Title: Fetish

Author: baka_gaijin
Rating: MA for sex
Pairing: Sanzo/Gojyo

Gojyo walked into the bath, towel tied loosely around his waist. Sanzo was already there. Damn monk always got the bath first. But this time he'd left the door unlocked. Very uncharacteristic of Sanzo.

Gojyo walked thru the steamy room and caught a rare glimpse of a very wet, very naked Sanzo. Getting the priest in bed was always easy. He and Hakkai had never had any trouble with that. Getting him naked was a whole other story. The damn monk refused to take his clothes off, even for sex, only removing what was essential to get the task done and then making a quick exit.

But here he was, flushed pink from the hot water, standing with one foot propped up on a little stool as he toweled off. It was that one foot that caught the kappa's eye. Long and slender, pale and unblemished, with toes that seemed to have a life of their own. That foot was just plain sexy.

Gojyo had never had a foot fetish. Yeah, there was that one time a few years back when a pretty girl had used her feet to rub and caress him into a state of ecstasy. But in his defense, she didn't have any arms. Well, nothing below the elbow. So she had learned to use what she had… Gojyo shook the thought from his head. This was Sanzo standing there… gloriously naked and dripping and…

The towel thrown at him by said naked monk hit him square in his mouth.

"What the fuck are you doing in here? This is my bath. And close your stupid mouth. Your drooling is not as attractive as you think."

Gojyo raised his eyes from that perfect specimen of a foot and leered at the monk.

"You left the door unlocked. You must have been waiting for me."

"Hardly. Get out before I….."

Sanzo's threat died quickly. Gojyo had closed the distance between them. He grabbed the monk around the waist with one hand and kissed him hard. He began to work his thigh in between the monk's legs. Sanzo made to protest, but it was only half-hearted. It didn't take long before he was working the knot free on Gojyo's towel and sliding his hands over the kappa's round, firm ass.

Gojyo pulled away from the kiss, smiled seductively and dropped to his knees. He didn't waste time with preliminaries… he went straight for the head of Sanzo's cock. Licking it, suckling it and then swallowing it whole. Sanzo gasped and arched into it, threading his fingers thru Gojyo's hair and pulling hard.

The half-demon worked his magic until he could feel the subtle change in Sanzo's thrusting hips, knew it was almost time. He stopped his ministrations and looked up at Sanzo. "Do you want me to finish you off?"

"Hell yes, just shut up and do it." It always amazed Gojyo how Sanzo could glare and spit venom even when he was on the verge of cumming. But he took the priest back into his mouth and sucked for all he was worth. It didn't take long for Sanzo to cum. Gojyo took it all and didn't miss a beat.

As usual, the priest began to back off almost immediately, reaching for his towel.

"No way, Monk. You're not getting out of here yet. It's my turn now."

Sanzo would have preferred to leave. But fair was fair, and even Sanzo knew that.

"Fine. What do you want? You want me to suck you? You want to fuck me? Let's just get it over with."

That was about as close to romantic foreplay as anyone could get out of the priest. Gojyo stood up and smiled. He spread a couple of towels on the floor.

"Here, just sit here." He arranged Sanzo just so, propping him up against the wooden tub. "Yeah, just like that. Now give me your foot…." Gojyo had slid his hand down Sanzo's leg and had started to take one of his feet in his hands.

"What the hell? What do you want with my foot? You are so fucking dead. Let go of me…"

But Gojyo held firm and began to caress and stroke every inch of that exquisite piece of flesh. They were just as soft as they looked. Silky smooth skin without a single callous or toenail out of place. He sucked one toe into his mouth and peeked at the priest's face. Sanzo sat there, eyes wide and his mouth hanging open, death threats no longer spewing forth. Apparently nobody had tried this maneuver on him.

As Gojyo touched and massaged, he began to lean back, propping himself up on one arm. He guided Sanzo's foot to his groin. He was hard and aching and just wanted to know what that foot would feel like, pressed up against him. Sanzo's face cleared for a second and he started to jerk his foot back.

"No, no! Hey, it's ok. Just do this, ok? I'll never ask you for anything else again, I swear!" Gojyo pleaded and batted his long eyelashes and tried to look as innocent as possible.

Sanzo looked skeptical, but he held still. Gojyo guided his foot back to his groin.

"There.. Oh yeah, put your heel right there. Gods! Yes, just rub a little…."

All coherent thought was lost as he watched Sanzo's foot slide up and down the length of this cock. Sanzo was caught up in the kink and began to slowly squeeze and stroke his own erection.

The two of them began to work in unison. Gojyo was so close…so very close. Listening to Sanzo pant and moan out his name was almost too much for him.

"Gojyo.. Gods! Gojyo I'm….. Gojyo I …"

"Gojyo!" THWACK! "Gojyo, you stupid son of a bitch, wake up!"

The fan came down hard and hit it's target dead-on. Startled out of his daydream, the kappa sat up and rubbed his eyes. "Ow! What the fuck was that for?"

Sanzo glared at him and raised the fan again. "You're scaring the monkey with your whimpering and moaning. And Do not. Ever. Call out my name again in your little perverted fantasies!"

Gojyo just smirked and settled back into his seat. He slung his arm across Goku's shoulder and leered at him. "Hey Monkey, wanna hear a story?"

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