Title: Brotherly Love (yeah, real original, I know)

Author: baka_gaijin
Rating: Mature (no outright incest, but you know...)

Notes: Liberties taken with Jien's youkai markings. I have no idea if he has anything other then the one on his face. But if Hakkai can have them all over his body, why not Jien?

Gojyo had always been fascinated by Jien's youkai markings. He liked to look at them, trace their pattern with his finger. On hot days, when Jien was outside working, he would take his shirt off. Gojyo would look at the marks and marvel at them. They were the darkest shade of blue, almost black. And even though they weren't raised on Jien's skin, Gojyo still thought he could feel them. When he would close his eyes and run his palm over the large marking on Jien's shoulder, he thought he could feel it pulsing ever so slightly. Maybe it was just his imagination.

Sometimes at night, after the lights were turned out and everyone should have been asleep, Gojyo would climb into Jien's bed. Jien always made room for him. Moonlight filtering thru the window provided just enough light to see. Gojyo would run his fingertips over the youkai markings on his brother's back, over and over, memorizing their flow, tracing them down until they disappeared under the waistband of Jien's pajamas. Gojyo knew they extended down farther. They were brothers, after all. They had seen each other getting dressed and bathing.

Lately, when Gojyo ran his fingers down Jien's back and sides, he got a strange, warm feeling in his stomach (or maybe it was lower?). It made him nervous and a little scared. And for some reason he thought Jien might get angry with him for getting that strange, warm feeling. So he never said anything and he hoped that his brother wouldn't notice that his fingers were a little shaky, or that his breath was coming a little faster then it should be.

One night, Gojyo worked up his courage and asked if he could see all of the pattern. He did it without looking at Jien's face, afraid of the disapproval or anger he might find. But Jien had just shrugged and said "Sure.", and then pulled his pants off. He lay on his back, with his hands crossed under his head. And he was trying not to grin at his little brother's awkwardness. Instead he closed his eyes and spread his legs slightly. Gojyo's eyes grew wide and his heart started racing as he looked…. Really looked… at all the places the youkai marking touched. That warm feeling was back again, stronger then ever.

Jien whispered, "It's ok if you want to touch it." And Gojyo wanted to. He wasn't sure why, but he knew he wanted to. He looked up at Jien's face, nervous and scared.

"Keep your eyes closed, ok?" he pleaded.

Jien smiled. "Puberty's hitting you hard, isn't it kid?"


"Nothing." And he laughed. "They're closed."

And so Gojyo lay on his side, resting his head on Jien's stomach, as he began to trace and memorize this new set of patterns.

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