Title: The Angel In The Marble (Part 8 of the Barely Breathing thread)  Chapter 6

Author: Befanini
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Disclaimer: I have absolutely no rights whatsoever. For deviant daydreaming purposes only. XD

Rating: M for language and adult situations.

Summary: Sanzo/Gojyo: an Angel from the Underworld and a Devil from Paradise… (Hmm… Which is which?) Shounen-ai, yaoi, WAFF

Warning! Rated SxGxS. (At last! At last! My muses are back… XD… Grazie, Darkness… LOL)

Rated "#$&! fangirl Japanese!" for – yep – "#$&! fangirl Japanese". Heh.




"And without that sacred passion, that divine swoon, we are less than beasts; but with it, Earth is Heaven, and we are gods." – Robert G. Ingersoll



He opens his eyes just before dawn, as always awakened by his body missing the heat of his lover's warm, lanky length tangled against him. He stretches lustily, rolling over to his stomach, and spies something strange on the pillow beside him.

He flicks the switch on the lamp and reaches over for the small piece of paper, and leans up on an elbow to grope for his spectacles. He puts the glasses on and reads the note written in a bold hand.

The violet eyes narrow, and heat rushes to pale porcelain cheeks. His hand trembles. Muttering, he gets out of bed and marches over with fierce purpose to the kappa's room.



He is sprawled on the bed, buck naked, in an attitude of pure hedonistic abandon. He's just about to drift off with a wide, goofy grin on his face, when his door opens and the blonde stalks in, clothed but barefoot.

He barely has time to purr a pleased welcome – the priest has never done this before, followed him to his room after he'd left – before he has his breath knocked out of him when the other man straddles him quicker than lightning, alabaster hands threading through his fingers and holding his arms pinned down on either side of his head.

Gojyo stares up at Sanzo. "You found it, huh?"

Sanzo stares down at Gojyo, ignoring the question. "You're MINE. You got that? MINE." The lean white fingers tighten against brown to underline the words. Sanzo dips his head down and captures Gojyo's mouth in a hard, punishing, insistent kiss. "Mine," he growls again, biting down hard on the kappa's lower lip. Gojyo groans as he tastes his own blood, and then he groans deeper still as Sanzo's slick, hot tongue bathes the hurt and laps up the blood, before sucking the sore, tender flesh inside his mouth. "You're mine, Gojyo," Sanzo rasps hoarsely.

"I'm yours, Sanzo," Gojyo gasps breathlessly, drowning in his lover's uncharacteristic possessiveness. He shudders, as Sanzo bends the golden head to ravish his throat greedily, with cool lips and hot tongue and sharp teeth.

"You belong to me," Sanzo mutters, switching over to the other side of his neck. Gojyo moans helplessly and curses. He's going to be covered with hickeys. He doesn't give a fuck.

"Say it!" Sanzo snarls, and his knuckles grow white from the pressure of the blonde's grip.

"I belong to you…" Gojyo groans.

Sanzo grins in satisfaction, but the smile doesn't reach his eyes. The violet eyes glitter fiercely down at the redhead with white-hot fire blazing in the purple depths. "I belong to you," Sanzo rasps hoarsely. "Say it!"

"I belong to you…" Gojyo growls obediently, burning with the need to have Sanzo's mouth on his own again. He starts to break free from Sanzo's grasp, but the priest surprisingly holds firm.

"Baka!" Sanzo growls, digging sharp knees into Gojyo's sides. Gojyo winces. "I belong to you!" he repeats. "SAY IT!"

"But I thought I just did, tenshi…"

Sanzo says no more, and continues staring down at the kappa with a wild light in his eyes, waiting.

Gojyo moans as it hits him. He forcibly breaks free from the blonde's fierce grasp, and reaches up with strong tanned arms to finally crush Sanzo down to him yearningly. The lazy, silky voice is slightly shaky as he finally whispers huskily against the blonde's lips. "You belong to me, Genjo Sanzo."

"Hn," Sanzo snorts in irritation at his lover's denseness. "Say it again," he demands, his hands threading possessively through silken crimson hair.

"I just love it when you get so testosteroney…" Gojyo growls, and then he yelps as Sanzo pulls on his hair insistently.

Gojyo narrows his eyes in turn, as he returns Sanzo's heated stare with an intense, possessive look of his own.

"Say it again, kappa," Sanzo rasps. And then he finally groans as the red eyes burn up at him and right through his soul. "Baby…" Sanzo whispers huskily, the lean fingers caressing the hard planes of the tanned, wickedly handsome face beneath him. "Baby…"

"You're mine, Sanzo," Gojyo growls, tanned fingers splaying over the leanly muscled back and digging almost painfully into the marble flesh, as he lifts up to capture Sanzo's lips in a deep, wet kiss. "You're MINE, angel…" he groans, straining Sanzo hard against him. "You're mine."

"I'm yours," Sanzo breathes into his mouth, and then the blonde leans back, unties the sash, and lets the cream-gold robes fall off his shoulders. He raises golden eyebrows at the kappa.

Gojyo gasps and stares in shock, and then he chuckles and hauls Sanzo back down against him. Hauls a very naked, very aroused Sanzo down. "Damn, baby, what's gotten into you?" he drawls, brown hands trailing down Sanzo's spine to clasp his lover's buttocks and grind their heat together. "I'll never be able to look at you again without wondering if you've got anything under those robes," he adds with a throaty groan.

"'Ch. Shut up and give me the lube, kappa."

Gojyo sighs in rapture, and obeys eagerly.

"Now," Sanzo drawls, as he leans over a flushed, frantic, desperate Gojyo, "I'll be the 'Alpha' this time. You got any objections?"

"Fuck, angel, DO IT," Gojyo growls. And then he throws his head back in pure bliss as Sanzo sinks deep.



"Iie… Stay…" Gojyo murmurs, as Sanzo moves to get up. "I like you just where you are," the kappa pouts.

"Baka. In case you didn't notice, 'tomorrow' was twenty minutes ago. We have to be on the road in under two hours." Sanzo swats away beseeching, insistent, playful hands tugging him back down into tanned arms. He ignores the naked fool posing sexily against the sheets and dons his robes, fastening the sash tightly.

He walks to the door and pauses beside it to light a smoke. "Kappa…" he begins, turning to address Gojyo, and nearly bumps noses with his lover, who is instantly at his side, laboring under the delusion that the word was a last-minute capitulation.

Purple eyes frown into red. "As I was going to say," Sanzo drawls mockingly, pushing aside the tanned arms that had automatically wrapped themselves around him, "just get that freak idea out of your head."

"What freak idea?" Gojyo pouts, trying to maintain an innocent face, and trying to take Sanzo back into his arms.

Sanzo sidesteps him and rolls his eyes. "The freak idea of getting a tattoo of the damn word…" he growls.

"But angel, didn't you see my design that I left on your bed? It's cool, but still very romantic, if I do say so myself…"

"I said, NO! Stupid kappa…"



"But what does it matter—"

"Goddammit, Gojyo—"

The kappa frowns mightily, dropping his eyes in defeat. He crows. "There it is!" And Gojyo bends down to retrieve the piece of paper that Sanzo was clutching as he stormed into the room.

Sketched in the corner is a Smith and Wesson, bound with fiery chains, and the word seraphim running through it all. "Look, baby, I think it's sweet…" the kappa murmurs wistfully.

Sanzo looks, but it's not the drawing he sees. It's the words that the kappa had written down. The words that Sha Gojyo had spent an entire afternoon in the library looking up, for him.

Sanzo shivers. He quickly grasps Gojyo's chin and kisses the kappa almost roughly. Amethyst eyes burn into ruby. "You're mine," Sanzo growls one more time. He snatches away the paper and consigns it deep inside his robes, opens the door, steps out, and shuts the door on Gojyo's widely grinning face.

As he walks away, he hears Sha Gojyo singing, and pauses to listen. 'You say those words, my heart stops beating… I wonder what it means… What could it be that comes over me? At times I can't move… At times I can hardly breathe…' The bastard does have a beautiful voice. 'When you say you love me, the world goes still, so still inside… When you say you love me, in that moment, I know why I'm alive…'

Sanzo takes out the bit of paper and reads again.

"The hours I spend with you I look upon as sort of a perfumed garden, a dim twilight, and a fountain singing to it. You and you alone make me feel that I am alive. Other men, it is said, have seen angels; but I have seen thee, and thou art enough. By George Moore, from Sha Gojyo to Genjo Sanzo."

His eyes close. From inside the room, the kappa continues to croon. 'Oh, when you say you love me… Do you know… That I love you…?' Sanzo bites his lip.

Just as the monk is cursing the sun and the morning and their companions and Kanzeon Bosatsu and the Sanbutsushin and the fucking Divine Mission, Sha Gojyo gives a lusty whoop.

"One, and one, we're having some fun in the bedroom all day, and all of the night… (Yee-ha!) … Two, and two, he takes off my shoes in the bedroom all day, and all of the night… Three, and three, he undresses me in the bedroom…"



"…(Oh yeah!) Four, and four… (growl)… we fuck on the floor, in the bedroom, all day…"

Reluctant, rueful grin. So much for 'making love'.

"Baka erogappa…"




A/N: Getting mushy, indeed… XD! This fic dedicated to Angel (MangaMamma), and another Angel – Lady of Darkness and Despair, and Serephim (duh!) – I guess you'll never look at your name the same way again! XD; and Kato-chan, who wanted an sxgxs where Gojyo says "tenshi".

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"When You Say You Love Me" by Josh Groban. If anyone remembers the title of the second – er – "song", I would appreciate knowing it. XD

Japanese mini-glossary:

Kappa: water demon

Bakazaru: stupid monkey

Ikkou: group/company

Tenkai: Heaven

Are: What the hey!

Nani: what

Baka: idiot/moron/stupid

Iie: no

Hai: yes

Urusei: shut up

Tenshi: angel

Aishiteru: I love you

Aa: yeah

Bouzu: monk

Yamero: stop it

Hage bouzu: bald monk

Arigatou: thank you

Gomen: I'm sorry

Nande: why

Itte: Ow

Youkai: demon/s

Kanzeon Bosatsu: Goddess of Mercy

Sanbutsushin: The Three Sages

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