Title: Febbre Alta (Part 10 of Barely Breathing)

Author: Befanini
Website: http://www.fanfiction.net/~befanini

Disclaimer: I have absolutely no rights whatsoever. For 10th anniversary daydreaming purposes only. Heh.

Summary: A late Valentine's gift for Sanzo/Gojyo lovers. FLUFFfest. XD

A/N: Um, yeah. It means "High Fever". Febbre alta describes both the crackling electricity between the kappa and the priest, and also my state of mind while writing this collection of silly fluffy 353. XD. I can really only take credit for the last one. The others came out of nowhere, and have no point at all. LOL



V. Shhh…


Another town, another inn.

He lay on his side, trying to drown out the noises his traveling companions were making as they played a rowdy game of cards. They'd asked him to join them, and the monkey had even begged; but he had declined, preferring instead to lose himself in the book he'd purchased earlier from the merchant in the market. Being on the road, he was usually obliged to content himself with whatever newspaper he could get hold of, it was a rare thing to happen upon a book merchant during their travels.

So whenever he got hold of a really good book, it was a rare pleasure and one he intended to enjoy word by word. And woe to the poor monkey, kappa, demonslayer or dragon who disturbed him.

And so tonight found the three in one corner of the room: Hakkai and Goku seated on either end of the bed, with Gojyo sprawled cross-legged on the floor; while he, Sanzo, lost himself in the world of science fiction. Such was his absorption that the inevitable bickering of the kappa and the monkey and the expected soothing peacemaking of the healer even failed to irritate him. Sanzo was reading, and he was in heaven.

The night grew late. Sanzo continued turning page after page. Hakkai proposed the last hand. A drowsy Goku agreed, yawning, even though he was on a losing streak. Gojyo shrugged in agreement and shuffled the cards.

The last game ended. Goku won it, at long last. The others muttered good-nights as they left for their room. Sanzo grunted a reply as he crushed out his smoke absentmindedly. The monk continued reading.

Gojyo returned from using the bathroom, stretching lazily as he closed the door. He didn't bother to straighten out his bed which was all rumpled and messed up from the other two sitting on it. Instead, he lit a smoke and slouched down against the wall beside the door. He closed his eyes and leaned his head back, dragging now and then on his Hi-Lite while the noises from the room next door went on, as Hakkai and Goku got ready for bed.

Silence fell, broken occasionally by the soft sound of another page being turned. In a little while the sound of Goku's snores could be heard. Gojyo crushed out his cigarette and waited another five minutes. And then he stood up and stretched again, like a great wildcat. He quietly turned the lock on the door and switched the light off.

The pale figure occupying the other bed in the room made no protest as the room went dark. He calmly marked his place in the book he had been devouring so avidly for the past hours, and set it aside together with his reading glasses. He leaned back and made himself comfortable on the pillows, crossing his arms behind his head as he watched Gojyo walk with lazy grace across the room.

Gojyo held Sanzo's eyes as he closed the distance between them, discarding his clothes along the way. Purple eyes gleamed in the gloom as they raked over each expanse of smooth muscled bronze flesh.

When Gojyo reached Sanzo's bed, Sanzo threw off the covers and wordlessly opened his arms to Gojyo. Gojyo went into his embrace with a low groan, which Sanzo swiftly silenced by pulling his head down and greedily fusing their mouths together.

They kissed wildly, tongues delving deep, licking, stroking, suckling, lips slanting wetly, harsh breaths combining as they tried to sate the fierce, savagely sweet ache for each other that never went away. Hands buried themselves in blond and red as hungry lips pressed blind, fervent kisses on each other's face and whatever part they could reach.

When the first frantic, intense wave of need was partially satisfied with a few more deep, wet kisses, they buried their faces in each other's shoulders as they gasped and willed their racing hearts to calm down.

They were just getting started, after all.

With another brief, moist kiss, Gojyo pulled Sanzo up to tug off his black top. The jeans and boxers would have followed thereafter if they had not given in to the yearning to feel bare skin pressed to bare skin. Gojyo's head lolled to the side as Sanzo broke their liplock to fasten his mouth on the bronze column of his throat. After leaving his mark there, the monk moved down to his bare chest.

Gojyo bit his lip to suppress his moans as Sanzo explored his torso with silken lips and slick velvet tongue… and soft golden hair caressing his skin like a whisper. Gojyo whimpered with the need to release the low growls of pleasure rumbling deep in his throat as the monk touched and tasted and teased his flesh with the familiarity and expertise known only to lovers. He could not help himself from huskily breathing out the other's name.


Before Sanzo could move lower, Gojyo pushed him back down to the bed and stripped the rest of his clothing off in one smooth, practiced movement. And then it was Gojyo's turn to explore, delighting in the blond's quiet gasps and the writhing of his beautiful lover's body as he worshipped Sanzo with knowing hands and tender lips.

"Gojyo…" Sanzo moaned deeply, and the kappa quickly moved back up to claim his mouth again to silence him. Sanzo clutched at him and kissed him desperately, and the blond's tortured moans filled his ears. "Gojyo…"

"Shh, Sanzo…" Gojyo murmured, cradling that flawless face in his hands. "Shh…" he whispered, pressing his lips against Sanzo's.

"Now, baby… I need you now…" Sanzo growled, enfolding him in a crushing embrace; and he had to bury his face in the other's throat as a hoarse groan escaped him. "Sanzo… Sanzo…"

It was an exquisite torment, making love silently, reduced to harsh gasps and muted panting breaths. It was delicious agony, clasping each other tight, slick skin sliding over slippery skin as they moved excruciatingly slowly, trying to keep the damn bed from creaking. It was sheer, aching bliss swallowing each other's desperate cries of pleasure.

"Sanzo…" Gojyo moaned. Sanzo clasped his head and dragged it down.

"Gojyo…" Sanzo groaned. Gojyo covered his lips with his own.

It was ecstasy to gasp their release into each other's mouth as they shuddered and strained against each other. If it were only possible to climb into each other's skins, they would have done it.

Their bodies stopped moving, although they stayed entwined. Only their chests heaved against each other, hearts slamming as they fought for breath. Their heads turned of one accord, and they gave each other brief, moist kisses. Gojyo's arms cradled Sanzo's head and Sanzo's arms were locked around Gojyo.

"Gojyo…" Sanzo breathed hoarsely, the pale hands withdrawing from around his back to frame his face in their trembling depths. Long fingers caressed his features tenderly, their touch warm and authoritative and possessive.

Gojyo groaned, and leaned to rain passionate kisses down on that beautiful, perfect face. "Shhh… I know, Sanzo. I know, baby," he whispered huskily. "I love you too."



"Love is the silent saying and saying of a single name." Mignon McLaughlin





Japanese mini-glossary:

Kappa: water demon

Baka: moron/idiot/stupid

Urusei: shut up

Bouzu: monk

Tenkai: Heaven

Erogappa: horny water demon

Bakazaru: stupid monkey

Hai: yes

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