Title: Heart Attack (Part 12 of Barely Breathing) Chapter 8

Author: Befanini
Website: http://www.fanfiction.net/~befanini

Disclaimer: I wish. They're mine only in my daydreams. XD

Rating: M

Summary: Sex alleviates tension. Love causes it. LOL It's a vicious cycle… More SxGxS madness.

A/N: Damn it's been too long! I have a lot of things going on at the moment, but never fear, Sanzo and Gojyo are still very much in my waking and dreaming fantasies. XD It may just take a bit longer to update these days, so bear with me for a bit, okay!



I never knew how to worship until I knew how to love. - Henry Ward Beecher



Gojyo waited until he heard the footsteps fading down the stairs, and then hurried back to Sanzo's room, beer and sandwiches in hand. He found the monk standing by the window, smoking a cigarette and frowning fiercely out at the rain.

"Tsk." Gojyo clicked his tongue disapprovingly, as Sanzo turned and faced him. "I thought I'd cured you of that by now."

Sanzo glared and said nothing.

Gojyo shrugged easily, not wanting to start an argument about the rain. He pouted instead, as Sanzo joined him at the table. "You put your clothes back on," he observed with a disappointed grimace.

"Idiot," the monk retorted. "I certainly can't answer the door buck naked."

Gojyo winked at him. "You can if I'm delivering room service," he cackled.


After they'd divided Sanzo's dinner tray and Gojyo's sandwiches, they had a quick game of cards as they started on the beer. There was the requisite teasing by Gojyo, and death threats by Sanzo, and accusations of cheating and insulting each other's skills.

But it took only a few hands before Gojyo started to lose interest and began looking hotly at Sanzo. The monk snapped his eyes up as Gojyo folded his cards without even looking at them, and found the kappa grinning sexily at him. Gojyo raised his eyebrows.

Sanzo flushed, the blood pulsing wildly in his veins as answering desire rushed through him. Purple eyes narrowed as he rasped hoarsely. "We're done here."

"Aa," Gojyo agreed softly, crimson eyes gleaming. He stood up, intending to scoop the priest up and throw him down on the bed; and he squawked in protest as Sanzo stood up abruptly and fended him off.

"Baby?" Gojyo asked, bewildered.

"I need a shower," Sanzo replied through gritted teeth, as he pulled the black top over his head. Gojyo watched helplessly as creamy porcelain skin gleamed invitingly before him, the blond's pale nipples already stiff. Sanzo frowned at him, as he stepped out of his jeans. "Move!" Sanzo growled impatiently, turning his back and walking to the bathroom.

Understanding dawned, and Gojyo hastily removed his clothes as well, leaving a trail of garments behind as he happily followed the blond to the shower.

He stepped beneath the warm spray, groaning huskily as Sanzo pressed close and locked his arms around him. His mouth collided frantically with Sanzo's, as his hands went down to clasp his lover's ass, grinding them together in slow, erotic circles.

"Nnn…" Gojyo moaned, as Sanzo dropped his lips to suck greedily at the hollow of his throat, white hands splayed on his chest and thumbs rubbing over his sensitive nipples, sending shocks of pleasure rippling through his spine. And all the while the steady stream of warm water rained down on them, like tiny needles prickling his skin in a sensual massage, echoing and intensifying the pleasure that Sanzo was giving him until Gojyo felt like he was literally drowning in bliss.

Sanzo's mouth found its way back up to his lips, both of them moaning as they kissed desperately. The kappa reached behind Sanzo for the bar of soap, and turned the knob on the shower so that the water was now softer and fell on them like a light mist. Sanzo growled in protest as Gojyo broke their liplock, but then he gasped moments later as his lover reached down with his lathered hands and smoothed the slick, slippery soap over both their erections.

Sanzo reached down too, but Gojyo held his wrist, and gave him a sexy grin. He hauled the puzzled blond back into his arms, and coaxed Sanzo to wrap his arms around him as well. Gojyo kept their eyes locked together, red burning into purple, foreheads touching, as he slowly began to grind against Sanzo.

The violet eyes widened in shocked pleasure, and then slammed shut as Sanzo hissed through clenched teeth. "Oh fuck… Gojyo…!"

"Not this time, baby," Gojyo breathed against his lips, before crushing his mouth down hard on Sanzo's. Sanzo kissed him back just as wildly, as their arms tightened around each other, hips grinding as they thrust and rubbed against each other, the slippery soap making the slide of slick, hard, throbbing flesh against heated velvet skin a delicious, maddening torture.

With nothing more than the friction of each other's toned bellies and the heady bliss of hot breath and yielding lips and wet, sinuous coiling tongues, they both moaned long and deep into each other's mouths as they exploded simultaneously, striping their chests and stomachs with their hot seed, entangled and rubbing frantically against each other like a pair of teenagers.

"Damn…" Sanzo panted, sagging weakly against Gojyo.

"Yeah…" Gojyo gasped, turning his head blindly to give Sanzo a quick kiss. The kiss landed on the blond's ear.

"Why the hell haven't we ever done that before?" Sanzo demanded, taking slow, steadying breaths.

Gojyo only grinned, and waggled his eyebrows.

Sanzo pulled back and scowled at him. "Hurry up and finish washing, then!" he snapped, turning away and briskly lathering up as he turned the shower on at full blast once more. The kappa continued smiling, and picked up the bottle of shampoo. Lavender and honey. How appropriate. He poured some on his palm.

Sanzo turned quickly and pinned him with a glare. "Don't touch me," the blond hissed, correctly guessing that his lover meant to shampoo his hair for him. "I want to finish up here quick," Sanzo ordered, violet eyes blazing with desire. "Then you can show me properly what else you've been keeping to yourself…"

"Heh." Gojyo grinned, and stole a swift kiss anyway, ignoring Sanzo's impatient frown. "It's nice having the great Sha Gojyo for your lover, ne, Sanzo-sama?" Claret eyes twinkled merrily down at regal, dignified purple.

"'Ch. Baka!"




"Uhhnn!" Gojyo threw his head back and gave one last powerful thrust, sheathing himself fully inside Sanzo, hips jerking helplessly as mind-numbing pleasure throbbed through his body.

"Gods…" Sanzo hissed, the hot feel of Gojyo spilling inside him triggering his own explosive release, making him arch wantonly beneath his lover, golden head thrashing wildly on the pillows.

The kappa collapsed on top of Sanzo, both of them limp and sweaty and pleasantly exhausted. After a minute or so, Gojyo braced himself up to smile down at the blond. "That was fucking amazing," he panted, scarlet eyes fever-bright with blind adoration and bronze skin gleaming over the proud planes of his face.

"Mmm…" Sanzo murmured, hands coming up to comb Gojyo's hair back, and then settling down to frame the kappa's face in his slender fingers. "And you're fucking beautiful, baby." He brushed his thumbs softly over the corners of Gojyo's lips.

Red eyes widened, and then Gojyo gave a low groan and buried his face in Sanzo's throat. "You make me so happy, you know that you bastard…" he choked, tanned arms cradling the golden head possessively.

Sanzo snorted, an arm going around Gojyo's back and the other hand reaching up to continue stroking through the fiery red hair. "Hn. And you break my heart," he murmured lightly, as the kappa trembled against him, overcome.

"Aishiteru, tenshi… aishiteru…" Gojyo whispered fervently, glib words deserting him at moments like this, when his touchy, aloof Sanzo let his guard down and allowed Gojyo to glimpse the gentleness he so rarely showed. Lovers they might be, but it was still a rare thing for the monk to be this mellow and eloquent, and whenever it happened Sanzo was so sweet and tender that it overwhelmed Gojyo.

"I know, you idiot," Sanzo breathed in his ear; and though the words were snide the hands holding him remained soft and gentle, and the priest's heart beat wildly against his ear, and Gojyo shuddered and sighed in pure happiness, and leaned up once more to kiss his corrupt monk and worship him with his body and show him just how crazy Gojyo was about him.


Sanzo lay on his side, head resting on his hand propped up on his elbow as he gazed down at the sleeping Gojyo. He was exhausted, but it was a delicious kind of tiredness, his body for once replete after they'd made love yet again. He'd lost count how many times they'd fucked each other senseless, and that was just today. Glancing out the window at the weeping, miserable rain, he knew that tomorrow Gojyo would wear him out again, milking every last drop of pleasure from his yielding flesh. The thought made him shiver in anticipation, and actually thank the gods for the rain for the first time since he could remember.

Fuck. And to think just a few hours ago he'd been staring morosely out the window at the wet weather, resenting the unrelenting downpour and the memories they always brought. And here he was now, actually grateful for the delay that same rain brought, and all because it meant he could play as much as he wanted with Gojyo.

Sanzo grinned to himself. The miracles that this horny rascal worked where he, Sanzo, was concerned, and the damn kappa didn't even know it. Not that Sanzo was about to give the bastard the satisfaction of knowing there was one more thing he had to grin smugly about. Gojyo was already enough of a peacock without Sanzo stoking his already sizeable ego.

But then the violet eyes softened thoughtfully as the monk continued gazing down at his sleeping lover. No, that wasn't entirely accurate either. Where he was concerned, Gojyo was anything but flippant. Sure, the rogue lived to tease him, and torment him, and even laugh at him and his awkward embarrassment and self-consciousness at times; and Heaven knew Gojyo drove him crazy with his juvenile antics and playful little games and daring stunts – like pressing close and cupping his ass in the crowded marketplace, or nonchalantly stroking his leg with a naughty foot when all four of them were soaking in the bathhouse, or stealing a bite on his shoulder, quicker than lightning, amidst the noise and confusion of fighting off another band of idiot youkai.

Yes, Gojyo still tested the limits of his patience, and Sanzo still felt the overpowering itch to shoot him sometimes, and the harisen still landed with stinging regularity on his lover, perhaps even more now than ever before. But somehow Sanzo sensed that Gojyo understood that this was the monk's perverse way of dealing with their relationship, especially since they were trying so hard to keep it a secret. Because God knew the more distant and cruel Sanzo was to Gojyo in public, that the opposite was true whenever they were alone together.

Sanzo himself was amazed at the overwhelming tenderness for Gojyo that welled up in him when it was just the two of them. Indeed, he still felt somewhat uncomfortable with it sometimes, and usually expressed it only with the possessive caresses and searing kisses he bestowed upon Gojyo.

But – as it had happened a little while ago – sometimes he surprised even himself, when words spilled out of his mouth seemingly without his being aware of it. He had never imagined himself spouting such sentimental crap, least of all to the horny pervert whose primary mission in life, it had seemed, was to make his life a living hell.

And yet he'd done it, whispered sweet nothings in Gojyo's ear, and it had thrilled him as much as it thrilled Gojyo, who was always overwhelmed when Sanzo was in an affectionate mood. It made Sanzo happy to know he affected the cocky devil so strongly, and could bring him to the point of tears with just a few husky words.

It was a heady feeling, knowing he had the power to break the carefree playboy's heart. It gave him immense satisfaction, and not by virtue of the possibility of inflicting hurt on the silly bastard. No, he was too far gone for such petty ideas. It was rather the humbling thought that Gojyo's heart belonged to him, and that the easygoing, happy-go-lucky wild child that was Sha Gojyo trusted Sanzo with his happiness.

Amethyst eyes roamed possessively over the handsome face before him, relaxed now in repose. He'd meant what he'd said. Gojyo was beautiful, and it was far more than the arresting high cheekbones, the wickedly arched brows, the handsome nose, the startling wine-colored eyes, or the sensual lips so generous they only had to smile to make you feel kissed.

No, it was the subtle mark of pain and tragedy that rendered Gojyo breathtaking. It was the stamp of suffering, of a survivor's struggle and his lonely, courageous triumph – those twin gashes on his left cheek that gave him such a dangerous air, also made you want to caress him, and soothe him, and heal those scars that were invisible to the eye.

If there was one word that described that handsome, arrogant face so perfectly, it was the word strong. Beneath the carefree smile and the naughty, bold attitude and bad-boy bravado, Sha Gojyo possessed a will of steel, an obstinate, self-won strength born of a tragic urchin's quiet desperation. They were, deep down, so alike; and the fact that Gojyo yielded that strength so readily and allowed himself to be vulnerable with Sanzo was what "broke" the monk's heart.

And it was this same guileless trust that shattered Sanzo's defenses and revealed a gentleness and tenderness that surprised even him. He had not thought that he was capable of such softness. And the strange thing was, that he no longer thought of it as weak. Sha Gojyo's influence on him was such that he only found such emotions exhilarating, and liberating. Even if he was still cold and reserved with Gojyo around other people. Hn. But Gojyo understood that too; and what was more, he accepted it, just like he accepted all of Sanzo's various faults and shortcomings.

Sanzo had never dreamed of being loved so completely, and so honestly. He had never questioned it either. Gojyo loved him, and he loved him just as he was. Fucking unbelievable. Fucking stupid kappa. Fucking, wonderful Gojyo.


Purple eyes stared in horror at the lazy grin slowly forming on his lover's wicked lips. Had he just said all that out loud? Where the hell was his goddamn harisen … !

"Quit staring, baka," Gojyo drawled as he opened his eyes, cheekily throwing his own words back at him.

Sanzo frowned, and glared into sleepy crimson eyes shining impishly up at him.

And then he electrified Gojyo by rolling over on top of the kappa, hands threading through the silky red hair, as he drowned Gojyo with mad, greedy kisses.

"Angel?" Gojyo gasped, shivering with dazed pleasure.

"… Love you. I love you, Gojyo…" Sanzo growled throatily, giving in to the flood of intense emotion roaring through his entire being.

"Uhnnn!" Gojyo moaned, as Sanzo captured his mouth in a deep, lingering kiss, giving him no chance to reply. But there was no need for words anyway, as they poured their souls into each other with that kiss, which although as hot and lusty as any they'd ever shared, for once was not a "prelude to sex"; but simply an affirmation of their feelings for each other.

"Aahhh… hah…" Sanzo gasped, when they finally broke apart. He collapsed down onto Gojyo and nestled his face into his lover's throat.

"Nnn…" Gojyo moaned softly in reply, his heart drumming so crazily he thought for a moment it was going to burst. Involuntarily, almost, he reached up with his right hand to feel for himself just how hard it was pounding in his chest. It seemed like a caged bird, for Tenkai's sake…

"Hn… I know," Sanzo rumbled, as he caught hold of the kappa's hand and placed it over his own marble-colored chest. "Feels like a goddamn heart attack, doesn't it?" the blond growled almost resentfully.

Gojyo gave a snort of laughter. "Damn, Sanzo, you're talking like an old fart or something…"

Sanzo froze, and then reared up to rain annoyed blows down on the grinning kappa. "Just when I'm feeling sentimental, you asshole!" he seethed. "You ALWAYS ruin my mood, damn you!"

"I'm sorry! I'm sorry!" Gojyo yelped, shielding himself with his arms, and still chuckling helplessly. He couldn't help it. He was just so happy.

After a while, the kappa leaned cautiously over the monk's shoulder, since the irritated blond was now lying on his side facing away from him. "Sanzo?" he whispered hesitantly.


"Shall I get the banishing gun so you can punish me properly?"


"Although to tell you honestly, I'd really prefer the paper fan… that way the torture will last longer..."

Sigh. Sanzo rolled over on his back and glowered up at his maddening lover.

"Or you could use the Maten Scripture?" Gojyo asked, face brightening. "We've never tried that before…"

Sanzo blew on his bangs in exasperation. "Gojyo."


"Shut the fuck up and—"

Gojyo placed his index finger over Sanzo's mouth. "—And kiss you. I know." He smiled tenderly down at Sanzo.

And he did just that, and this time it was another of those kisses that led to other pleasurable delights, and not even the rain made any difference as they lost themselves in each other once more.


-owari at last.-


A/N: This chapter was more "lemony" than usual, but apart from keeping with the story's summary, I figure that after the torture of the previous chapters we ALL deserve it, not least of all Sanzo and Gojyo themselves. Heh.

And speaking of –er—"lemons": watch out for a senseless 353 smut fic I will be posting next on AFF and mediaminer. I've already had two "strikes" with FF dot net regarding my parodies Truly Madly Deeply and Episode 1: TMD; that I'm terrified of being banned completely if I post a graphic Sanzo/Gojyo here. LOL In a week or so… and I'm already red-faced with embarrassment, if you must know. Heh.

Later, then.



Japanese mini-glossary:

Baka: stupid/moron/idiot

Bakazaru: stupid monkey

Kappa: water demon

Tenkai: heaven

Yare yare: "dear oh dear" , "boy oh boy" (expression of displeasure or exasperation)

Ikkou: group

Hai: yes

Aishiteru: I love you

Tenshi: angel

Youkai: demon

K'so: (Japanese swear-word)

Hentai: pervert(ed)

Urusei: shut up

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