This is my feeble attempt to put a new spin on one of cupnjava's hot hot hot little fic Thankful for Long Roads

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My apologies to any teachers out there.



Title: Hard Lessons Learned
Author: baka_gaijin
Pairing: Hakkai/Goku
Warning: not work safe

Goku was sitting at a table in the dining room with pencil and paper. The frustration was clear on his face. Hakkai was explaining the math problem to him for the 100th time.

"No, Goku, look. You have the formula right here. Just start at the beginning and follow the instructions I gave you. We've gone over this a dozen times." His voice strained to remain patient.

"Well, Sensei, maybe you need to change the way you give this lesson!" Goku threw the pencil down and slammed the book shut. His outburst was unexpected and uncharacteristic.

Sanzo folded down the edge of his paper and surveyed the scene. He and Gojyo gave each other a look. Gojyo smirked and teased at Hakkai.

"Hey, Sensei, you need to teach this brat a real lesson."

Hakkai schooled his features, looked Goku in the eye and calmly replied "Yes, it seems this pupil needs a lesson of a different sort. The problem is that young people lack the discipline for study." The smile he gave Goku sent a chill down Gojyo's back. Even Sanzo felt some sympathy for the monkey.

Goku, however, got a chill of a different sort. He felt his cheeks flush and his cock begin to harden. He quickly excused himself from the room, exclaiming that he couldn't think on an empty stomach. On the pretext of heading for the kitchen, he slipped out of sight and quickly bounded up the stairs to the room he and Hakkai were sharing for the night.

Goku unlocked the door and made directly for the bed. He began to smile as he saw what had been carefully laid out: a school girl's skirt, a white blouse and a pair of black, lacey panties. Next to the clothing was a wooden ruler. He shivered and began to get undressed.

His thoughts went back to the last time Hakkai's lesson had been administered. It wasn't the first time Hakkai had made him wear the skirt, but the panties had been a new twist. Goku remembered how they had felt, the way the lace clung to him. They were a bit small, so a good deal of the young man's firm, round ass had been exposed. After dressing he had sat on the edge of the bed and waited.

Hakkai had made him wait for an eternity before entering the room. As always, few words were exchanged. Goku had stood up and Hakkai moved in close. His fingertips ran the hem of the skirt. Leaning in he had whispered, "Your lessons were late. Again." Goku felt the warm breath wash over his neck and ear. His cock throbbed. He closed his eyes.

"I'm sorry, Sensei. It won't happen again."

"Ah, but you say that every time." Hakkai's fingers had slid under the skirt and began a slow exploration of his pupil's ass. "And what's this you're wearing? I don't think these are within school uniform regulations." He caressed Goku's ass and leaned in closer still.

"Let's take a look, shall we? Bend over, hands flat on the bed. That's it. You know what I have to do, don't you? Your lessons are very important. I don't know why you turn them in late. This seems to be the only way to make you understand." Hakkai had stepped back and let his eyes roam over the sight before him: Goku's thighs were tanned and muscled. The short skirt concealed very little. He reached down and adjusted his hard cock and then he picked up the ruler.

Goku had trembled slightly with anticipation. The panties had seemed so soft at first, but now they were unbearably tight. His cock strained against the material.

"Please, Hakkai…"

In one swift motion Hakkai lifted the skirt and smacked Goku's ass hard. The young man cried out, but remained where he was.

"What did you call me?"

"I'm sorry! Cho-Sensei, I'm sorry! But please! I didn't mean to be late. I'll do whatever you want! I'll be on time. Let me prove to you I mean it. Please!" His voice wavered, but not from any real fear. This game had played out too many times for him to be afraid. It was the anticipation that was killing him.

Hakkai's hand had rubbed slowly and soothingly over the red welt. His voice was calm and soothing. "Yes, I know you're sorry. I'm sure we can work out something. But I also know that you made those promises to me before, didn't you?" Without waiting for a response, the ruler was applied again. The material of the panties did little to provide any cushion for the blow.

Again and again the slap of the wood could be heard against Goku's hard ass. With each blow Goku had cried out.

"Sensei! I'm sorry! So sorry!"

Finally, Hakkai dropped the ruler to the ground and fell to his knees. His hands trembled as he pushed the skirt up. He buried his face into the lacey material, feeling the heat radiating off of the sore flesh.

"I know you're sorry. I know. It's okay. You'll do better next time." The words were said in a rush, as he licked, kissed and bit his way from one side of Goku's ass to the other. He reached between firm thighs and rubbed his hand against the boy's hard cock. Goku's knees buckled as he felt the touch he had been waiting for. He ground against Hakkai's hand.

"Gods, 'Kai, fuck me now, please!"

Hakkai had pushed him onto the bed, face down. He quickly released his straining cock from his pants. He lay on Goku, pushing his thighs apart with his knee. He groaned as he made short thrusts between the warmth of the young man's thighs ….

Goku was brought back from his reminiscing by the sound of footsteps in the hall. Sensei was approaching and he had to be ready for his 'lesson'. He smiled and sat on the bed, eager to learn.

This fic is a remix of I.M. Cupnjava's Thankful for Long Roads
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