Title: Heart Attack (Part 12 of Barely Breathing) Chapter 3

Author: Befanini
Website: http://www.fanfiction.net/~befanini

Disclaimer: I wish. They're mine only in my daydreams. XD

Rating: M

Summary: Sex alleviates tension. Love causes it. LOL It's a vicious cycle… More SxGxS madness.

A/N: Damn it's been too long! I have a lot of things going on at the moment, but never fear, Sanzo and Gojyo are still very much in my waking and dreaming fantasies. XD It may just take a bit longer to update these days, so bear with me for a bit, okay!



"In a great romance, each person plays a part the other really likes."

- Elizabeth Ashley



Past midnight. The room was in darkness, save for the faint light coming through the window from the streetlamp outside. Four people lay on four separate beds, two of them soundly asleep.

The other two in the beds by the window lay wide awake, eyes shining in the gloom as they stared longingly at each other. One lay on his side, the cover drawn up to his waist, a porcelain cheek resting on a smooth marble hand. The other was sprawled on his belly, his sheets kicked down to the foot of the bed, red head turned sideways toward the pale figure on the other bed, some less than five feet away from his own cot.

Gojyo put his hand out toward Sanzo. The purple eyes glittered, and then shot their companions a quick look. Still soundly asleep. Biting his lip, Sanzo reached out his hand too, and met Gojyo's hand palm-to-palm.

Electricity crackled from one to the other at the singular contact. Sanzo slammed his eyes shut, while Gojyo bit back a low, yearning groan. Their fingers shifted automatically to entwine together; and their clasped hands, though cool to the touch, felt scorching hot with the desire flowing between them.

A flash of moving white in the darkness caused both of them to break the contact, with Sanzo snatching his hand away hastily and nearly tugging Gojyo off his bed in the process. Gojyo yelped, causing Hakkai to shift and turn over. Sanzo hurriedly dived beneath the covers. Goku slept on, muttering about tapioca and almond jelly.

The flash of white turned out to be Hakuryu settling down more comfortably, as Sanzo found out when he finally emerged from his blanket. A snicker opposite him caused the violet eyes to glare at his lover, who was now flat on his back and ruefully running a hand through his hair. The red eyes met violet and laughed at Sanzo for hiding under the covers. The monk glowered even more. Gojyo rolled his eyes and chuckled silently.

And then Sanzo's eyes were arrested by the sight of Gojyo's hand lost in his hair as he tugged at the red strands in frustration. The blond moaned inwardly. He wanted to bury his hands in that fiery crimson. Gojyo's hair always felt so cool and sleek and silky-soft through his fingers. God, how he wanted his hands buried through those luxurious strands…

And then his eyes strayed further down, where the kappa's other hand was unconsciously rubbing his stomach beneath his shirt. Gojyo was such a sensual bastard. He was a creature of touch; he even took detached pleasure in running his own fingertips over his own skin. Sanzo could almost taste the planes and contours that Gojyo was tracing on that bronze belly. The blond knew every inch of the hard muscled body sprawled opposite him in such carefree abandon.

The kappa was thinking the exact same thing, as he watched his lover watching him with such aching need and greedy desire. Gojyo moaned softly. In the almost-darkness, Sanzo's alabaster skin seemed to glow from within, and he knew how exquisitely smooth and satiny that skin was, covering leanly muscled flesh that always, always shuddered at his touch.

Gojyo's eyes roamed from Sanzo's long white fingers, up to his bare, strong arm, and finally rested on that beautiful, perfect face. The kappa clenched his fists. He was burning to press hot, mad kisses all over that flawless face that he so loved to look at. He still could not fathom how a man whose sins almost equaled his own could possess the very face of an angel. Sanzo's beauty could almost be pretty if not for the fact that he was all hard planes and arresting angles. His face was so pure that he took Gojyo's breath away every time.

And that hard, whipcord-lean body… Gojyo groaned low. The way that beautiful, sculpted body writhed against him, sleek and hard and strong and oh-so-blazingly hot… The kappa could feel the heat in his loins becoming unbearable.

Across the room, Sanzo broke the eye contact with a small sigh. He turned over on his back and lit up a cigarette instead, wincing at the tightness of his jeans. He longed to take them off and sleep in his boxers instead; but he had a sneaking suspicion that dropping his jeans now would mean having to deal with a raving lunatic kappa.

Sanzo blew smoke rings slowly, trying to maintain a grip on himself. Hakkai and Goku and the damn dragon were mere feet away. He fiercely willed away his aching arousal, but it didn't help when his skin started to prickle.

Purple eyes slammed shut. Damn rascal! Sanzo bit back a moan, feeling blazing scarlet caressing him softly. He could almost feel Gojyo's eyes scorching a path from his hair, lingering on his profile and kissing his lips, grazing down his neck, eagerly drinking in the betraying sight of his heaving chest gasping for air, and moving even further down to hungrily devour his—

Sanzo sat up abruptly, sweating. He flashed Gojyo a fierce glare.

Quit staring, baka!

Scarlet eyes bored intensely into his, as Gojyo deliberately – shamelessly – reached down, spread his legs, and cupped himself through his shorts.

Let's sneak away. NOW.

Sanzo clenched his teeth, his jaw working.

You're insane.

Gojyo rocked his hips into his hand and bit his lower lip hard.

I'm insane with WANT for you. I'm dying.

Sanzo stared wildly at him, desperately trying to keep control of himself.

Dammit, don't make this harder than it is, you fool!

A crimson eyebrow arched, and Gojyo locked gazes with him as he slowly started to slip a hand beneath the waistband of his boxers.

Hard? Did you say harder, baby?

"K'so!" Sanzo hissed, his cheeks flushed. He grabbed the pillow beneath him and hit Gojyo square in the face, just in time to muffle the naughty kappa's hearty chortles of glee.

Sanzo crushed out his cigarette and seethed, waiting for Gojyo to toss his pillow back. But Gojyo was blindly ecstatic. The kappa settled down happily, hugging Sanzo's pillow to him in delight, and inhaling deeply. Gojyo sighed. "My Sanzo…"

Violet eyes narrowed dangerously. "Oi," Sanzo hissed, low. "Give it back, you absurd idiot!"

Gojyo ignored him, curling up on his side and snuggling his face deep into Sanzo's pillow with an expression of sublime bliss.

Sanzo rolled his eyes. He got up and stalked over. Gojyo frowned at him. Sanzo took hold of a corner of the pillow, but Gojyo tugged it away from him, sitting up and away, glaring fiercely like a kid with a prized toy.

Sanzo stood rigidly with his hands on his hips. "I need my pillow, baka!" he whispered again, casting a worried glance over to their companions.

Gojyo gestured with a sweeping arm to his own pillow. "Feel free to take mine, Sanzo-sama," he whispered back, eyes twinkling.

Sanzo bared his teeth in a snarl, and glared at his lover for a full five seconds, before bending down to snatch up the damn kappa's pillow.

Quick as a flash, Gojyo reared up at the same instant to fuse their mouths together with unerring accuracy. Sanzo barely suppressed a hoarse groan, which Gojyo hungrily swallowed down as they kissed almost brutally, tongues stabbing wildly, the need for each other so keen it was almost painful.

Sanzo pushed away quickly, panting hard. "Bastard…" he groaned. If his jeans had been tight before, now they were unbearable. He snatched up Gojyo's pillow roughly, fighting mightily not to give in and just pounce his beautiful redhead and damn the consequences.

He did risk one more hard, crushing kiss, much to the kappa's ecstasy, cupping Gojyo's chin in his hand, before he turned his back and marched over swiftly to his bed. Without thinking twice, he quickly discarded the infernal, constricting jeans, ignoring the harsh gasp that escaped Gojyo. He got inside the sheets viciously, and proceeded to pummel the kappa's pillow into shape with brutal force. He finally laid down, facing away from the naughty redhead. He did not dare risk that again.

And then the stiff shoulders suddenly relaxed, the tension draining from his muscles, as his cheek nestled into Gojyo's pillow. It smelled of that beautiful red hair… it smelled of his lover's soap, and vanilla musk, and that incomparable scent that was purely Gojyo. A corner of the hard, cynical lips quirked as the golden lashes drifted down. He supposed this was what they called the next best thing… not that he'd ever admit it to Gojyo.

In his own bed, the kappa grinned, noting how the golden head was unconsciously rubbing against his pillow like a contented pussycat. Yup, he decided, cuddling Sanzo's pillow to him and sighing softly. Just like a pussycat. Not that he'd ever tell that to his temperamental lover, Tenkai forbid… He still preferred having the real Sanzo for a pillow, but this was pretty nice too.



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