Title: Heart Attack (Part 12 of Barely Breathing) Chapter 7

Author: Befanini
Website: http://www.fanfiction.net/~befanini

Disclaimer: I wish. They're mine only in my daydreams. XD

Rating: M

Summary: Sex alleviates tension. Love causes it. LOL It's a vicious cycle… More SxGxS madness.

A/N: Damn it's been too long! I have a lot of things going on at the moment, but never fear, Sanzo and Gojyo are still very much in my waking and dreaming fantasies. XD It may just take a bit longer to update these days, so bear with me for a bit, okay!



Where love is concerned, too much is not even enough. - Pierre de Beaumarchais



"Here we go!" Hakkai smiled, rejoining the others by the roaring fire. It was past four p.m. They had just made it in time to beat the next fury of the storm. Thankfully, Hakkai's travel guide was correct. The town was prosperous, and their inn was large and comfortable. They had had a huge late lunch, to Goku's great delight. Gojyo had crowed approvingly when they had passed the town's busy-looking bar. Sanzo had his Marlboros, plus two cartons. And Hakuryu was sleeping contentedly by the fire while the rain beat furiously outside.

"Ooh! Hurry up, Hakkai! Set it up! Set it up!" Goku exclaimed eagerly.

Sanzo glanced over, and then snorted behind his newspaper.

"Eh?" Gojyo sat up from where he'd been reclining on the sofa. "I thought you were off to borrow another mahjong set, Hakkai?" he asked, eyeing Hakkai's bundle.

"Somebody else beat us to it," the healer replied with a shrug. "So I thought we'd try something different for once." He set down a chess set. Goku danced around impatiently as Hakkai pulled up two chairs.

Gojyo cackled. "That game's too complicated for the stupid monkey." He tossed a few nuts from his snack bowl at Goku.

"Cut that out!" Goku glared.

"Leave him alone," Sanzo ordered from behind his newspaper, as Hakkai set the board up.

Gojyo shrugged, and resumed tossing almonds up in the air and trying to catch them in his mouth.

"Come on, Goku, I'll teach you how to play," Hakkai invited. Goku smiled happily and took the seat opposite Hakkai.

Gojyo jumped up. "Wait!" he called frantically, waving his arms.


"Are you choking, you pervy kappa? Serves you right!"

The redhead walked boldly up to Sanzo and coughed discreetly. The newspaper lowered. "What?" Sanzo snapped, whipping off his reading glasses.

Gojyo held up his palms. "I just wanna borrow something…" Sanzo eyed him suspiciously. "Er… would Sanzo-sama be so kind as to lend me those?" The kappa gestured to the monk's spectacles. Sanzo frowned. "Pleeeeaase…." Gojyo wheedled. "Five seconds. I'll be careful with them." Curiosity made the monk hand them over with a hard glare.

Gojyo grinned his thanks, and approached the chess players swiftly. He leaned over Goku and quickly slid the glasses on him. Goku blinked owlishly. Hakkai sat back, puzzled.

Gojyo bowed. "Artificial intelligence," he proclaimed solemnly. "You can start teaching him now, Sensei--!" he added hastily with a snicker, as Goku bounced up, ready to charge.

"Let's see how smart you'll be with your smart-alecky head flattened like a pancake!"

"Hehe. You even bring up food when you're threatening someone? You're so hopeless!" Gojyo sniggered, dodging behind the sofa.

"GRRRR! Stand still, you nasty overgrown cockroach!"

"Ooh, chibi-monkey's angry. I'm so scared…"

"Yare yare…" Hakkai shook his head, as the two continued chasing each other around the room. "Just like a couple of hyperactive kids cooped up indoors on a rainy day…"

"OI!" Sanzo bellowed, whipping out the harisen. "You idiots put a single scratch on my glasses and there'll be HELL to pay!"

A few well-aimed THWAKS restored order, with a couple of extra swats to the naughty kappa, much to the monkey's satisfaction. Gojyo plopped back down on his sofa with a wince. Sanzo huffed irritably, and resumed reading. Gojyo picked up a magazine as well.

"Now, Goku. The object of chess is to capture your opponent's king, which is this piece." Hakkai picked up his king and demonstrated.


"All of your playing pieces have different moves you're allowed to make…"

Goku bobbed his head up and down.

Gojyo rifled through his pages, bored, and then he tossed the magazine back to the table. He stood up and stretched. "Since we're not playing mahjong, I think I'm gonna earn me some pocket change in the bar next door," he announced.

"The innkeeper says they serve supper at seven," Hakkai reminded him.

Gojyo shrugged. "If I don't get back by then, I guess I'll just have to charm the kitchen maids into giving me a little midnight snack. Heh." Wink-wink.

Hakkai shook his head, all too familiar with his best friend's habit of skipping meals when he was on a roll playing cards. "Suit yourself," he replied ruefully.

Meanwhile, Goku was picking up his chess pieces, face scrunched up in concentration as he tried to memorize all that Hakkai had told him so far. "Hey Hakkai, which one's the Sanzo?"


"Like I said, good luck," Gojyo grinned, mussing Goku's hair affectionately. He dodged the kid's kicks easily and waved cheerfully as he exited the room.

Goku smoothed down his hair crossly, before clarifying to a patiently amused Hakkai. "We—ll. This is the king, an' the queen, an' the, um, knight, an' the bishop, right?"


"So which one's the Sanzo?"

"Ahaha. There's no 'Sanzo', Goku."

"Why? There's a Hazel, isn't there?"


Sanzo folded his newspaper and stood up, hiding a grin to save from hurting the monkey's feelings. "I'm going up to my room," he stated. "Have them bring up my dinner later," he added. "I feel like resting."

Hakkai nodded understandingly. Days like this, when the rain poured non-stop like the sky was grieving, their leader preferred mostly to be alone with his thoughts. He was just thankful that these days Sanzo ate sensibly despite the wet weather. "Sure, Sanzo," the healer smiled.

Sanzo stopped briefly beside Goku's chair. "I expect you to know enough to play a game with me tomorrow," he encouraged the kid gruffly. "It doesn't look like we'll be leaving anytime soon anyway."

Golden eyes beamed up at him. "You bet!"

"Have a good rest, Sanzo," Hakkai called as Sanzo walked through the door.





He'd just cleared the top of the stairs when he had his breath knocked out of him by Gojyo grabbing hold of his shoulders and pinning him against the wall.

"Fuck! You idi—"

The death threat never made it past his lips as Gojyo hungrily covered his mouth with his own, large hands cupping his face and long lean body pressed to him from the chest down.

Sanzo groaned, arms coming up to wrap around the kappa's neck, and he kissed Gojyo back as wildly as he was being kissed. He made no protest as the kappa dropped his hands from his face to his hips and urged his legs up to wrap around Gojyo's waist; and thus locked passionately together they stumbled through the quiet and deserted hallway and made it to Sanzo's room.

Once inside, Sanzo clung to Gojyo and ravished his neck lustily as the kappa turned to quickly lock the door. That done, he captured the monk's eagerly parted lips again, and they continued drinking greedily from each other's wide-open mouths as they made their way to the bed.

Rather than crushing Sanzo with his weight, Gojyo turned around at the last instant to fall on his back, with Sanzo pinning him down. White hands withdrew from around his back to bury themselves in his hair, as Sanzo speared his tongue over and over into his mouth, the blond's low groans and whimpers of pleasure flooding his ears.

Gojyo moaned and tore his mouth away, panting hard. Sanzo was breathing harshly as well. While they caught their breath, foreheads resting against each other, their hands began the business of getting rid of cumbersome clothes.

Gojyo pulled on the black sash while Sanzo gracefully swept the sutra off his shoulders, with the Maten Scripture coiling neatly by itself as if by magic. The gold breastplate followed, lifted off by Gojyo, and set aside carefully together with the sutra.

After that, it was impatient kicking off of shoes, and hasty unbuttonings and unzippings and shrugging impatiently out of their garments, the articles tossed aside haphazardly, all the while stealing kisses in between, with low growls of need and murmurs of desire.

"You're so perfect, Sanzo… so damn perfect…" Gojyo breathed, running his hands down Sanzo's sides as the black top came off. He toppled the priest down on the bed with a throaty groan, overwhelmed with the need to taste him.

"Shut up and hurry up you fool…" Sanzo groaned, clutching Gojyo's head to him nevertheless, as the kappa bent down to lick at and lovingly suck a pale nipple. Sanzo shuddered, and arched his hips up impatiently to grind against Gojyo, both of them still wearing their jeans.

"I love how you taste…" Gojyo muttered, moving up to fasten his mouth on the throbbing pulse in Sanzo's throat.

Sanzo shuddered again, senses swimming with pleasure at the feel of Gojyo's tongue, of Gojyo's lips, of Gojyo's hot breath on his skin. His Gojyo, whom he'd been craving for days and days. He urged his lover's head up to fuse their lips together once more, as slender hands tugged impatiently on Gojyo's jeans.

Gojyo broke their kiss with a soft curse, and he sat up abruptly to swiftly strip Sanzo of the rest of his clothes, standing up himself to shuck off his jeans and boxers. Sanzo watched him with blazing amethyst eyes, growling softly as the kappa finally stood before him in all his proud, naked glory.

"Come to me," Sanzo ordered hoarsely, arms spread wide.

But Gojyo paused thoughtfully.

Purple eyes blinked. "Gojyo?" Sanzo growled impatiently; and then he stared as the kappa gripped one of the bedposts and rocked the bed, hard. "What the fuck!" the blond snapped.

Gojyo flashed him that blinding grin. "Hehehe. Just testing. Wouldn't want to be responsible for another case of property damage like the last time." A cheeky red eye winked at Sanzo.

The priest snorted. "I said get over here, dammit!" the blond repeated, a mocking smile on his lips. "Baka…" he muttered, as Gojyo finally went into his embrace with a blissful little sigh.

A few more minutes of kisses and caresses, and they were both gasping with need. It was always like this, when they'd been apart for too long. Too long meaning a week at the least; with their potent chemistry and animal attraction and lust for each other, even spending the entire day in bed was not nearly enough.

Compound that with the fact that they were traveling West on an urgent, heavenly mission, battling countless enemies along the way, and keeping their relationship a secret, only stealing away whatever time they could with each other, and it only intensified what was already a combustible magnetism between them. Simply put, it absolutely drove them mad, and even more wildly desirous of each other; and it meant a fast and furious fuck when they finally got away by themselves; at least for the first time.

"Making love" came after, when they'd satisfied the first intense wave of aching need, and afterwards were able to take their time worshipping and enjoying each other.

And so now Gojyo rained crazed kisses down on a writhing Sanzo, whose alabaster skin was flushed a becoming peach with his desire. The kappa fumbled on the nightstand for the oil, as he gasped hopefully against his lover's kiss-swollen lips. "Top or bottom, angel?"

"Bottom," Sanzo growled, nipping none-too-gently on Gojyo's lower lip as the kappa pouted slightly in disappointment. And then the redhead stared, startled, as Sanzo snatched the bottle from his hand. Gojyo groaned as the blond cupped the back of his head and pulled him down for a quick, wet kiss, and breathed huskily against his lips. "You're riding me, baby."

A few moments of hasty preparation, and then both of them groaned in bliss as Gojyo straddled the blond and impaled himself in one smooth stroke.

"Fuck…!" Sanzo growled softly, golden head thrashing on the pillows.

"Uhnn…" Gojyo moaned in reply, eyes closed and head thrown back in ecstasy, lean hips grinding in slow circles. But the teasing didn't last for long, as lust overwhelmed them both and dictated their pace – and their bodies slammed against each other with almost brutal force.

Strong tanned legs worked to lift and lower himself on Sanzo, and Gojyo clenched rhythmically in time with his movements, driving his lover wild. Sanzo thrust up against him wantonly as well, slender oil-slicked fingers wrapping around Gojyo, making the redhead gasp and arch forward into Sanzo's hand.

Their breaths came faster, their heartbeats drummed, the rain fell furiously outside as their passion fogged up the windows from within.

And then Gojyo's eyes snapped open as Sanzo suddenly cried out. "Stop… dammit, stop!"

Gojyo froze immediately. In fact, he ceased to breathe; crimson eyes searching his lover's face frantically. "Sanzo?" he gasped, his heart in his throat.

Sanzo held up his arms with a hungry little moan, and Gojyo's breath whooshed out of him in relief. He gripped the blond's forearms to pull him up, and sighed in bliss as Sanzo locked possessive arms around him, pressing their chests together, and greedily attacked his mouth in a deep, wet kiss.

"Move, baby…" Sanzo growled against his lips, and Gojyo wrapped his arms around the blond's neck and buried his face in his lover's nape; as two, three more thrusts catapulted them to a shattering climax.


"Uhhnnn! Gojyo…"

Thus sated momentarily, slick and wet and with limbs entangled, they each lit a smoke and rested contentedly in each other's arms. This quiet time together was what both of them truly hungered for, once their bodies' needs were satisfied. Just skin pressed to skin, and occasional soft kisses, and random caresses on each other's glowing, loose-limbed bodies.

It was the simple joy of being together, feeling each other's heartbeats, smelling the other's scent and listening to each other's breath and drowsing in each other's arms in a sweet yet sexless embrace; until desire inevitably took control again and demanded satisfaction.

This explosive attraction between them generated such electric tension; and Gojyo used to find vent with his bold teasing and taunts, which in turn drew sparks from the irate blond with Sanzo's violent flare-ups.

Nowadays, though, sex provided a more delicious way of dissolving that tension; and afterwards they bathed in the togetherness that they craved the most – the nameless, inexplicable bliss that washed through them in the aftermath of sex. It was the gentleness that the rough and cocky playboy hid from the world; and a tenderness that Sanzo showed only to Gojyo.

Until the naughty kappa inevitably opened his saucy mouth.

Gojyo pushed gently at Sanzo, who was pillowed on his chest. The monk muttered sleepily. Sanzo always nodded off after they had sex. Perhaps it was because he held himself so stiffly all the time; and making love drained all that reserve and left him a boneless heap of contentment.

Gojyo tried again to get up, which caused an annoyed purple eye to glare up at him. "Where the fuck do you think you're going?" Sanzo rasped, irritated that his warm, comfortable pillow dared to disturb his nap.

"I just remembered. I stashed a six-pack of beer and a few sandwiches in my room. Just thought I'd go get them."

"The hell you are," the lump of pale flesh pinning him down growled in reply, settling the golden head more comfortably against his chest, and tightening deceptively strong arms around him.

"Damn it monk, at least you're having your dinner delivered! I had to make up an excuse, remember?" the kappa whined.

"You're starting to sound like the bakazaru."

"Hell, I just want my beer!"

"Over my dead body."

Gojyo rolled his eyes, and tried again. He was honestly thirsty, and the vision of an ice-cold can of beer was starting to torment him like those clichés of the dying man in the desert. "I'll be quick, baby," the kappa croaked. "I'll even share with you…" he wheedled, attempting once more to slide out from under a drowsy, determined monk.

"You move another inch and I swear I'll shoot you!" Sanzo growled crossly, as he felt sleep slipping away from him. Sometimes he was convinced that the reason he wanted sex with Gojyo so much was because the kappa seemed to be a natural sleeping drug. Gojyo knew exactly how to render him boneless and pliant and melting and yielding in his arms; and this carried over afterwards, sucking him into sweet, refreshing slumber.

Gojyo snorted with laughter. "Shoot me, will ya? With what? With this?" And the kappa boldly reached down to cup Sanzo in his hand.

Sanzo glared up at him, and cut off Gojyo's chortles by rearing up to crush his mouth down on the kappa's lips in a hard, punishing kiss, threading ivory fingers through Gojyo's hands and pinning them down on either side of his naughty lover's head.

And of course, beer and sleep were forgotten.




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