Title: Hammock
Fandom: Saiyuki, Hakkai/Gojyo
Author: baka_gaijin
Rating: Mature: sex and swearing

The heat wave showed no signs of letting up. One hundred degree days had left everyone feeling lethargic. Gojyo had taken up residence in the big hammock under the shade trees. He swung lazily, back and forth, trying to create a breeze. He had shed his t-shirt and shorts earlier in the day with the proclamation that until further notice "Clothing is Optional", at least until the first cold spell. Hakkai had insisted that he put his shorts back on, especially if he was going to be wandering around outside. Something about "Scaring the local children."

Hakkai approached the hammock with a large glass of ice water. He was dressed in an oversized white shirt and a pair of casual pants. Gojyo cracked an eye and admired the view. And he wondered how in the hell Hakkai could look so fresh and cool on such a hot day.

"So, Gojyo, what do you want to do today?"

Gojyo closed his eye and sighed. Why did Hakkai always have to be 'doing' something? Hadn't he learned the fine art of being lazy yet? Gojyo had been an excellent teacher, leading by example at every opportunity.

"We could work on the roof. Get that leak fixed." Hakkai sounded hopeful.

"Nah, too hot to be up on a ladder."

"We could go into town and get our groceries." He nudged Gojyo a bit with his toe.

"No way. I'm not risking heat exhaustion for some vegetables."

Hakkai looked skeptically at his friend. "I doubt very much that you would get heat exhaustion. Why don't we…."

"We could fuck." Gojyo looked over at Hakkai thru half-lidded eyes, smiling his best seductive smile.

"Oh. My." Hakkai watched as Gojyo skimmed off his shorts. Legs spread, he used one hand to lightly cup his half hard erection. He began to use long, slow strokes. Hakkai watched in fascination as the red-haired man's cock grew substantially larger. Gojyo's free hand tugged at Hakkai's shirt hem.

"Come on, 'Kai. You know you want to." Gojyo released the shirt hem. His fingers traced over the outline of Hakkais crotch. He could feel his lover's cock begin to swell. Hakkai closed his eyes and moaned, giving permission for the molesting to continue.

Fucking was a good idea. Much better then the roof or the groceries. He couldn't deny it. But body heat, on a cold night, was great. Body heat in 100 degree temperatures was just… sweaty and sticky and not very appealing.

He opened his eyes and found Gojyo fully erect and doing a fine job of taking care of himself.

"Whad'ya say, Hakkai?" Gojyo gripped himself tighter and spread his legs wider.

"I say…. keep touching yourself. I want to watch." And then he began to slowly pour his water over Gojyo's chest, over his stomach and over his groin. Hakkai reached down and ran his hand thru the water, and felt Gojyo's shudder. The red-head moaned loudly and began to masturbate in earnest. Sha Gojyo, Exhibitionist, was willing to put on a show, if that's what his lover wanted.

The empty cup was dropped to the ground. Hakkai slipped his hands into his waist band and slid his pants down. He was hard and aching and it was all Gojyo's fault. Any ideas of chores were gone now. Right now he wanted to feel full, soft lips wrapped around his cock. He moved closer and Gojyo knew. He knew what Hakkai wanted and he opened his mouth in anticipation.

The brunette held his cock to Gojyo's mouth, allowing the red-head's tongue to wash over it. Gojyo allowed just the head to slip in. Sucking it gently and swirling his tongue around and thru the small slit. He knew from years of practice just how Hakkai liked it. When the brunette couldn't stand it any longer he plunged in and began a steady, slow thrust, in and out. Hakkai watched as his cock disappeared into Gojyo's mouth. Thrusting in deeper and then pulling out completely. A slow, fucking motion designed to drive Gojyo crazy with the anticipation of the real thing.

Hakkai gripped red hair loosely, in a gesture of dominance. Gojyo shivered and tried to remain focused. The feel of Hakkai in his mouth, the pleasure of his own hand, it was all becoming too much. But it was the voice that would ultimately cause him to lose all control.

"Suck it, Gojyo. Yes. Ahhh….more…" Hakkai spoke in a low voice, giving firm instructions that Gojyo had learned not to disregard. "No, don't stop touching yourself. I want to see you cum. You're so beautiful. I want to fuck you hard…."

Gojyo, faltered for just a moment, growling as his release came in long hot streaks across his stomach. This was all Hakkai needed to send him over the edge. He pulled out of Gojyo's mouth, gripping his cock, and added his own streaming release, covering the man's chest.

Trying to catch his breath, Hakkai leaned over and took Gojyo's mouth in a passionate kiss. He collapsed on the hammock next to his lover.

Just at the edge of the back yard, hidden behind a bush, a pair of large golden eyes took in the sight. His mouth gaping open, Goku found himself mesmerized by his friends' activities. He had nagged Sanzo into coming out because Hakkai had promised to make lunch on their next visit. They had knocked several times. After getting no response, the monk parked himself on the porch and told Goku to go find them.

As Goku came around to the front of the house, Sanzo glared at him. "Did you find them?"

"Um, no, I didn't see them anywhere."

"Damn you, dragging me all the way out here and they aren't even home! Let's go. And don't think I'm buying you lunch in town, either."

As they made their way down the path Goku looked over at the priest, a blush rising to his cheeks.

"Hey Sanzo, can we get a hammock?"

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