Title: Febbre Alta (Part 10 of Barely Breathing)

Author: Befanini
Website: http://www.fanfiction.net/~befanini

Disclaimer: I have absolutely no rights whatsoever. For 10th anniversary daydreaming purposes only. Heh.

Summary: A late Valentine's gift for Sanzo/Gojyo lovers. FLUFFfest. XD

A/N: Um, yeah. It means "High Fever". Febbre alta describes both the crackling electricity between the kappa and the priest, and also my state of mind while writing this collection of silly fluffy 353. XD. I can really only take credit for the last one. The others came out of nowhere, and have no point at all. LOL



IV. Sweet Sin


A/N: Apologies in advance. Heh. This is probably the most absurd sxgxs yet. Not to be taken seriously. Not even remotely. LOL



Kissing is like drinking salted water. You drink, and your thirst increases. Chinese Proverb




Gojyo groans inwardly as violet eyes regard him hotly in the rearview mirror. The kappa shifts in the backseat, trying to conceal his instant reaction to the smoldering fire in the purple depths.

You're doing it again! he glares at the monk.

Damn right, Sanzo flashes back, merriment dancing with desire in those amethyst eyes.

Gojyo gasps and gives a strangled moan when Sanzo deliberately runs the tip of a moist, pink tongue over his sensuous lower lip.

The redhead grimaces and fidgets even more, earning him an irritated kick from the snoring Goku.



Dinner. Gojyo concentrates mightily on shoveling in mouthfuls of food. Goku chatters and eats away as usual, Hakkai discusses the route with Sanzo, and Gojyo tries manfully not to choke on his fried rice as Sanzo nonchalantly rubs a foot against his leg.

Sweat beads on Gojyo's forehead, and stains his bandanna a dark brown. Sanzo's left hand drops unnoticed below the table and starts stroking his knee. Gojyo chokes. The monk continues talking seriously with Hakkai, even pointing out suggestions on the map with his right hand, while his left kneads a hard, muscled, tense thigh. Gojyo grits his teeth and downs a whole bottle of beer in two gulps.

Gojyo concentrates on keeping his breathing even, and fiercely orders himself to swallow down the moans trying to escape from his mouth. He drops his hand out of sight too, just in time to grasp the monk's hand and stop it from wandering further upward.

Sanzo argues a particular point with Hakkai. Beneath the table he turns his hand so he and Gojyo are palm to palm. The blond threads their fingers together, and Gojyo's lids drop to half mast, and his cheeks flush hot. Goku blinks at him, then shrugs and puts it down to the row of empty beer bottles lined up in front of the kappa. That doesn't explain why the erogappa is clenching his jaw tight and sitting so rigidly though…

It's a good thing that dessert arrives and distracts the monkey, because Sanzo releases Gojyo's hand, lays it flat on his thigh, and traces lazily over it with a light finger.

My room.

Gojyo shudders, and doesn't care if anyone sees.



He is two hours delayed going to Sanzo's room, as it turns out. Goku and Hakkai besiege him after dinner for a "quick game of cards". A quick game that goes on and on. Gojyo curses the gods for their sick sense of humor, after all the pains he's taken to set this moment up.

Oh yes indeed, the bouzu might think that Gojyo is dancing to his tune, but all of it is actually due to Gojyo's devious cunning. Guilt is glorious when it's well-earned. Of course, he's got to get away from his companions first if he's to receive his proper punishment. And it's not as if he can just escape. They came to his room, for crying out loud.

So Gojyo forces himself to lose, again and again; but since Hakkai keeps raking in the winnings, the damn bakazaru refuses to give up.

At long last they leave, and Gojyo quickly refreshes himself and tiptoes stealthily to Sanzo's room.

Before he can even knock, he is pulled inside and Sanzo is all over him, covering him with mad, greedy kisses while cursing him to hell at the same time.

"What the fuck took you so long, bastard!" Sanzo hisses against his throat, white hands impatiently tugging at his clothes.

Gojyo tries to explain in harsh gasps as he drowns in Sanzo's wild passion, but the blond silences him with a hot, wet kiss.



Sex is emotion in motion. -Mae West




Gojyo freezes in the shower when the door rattles.

"Can't you tell someone's in here, baka!" he yells over the stream of hot water, sure it is Goku. The damn kid must have gulped down five pitchers of orange juice at breakfast. Hakkai is busy with the innkeeper seeing to their bills, and they'd left Sanzo at the table reading his newspaper. Who else could it be?

Loud banging on the door. Gojyo turns off the tap, swearing a blue streak. He wraps a towel hastily around his middle and steps out of the shower. He unlocks the door and wrenches it open roughly.

"Can't you hold it for another five goddamn min—uhhhmm!" He's cut short as a pair of warm, hungry lips attacks him.

Sanzo keeps their mouths locked together as he pushes the kappa back and shuts and locks the door. That done, he wraps his arms around Gojyo and continues kissing him senseless, pressing his whole body close against the kappa's dripping, nearly-naked form.

"Baby," Gojyo gasps as they come up for air. "Have you gone out of your freakin' mind? What if they see us?" He groans throatily as Sanzo fastens eager lips on his neck.

"Mmm…" Sanzo growls, between licks and bites on his throat. "I can't get enough of you…" the blond moans, grinding hard against Gojyo. Gojyo at last realizes that Sanzo is wearing only his jeans.

"But what if they—"

"Shut the fuck up, baby," Sanzo groans. He whips off the towel and sinks to his knees. The kappa gasps, and has just enough presence of mind left to reach over and turn the shower on at full blast.



Breathless moments later, Gojyo pants weakly as Sanzo kisses his way back up to him. "Was that what you meant when you threatened to 'blow my brains out' yesterday?" the kappa chuckles weakly, his heart still slamming wildly.

"Idiot," Sanzo drawls, nibbling on his jaw.

"Your turn, angel," Gojyo murmurs, as he drops his hands to unbutton the blond's jeans.

"There isn't time," Sanzo rasps hoarsely. Gojyo's protest is swallowed by the monk's mouth once again ravishing his mouth in a deep, wet kiss.

And then Sanzo pushes him away roughly and leaves as abruptly as he entered.

Mere seconds later comes loud banging on the door again, and this time it is Goku, with the accompanying whining.

"Are you still in there, slowpoke cockroach! I gotta go! I mean NOW erogappa! Hurry up, darn it!"

Gojyo ignores the monkey as he finishes dressing. He grins at himself in the mirror as he tosses and catches a small bottle in his hand, and pockets it. With a last wink at himself, he opens the door without warning, nearly causing Goku to fall flat on his face.



Camp, that night. The evening is nice enough to leave off the tiresome job of putting up tents, so the ikkou spread their sleeping bags around the campfire. Sanzo sits and smokes. Hakkai attempts to teach astronomy to Goku. Gojyo sprawls on the ground and steals ardent glances at Sanzo, dreaming dreams while fingering the bottle in his pocket.

Deep in the night, the lovers manage to steal a few minutes' time kissing wildly some distance from camp, but they dare risk no more.



By the next afternoon, it's pouring hard. Just before the light fades they come across an abandoned house. They're glad to have shelter for the night. Sanzo is glad to be out of the rain. Hakkai is glad he stocked up on supplies. Goku is glad Hakkai is a great cook. Gojyo is ecstatic that there are exactly four separate bedrooms.

"What's for dinner? Ne, Hakkai? I'm starving…" Goku declares.

"Well… how does hotpot sound? It's perfect for this kind of weather."

"Yum, yum!" Goku drools. "Will it take long? Can you do a dessert too?"

Gojyo snorts. "Can't you ever think of anything else?"

Goku grins. "Sure. Breakfast, and lunch, and snacks, and—"

Hakkai laughs. "I think I can make a simple custard, how about that? If you guys haven't broken all the eggs, that is… I think there's a dozen left from breakfast this morning."

"Vanilla custard?" Sanzo speaks up for the first time. Gojyo grins secretly.

"Yup. I know it's the only sweet dish you like, Sanzo, so maybe you'll join the rest of us for dessert this time," Hakkai smiles.


"Now let's see…" Hakkai murmurs, taking stock of the kitchen. "Bring me the supplies, Goku… be careful with the eggs okay."




Later that night, Gojyo digs around in his jean pockets, finds the bottle, and daubs liberal drops on his pulse points. He shivers with anticipation as he tiptoes silently to Sanzo's room. As he expected, the door is unlocked. As he expected, he barely has time to close and lock the door behind him before he is deliciously assaulted by his breathlessly impatient lover.



Half an hour later, Hakkai wakes up feeling thirsty. He pads sleepily downstairs to fetch a glass of water. He is about to push open the kitchen door, and gives a startled exclamation as it suddenly opens and Sha Gojyo streaks past him, wearing… a sheet?

Halfway up the stairs, Gojyo hollers loudly back at him. "I just had a drink of water, 'Kai. I'm going back to bed now. Y'know. In my room… Heh. Yeah… G'night!"

And Gojyo dashes up, taking the stairs two at a time.

Hakkai shakes his head in puzzlement, enters the kitchen, and gets himself a drink of water. His eyes fall on the pile of dirty dishes. He smiles. Sanzo had actually eaten two servings of dessert tonight. It was good to see their leader eating heartily for once.

"You really do have a weakness for vanilla, don't you?" Gojyo had observed, amazed, as Sanzo plucked up the last tidbit from right under Goku's nose.

Over the monkey's howls of protest, Sanzo had replied with his usual withering "'Ch."

But it gave Hakkai the idea of serving vanilla-flavored pancakes for breakfast.

So, setting his empty glass down, Hakkai takes inventory of the remaining supplies, and is pleased to learn that he has all the necessary ingredients for tomorrow morning's meal. He yawns, and is about to turn away, when he doubles back and blinks.

He walks over to the counter, picks up the bottle of vanilla and holds it up to the light. Surely he didn't use that much for the custard? This is a brand-new bottle; he knows because he broke the seal himself just a few hours ago.

Puzzled, he looks down to see if there are any spills. There are none. Hakkai blinks, and then he shrugs. Maybe Goku had sneaked a couple of gulps when he wasn't looking. It's just the sort of thing Goku would do.

But that still doesn't explain the last bottle that went missing, though…



Upstairs, Gojyo gleefully locks eyes with Sanzo as he deliberately anoints himself on the throat with his newly-refilled bottle.

Sanzo snorts. "Baka," he murmurs, with a mocking grin. He waits until Gojyo finishes and puts the bottle aside, and then he throws the covers back and pats the space next to him invitingly. He arches a golden eyebrow. Gojyo whoops and dives into the bed, Sanzo hisses at him to keep quiet, and pulls the kappa down into his embrace. Gojyo snuggles against the monk with a happy sigh.

Thirty or so blissful minutes later, Sanzo buries his face in Gojyo's neck with a low growl and inhales deeply. Gojyo shudders and wraps his arms tight around the monk. Sanzo presses a last, moist kiss on his throat and murmurs sleepily.

"Remind me to buy you some proper vanilla musk in the next big town, you idiot."


"How did you find out anyway?" Sanzo mumbles against his ear, settling the golden head comfortably against him to share the one pillow.

Gojyo lazily kneads his lover's back as he replies teasingly. "About your weakness, you mean?"

Sanzo bites Gojyo's earlobe in reply. Gojyo squirms and yelps. "Okay, okay! Remember a few towns back when me, you and Hakkai had that drinking contest in that relatively big bar?"

"Mmm…" Sanzo mumbles, tempted again by his neck as he lazily licks at the column of bronze flesh. "So?"

"So I noticed that your choice of poison that night was vodka…" Gojyo moans, a hand going up to clasp the back of Sanzo's head. "Absolut Vanilla, to be exact. You drank a whole bottle all by yourself with this expression of sinful bliss on your face." Gojyo grins. "I wanted to eat you up."

Sanzo sighs, and closes his eyes as sleep overwhelms him. "You're such a fucking perv…"

"Yeah…" Gojyo growls, pressing a good night kiss on the crimson chakra. "And you love me for it."

"Hmm… Heaven only knows why, baby." Sanzo drawls.





A/N: Heh. I did apologize in advance, didn't I? Don't even ask where it came from. I seriously have NO idea. XD

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