Title: Heart Attack (Part 12 of Barely Breathing) Chapter 5

Author: Befanini
Website: http://www.fanfiction.net/~befanini

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Rating: M

Summary: Sex alleviates tension. Love causes it. LOL It's a vicious cycle… More SxGxS madness.

A/N: Damn it's been too long! I have a lot of things going on at the moment, but never fear, Sanzo and Gojyo are still very much in my waking and dreaming fantasies. XD It may just take a bit longer to update these days, so bear with me for a bit, okay!



We're fools whether we dance or not, so we might as well dance. Japanese Proverb



That night…

Violet eyes stared out the tent flap at the wet, miserable scene outside. It was close to midnight, and the ikkou, having started on the road much later than scheduled, had been forced to camp overnight on account of the heavy rain, instead of driving through until they reached the next town.

So here they were once again, all cramped together in an even tinier space. He had so been looking forward to reaching the next inn, which would certainly offer them private quarters, given the size of the town, if Hakkai's information was correct. Private rooms, separate, and quiet, and preferably located far apart from each other. Sanzo groaned inwardly. He was starting to sound like a junkie. Obsessed with Gojyo.

He bit his lip, stealing a glance at the redhead in his own sleeping bag. Those impossibly long lashes were closed, thank the gods. He couldn't bear it should the kappa dare to play that game again, especially since they were only a foot apart this time. He no longer trusted himself, that he wouldn't just give in to temptation and lean in close for just one taste of those sinful lips.

No, really. The damn kappa might be ruled by "basic instincts", but he, Sanzo, liked to think himself above such things. He wasn't a slave to lust like Gojyo was. He'd certainly done without before he and Gojyo became lovers. He'd always looked at it as just another inconvenient and inevitable bodily function; and the times when his body had absolutely demanded release, he'd taken care of that need alone and in private, with ruthless efficiency and the minimum of fuss. If it served anything at all, he'd always supposed it was one messy way to relieve stress.

But then that night… how many months had it been, since then? It was Gojyo who was the romantic, keeping record of such trivial things. Sanzo was certain that Gojyo could tell him to the minute when it was that they first came together.

Yes, that one night when he and Gojyo were both drunk as hell, and the damn cocky bastard had been flirting, as usual, that night that Sanzo had given in – it was he who had grabbed Gojyo and pulled his head down for a kiss. The kappa had been teasing, he, Sanzo, had been scathingly deriding, and then they were struggling in earnest, and just as Gojyo was pulling away with an embarrassed flush to his proud cheeks – Gojyo? Ashamed? – Sanzo without thinking had instinctively reached up and pulled Gojyo down and finally gave in to what they both wanted… what they both needed.

For Sanzo, although the desire for Gojyo was always there, the white-hot lust never really ignited into a raging blaze until he'd had his fill of Gojyo's mouth. It was the taste of Gojyo, his hot breath, his slick tongue, those wicked, sensual lips that set Sanzo's blood on fire and pushed him hard to full arousal. Gojyo's low husky moans flooding his mouth fanned the ever-present ache to a ruthless, burning need that only Gojyo could satisfy – whether it was he taking Gojyo or Gojyo taking him, or them pleasuring each other in other ways.

However they came together, it always equaled an earth-shattering shared bliss that Sanzo could not now imagine living without. In fact, Sanzo could not even imagine being with anyone else other than Sha Gojyo. He could not imagine even kissing someone else.

The thick blond eyebrows pulled together in a ferocious frown, as the significance of his thoughts hit him. Shit. He really was a goner, talking like some lovesick lunatic addicted to someone's kisses. And then he chuckled ruefully to himself. Hell, he'd been a goner the first time he'd called Gojyo "baby". It still amazed him sometimes that he, the silent, aloof, man-with-a-mission who never got emotionally involved, was now part of a twosome. Genjo Sanzo in an intimate relationship.

Genjo Sanzo in love.

With a man.

With a damn horny kappa.

With naughty, annoying, provoking, fucking Gojyo.

Sha Gojyo.

Bold, rebellious, arresting, dynamic, defiant Gojyo.

Sanzo rubbed his temples. Irony, indeed. He'd bet anything the gods were laughing at him right now. But he was in deep, and he'd never felt so alive. Gojyo, maddening rascal that he was, belonged to him, and that was all there was to it.

The blond sighed and tore his eyes away from the sleeping redhead and peered out at the rain again. He blinked, and squinted. Was it finally letting up? The furrow between his brows eased as he pulled the flap open wider and confirmed it to himself. About damn time!

He sat up gingerly and eased out of his sleeping bag silently, and got out of the damn confining tent. He needed fresh air, and he needed a smoke. That blessed contradiction that had so puzzled him in the past now brought a wry grin to his face. He stretched, white limbs gleaming in the pale light of the sliver moon peeking out from behind the angry storm clouds. He pulled his robes up around him and secured the belt, and walked off, reaching inside a sleeve for his cigarettes.




It took less than a minute for Gojyo to sense that the figure beside him was gone, rousing him from sleep. It took another three minutes for him to find Sanzo, quietly enjoying his second smoke in the shade of a great tree.

He swaggered over, ignoring the monk's haughtily levitating eyebrow at him disturbing the blond's "alone time". Propping an arm over Sanzo's shoulder, he leaned close and nuzzled the priest's ear, murmuring huskily. "Bum a cigarette, O Great and Wise Sanzo-sama?"

Sanzo squirmed, moving his head away. He was ticklish, and the damn kappa knew it.

"I said—"

"I heard you. Drop dead."

Gojyo pouted. "C'mon, baby! You know I ran out a few hours ago!"


"C'mon," Gojyo wheedled, wrapping both arms over Sanzo's shoulders and pulling the priest back to lean against his long, lean frame. "Aren't lovers supposed to share everything?" he crooned, rubbing his cheek against Sanzo's.

"Moron," Sanzo scoffed. "Everything except my last stick!"

Gojyo wasn't giving up. He pulled back a little to once again tease the monk's ear, giving it a soft kiss, before slowly licking the shell and darting his tongue inside, and earning a low, involuntary moan from the man in his arms. Gojyo grinned and gently bit the earlobe. "I'll split the last stick with you," he offered generously.

Sanzo snorted, and crushed out his smoke beneath his boot. "Dream on, loverboy."

"Mmm…" Gojyo growled, dipping his head to nibble on Sanzo's jaw, delighted to feel the blond's breath coming in sharp gasps. His own heart was now pounding madly. Deftly, he slipped two fingers under the priest's collar, tugged it down, and began licking and kissing his lover's neck.

Sanzo closed his eyes, golden head lolling to the side, savoring Gojyo's mouth ravishing his skin.

"That's right," Gojyo continued, adding little nipping bites to his kisses. "That reminds me. I'm the 'loverboy', so you must be the 'tart'," he snickered, referring to yesterday night's conversation at dinner, when Sanzo had made the scathing remark after kicking him on the shin.

"Baka," Sanzo growled, turning around in his arms so they were face-to-face, and wrapping lean, strong arms around his waist.

Gojyo waggled his eyebrows. "You're my sweet-tart, baby," he quipped, and then snorted with laughter, collapsing against Sanzo.

The monk fought back an answering grin. He ought to be insulted, and normally he would pull out the gun right about now, but Gojyo's silliness was just so damn infectious sometimes. "Ha ha. What a riot you are," he drawled instead.

Gojyo lifted his face up again and grinned down at him. "You see! It's true, though. You're such a sourpuss, but you taste so sweet," he smirked. "You're my sweet-tart, San-chan."

Sanzo frowned, ceasing to be amused. "And you're a babbling idiot," he snapped, glaring.

"Ah, bite me!" Gojyo retorted.

So Sanzo did.

He clasped Gojyo's head and dragged it down, and sank his teeth into the kappa's lower lip; hard enough to sting, but not enough to draw blood. Naturally, it only aroused Gojyo all the more.

"I get it," the redhead breathed huskily against his lips. "Wanna play rough tonight, do we?"

"Urusei…" Sanzo growled, leaning in once more, and this time to claim the naughty kappa's lips in a deep, wet kiss. This was their foreplay. Gojyo would tease and torment him, and he would mock and ridicule Gojyo, and when the insults and the taunting ran out, the kissing began.

Soft lips meshed hard together in their mutual hunger, hot sleek tongues battled for dominance, and for the loser the outcome was as sweet as the victor's; because all it meant was the heady, tortured pleasure of each other's taste, of each other's arms straining to pull the other one even closer than was physically possible, of each other's moans swallowed down greedily until they were both panting for breath.

And shuddering.

And hard.

Achingly hard.

"Sanzo…" Gojyo moaned, his hands starting to slide down the blond's back to grasp his hips. "Baby…" he begged breathlessly.

Sanzo shivered, and clenched his jaw, and forced himself to break free from the kappa's passionate embrace.

Gojyo groaned. "Fuck, not again!"

"Urusei!" Sanzo hissed. "You think I don't want to!"

"Then what the hell is the problem!" Gojyo demanded heatedly. "We've done it outdoors before…" he coaxed desperately.

Sanzo sighed tiredly. "The ground's all wet, baka. I have no intention of catching hypothermia just to satisfy my sexual urges."

"What about mine, dammit!"

Sanzo raised his eyebrows.

"Who says we have to get naked?" Gojyo insisted stubbornly. "Or even get down on the ground? You forget who you're dealing with, tenshi…" he purred, lids dropping to half-mast enticingly. "You could just fuck me hard up against this tree…"

Sanzo felt himself wavering.

"Or we could, you know…" Crimson eyebrows arched suggestively, as the kappa brought a finger to his mouth and sucked softly on the tip.

Sanzo gasped, his pulse accelerating again. Eyes blazing hotly, he took a step toward Gojyo. His lover dropped his hand, grinned, and licked his lips.

"Sanzo! There you are!"

"GODDAMMIT ALL TO HELL!" Gojyo roared, turning his back.

Sanzo turned resignedly to face Goku, whose hair was sticking up wildly in all directions. "I woke up when I had to pee, and when I got back before you did I thought you were lost," Goku said innocently. "What's his problem?" he asked, puzzled, gesturing to the still muttering kappa.

Sanzo dragged a hand down his face in exasperation. "He came out for a smoke, the same as me," Sanzo replied through gritted teeth. "And typically he's here to pester me for a cigarette."

"I. Told. You. I. Ran. OUT." Gojyo bit out.

Goku looked from one tense figure to the other, and raised his eyebrows, whistling softly. "You guys sure convince me not to ever want to touch that stuff," he commented. "I'd never want to be that desperate for a stick to suck on."

And then he stared in amazement as Gojyo erupted into hysterical giggles at his remark, and even Sanzo gave a snort that sounded suspiciously like laughter.

"Shall we walk back together, Sanzo?" Goku asked. "I had this amazing dream, I wanna tell you before I forget."

"Aa," Sanzo agreed, sighing. "I'm done here." He turned to the still-fuming Gojyo, who had his arms crossed on his chest and a disgusted expression on the handsome face. "Oi," Sanzo called.

Gojyo caught the carton reflexively. Sanzo's last Marlboro.

"You owe me two packs in the next town," the monk tossed back over his shoulder as he and Goku retraced their steps back to camp.

"I owe you MORE than that, Sanzo-sama!" Gojyo yelled meaningfully to the retreating figure.



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