Title: Heart Attack (Part 12 of Barely Breathing) Chapter 6

Author: Befanini
Website: http://www.fanfiction.net/~befanini

Disclaimer: I wish. They're mine only in my daydreams. XD

Rating: M

Summary: Sex alleviates tension. Love causes it. LOL It's a vicious cycle… More SxGxS madness.

A/N: Damn it's been too long! I have a lot of things going on at the moment, but never fear, Sanzo and Gojyo are still very much in my waking and dreaming fantasies. XD It may just take a bit longer to update these days, so bear with me for a bit, okay!




Time is too slow for those who wait, too swift for those who fear, too long for those who grieve, too short for those who rejoice, but for those who love, time is eternity. Henry Van Dyke



The tent flap opened, letting in the cold night air. Sanzo squinted up with one eye at jean-clad mile-long legs, and the monk grunted as Gojyo dropped to his knees and entered the tent as silently as he could. The priest waited until Gojyo was inside his own sleeping bag, before muttering darkly. "You sure took your time…"

"Did you miss me?" Crimson eyes twinkled at Sanzo.


The kappa crossed his arms behind his head, and sighed contentedly, the picture of relaxation.

Sanzo frowned, already feeling the urge for another cigarette. "Enjoyed my last smoke, did you?" he growled.


Even in the gloom, the blond could make out the kappa licking his lips in satisfaction. Gojyo turned his head, and the scarlet eyes shone with naughty invitation. "Wanna taste?" he grinned.


"Nothing like a smoke after sex…"

Sanzo blinked.

The grin grew wider, and red eyes shone into purple with unmistakable meaning.

Pale cheeks flushed, as the image of Gojyo pleasuring himself came unbidden into Sanzo's mind. He turned his back and jerked his sleeping bag over his head, but it didn't drown out the kappa's soft chuckles.

"Bastard…" Sanzo groaned, more frustrated than ever.




Next morning, a nicotine-deprived, bad-tempered monk roused them all when it was barely daylight, and threatened to shoot everyone if they were not parked in the next town by lunchtime.

While the others scattered to get ready, the priest stalked off in the direction of the river, pale face looking like a thundercloud. Hakkai and Goku knew well enough to leave the monk alone when he was sans his Marlboros, especially first thing in the morning. But a certain gleeful redhead fancied that he knew exactly how to make it better.

"All right! I'm on water duty, right Hakkai?" Gojyo called cheerfully to the healer, who was busy packing up.

"No way! That means I have to collect firewood!" Goku howled.

"What are you whining about? We're eating out of cans as usual," Gojyo retorted, snatching up the water canteens. "You only have to gather enough wood to boil that horrible monk's coffee."

"Exactly!" Goku wailed. "Where am I supposed to find enough dry sticks after last night's downpour!"

Exactly, Gojyo grinned to himself, stalking off quickly in the direction of the river, and leaving poor Hakkai to deal with the monkey's grumbling.

"Can't you just heat one lousy mug of water with your chi, Hakkai?" Goku begged.

"Yare yare…" Hakkai sighed. "We all want something warm to drink. I am not wasting my energy to boil water. I'm sure you can manage to find an armful of dry kindling, Goku…"

"But that will take me all morning! Sanzo'll be ready to murder us all by then!"

"Then you'd best get started, ne?" Hakkai said patiently. "I'll help you after I take down the tent."

"That darn cockroach always leaves the dirty jobs to me!"

"Don't forget, you're still working off the bet, after all."

"Wahhh! Whose side are you on anyway, Hakkai?"

"Hakuryu's. We both just want to make it to the next town before it starts raining again. You know the poor fella is sensitive to cold and wet. I don't want him catching sick." The green-eyed healer stared up worriedly at the sky. Please hold off till we reach the next town! he beseeched the angry Heavens, where the storm clouds roiled menacingly, threatening to drench them at will. The next town with dry rooms, a shop for Marlboros, a bar, a restaurant (or three), and a great big roaring fire for him and Hakuryu.




Gojyo found the monk brushing his teeth viciously.

"Easy there, Sanzo, or you'll damage that sweet mouth I love so much," the redhead admonished, quickly filling the canteens. He set them aside and stepped up behind the monk.

Sanzo spat and rinsed, and wiped off his mouth vigorously, ignoring the kappa.

Gojyo was having none of that; and as he did the night before, he crossed his arms over Sanzo's shoulders and pulled the resisting priest back into the curve of his warm, lanky body. "'Morning, Beautiful," he murmured, nuzzling into the blond's nape.

Sanzo stiffened, and tried to break free. Gojyo held on stubbornly. "Let go, you asshole!" Sanzo hissed. "I'm not a fucking masochist. Don't start something that will only lead to pointless tor…ture…" he groaned. But it was too late – he was already melting, weakening in Gojyo's firm, insistent embrace; and shivering as warm, moist lips pressed greedy kisses up the column of his throat and traced the curve of his jaw, seeking his parted lips. One of the kappa's arms dropped to wrap around his narrow waist, while a large tanned hand came up to turn his face to Gojyo's. Sanzo yielded helplessly, breathing harshly.

"But it's such delicious torture," Gojyo breathed, and then those sinfully sensuous lips clamped hungrily over his mouth, and Sanzo groaned deeply, sharp pleasure rippling through his spine. The golden head arched further back against the kappa's broad shoulder as Gojyo deepened the kiss; and a slender alabaster hand instinctively found its way up to tangle yearningly in fiery red strands, while the other sought Gojyo's hand splayed against his waist and twined possessively through the kappa's fingers.

"Nnn…" Sanzo moaned, parting his lips wider, inviting Gojyo's hot, wet tongue to delve even deeper into his mouth. He shuddered with pleasure as Gojyo complied, slick velvet tongue entwining with his and setting his blood on fire.

They broke apart the merest inch, harsh panting breaths filling each other's mouths.

Gojyo licked his lips, red eyes burning into purple. "Mmm… minty…" he growled.

"Bak—uhn…!" Sanzo groaned as Gojyo swiftly captured his lips again, allowing him no reprieve. He gasped into Gojyo's mouth as the kappa dropped the hand cradling his face down to his chest and began to tease his nipple through his shirt. The other hand disentangled itself from his and reached down for his zipper.

Sanzo tore his mouth away and gripped the hand reaching into his jeans. "No, Gojyo!" he rasped, breathing hard. "You idiot, Hakkai—Goku—"

Gojyo bit his earlobe and gently drew away the resisting hand. "Relax, Sanzo," he breathed. "Trust me, angel. I would never hurt you that way," Gojyo murmured, and swept his tongue inside Sanzo's ear. Sanzo shuddered, eyes drifting shut. "We have time. Just relax and let me pleasure you…" he pleaded huskily.

"Fuck--!" Sanzo cursed helplessly, hand going back up to thread once more through crimson hair and tug Gojyo's mouth back to his eager lips. "I trust you," he gasped between kisses. "Do it," he growled, bucking against Gojyo's hand. "I'm dying…"

Gojyo groaned deeply and pulled back a little to gaze at Sanzo, and his lover's expression took his breath away. The violet eyes were half-lidded and glazed with passion, the normally pale ivory skin was flushed with desire for him, and those hard lips were blood-red and swollen from his kisses. "Fuck, but you're beautiful, Sanzo…" he groaned, bending down to fuse their mouths together, at the same moment reaching in to grasp Sanzo in his hand.

Sanzo tore his mouth away and threw his head back as Gojyo started to stroke him, and snaked the other hand up inside his black top to pluck at his sensitive nipples. Gojyo dropped his mouth and fastened it to the juncture between shoulder and neck and nuzzled his flesh through the cloth, and the golden head strained against the redhead's in tortured bliss.

"Uhnnn… Aahh!"

The blond's hips jerked helplessly as he rocked into Gojyo's hand, and Sanzo shuddered even more as Gojyo low groans filled his ear, hot breath scorching his nape as the kappa ground his own erection against him.

"This… is exactly… what I pictured," Gojyo panted in his ear, the hand working him speeding up mercilessly. "You, helpless in my arms…" the kappa groaned. "What I… fantasized about… last night…" he gasped.

Sanzo stiffened, purple eyes wide with shock, as the vision of his lover moaning out his name while he came triggered his own explosive climax.

"Nnn!" Sanzo moaned, teeth sinking hard into his lower lip, head falling back into Gojyo's shoulder. The kappa bit down gently on his neck, and the blond arched back against him with a sharp cry.

"Yes…" Gojyo hissed in his ear, and Sanzo shuddered even more, as the release tore through him in wave upon wave of intense, white-hot bliss.

He sagged weakly back against Gojyo, who held him close, face still buried in the pale throat. "You're so damn hot, baby," Gojyo breathed, ignoring his own painful erection. "Feel better now?" he murmured, straightening, as Sanzo stepped away to clean himself up.

"Aa," Sanzo replied softly, turning back to face Gojyo. "I think I'll survive to the next town, at least," he murmured huskily, framing the kappa's face in his hands and pulling Gojyo in for a soft, lingering kiss. He drew away to gaze ardently into impish red. "Only just," he growled, the violet eyes still blazing with desire.

Gojyo grinned. "Me too." He deliberately bumped his hips against Sanzo. The priest snorted mockingly.

Gojyo dropped a quick kiss on the crimson chakra. "Love you, Sanzo," he whispered reverently, and then he stooped to pick up the water canteens and hurried off, with a parting wink. "This means we're quits, monk!" he yelled back over his shoulder.

Sanzo stood and stared quizzically at the retreating figure, and then the purple eyes widened. Nothing like a good smoke after sex…

"Oi!" the blond yelled, "No deal, baka! You still owe me two damn packs of Marlboro!" he bellowed, reminded of his craving for nicotine.

But despite appearances, the kappa did indeed work a miracle, since they made it to the next town without anybody getting shot.




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