Title: True Colors

Author: Befanini
Website: http://www.fanfiction.net/~befanini

Disclaimer: I have absolutely no rights whatsoever. For fangirl daydreaming purposes only. XD

Rating: M

Summary: "The gods don't save anyone. You have to save yourself." … But let me tell you… HE saved ME.



Chapter 3: Nothing Else Matters


Once he drew
With one long kiss my whole soul thro'
My lips, as sunlight drinketh dew.
Alfred Lord Tennyson



Over the next few weeks, Goku was crosser than ever, as the ikkou's behavior drove him wild with curiosity.

Hakkai went about with a new smile to add to his already impressive roster – and this time the satisfied smirk and the sly, mysterious look in the healer's eyes annoyed Goku to no end, leaving him with the bitter feeling that everybody was hiding some secret that nobody felt he deserved to know.

Especially since the erogappa wore a permanent silly grin all the time now, whistling happily, and being so icky and nice to him. Goku was suspicious. Oh yes he was. That one time when they had the talk about Homura was different. He was truly grateful to Gojyo for that. But the stupid cockroach was taking the big-brother act way too far, in his opinion.

And as for Sanzo… he was the worst of them all. Ever since the night that he'd ventured to ask that question, Sanzo was grouchy and surly and prickly and thorny and just plain nasty. Just like a big old cactus. Even more than when it had first rained on the journey West. There was no way in seven hells that Goku would even try cheering him up this time, much less with canned peaches.

Sanzo glowered and snapped at everyone, and even took his meals in his room, whenever they happened upon an inn. Neither he nor the kappa even dared to relieve the boredom of the monotonous hours in the jeep with a good nasty brawl these days. The one time it had happened, Sanzo had actually forced him and Gojyo to get out and catch up to the ikkou's campsite hours later, on foot.

There was something going on, all right, and Goku was darn tired of being kept in the dark. Fortunately for the poor saru, the torture wasn't going to last much longer.



Then I did the simplest thing in the world. I leaned down... and kissed him. And the world cracked open. - Agnes de Mille



That very night…

Gojyo picked up the bottle and tilted it clumsily, licking his lips in anticipation. The lip of the bottle crashed down hard against the rim of his cup – not that it mattered, because the bottle was empty. Gojyo frowned at it, blinking hard. He tried shaking it vigorously upside-down, but no sake magically appeared. All that happened was that the shaking caused him to see double. He started to feel the beginnings of a pounding headache. He cursed. "Stupid, sonova—"

"'Ch." Purple eyes which were droopier than usual glared at him. "It's fuckin' empty, you mo-HIC! You moron!"

Gojyo laughed. Sanzo the dignified winced in pain as he hiccupped uncontrollably. He fumbled for his gun, cursing the redhead. Damn! Why wouldn't his hand obey him and go inside his sleeve?

The kappa and the priest were seated at their lodging's tiny dining room. Hakkai and Goku had long since gone to bed in their own rooms. Goku with a sulky look, but with a full, contented stomach; and Hakkai with a migraine. The poor healer had endured the desert sun by himself, driving to get them to town while the others slept wrapped up in their cloaks.

And so that left Sanzo and Gojyo to finish up the supply of liquor that they'd stocked up on this evening, after two weeks of going without.

Sanzo gave up trying to retrieve his gun in favor of holding his breath in an attempt to stop the goddamn hiccups. The lack of air only made the room spin more crazily.

Meanwhile, Gojyo was knocking over the dozen or so bottles on the table in a vain search for a drop more sake. Coming up empty-handed, he propped his head on a wobbly hand and sighed in disgust. "Looks like we're all outta booze, bouzu," he slurred sadly.

Sanzo exhaled, and finding the damn hiccups gone, he snorted and shot the kappa a withering look. Although in his state the "withering look" was in itself withered. "No shit, Einstein," he sniffed. He fumbled with his pack and succeeded in fishing out a stick, which he managed to clamp on his lips after several attempts. He flicked irritably at his lighter, muttering, cursing the damn thing for refusing to work (or was it his thumb?).

Gojyo chuckled again. "Your Marlboro's on backwards, pretty boy."

Sanzo narrowed his eyes at Gojyo, before reluctantly dropping his gaze down his nose at the cigarette, the purple eyes nearly crossing. Damn. He snorted, feeling his already flushed face grow warmer. He spat the stick out, snatched it up and shoved it back in. He glared. "Wipe that st'pid grin off your face and gimme a light, asshole."

Gojyo complied, although it took several attempts and a lot of swearing and hissing before Sanzo managed to light up, and then he thanked Gojyo by blowing smoke in his face.

After several seconds of coughing and cursing and glaring, Gojyo clamped a Hi-Lite on his own lips. He stared down at his Zippo, back up at the haughtily smoking monk, back down to his sore thumb. "Screw it…" If Sanzo could do it, so could he. And Gojyo leaned close, grabbed the back of Sanzo's head, and drawled, "Keep still, baka." He touched his cigarette to the priest's glowing Marlboro.

Sanzo shoved him off with a murderous look. "Pervy bastard…"

Gojyo grinned back at him, and after taking a deep drag on his smoke, drawled lazily – "Heh. I seem to recall a certain bastard sucking the air out of my lungs a few weeks ago…" He raised a mocking eyebrow at Sanzo, the red eyes twinkling.

Sanzo snorted, his cheeks flushing furiously. "That was a temporary lapse of sanity, you shithead. It was the painkillers that Hakkai had given all of us after defeating that delusional freak Homura."

"Suuuuure…" Gojyo grinned wider, leaning back and crossing his arms behind his head, tilting his chair dangerously. "Blame it on itty-bitty white pills…"

"Asshole! You flatter yourself!"

"Do I?" Gojyo purred.

Sanzo rolled his eyes. Trust Gojyo to bring it up now, now when they were both drunk as hell. Now, when all of Sanzo's carefully prepared denials and excuses and calm, logical speeches and comebacks to whatever the kappa was going to say were deserting him. He had to shut the fool up. He had to… before he found himself going down a road from which there was no return. He had to stop that sinful mouth from saying any more, before his control deserted him. He'd never felt like shooting Gojyo more in his life. He was going to reach for his gun in a minute and put a bullet in the kappa's mouth.

Desperately, Sanzo looked over, and spied the first-aid kit that Hakkai had used earlier to treat some minor injuries of Goku's, after their run-in with more blasted youkai this afternoon. He snatched the kit up and shook out the contents on the table. He tore off a long strip from the cardboard packing material of some gauze, and held the long strip up in front of Gojyo's widely grinning face. "You see this, kappa? This is me and you."

"You don't say. Looks like cardboard to me."

"Urusei!" Sanzo glared. He ran a long white fingertip down one side of the strip. "Me." He traced down the other side. "You." He stared earnestly at the blinking kappa, willing him to understand. "Parallel lines. See?"

Gojyo shook his head. "Nope. 'Fraid I don't, Sensei."

Sanzo sighed in exasperation. "Parallel lines, you idiot!" he hissed. "No matter how far you extend them, the two will never meet!" The blonde tossed down his cardboard strip impatiently, and fumbled with the gauze, joining one end to the cardboard, and unfurling the rest of the roll to tumble the length of the table. The gauze reached the end, and toppled off mysteriously to some unknown corner. Gojyo watched the proceedings respectfully, and tactfully tried to hide a huge yawn behind his hand.

Sanzo glanced at the redhead, and found Gojyo staring hotly at him, instead of paying attention to the lesson. The monk gnashed his teeth, and picked up a band-aid instead. He tore the wrapper off with his teeth, got rid of the shiny backing paper, and curled the band-aid up so it formed a ring, the adhesive holding it together. "Look, even if you curve the lines, the top line – me – will still never touch the bottom line – you. Parallel lines, kappa. You and me. Opposite sides, even, come to think of it." He demonstrated, touching the outer side and the inner side of the ring. "You see?" Sanzo looked up, and blinked, confused, as he met a pair of intense red eyes which looked suddenly crystal-clear and sharply focused.

"That's too bad," Gojyo murmured huskily, pinning Sanzo with his eyes. "I guess that means you don't always 'repay your debts' after all…" (#)

Sanzo frowned and shook his head, trying to catch up. "What the hell are you blabbing about, kappa…" And then his heart pounded hard in his chest as Gojyo moved quicker than a drunken man – or youkai – had any right to; and he found his knees pressed hard against the redhead's thighs as Gojyo scooted near, chair and all.

"Oh? Don't tell me you've forgotten…" Gojyo drawled in a low voice, as he carefully picked up one of the band-aids and stripped off the backing paper. "You… and… me…" he muttered, biting his tongue between his teeth as he concentrated. Sanzo forced his eyes away from the tip of that tongue peeking between white teeth. He gave a strangled gasp as he looked down and saw what Gojyo had done.

"There," Gojyo murmured in satisfaction, dropping the twisted band-aid down before him. "A… er—whatchamacallit… a moby dick!" he exclaimed happily.

Sanzo stared, stunned. The bastard had gone and twisted one end of the strip of bandage, forming a deformed ring; but he was right: there was now only a single edge running through the band-aid. Damn. He blinked, suddenly feeling sober as hell.

"And speaking of moby dicks…" Gojyo murmured naughtily.

Sanzo looked up quickly and saw the roguish grin curling on the sensuous lips. "It's called a Mobius Strip, baka!" he choked, still reeling from the shock. His chair crashed to the floor as he stood up frantically and backed away.

"Feh, whatever." Gojyo advanced on him with intense, fierce purpose. "I'm right, and you know it. One little twist and 'you' and 'I' cease to exist," Gojyo breathed, his heart slamming in his chest as Sanzo backed against the wall, with nowhere to hide. He braced brown arms on either side of the blonde's head and leaned in. "Nothing is left but 'us'…" he groaned, dipping his head, burning to feel those cool cynical lips on his mouth again. Gods, he was dying to feel just the touch of those lips pressed to his own once more…

"There is no us," Sanzo gasped desperately, his senses going into overload at Gojyo's nearness, at his clean, intoxicating smell, at the heat blazing from the hard body nearly pressed to his own, at the fire smoldering in the scarlet eyes hungrily devouring his face, at the warm, moist breath kissing his parted lips.

"It's payback time, Beautiful," Gojyo murmured, and he reached out with a trembling hand to brush back silken strands of hair from wild purple eyes.

The feather-light touch of tanned fingertips almost grazing his skin had Sanzo shuddering and gasping for air, his desperate panting breaths falling on Gojyo's lips making the kappa moan low and deep. "I don't owe you anything, asshole," Sanzo glared, his muscles tightening to keep himself from throwing his arms around Gojyo and never letting go.

"Oh? Have you forgotten?" Gojyo murmured. He moaned, unable to resist any longer, and he dipped his head to nibble oh-so-lightly on the delectable lips that were parted to take in harsh gasps of air. He felt Sanzo's lashes flutter against his face as he drew back and breathed, "I saved your life, bouzu."

"So what, asshole? We all do that all the ti—"

Gojyo cut in as if he hadn't spoken. "My blood is in your veins. You and I are already one," he groaned, and he lowered his head to rest his forehead against Sanzo's, the intimacy of what he'd just said rocking him to the core. (#)

Sanzo froze. It was true. He'd been unconscious at the time, but he'd gotten the full story from Hakkai. It had happened so long ago now, back when they'd only started out on the journey West.

Yes – when he'd shielded Goku from Rikudo's attack, and he'd been injured beyond hope, and Goku had gone wild and his diadem had broken – according to Hakkai, Kanzeon had appeared and restored Goku's limiter, and then the Goddess of Mercy had saved his life – by giving him Gojyo's blood, after Hakkai had closed the wound.

The cocky bastard had teased him about it afterwards, he suddenly remembered. Something about sharing an "indirect kiss" – apparently that was how the Goddess had infused his mortally injured body with Gojyo's life-giving blood.

Sanzo's heart pounded madly, driving that very blood through his veins with all the fury and scorching heat of lava. Purple eyes stared into red millimeters away from his own, his lashes flickering against Gojyo's lashes.

"Sanzo…" Gojyo moaned huskily. The need-filled sound sent ripples up the priest's spine. "You owe me, you corrupt, arrogant monk. Wasn't it you who said you always repay your debts?" Gojyo murmured, leaning in the final few inches to press his body yearningly against Sanzo.

The cold wood of the wall on his back and the hard heat of Gojyo's body in front made Sanzo shudder. "Urusei…" he rasped, clenching his fists hard to keep from crushing Gojyo fiercely to him. What the hell ever possessed him to kiss the kappa a few weeks back anyway? What the hell happened to his control? Non-attachment be damned, he was burning to attach himself to Gojyo in every way imaginable… had wanted this beautiful half-breed the moment he'd laid eyes on him.

"I'm not asking for your blood, bouzu," Gojyo breathed. "I'll settle for your…" He leaned closer and whispered the rest into the monk's ear.

Sanzo gasped, his whole body catching fire. Gojyo watched him and grinned as Sanzo closed his eyes and groaned deep.

Gojyo's lips hovered over his mouth as the kappa murmured. "But I'll settle for your tongue in my mouth, Sanzo…" And leaning in, he touched his lips to Sanzo's parted lips.

They both gasped at the initial contact. Gojyo's hands came up to frame Sanzo's face as he nibbled wetly on the blonde's lips, licking, suckling, biting gently, and greedily swallowing each harsh gasp of air that flooded his mouth.

Sanzo shuddered, his head swimming. Gojyo's low moans as he tasted and teased sent shivers up his spine. Gojyo inserted his tongue-tip the tiniest bit into his mouth, and Sanzo could no longer contain the low growl of pleasure that rumbled deep in his throat. His arms came up around Gojyo as he leaned fully, yearningly, into the kappa. He groaned deep, as, maddened by Gojyo's teasing, he thrust his tongue full force to ravish Gojyo's mouth thoroughly, just like he had done that night.

"Uhhnnn!…." Gojyo moaned into his mouth, the strong brown arms wrapping around him. They kissed wildly, the past weeks of built-up tension between them exploding in a furious burst of white-hot passion and intense need. Their arms withdrew from around each other as they each clasped the other's face. Gojyo pressed even closer to Sanzo, until the monk was backed hard against the wall. Sanzo strained wildly against him in return, until their bodies were molded from the chest down. But even that wasn't enough, and they had to abandon each other's faces to wrap their arms tightly around one another once more. Their mouths broke apart as they gasped for air, their faces pressed tight cheek-to-cheek.

"Fuck…" Sanzo swore, one of his arms sliding up Gojyo's back until his fingers were tangled in fiery red hair, clasping Gojyo's head tight against his own.

Gojyo shuddered and groaned at the touch of Sanzo's hand cradling his skull possessively. His eyes closed, feeling all of Sanzo pressed intimately, yearningly, against him. How he'd been longing for this, fantasized about this… ached to hold Sanzo like this the first moment he had seen him.

Nothing came close to this – not his wildest fantasies, not his hopeless daydreams, nor all the games he'd ever played, teasing the beautiful monk as an excuse to get close to him. All those he'd ever touched in the past faded to nothingness in the dazzling light of this man he finally held in his arms.

In contrast to the red eyes shut tight in pure bliss, purple eyes were wide with horror. This was it, then. All his life he'd spent shutting people out, and locking up his heart so no hurt or sadness ever touched him again… All of those defenses he'd put up to deal with the cruel hand that life had dealt him – all of them, gone. Gone, together with the only teaching he'd ever cherished from his Master. Koumyou Sanzo. Live without being bound by anything… And here he was, powerless to deny himself the need to belong to this beautiful rascal in his arms. All he wanted was to be bound forever to this free spirit.

"Gojyo…" he groaned hoarsely, shuddering, and clasping the kappa to him desperately. "Damn you, you bastard…"

Gojyo chuckled huskily against his ear. "I know. Damn you too. You think it's been easy for me? You think I haven't fought against this?" He ran his hands soothingly up and down Sanzo's back as he murmured. Yes, he knew. He knew what this moment meant to the aloof, cynical monk. He knew what it took, the price that Sanzo paid to surrender to the undeniable force that drew them together, despite their fiery wills and hot tempers and glaring differences.

He also knew that it was too late, for either of them. There was no turning back. Neither of them could deny the fierce attraction between them anymore. Everything be damned. All he'd ever wanted, all that he'd been searching for all his life, was in his arms. He tightened his hold on Sanzo, and the monk groaned and cursed again.

"This doesn't change a thing, kappa," Sanzo hissed, pushing away just enough for amethyst eyes to glare into smoldering ruby depths. "I still don't like you. I doubt I ever will." And lean white hands trembled as they cradled his face, and gentle fingertips traced softly over the lines of his scars.

Gojyo grinned, his heart swelling with joy. "Hn. I know." He dropped his head to breathe softly into Sanzo's parted lips – "And I love you, too." There. He'd said it, and it was so easy, after all. And then he claimed Sanzo's mouth again as the blonde moaned weakly and wrapped his arms fiercely around his neck.

This time, when the kiss ended, Gojyo dropped his head to fasten his mouth to the juncture of Sanzo's jaw and neck, tasting Sanzo there for the first time.

Sanzo inhaled sharply in tortured bliss, the golden head lolling to the side as he clasped a hand to the back of Gojyo's head. "Gojyo…" he groaned thickly as the redhead kissed and licked and devoured his flesh like he couldn't get enough. The feel of Gojyo's mouth on his skin was almost more than he could bear. "Gojyo…"

Gojyo growled, licking a moist, fiery path back up to Sanzo's lips for another deep, wet kiss. "Sanzo…" he moaned softly between kisses. "Sanzo, I want to taste all of you…"

Sanzo murmured incoherently as he clasped Gojyo's face to press blind, passionate kisses down to Gojyo's throat as well. He growled softly and inhaled deeply, taking in Gojyo's musky cologne. His mouth opened to lick hotly at the kappa's pulse, and Gojyo shuddered. "Dammit, bouzu, answer me!" He grabbed hold of the golden head to force the monk's eyes to meet his.

Sanzo growled in annoyance at being disturbed from his eager exploration. Purple eyes bored hotly into red. "What do you think, baka!" he hissed, grabbing hold of Gojyo's collar to tug the kappa along to his room.

Gojyo held Sanzo's wrists and dug his feet in, ignoring the priest's livid glare. "But Sanzo… are you sure about this?" He groaned and cursed himself, but he had to ask. He had to. He hadn't kept his distance all this time for nothing. He respected the High Priest, above all.

Violet eyes narrowed dangerously. "Are you backing out on me, you fucking tease!" Sanzo spit icily.

Gojyo shuddered at the smoky desire in Sanzo's voice. "Your vows, you bastard. What about your—"

"Hn," Sanzo snorted, leaning in once more to taste those sinful lips. He couldn't help himself; he didn't care about resisting anymore. He swept his tongue inside Gojyo's mouth, greedily swallowing the kappa's weak, husky moan. "I've never served Buddha. I serve only myself. My body belongs to me," he growled against Gojyo's mouth. He let go of the kappa's collar to wrap his arms around Gojyo's neck, and stood tiptoe on the kappa's feet, the better to lean in and take full dominance of the kiss.

Gojyo shuddered helplessly, his arms going around Sanzo's waist. His head was swimming with pleasure as the kiss went on and on, as Sanzo clutched fiercely at his hair and speared his tongue over and over into his mouth, setting his blood on fire.

Sanzo drew back, breathing harshly, the alabaster hands withdrawing from around his neck to cradle his face possessively. Amethyst eyes bored into ruby, and the purple depths were clear and focused and intense. "I give it to you, kappa," Sanzo rasped hoarsely against his mouth. "My body is yours." Gojyo groaned, but Sanzo ignored him. He dropped his hand from his face to grab hold of his arm, pulling it away from his deathgrip on Sanzo's waist. The priest took the brown hand and laid it over his heaving chest. Beneath his palm he felt the wild drumming of Sanzo's heart, and the blonde's next words stabbed him to his soul. "You feel that, you bastard? It beats for you. For you," Sanzo hissed angrily. "My heart is yours. My body is yours. Nothing else matters."

"Sanzo…" Gojyo moaned, overwhelmed. He dropped his forehead against Sanzo's as he drew in lungfuls of air. His eyes slammed shut, and his heart raced painfully. "Baby…" he breathed huskily.

"Don't fucking call me baby," Sanzo hissed.

Startled red eyes flew open.

"I can't abide mushiness, kappa. I won't tolerate it. I'm not one of your conquests." Purple eyes glared defiantly at him.

"That you're not," Gojyo chuckled. Ah, his Sanzo. Still spitting and cursing to the very end, even while pressing his whole body passionately, insistently, against him. My Sanzo.

"Hn. Fine. But I will say I love you. Aishiteru. And I'll say it again and again. I'll never stop saying it." Crimson eyes twinkled teasingly at Sanzo.

Sanzo snorted. "Then show me, you idiot." And Sanzo let go of him and walked swiftly to his room, the purple eyes flashing him the command to follow.



His kisses left something to be desired... the rest of him. - Author Unknown

A kiss is the upper persuasion for a lower invasion. - Author Unknown



And later, when he was buried so deep that he couldn't tell where he ended and Sanzo began, Sanzo moaned and wrapped lean ivory arms around him and pulled him close. He was surrounded by Sanzo, completely – sheathed in him, with the blonde's arms and legs wrapped around him, with milky white skin moist and slick against his own, with porcelain hands threaded possessively through his hair, with Sanzo's harsh gasps flooding his ears, with Sanzo's heart echoing the wild drumming of his own… and Gojyo groaned and broke their kiss, as his heart overflowed.

"Gojyo?" Sanzo breathed huskily, lean white fingers cupping his face and tracing the path of hot tears sliding down the proud, tanned planes of his face.

Gojyo shuddered, and opened his eyes, and gazed passionately into wondering purple depths. He grinned lopsidedly. "I swear I'm not getting mushy, blondie. It's just… I've wanted you for so long… I—I can't believe you're really in my arms…"

Sanzo slammed his eyes shut and cursed softly. And then, as if saying the words took great effort, he admitted gruffly – "I've dreamed of you, too. Of us. Like this."

Gojyo chuckled happily, and violet eyes flew open and glared at him, as porcelain cheeks were stained pink. Any more embarrassed swear words were cut off by Gojyo's mouth as he captured Sanzo's lips once more, and he began to rock them together.

… In a little while all that could be heard were muted groans and low moans and harsh gasps of pleasure as the kappa loved his rogue priest for the first time.



Thou art to me a delicious torment. - Ralph Waldo Emerson



Much later, Sanzo turned his head and gazed down at the kappa pillowed on his shoulder, fast asleep where he'd collapsed, their limbs tangled together, and Gojyo's arms locked tightly around him.

He brushed back flaming red hair off the proud forehead, gazed down at the long eyelashes that covered deep red eyes that had always, always burned bright with fierce yearning for him. He traced gentle fingers over the scars once more. The violet eyes misted briefly with emotion. The fool had kept his word – he'd said it over and over, he'd said it with every breath, with every kiss, with each glide of his fingers over his body. And he'd said it again as they peaked together, sobbing out his name as pleasure tore through them both.

He wrapped his arms possessively around Sha Gojyo, pressed his lips against the tanned forehead, and grunted. "I love you too, baka."



Give me a kisse, and to that kisse a score;
Then to that twenty, adde a hundred more;
A thousand to that hundred; so kisse on,
To make that thousand up a million;
Treble that million, and when that is done,
Let's kisse afresh, as when we first begun.
Robert Herrick, "To Anthea (III)"






LOL… Yes, Sanzo said that. ("Don't fucking call me baby!") Just as it feels right in the Barely Breathing stories for them to use endearments, it felt natural while writing this fic for Sanzo to be more reserved and adamant about "mushiness". Heh.

Re the #: those who've read the manga will understand these parts. (But it's not imperative in order to follow the fic, mind you…) There are a LOT of details in the manga that I actually wish I had known earlier, so as to keep my fan fiction consistent with the original. Case in point: Gojyo's "inability to reproduce". That particular idea formed an important part of Longing, as you know (with one of Sanzo's promises from Gojyo) – not to mention Barely Breathing itself ("I want to have your baby") and my parodies Truly Madly Deeply and Episode 1:TMD. Grrrr…. In any case, I know now, and not being inclined to mpreg, fortunately, it has no effect on future fics and works-in-progress. (Which includes a Valentine's fic, of course… XD)

Lastly, the Mobius Strip thingy. YOU try it. Take a piece of paper, and cut off a long strip. Tape the ends together. You have a ring, with two edges. Top and bottom. Right? Two sides, even. Inside and out. Now take off the tape, twist one end and tape it back together neatly. You have a 'deformed' ring. Now run your finger along the edge, all the way around, until you get back where you started. One edge. One side. One dimensional. Isn't that freaky? This is an actual scientific theory, and used in many sci-fi fics about space/time continuums and "parallel" dimensions.

My crazy muses just recalled the fact and insisted it was perfect for 353 – how the hell else CAN you reconcile the grouchy, icy monk and the naughty, hot-blooded kappa being together? Well, there you have it: moby dick… er, Mobius Strip. Heh. Given enough of a deviant, demented, defiant twist, even parallel lines CAN connect, and create a single-edged, one-sided, unified whole. Sanzo/Gojyo. It's scientifically certified. LOL!

Chapter 4 next! XD

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