Title: True Colors

Author: Befanini
Website: http://www.fanfiction.net/~befanini

Disclaimer: I have absolutely no rights whatsoever. For fangirl daydreaming purposes only. XD

Rating: M

Summary: "The gods don't save anyone. You have to save yourself." … But let me tell you… HE saved ME.



Chapter 5: Tenshi Ja Nai!


Come live in my heart and pay no rent. Samuel Lover



Two hours later, Gojyo opened his eyes slowly, wincing at the bright sunshine flooding the room. He was flat on his back, the sheet pulled up to his waist. He turned his head to the other side, away from the window and the sun's glare… and came face to face with a pair of intense purple eyes that were caressing his face.

"Mmm…" The kappa rolled over on his side to fully face Sanzo. "How long have you been awake?" he mumbled, snuggling close and draping long limbs over the monk. He sighed happily when Sanzo accepted his embrace without protest, and even wrapped a lean ivory arm around his waist.

"A few minutes…" the blonde replied; and Gojyo grinned in delight as the purple eyes dropped down to his mouth, and Sanzo unconsciously moistened his lips.

Gojyo scooted his head closer and purred. "You didn't have to wait, blondie. You could've just kissed me awake…" he breathed wickedly.

Sanzo snapped his eyes back up and glared at him. "Asshole," he murmured in resentful embarrassment. And then he electrified Gojyo by rolling over abruptly and pinning the kappa down, as the white hands threaded themselves impatiently through crimson hair. Gojyo barely had time to let out a pleased chuckle, before Sanzo's mouth was fastened hungrily on his mouth, soft lips slanting over his lips as the monk's tongue delved deep.

Tanned arms wrapped tightly around Sanzo, and Gojyo kissed him back wildly with all the passion in his soul. His head was spinning. Sanzo was kissing him. That hard, lean, perfect body was pinning him down, a delicious weight resting full length on top of him, pressed against him skin to skin. Sanzo's arms cradled his head, Sanzo's fingers caressed his skull, Sanzo's tongue curled against his tongue, Sanzo's hoarse gasps flooded his mouth. Sanzo groaned his name almost desperately as he showered him with greedy kisses.

Sanzo was devouring him alive, and man it was heaven.

"Sanzo…" Gojyo moaned, writhing in pleasure and straining the blonde hard against him. "Uhhnnn… Uhnnn!" he groaned, as Sanzo dipped the golden head lower to lick and nibble his throat, the monk's own groans of need vibrating on his skin. Sanzo lapped lustily at his thundering pulse with lazy, velvet tongue, and Gojyo shuddered, panting hard as he fought to catch his breath. In the past, with all his casual, empty conquests, he had always been the giver. He took pleasure in his partner's pleasure, and prided himself on being an amazing lover.

But gods now he was on the receiving end, and the fact that it was Sanzo giving him so much pleasure just kissing his neck… He almost sobbed with happiness.

And then, just as Sanzo moved back up to claim his mouth again –


"Sanzo! Are you okay! I saw the ban… da… ges…" Goku skidded to a halt just within the door. Great golden eyes round with surprise collided with horrified purple and startled red.

"—Matte, Goku! Yare yare…"

Behind the saru Hakkai came running, wincing apologetically at not being fast enough to stop the monkey from barging in. He'd gotten up earlier to get a drink of water, and from the murmurs and moans coming from Sanzo's bedroom, and the fact that the door to Gojyo's room was open and the room was unoccupied, he'd pretty much put two and two together.

"Su—sumimasen!" Goku squeaked, his poor brain trying to process the image of Sanzo lying on top of Gojyo, the sheet covering them from the waist down, both of them flushed and short of breath and glassy-eyed. Gojyo's arms were wrapped tight around Sanzo, and Sanzo's hands were lost in the kappa's hair. Weirdest of all – both their lips looked blood-red and bee-stung.

"Oops…" Goku laughed weakly, and quickly turned on his heel and dashed away faster than he had come crashing in, arms shielding his head instinctively.

But the saru was safe from the harisen for the moment, with the monk hardly in a position to leap up and run after him naked. Instead, Sanzo slammed his eyes shut and twisted his handfuls of red hair painfully, causing Gojyo to yelp in protest. "I-thought-you-said-you-locked-the-door. BAKA!" he bit out from clenched teeth.

"Ehem." Hakkai coughed discreetly, met Gojyo's eyes with a merry smile, and backed out, closing the door behind him with a soft chuckle. "Yare yare…" the healer murmured again, feeling so happy for his best friend, and – at the moment – so sorry for him at the same time. It didn't take two seconds for the explosion to come, and the closed door did nothing to muffle the shouts and curses now coming from Sanzo's room.

"But I never said I locked it!" Gojyo protested heatedly. "I thought you did! This is your room, in case you forgot, you arrogant, bad-tempered, goddamn monk!"

"URUSEI!" Sanzo roared. "And just how could I have locked the fucking door when you were the last one to enter the room, baka k'so kappa!"

"Dammit, tenshi, quit yelling! I've got one hell of a hangover as it is!"


"You got THAT right, asshole!"

"That's it. You're dead, bastard. DIE!"

Hakkai shook his head ruefully, and left them to it. "Hey Goku, let's go get some breakfast at that place you saw yesterday, what do you say?" he called, knocking softly on Goku's door.

The door opened a crack, and huge golden eyes stared up at him. "Are you sure it's all right to come out?" Goku whispered, craning his head under Hakkai's arm to look doubtfully over to the other side, where Gojyo and Sanzo's rooms were. The nasty argument was getting uglier by the second.

Hakkai smiled down at Goku. "Would you rather hang around and wait for him to finish with poor Gojyo and start on us as well?" the healer asked dryly.

"IIE!" Goku yelped hastily. He made a mad dash for the door.

"Kyuuuu?" the mini-dragon stared curiously at Hakkai, as they followed Goku and pulled the door shut. From Sanzo's room the curses and threats were flying fast and furious. "Hm." Hakkai murmured. He petted Hakuryu affectionately. "We're leaving them to work it out."





Back inside, Sanzo had taken advantage of his position and was now locked in furious struggle with Gojyo. The monk was now straddling the kappa, strong legs digging into Gojyo's sides. Gojyo, on the other hand, had large hands firmly grasping the blonde's wrists. Livid purple eyes warred with angry red as they snarled at each other.

Sanzo reared up to gain more leverage… the sheet slid down past Gojyo's knees with all the thrashing about, and both of them were exposed. They froze at the same instant; Gojyo's eyes going wide at the sight before him, and Sanzo's eyes doing likewise at the feel beneath him. Their eyes met, they glared at each other for another five seconds, and then Sanzo collapsed down onto Gojyo, just as Gojyo let go of the blonde's wrists and opened his arms wide to receive him. They both howled with laughter, gasping and snorting at the memory of the poor bakazaru's horrified bewilderment.

"Ah, hell…" Sanzo muttered at last, heaving a great sigh. "At least it saves from having to tell them…"

"Mmm," Gojyo murmured against his ear. "Hakkai already knows anyway."

Sanzo leaned up on his elbows and snorted down at the kappa. "How the hell could he know? We only… you know… last night," he muttered, glaring as Gojyo grinned at his awkward words.

Gojyo brushed away several golden strands from deep purple eyes. "I meant he already knows how I feel about you, baka," he murmured softly.

Violet eyes narrowed for a moment, undecided how to take the remark. And then Sanzo blew on his bangs as he too admitted gruffly – "Hn. The bakazaru saw us kissing that night. He knows too."

"You're shitting me." Gojyo raised his eyebrows, and then stared blankly as Sanzo nodded grimly.

"The little fool asked if I was gay…" Sanzo muttered, wincing. He hit Gojyo on the shoulder as the kappa exploded into hearty guffaws at his statement. "Yamero!"

Gojyo gave a last chuckle, and arched up to nibble lightly on Sanzo's pouting lips. "Then I guess that makes me gay, too." He waggled his eyebrows naughtily while grinding his hips up against Sanzo.

Sanzo groaned. "You really are a horny devil… I want a smoke first…"

"Mmm," Gojyo murmured into his mouth. "Later, Sanzo. First straddle me again…" he breathed, teasing the monk with feather-light, moist kisses. He slid his hands down to grasp his lover's hips.

Sanzo gasped, and a throaty groan escaped him as understanding dawned. "Kappa…"

"Yup. There's something new I want to teach you…" Gojyo grinned wickedly as the purple eyes blazed with desire.

"Fuck…" Sanzo swore helplessly, and claimed Gojyo's mouth in a brief, hard kiss. "Then teach me, baka, before those two come back…"

"My pleasure…" Gojyo purred.



What is commonly called love, namely the desire of satisfying a voracious appetite with a certain quantity of delicate white human flesh. Henry Fielding



"Ne, Hakkai…" Goku began hesitantly. They were halfway through breakfast in one of the town's small eateries, being reluctant to dine at the inn they were staying at just then.

Hakkai gave Goku a sagely smile, and propped his chin on his interlaced fingers in an attitude of respectful listening. The poor kid, having to witness that…

"I have just one question," Goku continued; and his whole countenance, bless him, was free of outrage or embarrassment or even resentment at what he had seen back in Sanzo's room. All that was stamped on the boyish, innocent face was… puzzlement.

"Hai?" Hakkai encouraged gently. He just hoped he had the right words to put Goku's mind at rest from whatever was bothering him the most. Darn those two!

"I actually asked Sanzo first, but he just told me to get out." The monkey glowered in remembered indignation. "Remember, the day after we defeated Homura…"

Hakkai drew his brows together, wondering where Goku was leading. But he nodded again, prompting Goku to carry on.

"Well…" Goku muttered, squirming. "Its just – uhm… I don't wonder about Gojyo, 'cause he's just a horny cockroach anyway, y'know, and… well – you see…"

Hakkai fidgeted as well, getting a little impatient, and more confused than ever. "What are you getting at, Goku? Just say it, whatever it is. It's okay." The healer covered one hand with the other as he crossed his fingers. DARN those two!

Goku took a deep breath, look straight into Hakkai's eyes, and asked point-blank: "Does this mean Sanzo's gay?"

Hakkai choked.

"I mean, I'm okay with his being a monk, 'cause he smokes and drinks and fires a gun and all… that doesn't bother me at all. But I'm confused – I always thought that if Sanzo would (gulp) … y'know… (sweatdrop) … that he would be with a girl."

Hakkai swallowed down the hysterical laughter bubbling up in him, as visions of the monk's face came to mind when Goku had asked his question. The healer could just imagine the frosty reaction the poor kid received.

"Ahem! Yes! Well you see, Goku…" Hakkai stalled. He poured himself some more tea and took a long sip to compose himself. "I don't think it's that simple. Me, personally, I never presumed to guess about Sanzo's – er – preferences. I suppose I just never thought about it… although I must say, like you, it's not necessarily because he's a High Priest. I guess I just put him down as someone who chose not to ever let himself fall in love."

It was Goku's turn to choke. He actually spewed bits of pork bun before he remembered to cover his mouth.

Hakkai smiled at him. "I know it sounds unbelievable. But it's the only explanation I have. Think about it. Only love could soften our Sanzo enough for him to – er – allow anybody into his –ah – bed." (Cough, cough.)

"Gojyo?" Goku sputtered, unable to utter anything more, he was so incredulous.

Hakkai nodded wisely again. "Precisely, Goku. Those two are like cats and dogs. They don't even like each other very much. (Here, Goku wildly bobbed his head up and down.) And yet… well, you saw them together. What other explanation could there be? There isn't any, not if I know those two as well as I think I do…"

"You mean…" Goku goggled, dazed. "Gojyo loves Sanzo too?"

"Of course he does, silly! And I happen to know this for a fact," the demonslayer added smugly. "He told me so himself."

Goku blinked rapidly and scratched his head, willing himself to comprehend the barrage of incredible information he was hearing. He pursed his lips and closed one eye meditatively, and peered speculatively at the healer with the other eye. "So they're both gay, then!" he declared.

Hakkai snorted. One track mind… "Hmm… nope, it's not that simple either," he mused.

"Kyu!" the mini-dragon squealed in apparent agreement. Goku frowned at them both, frustrated.

"I mean, in all the time I've known Gojyo, I can tell you for a fact that Sanzo is the only man who's ever caught his attention."

"No way," Goku denied. "He's been flirting with Sanzo from day one! Like he's used to doing that sort of thing…"

"Oh yes," Hakkai insisted. "That caught me off-guard too, and I suppose I should have suspected something from the beginning. But at first I just put it down to him doing his best to irritate our grouchy Sanzo."

"Yeah well he does his best to annoy me too!" Goku glowered. "But he never made cheeky comments or acted like a pervert around me the way he does with Sanzo… Good thing too, or I would've killed him…"

"But that's just the point! He was never attracted to you!" Hakkai declared earnestly.

Goku scratched his head again, unsure if that was an insult or a compliment.

"Gojyo acts that way with Sanzo because he's always liked him!"

Goku screwed up his brows painfully, trying to understand. "But you just said they don't like each other very much…"

"Never mind," Hakkai sighed in quiet exasperation. "The point I'm trying to make is simply this: The way I see it, Sanzo and Gojyo had no choice, really. They just couldn't help themselves. To answer your question, Goku, they're not necessarily 'gay' or 'straight'. The fact that they're both guys is immaterial. They just fell in love."

"Maybe if you keep saying it my ears will believe it." Goku shook his head, obviously needing more time to assimilate the whole thing. "Er… Hakkai, what's immaterial mean?"

"'It doesn't matter'."

Goku frowned. "Tell me what it means, Hakkai!"

"I told you, 'It doesn't matter'."

"GRR… I'm TIRED of secrets! Why did you go and say the stupid word then if you won't tell me what it means!"

"Yare yare… It means 'It doesn't matter', Goku. Irrelevant. Makes no difference. Get it?"

Goku stared at Hakkai suspiciously, still sulking. It was incredible that he was more upset with not knowing the word than he was with the idea of his 'sun' being together with his sworn enemy. And then Goku's eyes widened. "Ohhh…. I get it." And then he laughed his head off.

"Hopeless…" Hakkai shook his head, and smiled fondly at the innocent kid. He reached out and messed Goku's hair affectionately. "Don't ever change, Goku. Stay pure."

"Huh?" Great golden eyes blinked at him.

Hakkai waved his hand vaguely. He had a feeling that answering "never mind" would set them off on another merry-go-round.




After that enlightening dialogue, the saru felt much, much better. In fact Goku was in Heaven. He now had more ammunition to pester and bait Gojyo with. In fact, he began to plague the redhead soon after they started on the road again. (Two or three hours later than planned, owing to the – uh – delay.)

"Bwahahahaha…." Goku cackled. He dug his elbow into Gojyo's ribs as the kappa tried to push him away tight into "his corner". After a quick struggle, Goku scooted away, giving up on the physical fight but not on the verbal. "Hehehe… I guess I can throw away the insecticide now that Sanzo's in looooove with cockroaches…"


"Bakazaru!" Gojyo yelled. "Who are you calling a cockroach, you walking talking stomach! A cockroach has bigger brains than you, you stupid monkey!"

"Oh yeah? At least my neck isn't all covered with hickeys!" Goku made loud smooching, slurping noises.

"You cheeky little runt –"

The vein on Sanzo's temple ceased to throb and began to pound. The two were oblivious.

"Yare yare…" Hakkai sighed. "We've only been five minutes on the road, guys. And it's going to be a long trip this time. The next town is three days away."

For once, the unquenchable monkey whooped with delight at the announcement. "That means the poor erogappa will have to—"

"That's IT! I'm gonna make you CRY, monkey!"


The two subsided in the backseat, Goku still shooting the kappa gleeful looks and making a show of kissing the back of his hand.

Gojyo glared at him, and then a smug smile curled on his lips. He snickered. "Hah. Let's see who laughs last, baaaaa-ka. My baby can't bear to hit me with the fan now, so I'm afraid that from now on—ITTE!"


Sanzo swayed and balanced precariously on the moving jeep. He glared daggers at the kappa, a bright red staining the top of his cheeks. Hakkai glanced at the monk and slowed down nervously.

"Ow…" Gojyo winced, rubbing his head. "What was that for, baby?" he began plaintively, and then he yelped and had to shield his head as two more blows came raining down.

"I told you not to call me baby!" Sanzo hissed. Hakkai swallowed a snort. Goku clutched his stomach, kicked his heels and laughed uproariously.


Sanzo rounded on the monkey too, and shut him up as well. "What the hell is so fucking funny, bakazaru!"

"Heh," Gojyo chuckled weakly. He was still covering his head and leaning away from the irate monk, which meant that the two troublemakers were now practically hugging each other as they quaked. "I guess old habits die hard, huh, tenshi?"

"I'M NO ANGEL, dammit!" Sanzo roared.

"Yare yare… It's somehow comforting to know that some things haven't changed at all, ne Hakuryu?" Hakkai patted the dashboard affectionately, a happy smile on his face.


"Yeah…" Goku muttered, grimacing, as he and Gojyo untangled themselves and sat far apart, Sanzo having dropped back down to his seat with one last furious glare. "So long as the kappa and I still share the punishment, that's all that matters to me." He cackled, and shot Gojyo a triumphant glance.

"Aw, just stuff it," Gojyo muttered, casting the blonde head a surly look.

"I mean, I'd certainly find it strange for Goku to be sitting here up front with me while Sanzo cuddled up next to Gojyo at the back," Hakkai murmured, keeping his eyes on the road, the green depths twinkling with rare mischief.

Sanzo swiftly hid an involuntary smile. "'Ch. Shut up and drive, Hakkai."

Purple eyes quickly flashed red orbs a smoldering, possessive look in the rearview mirror, and Gojyo leaned back, crossed his arms behind his head, and gave a satisfied grin. "Sanzo baby," he mouthed secretly to the violet eyes studying him, and watched with delight as they flared angrily.

Ah… he couldn't wait for the punishment those purple eyes promised him…



"I love you not only for what you are, but for what I am when I am with you."

- Roy Croft



If I'm Not In Love With You

Faith Hill

If I'm not in love with you

What is this I'm going through tonight

If my heart is lying then

What should I believe in

Why do I go crazy everytime I think about you, baby

Why else would I want you like I do

If I'm not in love with you

And if I don't need your touch

Why do I miss you so much tonight

If it's just infatuation

Why is my heart aching

To hold you forever

Give a part of me I swore I'd never

Give again to someone I could lose

If I'm not in love with you

And why in every fantasy

Do I feel your arms embracing me

Like lovers lost in sweet desire

And why in dreams do I surrender like a little baby

How do I explain this feeling

Someone tell me…




Japanese mini-glossary:

Tenkai: Heaven

Sanbutsushin: The Three Sages

Kappa: water demon

Erogappa: horny water demon

Bakazaru: stupid monkey

Baka: stupid/idiot/moron

Harisen: paper fan

Nani: what?

Hai: yes

Demo: but

Ikkou: group/party

Are: Huh!

Sankyuuu: "Thank you"

Seiten Taisei Son Goku: Great Sage Equal To Heaven. Goku's pure, "true" form.

Urusei: shut up

Yare yare: Dear, dear

Bouzu: monk

Youkai: demon

Sensei: Teacher/Master

Aishiteru: I love you

Tenshi: angel

Sumimasen: I'm sorry/Excuse me/Pardon me

Tenshi ja nai: "I'm no angel" (LOL)

K'so: Japanese swear-word

Yamero: Stop it

Itte: Ouch (exclamation of pain)

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