Title: Penance
Author: baka_gaijin
Fandom: Saiyuki, Gojyo/Hakkai

Written for louiselux, because she was bored. And if I'm going to torture her lj by posting it there, the least I can do is post it where all can suffer. Just a bit of 'what if'. What if Gojyo weren't so nice? What if Hakkai felt he deserved the bad things in life?

Oh.. never mind that last one. He's already there most of the time anyway. XD


Hakkai heard Gojyo stumble in thru the front door. He tensed slightly, listening as his roommate made his way thru the small house.

"Please," he thought to himself, as he squeezed his eyes shut, "Please not again. Just go to sleep."

Gojyo had found his way to the bed, sat down heavily on the end of it and pulled off his boots. He was humming something and he smelled of alcohol and smoke.

Hakkai's throat was dry, palms sweaty. He lay perfectly still, hoping Gojyo would think he was asleep. As if that would make a difference. It never had before.

Gojyo stood up and stripped off his clothes. He swayed slightly and then reached down and pulled the covers off of Hakkai.

"Fucking flannel. I told you not to wear that shit, didn't I? I hate it. Take it off."

"Gojyo," his voice was strained, pleading, "I'm sure you're tired. I'll go lay on the futon, you can have the bed. Why don't you...."

"Well hell, 'Kai, it's my bed anyway, now isn't it?," Gojyo's words were a bit slurred but there was no disguising the sarcasm. "And here you are in it, like always. Like you own the fucking place."

Hakkai's stomach knotted and he was afraid he might get sick. There really wasn't any point in trying to put this off. He removed the pants with trembling hands.

"Yeah, that's better. Now roll over. Up on your knees. Shit, why do I have to tell you this every fucking time, Hakkai? You know."

Yes, he did know. He couldn't stop the small whimper that escaped him, as he buried his face in his arms. Like this, on his knees... that meant Gojyo would take him roughly. The first time it had happened, Hakkai assumed that Gojyo was just drunk. Drunk and not really thinking about what he was doing. But then it happened again and again. And what could Hakkai do? The man had saved his life, given him a place to live. Who was he to question what form of payment Gojyo would exact from him?

Gojyo gripped the green-eyed man's hips hard and rocked into him with only the barest preparation.

Yes, this was what he deserved. His penance. One night at a time.

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