Title: The Angel In The Marble (Part 8 of the Barely Breathing thread)  Chapter 5

Author: Befanini
Website: http://www.fanfiction.net/~befanini

Disclaimer: I have absolutely no rights whatsoever. For deviant daydreaming purposes only. XD

Rating: M for language and adult situations.

Summary: Sanzo/Gojyo: an Angel from the Underworld and a Devil from Paradise… (Hmm… Which is which?) Shounen-ai, yaoi, WAFF

Warning! Rated SxGxS. (At last! At last! My muses are back… XD… Grazie, Darkness… LOL)

Rated "#$&! fangirl Japanese!" for – yep – "#$&! fangirl Japanese". Heh.




"If I have freedom in my love and in my soul am free,

Angels alone that soar above enjoy such liberty."

Richard Lovelace


He breathes deep and rolls his head around with a satisfied smile. His limbs are incredibly loose and relaxed, and he feels exceptionally invigorated and refreshed like he hasn't felt in ages. If only all the towns in their route were as prosperous as this one…

He grasps the handle on his door and barely stifles a shout as it is suddenly yanked open from within. Framed in the doorway is a scowling, naked, magnificently aroused kappa.

"About fucking time…" Gojyo growls, hauling Sanzo into his arms impatiently as he quickly shuts and locks the door. "Where the hell were you!" the redhead demands jealously, crushing him tightly in a fierce, possessive embrace.

"I fell asleep in the bathhouse, baka," Sanzo rasps, meeting Gojyo's incensed stare mockingly.

Gojyo glowers at him, and then his head swoops down to collide their mouths together.

Sanzo murmurs in a pleased voice, his arms going around Gojyo to return the kappa's fervent, frantic embrace, the past four nights of camping out having kept them apart. For some moments they are oblivious to everything else; paying no attention even to certain insistent parts of their anatomies demanding satisfaction. They feast drunkenly on each other's mouths, reveling in the heady pleasure of being in each other's arms.

"So are you going to show me what you learned today, my tortured scholar?" Sanzo murmurs, as he drops his head to trail a moist, burning path down Gojyo's jaw to his throat. His tongue licks lazy circular patterns just above the kappa's wildly throbbing pulse, making Gojyo moan deeply.

"You like me being studious and scholarly, hmm?" Gojyo purrs, as he impatiently unties the sash and peels off the cream-gold robes off the monk's shoulders.

"Mmm" Sanzo rumbles, licking hotly up the side of his neck. A white hand impatiently pushes through crimson hair to comb it back from the kappa's ear. "I like…" Sanzo growls deeply, before he darts his tongue inside the sensitive orifice.

"Uhhnnnn! … Baby…." Gojyo groans, his hands abandoning Sanzo's waist to drag the blonde's mouth back where it belongs: locked wetly with his lips. Even then he is not spared from his lover's wild passion, as Sanzo attacks his mouth greedily. Sanzo spears his tongue eagerly inside the kappa's mouth to swirl around and taste every inch of him, before lustily engaging in a playful, erotic slow-dance with Gojyo's hot, slick, hungry tongue.

They move to the bed, with occasional pauses to discard Sanzo's clothing. Their progress is slow, as they stop after each article is removed to kiss lustily, their mouths drawn to each other helplessly. The shadows and the dark listen shamelessly as the lovers murmur and gasp and moan. Shit, yes… right there… Oh yeah… do that again! …Fu-u-uck, baby… uhnnn! …

When at last Gojyo lies down with Sanzo on top of him, both men are now naked and covered with a fine sheen of sweat. Sanzo leans down and rumbles against the kappa's neck. "Show me what the Kama Sutra taught you, my industrious pupil…" with a smug smirk that the redhead feels against his throat.

"Baka…" Gojyo growls, wrapping his arms fiercely around Sanzo. "You know good and well I wasn't there to read the goddamn Kama Sutra…"

"Oh?" Sanzo pushes up on his elbows to stare teasingly down into his lover's burning eyes. "What did you find out then, erogappa?"

Gojyo stares intensely up at Sanzo with passion-filled, triumphant, worshipful eyes. "That I'm your 'fiery one'…" he whispers huskily, rolling over to pin the blonde beneath him. He leans down and breathes against Sanzo's lips – "and this seraphim is about to set you on fire…"

"Gojyo…" Sanzo groans, arching up into him as he threads his fingers through beautiful red hair. "Now, baby, now…" he growls, lifting up from the pillow to capture Gojyo's mouth in a desperate, furious kiss. Lean marble legs wrap around Gojyo's waist as he thrusts against the kappa in wild abandon.

Gojyo grins. "If this is what an afternoon of my reading does to you, I think I just might turn myself into a nerdy bookworm…" he drawls, and then he groans as Sanzo impatiently reaches down between them to grasp their throbbing lengths together demandingly.

"Dammit, baby, quit babbling. I want you…" Sanzo growls, purple eyes flashing.

"And I need you, tenshi," Gojyo growls back, a wicked gleam in his eyes. "Remember, I'm your seraphim, 'the fiery one'…" he purrs. "Don't blame me of you spontaneously combust…"



They both spontaneously combust, as it turns out, with Sanzo biting down hard on Gojyo's shoulder to contain his groans of pleasure… thus leaving behind a permanent reminder of the day that Sha Gojyo The Playboy actually "exercised" a different, --er-- , head, for once; as his lover mockingly put it.

Gojyo leans over Sanzo and retrieves his smokes, as Sanzo lights up a Marlboro of his own. He settles back down beside Sanzo with the satisfied air of a man whose every wish his fulfilled, especially when Sanzo moves to give the bite marks a tender kiss, before settling the golden head down just beneath his chin.

Gojyo wraps his free arm around Sanzo as they enjoy their well-earned smokes. "I never studied so hard in my entire life, just to find out the meaning of a word…" he sighs, stroking the monk's back lazily. "Aren't you proud of me, blondie?" he asks with humble earnestness.

"Baka…" Sanzo rasps, his lips twitching.

"That's not exactly what I want to hear…"

Sanzo snorts, then rests his open palm down over Gojyo's heart. "I'm proud of you, you bastard," he growls, raising his face up to stare at Gojyo amusedly.

Gojyo winces. "Thank you kindly, asshole." And he bends down to take the proffered lips in a soft, lingering kiss that belies their hard words.

When they draw apart, Gojyo licks his lips, savoring their combined flavor and the mingled taste of their cigarettes. Feeling talkative, he idly strokes the monk's back as he shares his amazing findings with a sleepy, satiated Sanzo.

"… And then there's Uriel, and Azazel… You won't believe all the crazy, obscure stuff I dug up while I was at it…"


"For instance, did you know that the archangels are NOT the highest order of angels? Damn, and here I always thought they were the top dudes…" Gojyo chuckles as he recalls a pleasing fact. "Guess what the highest order is, bouzu."

"Nani?" Sanzo yawns, wishing his lover would shut up.

"The choir, who sing at the throne of God. The Ophanim, the Cherubim, and—"

"—the Seraphim. I know." Sanzo turns to stub out his smoke and yawns again, the hot bath and the hotter sex having reduced him to a relaxed, drowsy puddle. He nestles himself back down more comfortably against his bronzed, human pillow, and fights the urge to snarl 'Urusei' at the animated kappa. He listens with half an ear as Gojyo talks excitedly on about the subject which had unwittingly captured his interest; so much so that he actually spent the entire afternoon in the library before he was aware of it, only emerging from the vortex of his fascinated reading when he realized he had a raging headache.

Sanzo feels his eyes closing as he loses the fight to stay awake, when Gojyo suddenly says something that arrests his attention. He blinks up at the kappa and asks him to repeat his last sentence.

Gojyo smiles tenderly down at him. "I said, I'm your Alpha, baby, and—"

Sanzo scowls. "That's what I thought you said…" the blonde mutters darkly, and then he rears up swiftly and imprisons Gojyo's startled head between his elbows, as he glowers down at the redhead. "Don't you go thinking that just because I allow you certain liberties in bed sometimes that you're the boss, you bastard… If there's an Alpha Male in this room, it ISN'T you," Sanzo growls, his hands shooting out to pin Gojyo's wrists down on the bed.

Gojyo blinks and raises his eyebrows, puzzled, until it hits him – and then he promptly ruins the blonde's display of dominance by jerking away to bury his face in the pillow as he laughs his head off.

Sanzo scowls deeper, and proceeds to rain furious blows on his lover's shaking back. "Yamero! Asshole! What the hell is so fucking funny!"

"Ow…" Gojyo rolls back over and captures Sanzo's fists. "I like a bit of pain, but at the proper moment, blondie…"


"As I was SAYING," Gojyo cuts in, as he rolls over and presses the cursing Sanzo back into the mattress, and covers the lean marble body with his tanned one, "I'm your first, Alpha, and you're my last, Omega, you goddamn hot-headed wildcat!" he scolds. "This just proves you weren't listening to me…" he sulks.

Sanzo falls silent and quits struggling. And then alabaster arms shoot up to crush Gojyo down to him, locking around the kappa so possessively that it sends electricity crackling up Gojyo's spine.

"Tell me again," Sanzo whispers gruffly against his nape.

"I'm your first, and you're my last, angel," Gojyo breathes softy into his ear.

"You better not forget that, kappa…" Sanzo mutters, turning his head to give his lover a rough, domineering kiss.

"Mmm…" Gojyo sighs, when they break apart. "As if I could…"

Silence. An ivory hand reaches up and threads itself through shimmering red hair as they settle down to the few hours of sleep together, before Gojyo has to go back to his room.



"Next time don't try to be witty, especially when I'm sleepy. I might actually shoot you before I know it."

Gojyo rolls his eyes. And then he grins. "Hai-hai, Sanzo-sama… But only if you get mushy on me again…"

"Baka!" …and then – "'Ch… I love you, you lunatic."

Gojyo nestles his head more comfortably against Sanzo's chin as he smirks contentedly. "Ditto, you beautiful bastard."

Sanzo turns his head to press his lips against the tanned forehead, and there his lips stay, as the "seraphim" and his tenshi fall asleep.

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