Title: Diagram Not Included
Author: caeseria

Email: kappa5335 [at] gmail [.] com
Pairing: Hakkai/Gojyo
Warnings: NC-17, total cracky PWP
Summary: Gojyo lets slip the secret to his success and Hakkai wants the details. Now.
A/N: This came about through a cracky link saltcandy sent me entitled "Things To Say During Sex" and of course it got out of hand ;-)  Huge thanks go out to my wonderful beta, sharpeslass who I know adores 85, and to random_angelic for the encouragement via sparkletext ;-)

Diagram Not Included


"Hmm?" Gojyo stared through the darkness of the room, trying to make out Hakkai's face in the weak moonlight. When he didn't get an immediate answer, he resumed his ministrations; which currently involved teasing the soft skin on the underside of Hakkai's cock with his tongue. Hakkai let out a soft moan and thrust his hips toward Gojyo's mouth. 

Gojyo moaned in reply, enjoying the soft curl of Hakkai's fingers in his hair, near the nape of his neck. The gentle circles he made with his fingers were in direct counterpoint to the jerky thrusts of Hakkai's hips, threatening to spiral Gojyo out of control. His hand strayed to his own cock, and he closed his eyes, enjoying the feeling of rock hard, heated skin, thrusting his hips into his fist, imagining he was buried inside Hakkai.

"Gojyo, stop.  Please. Now."

Gojyo experienced a brief internal debate, one that weighed up the possibilities, marked a line between Good sexy talk and Bad sexy talk. He finally decided this definitely fell in the Bad sexy talk area; Hakkai was being serious. With a disappointed sigh he pulled away, placing a final kiss on Hakkai's cock in parting. He dragged himself up the bed and into Hakkai's waiting arms. Part of him was curious to see what the problem might be this time, but a secret part of him was confused.

"What's up, lover?" Gojyo quipped, settling himself into the crook of Hakkai's arm, trying to hide his hurt with his usual generic display of easygoing bonhomie. 

"Gojyo, I'm sorry." Hakkai's voice was still breathless, but his apologetic tone was unmistakable. Gojyo sighed internally. When was Hakkai finally gonna let himself go and just enjoy the experience? As much as Gojyo would have loved to have been selfless, some part of him just wanted Hakkai to buck up and let go. He wanted to hear him scream; wanted to hear his voice hoarse with hunger and need, and if at all possible, shouting Gojyo's name with the same passion reserved for a minor deity.

Tonight was not going to be that night, apparently.

The silence seemed to stretch for a long time, at least until Hakkai's breathing had returned to normal. Gojyo himself was flagging; with a sinking feeling he realized that this whole exercise had been a wasted effort.

"Hey, 'Kai, you still awake?"

"Yes, Gojyo."

Silence.  That sort of mood-killing, oppressive silence reserved only for those currently in the throes of awkward sex. Gojyo blinked into the darkness, trying to make out the shapes and shadows of the inn ceiling in an effort to take his mind off things.

"'Kai, what's up, man? Or not, as the case may be?" Gojyo cursed internally; it seemed he couldn't help his stupid run-on mouth at the best of times. Hakkai had told him before it was a simple method of self-defense; laugh at yourself before anyone else can, as it takes the sting of rejection away. While Gojyo appreciated Hakkai's honesty, he wasn't sure either that he needed a well-meaning friend to point out why Gojyo did certain things a certain way.

Hakkai laughed nervously, pulling Gojyo closer into the circle of his embrace. "It's not that I don't want to, Gojyo. It's just that...sometimes I wonder if you are too practiced at this. I feel…I feel as if you perhaps are running through a scenario you've played out many times before, with many different participants. I feel as if perhaps I'm not special to you, after all."

What the fuck? Gojyo couldn't help it, his body went stiff with indignation and he rose up on one elbow, facing down his would-be lover with a glare. Gojyo's brain rebelled; he was drunk, and to top it all off, Hakkai managed to run verbal circles around him at the best of times. Tonight he was definitely not on his game and he knew it.

Instead of responding, he ran his fingers through his hair and sighed.  Instinct took over and he leaned down, down towards those soft lips, his tongue darting out and tracing over the pressed lines of Hakkai's disapproving lips. Once, twice, he flicked his tongue over Hakkai's lips, waiting, sensing that moment of surrender. That moment that told him everything was going to be okay and perhaps they wouldn't have to have this conversation, after all.

With a sense of elation he felt Hakkai's lips part, and he darted his tongue inside, gently tracing over his teeth. He deepened the kiss, his fingers stealing behind Kai's neck, teasing at the nape, pulling at the soft, short hair.   There was a brief moment when he thought he'd won, that Hakkai had surrendered, but then Hakkai was pulling back, widening the distance between them again.

"Perhaps this is not a good idea, Gojyo. I should sleep on the other futon, don't you think?" 

Hakkai had on his best prim, school-teacher voice, the one that Gojyo loathed, the voice that made him want to start shouting and generally made him lose his mind. It was so beyond uncool his drunken brain couldn't even find a verb for it. Fuck, was 'verb' even the right word he was looking for? For all he knew, it could be a noun or an adjective. 

Hakkai climbed over Gojyo, reaching for his pants, which had been discarded on the floor earlier. He stood up and began dressing.

Gojyo did the only thing he could; he reached over and tapped a Hi-Lite from the worn package on the side table, his hair sliding forward to hide his face. He lit a smoke, purposely avoiding Hakkai's gaze, and inhaled deeply. With all the booze he'd consumed this evening, he found his head spinning pleasantly despite the depressing turn of the conversation.

"You know what, Hakkai? I can't do anything to help you out," Gojyo said, raising his hands in a futile gesture of defeat. There, the words were out, for better or for worse. "I don't know what you're looking for; I can only be here for you, nothing more. I am what I am."

"I am fully aware of that, Gojyo. However, that is not what is in debate currently." Kai's green eyes seemed to bore into his soul, clear and bright, their intensity like a punch to the gut.

"Oh? And what exactly is in debate, then?" Gojyo pulled the empty beer can towards him. Something inside him turned pleasurably at the thought that he was openly defying Hakkai by using it as an ashtray.

Hakkai stopped pulling on his pants for a moment; he seemed to freeze, staring at Gojyo. After a pause, he finishing buttoning his pants and crossed to the spare folded futon. 

Gojyo took a drag of his smoke and watched as Hakkai went through the practiced motion of pulling the futon away from the wall, unfolding it and distributing the other pillow and blanket neatly on top. He really was going to sleep in the other bed, Gojyo suddenly realized. Stubbing out his cigarette, he got off the bed, grabbed his own jeans and pulled them on.

"Hakkai? Look, really, I don't mind if you just wanna sleep beside me, you know? We don't have to do anything." Shit, now he really did sound needy. Drunk and needy: two of the worst things he could think of, off the top of his head. Dead was a third option, but he doubted that would happen unless he really annoyed Hakkai.

Hakkai finished straightening the bed and finally turned to face Gojyo. Yeah, that steely gaze was still in place. Gojyo gritted his teeth.

"Changing the subject is not going to improve things, Gojyo," Hakkai admonished. "The fact of the matter is that you intimidate me."

"Wha?" For once Gojyo was at a complete loss for words. He knew he was standing there, mouth hanging open. He knew he probably bore an uncanny resemblance to the monkey when he was drooling over a meat bun. It pissed him off no end. "Intimidate you?" The sentence sounded somewhat strangled, like he was having trouble getting the words past his throat for some reason.

"Yes. Sexually, Gojyo. You seem to have an answer or a solution for everything."

"That's because I do." Damn it, he'd let the cat out of the bag now. Fucking drunken idiot that he was.

Hakkai looked like he was torn between being unbelievably angry or just plain shocked. "I'm sorry? Perhaps I just misunderstood what you may have just implied?"

Gojyo sighed. Now he was really fucked. That special brand of B.O.H.I.C.A.; Bend Over, Here It Comes Again, Right In The Ass. If Banri ever found out he'd let out his little secret, Gojyo was worse off than dead.

"Look, 'Kai – Can't we just drop this? I really don't –"

Ah yes, mistake number one: moving toward a highly angry target at speed and without warning. Well, perhaps that was mistake number two, number one had been committed with that damning comment a few sentences back. Gojyo suddenly found himself with his back pressed into the flimsy wall of the room and his hands pinned in an iron grip above his head.

Despite the situation, there were still pluses to be found, like the fact that Hakkai's naked torso was now currently pressed against his chest. Things could be worse. He struggled - really just to see how serious Hakkai was about this. Strong fingers dug into his wrists, hard enough that he could feel the bones move, Hakkai's leg stole between his, pinning him quite effectively to the wall - yeah, the guy was pretty serious, apparently.

"Why don't you fill me in on your little solution, Gojyo?"   Hakkai's warm breath puffed past his ear in a very distracting manner.

"I can't. I swore not to."

"You just told me. All I'm missing are the details." Nibbles just below his ear lobe. Damn it. Gojyo turned his head slightly, just in case Hakkai felt like further exploring the sensitive regions of his neck further.

What to do, what to do… Could it really hurt to tell Hakkai? His mind began to spin, not helped by either the alcohol or Hakkai's tongue. It wasn't like he was gonna see Banri any time soon, was it? And really, if and when he told Hakkai, Hakkai was probably going to kill him anyway. Problem solved.

"Are you gonna let me go if I tell you?" he asked. What he really meant was: are you going to continue if I tell you?

While Gojyo's internal debate raged, Hakkai had worked his mouth down to Gojyo's collarbone. "No, I'm not going to let you go, Gojyo. Not until I get an answer I'm satisfied with." The 'no' was punctuated by a sharp nip of teeth to Gojyo's collarbone, followed by a gentle kiss over the now-sensitive skin.

"Ngh." Gojyo's hips rocked forward of their own accord, making pleasant contact with Hakkai's. 

"That's not an answer, Gojyo," whispered Hakkai. That hint of steel was still in his voice and showed no sign of going away any time soon.

Damn it if 'Kai didn't sound smug, Gojyo thought. What had just happened exactly? How had Hakkai gone from being meek and mild yet pissed off, to demanding and pissed off? And smug? Had he missed something? Sha Gojyo, sex god extraordinaire, never misread anything; body language included. Perhaps he was drunker than he'd thought…

"When I first joined up with Banri, he sort of drew me a diagram," Gojyo began to explain.

"Banri-san?" Hakkai had managed to ignore the main body of important information Gojyo was trying to supply, and had gone straight for the one thing Gojyo should have left out.

Gojyo hissed out a curse as Hakkai's hands tightened on his wrists painfully. "Hey, that's not cool, man," he whined. "I'm trying to explain here. You don't think Banri and me –"

"Let's save that for another time, Gojyo, shall we? I'm prepared to overlook certain things for the time being until I get the information I'm looking for. Yes?"

"Yes, ow, yes!" After his yelp of pain, Gojyo felt Hakkai's hand relax somewhat around his wrists, and then there was the delicious sensation of having Hakkai's hips thrust against his own.  He began to babble, in the hope that Hakkai would continue what he was doing. "The diagram looks like a spider okay? Imagine a spider's body, with the legs. Each leg is a subject, with different things you can say during sex. Oh god!" Hakkai had rocked his hips again, and this time Gojyo definitely felt how aroused Hakkai was.

"And is 'oh god' on the diagram?"

"Yeah, it's under 'Religion'." Gojyo didn't realize how stupid this actually sounded until Hakkai stopped moving and actually looked at him. It was hard to tell, but Hakkai may have been smirking.

"And what else is under 'Religion', Gojyo?"

Was Hakkai actually curious, or just taking the piss? Surprised, Gojyo found himself answering, "Erm…yelling 'Sweet Merciful Goddess'?" he answered cautiously. He licked his lips nervously.

"We'll have to see if we can get that out of you later, then," Hakkai replied in a no-nonsense tone. He released Gojyo's hands, allowing them to fall down to his sides. "So tell me," Hakkai breathed, lips soft against Gojyo's, almost touching but not quite. "What else was on Banri-san's diagram?"

Gojyo's brain short-circuited and, for a brief moment, he couldn't think. There was the added distraction of 'Kai's hands, running down his sides, the touch oh-so light, almost non-existent, gently teasing and raising tiny goosebumps on his flanks.

"Er..well, you know, the genuine stuff," Gojyo managed to gasp out, before Hakkai's tongue darted between his parted lips, effectively silencing him. After a moment Hakkai pulled back and met Gojyo's gaze, obviously waiting for more information. "Stuff like 'You're beautiful' and 'I love you'…" Gojyo continued.

Gojyo took the opportunity to use his now-free hands, and ran his palms along Hakkai's hips, jerking him closer, creating some much-needed friction between their bodies.

"Tell me more." Hakkai's hand had moved to the back of his neck, cradling his head gently, fingers flexing in his hair. The small circles of sensation sent shivers down his spine.  

"There's the dirty stuff," he began with a gasp. "Things you probably shouldn't say unless you're really confident you're not going to get a punch in the jaw." 

Hakkai's other hand had dropped from his side to the waistband of his jeans, his fingers dipping under the denim, caressing small circles against his abdomen. Gojyo's stomach flipped in a sort of pleasant way as Hakkai's fingers brushed over that spot, the one to the side of his stomach. The one that made him gasp. He felt Hakkai smile against his lips, but it was hard to tell if it was genuine or not; he was too far gone on drink and sensation.

Deft fingers undid his jeans, button by button. Gojyo's back arched instinctively towards Hakkai, and a small part of him rejoiced, feeling that unmistakable hardness again. He was doing this to Hakkai: making him hard. Perhaps things were going to be okay after all?

"Like what? Tell me," Hakkai demanded, thrusting his tongue back between Gojyo's lips. His fingers curled in Gojyo's hair, forcing him into the kiss. Not that Gojyo was complaining at this point; Kai tasted of determination and something else he couldn't quite place, yet it was heady all the same. For the first time in his life, Gojyo realized he was waiting for someone else to take the lead. For now.

Hakkai's hand reached down, his fingers caressing oh-so-gently the exposed parts of Gojyo, and all he could do was stand there, immobile, and take it. "Hakkai…" His voice was needy again; part of him secretly hated it, yet it was liberating at the same time. Gojyo decided he really didn't hate it after all.

"Tell me, Gojyo." Lips on Gojyo's neck, warm and gentle, yet teasing, sharp bites, drawing the sensation to the surface, creating goosebumps, jerks of electricity down his spine. Gojyo bucked into Hakkai's hand, groaning when Kai's fingers closed around his cock, his other hand firmly pushing his jeans down over his hips. Cool air assaulted hot, hard flesh, upping the sensations and making him groan. Gojyo felt his head thunk against the wall behind him and his eyes slid closed, focusing solely on Hakkai's hand as he stroked him slowly - too slowly, giving him too much time to think. 

"Harder, Kai, please," he whispered. Kai's other hand was against his neck, his fingers teasing under his jawline, mirroring the gentle strokes of his other hand around his cock. Fuck. His hips jerked forwards into Hakkai's hand.

"That's not what I asked, Gojyo." That stern tone was back in Hakkai's voice again.

And then Hakkai's hand was gone, leaving him gasping, thrusting forward and finding nothing. Bastard. "What do you wanna hear, 'Kai?" he gasped. Anything, he was willing to tell him anything, just to feel that touch again.

"The list, ne?"

"Fuck, okay. Only if you put your hand back where it was?"

"Hmm, that depends, Gojyo. It's entirely up to you."

Start talking now, he thought. Anything. You need to feel. You wanna come, don't you? "Er, rhetorical questions….swear words…noises…" Yep, he was babbling again, like an idiot. Couldn't be helped however, based on the current situation. Thank God he had the damned list memorized.  

 "Yes? Anything else?" Hakkai had drawn back and was now standing about a foot away, apparently enjoying the view. 

"That's about it, Hakkai. Do you want me to draw you the fucking diagram and be done with it?" Gojyo ran his hand through his hair and tried to slow his skyrocketing heart rate.

"I think not, Gojyo. Why don't you come to bed?" 

Gojyo tried to decide whether Hakkai was fucking with him or not, or if there was some kind of veiled threat in his words. However, just the sight of a slightly mussed and rather aroused Hakkai was enough to make Gojyo move, following him towards the bed they'd deserted earlier.

Hakkai stopped when he reached the head of the bed and turned to watch Gojyo, one knee on the covers, his hands planted on the mattress. He looked predatory, like he was about to pounce, and Gojyo's heart rate began to speed up again.

Gojyo reached the end of the bed, climbed onto his hands and knees, and moved slowly towards Hakkai. They were stalking each other, he realized, like two male animals about to square off, to see who was going to come out on top. Literally. Keeping eye contact with 'Kai, he continued moving toward him, watching, and waiting: waiting for that moment when his opponent's eyes narrowed, giving the game away.

He didn't even see Hakkai move, only felt the hard slam into his body, strong arms around his waist, a knee kicking out at his own with a final twist that dropped him to the mattress flat on his back. He surged upward with his entire body, slipping straight into street fighting mode by instinct. Hakkai, however, had him in a full lock; obviously his years watching Gojyo fight dirty had paid off and he kept him pinned to the bed. After some more scuffling, Gojyo once again found himself with his hands restrained. It was not his night.

"Fuck." He felt he deserved to say that, at the very least. Another experimental thrust upwards only resulted in more frustration. He shook his hair out of his eyes and looked up into Hakkai's. They looked fierce and Gojyo couldn't decide if he really was in trouble or not. He slid his eyes away from Hakkai's gaze, unconsciously, in an age-old gesture of submission.

"Do you like dirty talk, Gojyo?"

"What?" His head snapped back to look at Hakkai.

"You've never said so before," Hakkai continued in a mild tone, completely at odds with the current situation.

"We haven't exactly made a regular habit of this, 'Kai," he answered. 

"Do you?"

"I dunno, some women like it, some don't. I told you, it depends on the situation."

"No, do you? Have you ever had anyone whisper profanities into your ears, Gojyo?" Hakkai was bending down towards him, his breath caressing the side of his neck. "Does it turn you on? What if I told you I was going to fuck you hard?"

"Nobody fucks Sha Gojyo." The conviction of the statement was somewhat ruined by the unconscious thrust of his hips toward Hakkai's, who pressed back slowly, rubbing teasing circles as he did so.

"I have to say, I think I disagree, Gojyo."

"Now you are fucking with me, Hakkai. Let me up."

"I don't think so." Hakkai began a series of soft nibbles on his earlobe as he pressed his weight down on Gojyo's wrists. With a final push against him, Hakkai released him and began to trail kisses down his neck, over his collarbone. His fingers followed the path his kisses left, until his tongue reached Gojyo's nipple. He drew slow, languid circles with his tongue, teasing, fingers echoing the touch of his tongue on his other nipple.

"Shit…" Gojyo breathed. 

"Is that under religion or dirty words, Gojyo?" Hakkai whispered.

"Ngn. Don't stop."

He felt soft touches on his abdomen again, moving downward. Pushing his jeans down over his hips. Gojyo arched up, allowing Hakkai to pull them down further, making the task easier. With a final pull, Hakkai had Gojyo naked. That predatory look was back again, Gojyo noted, a thrill coursing through his body to his nerve endings. Hakkai stood up, seemingly content to let Gojyo watch as he unbuttoned his own pants. Taking a criminal amount of time, Hakkai removed them and turned to fold them and put them on the stool. Gojyo thought briefly about using the time to reverse the tables, but he was curious. He wanted to see what prim-and-proper Hakkai was going to do next, especially if it involved profanity.

Hakkai returned to the bed, leaning down to kiss Gojyo. The kiss was exploratory, slow, and just about enough to blow most of Gojyo's fuses.   His hand stole back into Hakkai's hair, twisting hard. Just a little reminder he wasn't beaten yet. He felt Hakkai smile against his lips again, and then his mouth was gone, resuming the same trail it had abandoned earlier.

"Do you want me to suck your cock, Gojyo?" 

What was that? One of his damned rhetorical questions? That wasn't on the diagram for sure. Before he could answer, he was flipped unceremoniously face down on the mattress. Hakkai kicked his legs apart and placed one hand on the small of his back, holding him down. He felt Hakkai kneeling between his legs, and a cold trickle of fear, or was it anticipation, settled in Gojyo's stomach. Gojyo risked a look over his shoulder. Predatory, yeah. He was fucked. He genuinely hoped Hakkai had gleaned enough from the couple of times they'd done this that it just wasn't cool to leap right in. Preparation, damn it.

Hakkai was kissing his way down his spine, now. Kisses over his fingers, where he held Gojyo down, the gesture telling him not to move.   He reached Gojyo's lower back, moving his hands now, kneading fingers into Gojyo's ass. Oh shit, that felt good. Fingers moving in ever decreasing circles, towards the crack of his ass. He thrust his hips upwards. "Dammit, 'Kai," he muttered.

Kisses followed Hakkai's fingers, pulling him open. Gojyo squirmed, his eyes closing in anticipation. Oh, this was gonna be better than getting his cock sucked, if that was at all possible. Sudden and cool wetness against his entrance, making his eyes jerk open again with surprise.   Hakkai trailed his tongue from Gojyo's balls right up to his tailbone, flicking his tongue teasingly as he went, fingers still moving in small circles, pulling him further open, allowing Hakkai access to Gojyo. His tongue, stabbing inside, flicking in and out. 

"Sweet Merciful Goddess," Gojyo breathed, earning a throaty laugh from Hakkai before he resumed what he'd been doing before. His hips began to move of their own accord, rising upward to meet Hakkai's tongue every time he thrust into Gojyo. Trying for friction against his dick, Gojyo found himself panting, fingers curled into the sheets with an iron grip.  He moved his hand, intending to stroke his own cock.

"I thought I was clear earlier, Gojyo; if you touch yourself, I shall stop. It's your choice."  

"You never made that clear," he ground out.

"Didn't I? Well I am now, it seems. Shall I stop?"

"No. Don't stop. Oh God." 

Hakkai thrust both thumbs into Gojyo at the same time as his tongue. Gojyo wasn't one hundred percent sure he'd hadn't screamed, but then the monk wasn't banging on the wall with his fist, so perhaps he hadn't.

The next few minutes passed in a sort of delirious haze, his whole body and soul vibrating to the rhythm Hakkai was setting in his body, totally dictated alternately by his tongue and fingers. Through the haze he felt Hakkai pull away, he was turning him over onto his back again.



Kisses again. He could taste himself on Hakkai's lips. He didn't care. 

"Gojyo? Come back to me."

"Hmm." He was aware he wasn't making a lot of sense. He didn't care about that, either. He opened his eyes slightly, secretly amazed at Hakkai's flushed face, and the fact he was panting shallowly. He wondered at the picture of decadence he probably presented in return.

"I want to fuck you. Will you let me?"

Gojyo had trouble forming any kind of coherent thought. 'Kai's fingers were tracing his jaw-line in a distracting pattern. His fingers pushing gently into his mouth. Gojyo's tongue traced over the delicate pads of Hakkai's fingers, pulling them further into his mouth, sucking hard. 

"Gojyo, please?"

Gojyo was aware he had groaned, then. He felt it down the entire length of his over-sensitized body. He released Hakkai's fingers from his mouth, taking him by the wrist, moving Hakkai's hand down over his stomach, his abdomen, down to his swollen cock. Using Hakkai's fingers to trace gently up and down his own length, enjoying the gasp of surprise from the other man. He let go and wrapped his own hand around Hakkai's cock, feeling the heat and the hardness, enjoying the sudden jump it made in the circle of his fingers. Hakkai thrust his hips forward, allowing Gojyo to get his hand around both of their cocks, was pleased to feel Hakkai mirroring his actions. He began to thrust slowly, enjoying the friction, running the pad of his thumb over the head of Hakkai's cock, feeling the moisture mix with his own, slicking them both up.

"Oh, Gojyo. That feels good."

"You're wordy tonight, 'Kai. Shut up," he said breathlessly but without malice. He leaned upwards, taking Hakkai's mouth in a deep, exploring kiss. He just couldn't seem to get enough.

Hakkai pulled back and began fumbling on the side-table. No doubt looking for the lube Gojyo had placed there earlier, before the tables had been thoroughly turned on him. Not that he was complaining. Cool, slick and sticky fingers returned to Gojyo's cock, wrapping around him, before moving down over his balls. His gentle caresses caused Gojyo to thrust further up into his own hand. He was aware he was spreading his legs like a whore and he couldn't have cared less.

Hakkai's fingers travelled over the sensitive area between his balls and his ass, and then he felt a firm but gentle pressure against his entrance. Hakkai may have technically been in charge but Gojyo wasn't willing to wait much longer. He rocked downwards onto Hakkai's finger, and heard Hakkai give a startled yelp before pushing further in.

"That's it, Hakkai. Don't stop now," he whispered. He continued to rock his hips, waiting for Hakkai to get past his little moment of doubt.

Hakkai pushed in deeper, making small circles with his finger, and then pulled back, eliciting a groan from Gojyo once more. 

"Another. Fuck me with your fingers, 'Kai."

"Now who's talking dirty?"

He felt himself being stretched as Hakkai complied, scissoring his fingers, and the feeling of fullness was almost too much. Instead he rocked downward again, waiting for the good feelings to return. Hakkai curled his fingers, brushing the small bundle of nerves, and Gojyo jumped. "That's it, Hakkai. Do that again."

On the next stroke, Gojyo's back arched upwards. He felt Hakkai pull away, and his fingers were replaced with something else - something much wider than the average finger, which caused him a moment of pause and to seriously doubt his own judgment. Hakkai was pushing forward slowly, breaching him. Gojyo tried to stay relaxed. He felt Hakkai's other hand on his hip, small touches designed to relax him. Once Hakkai was fully seated, in as far as he could go, he braced a hand on either side of Gojyo's shoulders, and rocked forward gently. Slowly he pulled back, before sliding in again.

After a few passes, Gojyo discovered the pleasant sensation returning. He found himself rocking his hips into Hakkai's, wrapping his legs around Hakkai's waist: wanting the contact, needing it. Hakkai leant down and began placing breathless kisses upon his neck again and Gojyo felt his head falling backward onto to the mattress. 

Hakkai's strokes became more intent, faster and his own thrusts mirrored Hakkai's. "Don't stop," he begged, back arching off the bed and into 'Kai. 


Shit, it was almost painful, it was so good. He wasn't gonna last long, he could tell. That warmth fluttering along his spine began to coalesce in his belly, winding tightly. He felt his balls start to contract. Not long now. Hakkai's fingers wound around his cock, starting to jerk him ever closer to release. Hakkai's heavy, rough breaths told Gojyo he was following close behind.

"Keep… going… ngh." He gasped for breath. "Keep going… don't… stop… now." With an almost-violence he felt his orgasm rip through his body, and from his throat came a noise he'd never heard himself make before. Before he could analyze it, his heart was threatening to explode in his chest and all he could do was arch into Hakkai's hand, feeling the warm stickiness of his own come splash across his abdomen and stomach.

With a strangled cry, Hakkai followed him, Gojyo felt him pulsing deep inside him before his arms gave out and he collapsed against Gojyo's chest. 

Minutes passed as they both tried to regain breath. Hakkai began to stir, and Gojyo took the opportunity to roll to the side and wrap his arms around him. Hakkai made a tired moan of disapproval as his softening cock slipped from Gojyo's ass.

"You okay, 'Kai?"

"Hmm." Obviously it was Hakkai's turn to make senseless noises.


Hakkai moved in Gojyo's arms, attempting to make eye contact. Gojyo met his gaze, waiting for Hakkai to find what he was looking for. With a smile, Hakkai placed a kiss on his lips and then put his head back on Gojyo's shoulder.

"I think I'm rather tired now, Gojyo."

"Me too, 'Kai, me too."

"I hope you don't think I was too forward. I don't know what came over me, really."

Gojyo didn't either, but he wasn't about to complain. "It's okay, 'Kai. Felt good."

"Hmm, didn't it? I may have to do that again, soon. I like taking advantage of you. I may even forgive you for Banri-san's diagram."

"Is that right?" Gojyo bit back a laugh at Hakkai's sleepy sincerity. "Night, 'Kai."

"Good night, Gojyo."

Gojyo watched until Hakkai's breathing fell into sleep, a sound he was used to listening for in the silent night air. It was soothing. He felt unconsciousness coming up on himself fast, too. Hakkai may forgive him for the diagram, but he wasn't about to tell him the final words that were on it. To be honest, Gojyo hadn't realized he'd used them until they were out of his mouth and by then it was either too late or he didn't care. Habit was a hard thing to break, after all.

Written along the bottom was a series of words: Keep going… Don't… Stop… Now. Thank God the only copy of the bastard diagram was currently residing in his head.

End.  Thanks for reading!

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