slowly, and Gojyo felt his muscles clamp down again, still reacting to the ice. Hakkai pulled out again and pushed a second finger in, grinding his hips against Gojyo's ass, using the motion to fuck him with his fingers, starting to loosen him up again.

Gojyo arched at the addition of a third finger and threw his head back, gasping. Holy Christ, he couldn't take it. He could feel his balls tighten and lift and his pulse jumped rapidly, sweat covering his skin. Hakkai hummed approval against the taut muscles of Gojyo's neck.

Hakkai waited, unmoving, as Gojyo acclimated to the new sensations. Gojyo's breath was coming hard in his throat and he could hear himself, the soft noises he was making loud in the silence of the room. Hakkai twisted his fingers again, slowly, and as Gojyo began to relax he began to finger-fuck him in earnest.

"You will not come unless I say, Gojyo," Hakkai reminded him. "Yes?"

"Ngh," was all Gojyo could manage to vocalize between his pants for air.

"Good." Hakkai's hand tightened against Gojyo's hip and then Gojyo felt something else pressing in, another one of Hakkai's fingers.

"Stop," he moaned. "God, Hakkai, fuck, no." He wasn't saying the safeword, though, he noted. Hakkai moved his fingers inside of Gojyo and Gojyo saw stars, his vision went white and a shout was torn from him, so loud it physically hurt his throat. He felt his wrists take up the slack as he dropped further in the chains, his body unable to cope with the rush of sensation.

Hakkai's breath was warm on his neck, right by his ear. "I can go further, Gojyo; I can put my entire hand in your ass, curl my fist and fuck you hard, if I want to. I can do anything I want to you." He kissed along Gojyo's ear and down his throat, his warm breath raising goosebumps on Gojyo's sensitized skin. Making Gojyo wait, paused on the brink, about to lose control. One more slide of his fingers in Gojyo's ass, waiting for a response.

"Please," Gojyo begged. God, he was beyond caring now, his senses were on the point of overload. His voice sounded rough and used, broken. "Hakkai, please, don't stop. Fuck me."

Gojyo vaguely felt Hakkai remove his fingers. Something blunt pressed against his asshole, sliding in, hard and fast. The differences in sensation was incredible, he felt a brand of hot lust travel up his dick and then settle in his balls. Hakkai's fingers curled around his hips with bruising intensity as he backstroked and then thrust forward. Hakkai continued to fuck Gojyo, shallow, fast thrusts, never pulling out more than an inch, hitting Gojyo's sweet spot every time and making his vision blur.

Something snapped inside Gojyo as raw emotion bubbled to the surface. Gojyo could feel tears pricking against his eyelashes. One of Hakkai's hands tangled in his hair and pulled his head back, baring Gojyo's neck as he continued to fuck him.

Gojyo was beyond words, only waiting for Hakkai's signal, for Hakkai to tell him he could come. So close, on edge for so long, he couldn't take it: come or die.

Hakkai's breath was ragged against Gojyo's heated skin, his hips losing the rhythm as he came closer to orgasm. Hakkai's warm hand closed around Gojyo's cock, squeezing, starting to push Gojyo over the edge. Gojyo bit back a cry at the sudden touch and tried not to come, to hold back, not wanting to disappoint Hakkai again. Gojyo's entire world became that one moment, waiting for Hakkai's voice, for him to manifest his will with words.

Hakkai slammed home one last time and ground his hips against Gojyo's ass. Hakkai's hand moved faster on his cock. "Come now, Gojyo," he commanded.

Gojyo's body went tense and bucked and there was a split second of pure and total calm before his orgasm raced though him, blinding in its intensity.

This is Nirvana.

Dimly Gojyo felt Hakkai's cock pulsing in his ass, and then everything went gray.


Gojyo woke to the hot burn of sunlight on his skin. He opened his eyes and stared at the ceiling, confusion fogging his head. Where the hell was he? He shifted and suddenly a hundred little reminders of last night flared on his skin, making him groan. Fuck, he felt abused, bruised and strangely content.

Gojyo sat up and looked around, adjusting to the sunlight. He was in a massive bed in an even bigger bedroom, tastefully decorated in muted colors, similar to Hakkai's office. Must be Hakkai's place then, although fuck-knows how he got there. Gojyo ran a hand through his hair and winced. He looked at his wrists, examining the bruising. The skin was puffy and slightly swollen, tender to the touch. Last night came flooding back with full force, rocking Gojyo's contentment. Before he had time to form a coherent thought the bedroom door opened and Hakkai walked in, carrying a tray. He was dressed in sleep pants and looked strangely at home, his hair slightly mussed.

Gojyo watched warily as Hakkai placed the tray next to the bed and sat down next to Gojyo. Was this still the game? Was he still supposed to play along? Fuck, Gojyo had no idea how this worked.

"I've brought you some tea," Hakkai said.

"Thanks," Gojyo replied after a moment's pause.

"You can relax, Gojyo," Hakkai said with a smile. "I can't be dominating 24/7, although sometimes I think it has its merits."

Gojyo sighed with relief. "Okay, good, because I can't do that all the time, either. Not that it wasn't fun, or intense like fuck. You know what I mean."

"Yes, I do."

Hakkai sounded as if he was making quiet fun of himself and Gojyo couldn't help but smile back. "So, where are we? I don't remember anything after, you know."

"My flat," explained Hakkai. "It's behind my office. Technically we are still in the club, although only I have access to my apartment. I like to keep my personal life private."


Just when the pause was becoming uncomfortable, Hakkai leaned over and took a bottle from the tray. "I brought you some painkillers; I thought you could probably use a couple."

Gojyo took them gratefully and sipped his tea. Okay, now what, should he go, or stay, or what? What was the done thing with situations like this?

Hakkai seemed to be a mind-reader. "You can stay as long as you like, Gojyo. I'm not forcing you to leave; in fact I'd like it if you would stay a while."

Gojyo put his tea back on the tray and pushed a pillow up behind his back, wincing as the fabric moved against his skin. "Thanks."

Hakkai looked away and then back at Gojyo, as if wanting to say something. Gojyo was thrown for a loop. He was so used to Hakkai in dominant mode he had no idea what to do. Then he realized there was something he wanted to do, very badly. "Kiss me," he said.

Hakkai looked surprised. "Pardon?"

Gojyo leaned back further against the pillow. "Kiss me, Hakkai, please."

With a slightly predatory smile, Hakkai climbed on the bed and slid into Gojyo's lap. He touched Gojyo's cheek, smoothing across his scars. This time Gojyo didn't flinch. Hakkai's kiss was light and exploratory at first and then more insistent. Gojyo pulled back, enjoying the look of confusion on Hakkai's face for a moment. "Kiss me but don't fuck me. I don't think I can take it right now," Gojyo said.

Hakkai laughed. "I promise." He kissed Gojyo again and pressed his hips forward, rocking gently. "Are you sure?"

Gojyo's dick was in denial and started to get interested, despite his earlier declaration. Gojyo ignored it. "Yes, very sure. Perhaps later."

Hakkai undid the drawstring of his own pants and took Gojyo's hand, wrapping it around his cock. Hakkai's hand slid beneath the sheet, finding Gojyo's erection. "I have an idea instead," Hakkai replied. "No fucking, I promise."

"Hmm, I could get to like this idea," answered Gojyo, leaning forward to kiss Hakkai again. "I want to see you come this time, Hakkai," he whispered. "I want to see you come just for me."


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