blame this piece of smut entirely on louiselux and emungere.

Disclaimer: No apologies given, it just is what it is. Sex and kink and whatnot.

Title: It's a Jeep Thing.

Author: baka_gaijin

Rating: NC-17

Hakkai was tired. Hot, dirty and tired. They had driven all day, just to end up at yet another "quaint" inn in another "quaint" little village. Fortunately, he had gotten a room to himself. All he wanted was a good, thorough washing and a long hot soak in the tub.

Hakuryuu followed Hakkai into the room and promptly landed in the middle of the bed, with a huge "Kyuuuu" sigh.

"You're probably just as tired as I am, aren't you? Sometimes I think you work harder then any of us." He sat down on the edge of the bed and stroked the little dragon, from his head all the way down his back and over his tail. But it wasn't a light, gentle touch. He used his full hand, raking his fingers deep thru the dragon's soft fur. Hakuryuu loved to be petted in this manner, and it made him arch his back into the touch. He made a soft purr-growl in his throat. Oh yes, Hakkai knew how to touch his dragon to bring it the most pleasure.

But Hakkai needed a bath and so he stood up. This brought another growl from Hakuryuu, but not one of pleasure. This growl was definitely irritation. He wanted Hakkai's touch and he wanted it NOW.

"Now, now. I need a bath and a fresh set of clothes. I won't be gone long, just lay there and take a nap. We'll get something to eat as soon as I get back."

Hakuryuu sat in the middle of the bed, wings slightly outstretched and his head lowered. His red dragon's eyes were mere slits as he kept them intently focused on his 'master', as the man removed his clothing.

Hakkai glanced up and noticed his pet's unusual posture. It reminded him of the stance the dragon would take when they were on the battlefield, preparing for an attack. Hakkai looked a bit nervous as he realized those piercing eyes were focused on him.

"Ha- Hakuryuu? Is there something wrong? Are you feeling alright?" He stood there, completely naked, and had never felt so vulnerable before. Those eyes… they were watching him with such intensity. He suddenly felt very embarrassed to be naked. He made a move for his towel, but Dragon was quicker and snatched it out of his hand. He flew across the room and deposited it on the floor.

"Now really, I'm going to have to ask you to behave. What's gotten into you?"

Hakkai tried to sound stern, but it was just an act. Inside, his stomach was churning and he felt a blush across his face. He felt Hakuryuu's stare, felt the dragon's eyes slowly sweep over his bare flesh. Much to his dismay, he felt the start of arousal.

This had to stop. Whatever was going on here, Hakkai had to show that he was not being held captive by a PET. He started towards Hakuryuu. This was what the dragon had been waiting for. He immediately swooped at Hakkai, knocking him off balance, so that he landed on his back on the bed. Every time he tried to get up, the dragon would nip at him, leaving small bite marks and raised skin.

"Hakuryuu, please! What are you doing…." But his words were cut off as he felt Hakuryuu's long, rough tongue wash over his chest and curl around his left nipple. Hakkai moaned involuntarily.

"Ahh.. please! I don't understand!" But all coherent words left him at that point. The dragon had positioned himself between Hakkai's thighs and was nudging them apart with his snout. Hakkai obeyed and lay there, spread and vulnerable and completely hard.

The little dragon, which didn't seem so small now, rubbed his head against the length of his master's cock, and lapped at the fluid leaking from the tip. His master was making such beautiful noises. Low, guttural moans of pleasure. He lapped at Hakkai's balls. The rough texture of his tongue causing the man to arch up and claw at the sheets.

"Hakuryuu.. stop. This isn't right!" But he made no attempt to move the dragon. Hakuryuu's eyes watched his master's face contort as he continued his ministrations. And then, with no warning, he bit the inside of Hakkai's thigh, hard enough to draw blood.

Hakkai was trembling now, from fear and lust. Even if he wanted this to stop, he didn't think that it was an option for him anymore. Wide-eyed, he watched as his dragon lapped at the trickle of blood.

Was it just his imagination or had Hakuryuu grown? He appeared to be closer to the size of a small child. ~ No, I'm just in shock, that's all. ~

What happened next was more shocking then he could have imagined. Hakuryuu came up beside him on the bed and nudged him with his snout. He kept nudging at Hakkai's shoulder until the man got hint and rolled over.

Jippu again positioned himself between his masters' thighs and….

THWACK! The pillow landed hard against Ni's head.

"THAT was disgusting, Ni, and certainly doesn't qualify as a bedtime story!" The doctor was indignant. "Get out right now!"

Ni sat on the doctor's bedroom floor, rocking back and forth stroking his floppy bunny and cackling madly. "But I haven't even gotten to the good part yet…"

THWACK! "Get out!"

Ni shuffled out, laughing and stroking his bunny. "Come on then, it's just you and me and I have such lovely stories to tell you."

Floppy Bunny's button eyes went wide and he cringed, if such things are possible.

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