Title: The Angel In The Marble (Part 8 of the Barely Breathing thread)  Chapter 3

Author: Befanini
Website: http://www.fanfiction.net/~befanini

Disclaimer: I have absolutely no rights whatsoever. For deviant daydreaming purposes only. XD

Rating: M for language and adult situations.

Summary: Sanzo/Gojyo: an Angel from the Underworld and a Devil from Paradise… (Hmm… Which is which?) Shounen-ai, yaoi, WAFF

Warning! Rated SxGxS. (At last! At last! My muses are back… XD… Grazie, Darkness… LOL)

Rated "#$&! fangirl Japanese!" for – yep – "#$&! fangirl Japanese". Heh.




He drops his cigarette to the ground and crushes it beneath his boot. He breathes deep, throwing his head back to gaze at the quarter moon. His gaze falls to the swiftly flowing current of the river. He sighs. Another night of camping out. Which means his favorite 'bedtime snack' is out of bounds…

He gasps as a pair of strong brown arms enfold him from behind, holding him possessively back against the hard, muscled body he knows so well. He can't help the thrill that shoots up his spine as the wicked mouth nuzzles his sensitive ear and whispers huskily.

"Finders keepers, hage bouzu…"

"Baka!" Sanzo hisses, breaking Gojyo's hold and stepping away swiftly. "What if they suddenly come looking for us?"

"Pooh. They're asleep. I made sure," Gojyo tells him, crooking his index finger, the red eyes smoldering. "Now get back here where you belong, blondie."

"Hmph." Sanzo crosses his arms and snorts. "I don't think so. The last time we did it in the woods I almost got devoured by a colony of angry ants!"

"Eh, how was I to know that bump was their home?" Gojyo grins, closing the distance between them and taking a stiff Sanzo in his arms.

"You perv. Wasn't this morning enough for you?" Sanzo scorns, trying to remain indifferent, and failing entirely. Of their own volition, his arms are already wrapping around Gojyo and crushing his lover to him yearningly, even as he warns crossly, "Not tonight."

"Aw c'mon, baby. All I want is a kiss," Gojyo groans deeply, before he proceeds to kiss Sanzo senseless, his own moans of raw need lost in his lover's groans of pleasure.

Gojyo's hands come up to clasp Sanzo's face, and he angles his own head for a better fit as he stabs his tongue again and again into the warm, wet cavern of Sanzo's mouth. Sanzo shudders, and responds by threading his hands through the kappa's silken hair, as he opens his mouth wide to capture the wicked tongue and sucks it greedily, making Gojyo gasp and moan throatily. The brown arms drop back down to lift the blonde up and strain him against the kappa's hard, muscled body.

When Gojyo withdraws his tongue, Sanzo growls and chases after it with his own, as they sink down onto the grass. Sanzo lies down on top of Gojyo, his hands cradling the kappa's head as he devours his lover's mouth hungrily, making low desperate sounds of need in his throat. Without breaking their kiss, Gojyo rolls over, taking care to pillow Sanzo's head on his hands, his tongue wetly mimicking the grinding motion of his hips against Sanzo. Sanzo moans and thrusts up against him urgently.

At last they have to come up for air, and Sanzo yelps in protest and astonishment as Gojyo suddenly rolls away with a deep sigh.

"Arigatou, tenshi," Gojyo gasps, standing up swiftly and dusting himself off, before he quickly hauls the speechless Sanzo up off the ground too. "I think I'll sleep better now…"

And Gojyo turns his back and walks away, biting his lip hard to keep from laughing out loud at the look of pure disbelief and shock on his lover's face. He takes three steps before the tirade hits him.

"OI! Goddamn erogappa!"

"Nani?" Gojyo stops without turning around, a big grin plastered on his face.

"Get back here and finish what you started, dammit!"

"Oh?" Gojyo revolves slowly, reveling in the burning gaze that rakes over him from head to foot. "I thought you objected to making love in the woods?"

"Are you asking for a bullet in the head!" Sanzo snarls, narrowing his eyes.

"Well, that would be a problem, don't you think?" Gojyo raises his eyebrows as he retraces his steps. He almost feels scorched from the heat radiating from the cool amethyst eyes. "First of all, that would wake Green Eyes and the bakazaru, and there'll be a big inquisition about what we're doing awake, and deep in the woods, away from camp, and flushed and tousled and—"

Gojyo coughs, and quickly closes the remaining space between them to press their arousals together, in lieu of finishing his sentence. At the same instant, he bends down to whisper teasingly, "And two, if you shoot me, you wouldn't have your wickedly handsome, drop-dead gorgeous, sexier-than-hell Sha Gojyo, now, would you?" he murmurs against Sanzo's lips.

Sanzo glowers at him, then swiftly grabs hold of his head and bites down on the kappa's lower lip. Gojyo yelps. "Quit being a fucking tease," the monk growls against his mouth, grinding his hips ardently against Gojyo as he wraps his arms around him. "Finish what you started, I said."

Gojyo nips at Sanzo's lips in return. "First say the magic words," he replies huskily.

"Dammit kappa, I'm not in the mood for your silly games!"

"Nuh-uh, blondie, strike one."

"I think I'll just shoot you after all…" Sanzo mutters darkly.

"Strike two, tenshi…" Gojyo murmurs, twinkling red eyes down into their annoyed purple counterparts.

Sanzo glares up challengingly, defiantly. "Fucking fuck me, damn you!"

Gojyo clucks his tongue, finding himself trapped in a corner. After a beat, he comes out with – "Strike two and a half."

At that, Sanzo snorts. "Two and a half?!" he arches his eyebrows mockingly. Damn provoking, irresistible fool.

Gojyo only gives him a roguish, foolish, unquenchable grin, rubbing his lover's back as he waits for his answer.

Sanzo sighs, Gojyo's playfulness, as always, dissolving his crustiness and making him melt and surrender willingly in his arms. He glares one more time for good measure, before the violet eyes soften and he whispers the words in a low, gruff voice. "Make love to me, Sha Gojyo."

And then he drowns as Gojyo groans deeply, crushes him in his arms, and proceeds to do exactly that.



"Mind if I get a light?" Gojyo drawls, leaning over Sanzo to touch his cigarette to the burning end of the priest's Marlboro. Remembering this morning in the inn, he stays in place, feeling warm and fuzzy all over as recollections of his lover's possessiveness and unusual tenderness of this morning rush through his mind.

He therefore gets a rude awakening when Sanzo pushes at him irritably. "Get off, dammit. You're heavy…" Gojyo starts to regret having teased Sanzo just now, as it seems to have restored the monk's crabbiness, before his lover proves him wrong. For Sanzo only pushes him slightly to the side, and urges his head down to a creamy alabaster shoulder, where it belongs. Sanzo follows it up with a soft kiss to his forehead, and Gojyo sighs contentedly.

Still, he sighed too soon.

"Dammit, baby, this is really the last time we're doing it in the wilderness," Sanzo growls above him as he takes a deep drag on his smoke. "I'm black and blue all over… Shit…"

Gojyo looks up just in time to catch the blonde's pained wince. "Gomen, angel… was I too rough tonight?" he asks, caressing Sanzo's face in concern.

"Iie, you bastard. You know I like it rough…. It's these goddamn rocks and twigs and who knows what…"

Gojyo bites his lip. "You want me to rub your back for you?"


"Um… how 'bout I kiss your boo-boos and make them go away?"

Purple eyes glitter dangerously down at him. "You think you're funny. Haha. This is really the last time, kappa," Sanzo warns him grimly.

Gojyo rolls over, taking Sanzo with him, so that their positions are reversed. "Not unless you want me to go stark raving mad each time we have to camp out, tenshi," he protests, as he starts to massage Sanzo's back gently.

"Live with it," comes the heartless reply, as Sanzo crushes out his smoke before tucking his hand beneath Gojyo's shoulder.

"Nah… there's a simple solution, baby," Gojyo tells him.

"Nani?" Sanzo drawls lazily, absentmindedly nibbling on the kappa's collarbone.

Gojyo groans. "You'll just have to be on top from now on…"

Sanzo leans up on his elbows to smirk mockingly down on his lover. "And I suppose you mean, starting right now, hmm?"

Gojyo crushes out his smoke too, before pulling Sanzo back down into his arms. "Aa," he confirms throatily. "Starting right now. Make love to me, Genjo Sanzo." He grins expectantly, and waggles his eyebrows invitingly.

"Baka erogappa…"

And Gojyo drowns too.


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