Title: Febbre Alta (Part 10 of Barely Breathing)

Author: Befanini
Website: http://www.fanfiction.net/~befanini

Disclaimer: I have absolutely no rights whatsoever. For 10th anniversary daydreaming purposes only. Heh.

Summary: A late Valentine's gift for Sanzo/Gojyo lovers. FLUFFfest. XD

A/N: Um, yeah. It means "High Fever". Febbre alta describes both the crackling electricity between the kappa and the priest, and also my state of mind while writing this collection of silly fluffy 353. XD. I can really only take credit for the last one. The others came out of nowhere, and have no point at all. LOL



II. Ignite The Night

Anyone can be passionate, but it takes real lovers to be silly. Rose Franken



The blanket.

"Look, bouzu, make up your mind already! I'm goddamn sleepy!"

"Urusei! I want to sleep too! You're not the only one who's fucking exhausted…"

Gojyo grinned mischievously. "I know," he purred, with a meaningful twinkle in those scarlet eyes. "Wanna do it again?"

Sanzo rolled his eyes. "I should think three times would be enough to satisfy your appetite you horny demon."

"Heh. Shall we put it to the test?" Gojyo waggled his eyebrows.

Sanzo sighed. "Hell no. I want to get some rest for what's left of the night, baka! Now shut up and go to sleep!"

Gojyo squirmed. "But I told you blondie, it's too damn hot for covers! You want me to melt?" he begged, pouting pitifully.

"And I told you, it's chilly with the window open! It's not my problem if you're hot-blooded, you pervert."

"Then let's close the window, sweetie…" Gojyo purred, with his best puppy-dog look.

"First of all, if you call me 'sweetie' again…" Sanzo glared. "Second, I TOLD you, I can't sleep with the windows shut!"

Gojyo gnashed his teeth in frustration. "Then will you please agree and just let me sleep in comfort outside the sheets if you feel the need to sleep inside them?" he pleaded, suiting action to his words as he started to draw away the covers. "It's so fucking simple…"

"NO!" Sanzo grabbed the covers and froze Gojyo with an icy stare. "Which part of that word don't you understand, idiot!"

Gojyo sighed. "Be reasonable, baby… I'm roasting here… I'm really, really suffering…"

"Look," Sanzo snapped. "Either we sleep together, or you go back to your own room and sleep alone!"

The kappa rolled his eyes and panted, honestly feeling suffocated beneath the blanket. "Heaven preserve me from foolish monks and their eccentricities…" he muttered under his breath, fanning his face futilely with a hand.

Purple eyes narrowed. "What was that?"

"Nothing, baby." Gojyo gave Sanzo a strained smile.


The next instant, Gojyo flung off the confounded smothering covers and silenced Sanzo's infuriated curses with a kiss. Gojyo rolled over and lay on top of Sanzo, carefully arranging the long lean body to fit snugly against the monk.

"There. You have your cover, plus we're still skin-to-skin. It's what you want, isn't it?" Crimson eyes blinked inquiringly down at Sanzo.

Sanzo scowled. "My sides are still cold, asshole," he muttered.

Gojyo released a long-suffering sigh, leaned over, grabbed the sheets and the extra pillows and stuffed them against Sanzo. He lay back down.

"Better? For the love of Tenkai, it better be, or else I'm gonna have to resort to something else to warm you up once and for all," Gojyo muttered, the perpetual desire for Sanzo kindling deep within the ruby eyes.

Sanzo grunted and wrapped his arms around the kappa. "Baby—" The golden head arched up to give Gojyo a quick, soft kiss. "—Shut up. I'm slee…py…" the blond yawned.

Gojyo sighed in relief, pressed another kiss on the parted lips, nestled his head close against Sanzo, and fell asleep too.


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