The usual disclaimers: un-beta'd (or is it non-beta'd?), barely spell checked and no sense of grammer. No apologies given, either. It just is what it is: sex and kink and whatnot.

Title: Waiting

Author: baka_gaijin
Rating: R


Sanzo, when you get back, I'm going to fucking kill you.

'Just a day trip', you said. Those damn talking heads summoned you, and you left, taking Hakkai with you. Now here it is, three days later, and I'm stuck trying to keep your monkey from losing his sanity while you're gone. And believe me, it's slipping more every day.

I kept him entertained well enough the first day. It's a small village, but there were enough sites to see and plenty of food for him to eat. It was kinda rough that first night, tho. He stayed out on the inn's porch waiting for you. Kept thinking you would pull up any minute. I finally dragged him back up to our room. I told him that you were fine, that Hakkai was with you. Safety in numbers and all that bullshit.

But then you didn't show up the next morning, and we got that message from Hakkai:

"Need some extra time. Sorry for the delay. Should be returning tomorrow."

Goku didn't take it very well. Bouncing around, all worried looking, and that damn whining. 'Sanzo this. And Sanzo that.' I thought I would have to kill him, just to put him out of his misery. Or put me out of mine.

And that night, I don't think he slept at all. Oh, he thought he had me fooled. He acted like he went to sleep. But all night long, he kept going over to the window, looking down the road for you.

So that brings us here to day number 3. And where are you, you son of a bitch? Hakkai said you guys would be back today. Well, it's getting fucking late and still no sign of you.

He hasn't eaten all day. How about that? Hasn't whined about being hungry at all. He just kept walking up and down the road to where the village ended. Looking for you. And now he's at the window. He's got his forehead pressed to the glass and his hands on the window sill, just waiting. I know he won't go to bed. Do you have any idea what kind of hold you have over him?

Ch', like you would even care. So now what do I do? And why the hell did Hakkai have to drive you anyway? If Hakkai were here, he would know what to say to Goku. He would know what words to use to make him understand that everything's ok. I got nothing.

All I can do is… I mean, I don't know what else to do, you know?

Shit! I can't believe I'm going to do this.


Gojyo cursed quietly and stamped out his cigarette. He was sitting at the table, watching Goku. He could see Goku's reflection in the window, see the look of despair. Gojyo knew enough to realize that Goku wasn't just worried about Sanzo's physical well-being. Goku was alone. And wondering if Sanzo would ever come back. Oh sure, somewhere in that tiny little brain of his, he had to know that Sanzo was coming back, but still….

What if…?

What if Sanzo didn't come back? What would happen ….?

"Sanzo, I'm hungry."

The words were spoken barely above a whisper. But Gojyo heard them. Saw the look on Goku's face. And Gojyo understood. There were things a person could hunger for that didn't involve food at all. He got up from the table and stood behind Goku.

"Goku, do you trust me?" Goku looked up at Gojyo's reflection in the glass.

"What? Yeah, I trust you."

Gojyo removed the bandana from around his neck. "Ok then. Close your eyes." And he began to tie the rag around Goku's eyes.

Goku reached up instinctively. "Hey! What are you do…"

"Goku", Gojyo whispered in his ear. "Trust me."

And Goku did. He trusted Gojyo with his life every day against the demons they fought. So he dropped his hands to his sides and trusted.

Once the bandana was securely in place, Gojyo wrapped both of his arms loosely around Goku's waist. He leaned into him and whispered, "Picture Sanzo in your mind. Imagine it's him that's behind you, holding you."

Goku shivered as Gojyo's breathed washed over his ear.

"But Gojyo, I don't underst….."

"No, don't use my name. Say his name."

And then Gojyo did what he knew how to do best. He hooked his thumbs into the waistband of the youkai's pants and pushed them down. One of his arms circled tighter around Goku, while the other one strayed lower in slow circles. Goku gasped slightly as he realized the implication of what Gojyo had in mind. For a moment he tensed. But then Gojyo's mouth was murming softly into his hair. He didn't know… didn't care… what Gojyo was saying. He squeezed his eyes tightly shut. And saw an image of a blonde man, touching him, speaking to him.

"Sanzo." He spoke hesitantly at first, then leaned back slightly into Gojyo's arms. The red haired man slowly slid his hand up and down the length of Goku's firm erection. This caused Goku to catch his breath and call out Sanzo's name, but it came out sounding more like a moan.

Gojyo stroked slowly and methodically. Oh yes, this was what Gojyo knew how to do. Maybe he couldn't use logic to talk to Goku, the way Hakkai would. But he could give him this… whatever "this" was. Just an illusion, but maybe it would work.

"…nnnn… Sanzo.. please…" Gojyo's strokes increased in pressure and speed. It didn't take long for Goku to come, and when he did, he was calling the monk's name. Gojyo wrapped both arms around Goku's waist and held him firmly as he felt the young man's legs buckle slightly.

He didn't remove the blindfold, but he slowly led Goku over to his bed. He laid him down, pulled the covers up over him and turned down the lamp as low as it could go without complete darkness. Goku couldn't sleep in a pitch black room.

"Go to sleep. He'll be here tomorrow, or we'll track him down." Gojyo said the words quiet and low as he removed the bandana. Goku didn't open his eyes, but he whispered "Ok" as he pulled the blankets up tight. And then he yawned and promptly fell asleep.

Gojyo stalked into the bathroom, shut and locked the door and proceeded to jack off hard and fast. "Damn you, Sanzo, you're going to pay for this!"


In a small monastery, about half a days' drive away, a blonde haired monk lay in his bed, his sticky release covering his hand. A wet dream?? He hadn't had one of those since puberty. A look of confusion crossed his face as the images of his recent dream came into focus. And what he saw were large, golden eyes and tousled brown hair and a smile a mile wide.

~ fin ~

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