Title: Heart Attack (Part 12 of Barely Breathing) Chapter 4

Author: Befanini
Website: http://www.fanfiction.net/~befanini

Disclaimer: I wish. They're mine only in my daydreams. XD

Rating: M

Summary: Sex alleviates tension. Love causes it. LOL It's a vicious cycle… More SxGxS madness.

A/N: Damn it's been too long! I have a lot of things going on at the moment, but never fear, Sanzo and Gojyo are still very much in my waking and dreaming fantasies. XD It may just take a bit longer to update these days, so bear with me for a bit, okay!



Love is the poetry of the senses. - Honoré de Balzac



Hakkai sat up with a start. Bright sunshine flooded the room, stinging his eyes. He squinted, and shielded his face, peering at the wall clock. Almost 10. Yare yare. They had never started so late in a long time. The healer winced a bit as Hakuryu squeaked in his ear. Yup, he bet the other two had some pretty nasty hangovers. If he, who never got drunk, had a pretty bad headache, he could only imagine what Sanzo and Gojyo were feeling right now. We must have overdone the 'relaxing' business just a bit, he reflected, shaking his head.

"Good morning to you too, little fella," he greeted the mini-dragon, his smile warm, though a little strained at the moment. "You must be hungry by now, huh?"

"Kyu!" Hakuryu chirped, softer this time.

Hakkai looked round at the others. Goku was half off his bed, as usual. Sanzo lay on his side, face snuggled deep into his pillow. He looked so peaceful and content that Hakkai balked at the thought of waking him up, and with the news that they were running behind schedule. He knew how rare it was for their leader to enjoy a true, restful sleep – the man was a chronic insomniac, and slept fitfully at the best of times. Hakkai supposed this accounted for the priest's short temper. The healer decided it would be wiser to let Sanzo sleep now and deal with his inevitable rant later. If he was lucky, the extra sleep would put their leader in a good enough mood to shrug off their late start today.

So Hakkai walked over to Gojyo instead. The kappa was flat on his back, the sheets kicked to the floor. He was hugging his pillow to him like a stuffed toy, and there was the goofiest smile on his face. Hakkai grinned. No doubt dreaming about hentai things, as usual… The healer shook his head, almost deciding against waking his best friend up. He just looked too darn happy.

"Oh nooooo…."

Hakkai turned at the sound of the plaintive wail, and saw Goku sitting up and staring mournfully at the time. "Does this mean I missed breakfast?" Goku croaked.

Hakkai laughed, putting his index finger to his lips and jerking his head toward their sleeping monk. "I think we might be able to persuade them to fix us up something to eat anyway, Goku," he reassured the kid in a hushed voice.

"Fantastic!" Goku whispered jubilantly. He bounced out of bed and dressed quickly. "Let's wake the others and go get something to eat right away!"

"Um," Hakkai cautioned patiently, laying a hand on Goku's shoulder as the kid was about to rush over to Sanzo's bed. It always took a while for things to sink in with Goku when he had just woken up, especially when he hadn't eaten yet.

"Oh. Right." Goku grinned foolishly.

Hakkai turned and shook Gojyo instead. "Wake up, Gojyo. We're running late. Let's go get breakfast and get the shopping done."

The redhead clutched the pillow tighter to him and grimaced. "Five more minutes… Just five more minutes…" he sobbed, pulling the pillow over his head to block out the sight of Goku making faces at him.

"Yare yare…" Hakkai sighed. "Well, I suppose he and Sanzo can eat sandwiches on the road later. Unless you'd rather sleep some more too, Goku?"

"No way I'm missing a full-course breakfast!" Goku protested in a low voice, glancing warily at the still-sleeping Sanzo. "These guys are so stupid. How could they not want to eat fried rice and bacon and eggs and –"

Goku was cut short when a tanned arm shot out and bopped him over the head twice.

"What the HECK—"

Hakkai laughed softly. "I think Gojyo just hit the 'snooze' button for another ten minutes. Let's go on ahead, Goku. Let him sleep off the beer. We still have a lot of shopping to do, and only you to help me, I'm afraid…"

The two retreated, still speaking softly.

"So long as my stomach is full, 'Kai."


"Besides, this means you'll buy me whatever snacks I want in exchange for carrying the erogappa's share of the groceries, right?"

"Well… you do remember last night's bet, don't you? I believe you lost…"

"Maybe Gojyo's too drunk to remember. Hehehe…"

A few minutes after the door closed, Sha Gojyo emerged from his pillow with a sly grin in place. Hangover be damned. He had another, much more urgent ache he needed to take care of… He glanced over to the blond still sleeping soundly in the opposite bed, and sighed happily. At last…

The kappa got up, walked over, and stealthily got into the sheets with Sanzo, curving himself to fit snugly against the monk. He slipped an arm around Sanzo's middle, and nuzzled into the blond's nape and inhaled deeply. Ah, Heaven… Hungry lips began pressing soft kisses over his partner's back and shoulders.

"Mmm…" Sanzo growled sleepily, feeling the familiar warmth behind him. His skin tingled just touching Gojyo's, as it always did. Even after all this time together, the initial thrill was still there, sending shivers up his spine, even when he was half-asleep. He turned around drowsily, eyes still closed, and molded himself flush against Gojyo, a low rumble of sleepy pleasure making his lover grin in delight. Sanzo thrust a hard, muscled thigh between the kappa's legs, and Gojyo moaned softly, eagerly accepting the welcome pressure against his aching length. He dipped his head down to claim Sanzo's waiting mouth, both of them groaning softly as their lips met.

Sanzo's arm tightened around Gojyo's waist as the kiss grew deeper, wetter, more urgent. Gojyo's hand dropped from Sanzo's back to cup his buttocks, and grind that hard thigh even harder against him, the need for Sanzo getting overwhelmingly painful.

Gojyo broke the kiss and buried his face in the blond's throat, gasping, and thrusting urgently against the monk's thigh. "Sanzo…" he moaned throatily, licking and biting and suckling on the column of pale flesh. "I want you, baby… I want you so bad…"

Sanzo shuddered, clutching the kappa's head to his neck. "Baka…" he rasped, drowsy mind wondering why his lover didn't just rip his clothes off like he always did… and then the purple eyes flew open as the priest came fully awake, and he precipitately thrust Gojyo off the bed.

Gojyo landed with a soft thud on the floor, as Sanzo looked around them wildly.

"They're not here, you paranoid bastard," Gojyo grumped, rubbing his ass, where he landed.

Sanzo scowled at him, an embarrassed flush to his pale cheeks. At least this time he'd kept from diving beneath the sheets.

"Honestly!" the redhead continued to grumble, not bothering to get up off the floor. "You think I'd be so stupid and selfish to pull a stunt like that if Hakkai and Goku were around? I thought you trusted me more than that, Sanzo," he accused, letting the crimson eyes reflect how "hurt" and affronted he was. He grinned to himself as the violet eyes widened, and then softened, even though that pretty, oh-so-delectable mouth still scowled at him.

"I was half-asleep, you idiot," Sanzo muttered sullenly, running rueful fingers through his hair.

A crimson eyebrow arched. "You call that an apology, Sanzo-sama?"

"Dammit Gojyo, don't be an asshole!"

"Huh," Gojyo snorted, and folded his arms, still affecting an injured look.

Sanzo rolled his eyes. He knew what the damn kappa wanted. Oh yes he did. And though it went totally against the monk's nature, he always gave in. Because Sha Gojyo was, simply, irresistible. And his playfulness and silliness and irreverence were among the best things that Sanzo had come to appreciate and – yes, -- cherish about him. It was the perfect counterpoint to his own seriousness.

The priest swung his legs over and stood up. He took the two steps needed, and stiffly held out an imperious ivory hand. "Get up, you stupid fool," he barked.

"'Ch," was the withering reply.

And then Gojyo gave a whoop as he was tackled onto his back, and the wide blinding grin flashed as Sanzo dropped down on top of him. White hands buried themselves gently in long red hair, as the blond rained hot, passionate kisses all over him – his face, his neck, biting his earlobe, and then claiming his mouth in a slow, lingering kiss that was apology and reprimand and worship and possession all at the same time.

"I swear, you fucking drive me out of my mind," Sanzo growled, when they came up for air.

"Ditto," Gojyo gasped breathlessly, sighing softly in bliss as the blond continued pressing brief, moist kisses on his lips as if unable to get enough, despite the need to breathe.

"You're too damn sexy, that's what it is," Sanzo muttered between kisses.

"Yup," Gojyo agreed shamelessly, grinding up against Sanzo, bronze arms wrapped possessively around the priest.

"And a goddamn horny beast at that," Sanzo groaned, as Gojyo's hardness rubbed against his own aching arousal.

"Look who's talking, ya dirty monk," Gojyo teased, as he started to slip a large hand inside the waistband of Sanzo's boxers to caress his lover's bare ass.

Sanzo moaned deeply, and dropped his forehead against Gojyo's. "No, kappa," he rasped regretfully.

"But angel…" Gojyo nearly wailed in frustration, tightening his arms around Sanzo.

"We can't, baby," Sanzo repeated harshly.

"Why the fuck not!" Gojyo growled. "We have time! I heard Hakkai say he and Goku were going to go straight to the shops after break…fast…" The words trailed off with a wince as Sanzo leaned up on an elbow so he could flash the gold card in his lover's face.

"Hell and damnation!" the kappa cursed.

"Ditto," Sanzo echoed dryly, planting a last hard kiss on Gojyo's pouting lips, before heaving himself up with a sigh and going over to sit on his bed.

Gojyo sat up too, and stared morosely down at the bulge in his boxers. "Guess it's a cold shower for you and me again, my friend…" he sighed, standing up.

Sanzo snorted.

Gojyo halted halfway to the bathroom and glanced at him, eyes gleaming.

Sanzo held up a hand, palm facing Gojyo. "Forget it. Just… shoo." He waved his hand dismissively.

"Aarghhh!" Gojyo growled, and stomped off, banging the bathroom door hard.

"Indeed…" Sanzo muttered, flopping over on his back. He glanced down at himself and flushed, and quickly pulled the sheets over his lower body. Wouldn't that be a pretty sight for the other two to see when they came back to get the damn AnEx…


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