Title: Wildflower (Part 6 of Torrent) - Chapter 5

Author: Befanini
Website: http://www.fanfiction.net/~befanini

Disclaimer: Not mine. Just another piece inspired by Kazuya Minekura's delicious boys.

Rating: M

Summary: "Bloom where you're planted." A long-overdue songfic of random ruminations by four souls bound by fate. Part 6 of the Torrent series.

ii. Indigo: Gaiden



I never saw a wild thing

sorry for itself.

A small bird will drop frozen dead from a bough

without ever having felt sorry for itself.

"Self-pity" by D.H. Lawrence



And there they go… Four disparate souls, as unlike from each other as you can get; and yet unless I'm much mistaken, it is precisely that which will prove to be their strength, and the unyielding thread that binds them irrevocably together.

Yes, as we here in Heaven have witnessed it, those four will inevitably come together. Their souls will find each other again, no matter that they are now cast out from Heaven and must lead separate lives in the world below, with each of them paying off their karma in solitude. But I tell you that fate has bound them together, whether they will it or not; and they will each answer an unspoken call… respond to an unseen pull… and come face-to-face, four quadrants of one whole, once more.

The cold North. The warm South. The hopeful East. And the melancholy West. They are each part of a bigger whole than even they can comprehend. They need one another, whether they like it or not. They complete one another, in ways they do not want to admit. They belong together, the four of them, whatever faces they possess, whatever names they go by.

My scrappy little party.


The Rebel Dreamer, so cocky, so restless, looking for something larger than himself, something larger than life, looking for meaning beyond pretty flowers and empty conquests and numbing wine. He is a true free spirit, this one, and I foresee that he will end up getting much more than he expected. Seeking never to conform to the rules here in Heaven, his fate is to be born as an outcast on Earth… but I am confident that he will meet that challenge head on, with the same brash courage and stubborn defiance that he displayed as a General of the Heavenly Army.

Oh yes… and he will get much more than he bargained for as well, won't he my Silent One? Hn. The quintessential playboy is about to meet his match, the only one with the potential to break his heart… and thus the only one deserving of his heart in return. His fall from grace should prove very interesting indeed… as we wait to see if the one who steals his heart shall fall forever too, and consent to belong to him no matter what, declaring that nothing else matters.

The Scholar Romantic, idealistic, revolutionary, so sly, so cunning, concealing a deadly sharp wit behind such a placid, gentle face. You mark my words, O God of War, this one will retain that fortitude; and on Earth will fight as passionately for what he believes in as he did here in Heaven. The Marshall who planned and oversaw some of the most spectacular maneuvers of the Heavenly Army shall channel that same brilliant mind and ruthless efficiency to protect that which he holds dear in his human incarnation. His cunning and his strength shall not be diminished, only reigned in; and he will remain as much of an intellectual as ever: study shall be his solace through the series of tragedies that is to be his fate; and books will comfort him as they did here in Heaven.

Ah, yes – now we come to the one dearest to you. The Heretic Innocent. Never have I come upon a creature so pure. He gives no false smiles, this one, he has absolutely no guile – he simply lives with a vivacity and an enthusiasm that is both beautiful and tragic at the same time. He is so open, so honest and so free of any deceit; he knows no other way than to embrace life to the fullest, to live so totally in the moment. That is the mark of the Great Sage – the one equal to Heaven, the Seiten Taisei.

Hn. It is also this very quality – this insatiable curiosity about everything, that almost hedonistic attitude of indulging the senses: taste, sight, sound, smell, touch – that has proven to be the very panacea for a certain temperamental egoist who was almost choking on his "boredom". Yes, those two indeed have a strange bond… paralleled by the other two with their own connection: the idealist who seeks to keep order, and the renegade who revels in chaos.

You told this one he was special, because you saw yourself in him – the same great golden eyes, the same unimaginable might that is your gift and your curse, the same loneliness you carry from being the exception. By telling him he was special, you wanted confirmation for yourself that you were special too. And you really are. How tragic that you ever doubted that. What a tragedy that I was too self-absorbed to confirm it for you… But he did, didn't he, the little monkey. He made you feel singular by treating you as ordinary, irony of ironies. He showed you your worth by being your friend… And he never had the chance to tell you his name. His garland of flowers never reached your eyes. I wonder, can you feel it now as I place it around your neck, where it belongs?

But there is one more I must mention, before we get to the end. My precious one, the Brooder, the Cynic. Ah, me. So jaded, this one is. So apathetic, so fed up with existence. How he grumbled at the stack of paperwork I piled upon his desk, day after day, and yet he was too lazy to even protest it – no, rather than bestir himself, rather than put his foot down and declare once and for all the task of documentation pointless (which it is), he rather chose to just sit there and stamp away with a bored expression of faint disgust on his beautiful face. Tsk, tsk. He never got it.

But down on Earth, he won't have a choice. The trials and suffering that await him there will be no laughing matter. There he will be tested as he has never been tested before. His personal strife will be as horrific and shattering as any of the others', and yet I believe that down there in the world of mortals my Golden Cicada Child will have the chance to shine. His spirit will not be broken; his very arrogance will fire him and see him through the tempest – as he never had the chance (or inclination) to meddle in the affairs of Heaven, down there on Earth the very fate of the world will rest in his hands.

That is his punishment, or his reward… or maybe it is both at the same time.

Perhaps that is the binding truth that applies to them all – their mortal lives ahead are fraught with misery, and horrible loss, and great trials… all except for your little friend, my Little One – we can do nothing for him but to subdue all his memories of Tenkai. But as for the others – in a sense they will be working off their karmic debt, that is true; but in another sense they are in for the grandest adventure of their lives.

In typical fashion they will refuse to be conquered by suffering, they will not bow down to Heaven's admonishment – oh no, my boys will turn their "punishment" around and transform it into a glorious joyride. You mark my words, those rascals will revel in their exile and wind up saving both Heaven and Earth in the end.

They are my wildflowers. They bloom where they're planted. They make the most they can out of what they've got, and they don't waste time bemoaning fate and misfortune. Like those brilliant blooms woven into your garland, they are hardy, they are survivors, and they are beautiful. They are free, above all… they refuse to cower, they will never submit, and they will master fate, they won't allow fate to master them.

I know you miss your little friend. I know how you long for him. Because that is how I feel about all four of them, too. But until such a time that we see them again, all we can do is watch and wait.

Will you watch with me, Prince Nataku?



Damaged people are dangerous. They know they can survive. Josephine Hart


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