Title: Worth the Wait

Author: Aeneus

Email: aeneus111 (a) hotmail (dot) com

Website: http://www.geocities.com/aeneusfiction

Rating: NC-17

Pairing: Jeep/Hakkai

Summary: Quality time between a man and his pet.

A/N: Inspired by some naughty Jeep/Hakkai fanart by Xpyne. Beta'ed by fellow Jeep-perv: tj_dragonblade.


Disclaimer: All of these characters belong to Kazuya Minekura. This is written purely for my own entertainment and hopefully that of others.




"Hakkai!" Goku cried indignantly from the backseat. "You've made me drop my meat bun!"


"I'm sorry, Goku, I hadn't seen that tree stump," Hakkai apologized, his smile frozen on his face. It was only a few more miles until the next town. Finally a town big enough to hold a reasonably sized inn.


"What's the hurry?" Sanzo asked from the seat next to him.


"Why Sanzo, I'd have thought you'd be looking forward to a decent rest more than anyone?" Hakkai countered.


Sanzo shrugged, and let the issue drop. Hakkai brought his eyes back to the road, pleased in successfully diverting Sanzo's attention. He doubted anyone could be more in a hurry to get to the next town than he was right now. Weeks and weeks had gone by camping and sharing accommodations. Never had there been a moment of privacy for what Hakkai needed. And he knew he wasn't the only one feeling that way.


He felt it in the tremor of the steering wheel; he could hear it in the engine's purr when his hand gripped the gearshift, unnoticeable by the others over the sound of the acceleration. Jeep knew where they where going and Jeep was making just as sure as Hakkai that they were getting there fast. Even if that meant refusing to go round obstructing tree stumps. But whatever abuse Hakkai could inflict on Jeep as he drove him, he knew he would be paid back in full. If only they could get to the damn town…


Hakkai stepped on the gas, ignoring further objections from the backseat. Underneath him, Jeep kyuued encouragingly.




Hakkai slapped down Sanzo's gold card and booked four private rooms in the town's most comfortable inn. Goku and Gojyo had already wandered off; Sanzo stood next to him, glaring at anyone who would dare approach them.


"I think I could use a shower," Hakkai said to excuse himself. "I'll see you at dinner, Sanzo?"


Sanzo took his gold card back and grunted. But for once Hakkai didn't care about Sanzo's mood. He casually stroked Jeep's tail hanging over his shoulder and felt the stiffening of the small dragon draped around his neck. Nothing else could distract him now as Hakkai made his way to his room.


He really could use a shower and the first thing Hakkai did was strip off. Jeep sat on the bed and watched, his eyes following every move. Hakkai knew the dragon didn't like it when he was dirty. He went into the bathroom, leaving the door open for Jeep to follow. He filled the sink up with water and let Jeep settle into it, then stepped into the shower himself.


Jeep splashed in the sink while Hakkai soaped himself up with the inn's complementary shower gel. He had left the shower curtain open. He couldn't see Jeep very well without his monocle, so he let Jeep's sounds guide his actions.


He knew the dragon was watching as his hand slipped down over his hardening cock. Already, he was bursting with need. He steadied himself with one hand on the wall, while his other hand rubbed the gel between his ass cheeks and around his hole; letting the anticipation of what was to come fill him. A warning 'kyuu' coming from the sink told him he shouldn't indulge himself any longer and hurry up. Hakkai smiled and obliged, rinsing off and stepping out of the shower. Jeep immediately settled on his shoulders and wrapped himself tight, purring impatiently near his ear. Hakkai had become quite skilled in recognizing the different sounds his pet could make. After all, he'd had years of practice…




For once, Gojyo had been sober enough to call him and let him know he wasn't coming home that evening. Hakkai could hear a girlish giggle through the line and imagined some blond floozy standing next to Gojyo as he made the call. Gojyo was clearly feeling lucky that night, and Hakkai didn't intend to be left behind. Even if he had only himself to please. Taking advantage of his free time and privacy, Hakkai laid down on his bed, his head resting on his arm, and slowly stroked his cock to hardness. He closed his eyes, trying to think of an appropriate fantasy. After a few moments, Hakkai stopped, feeling someone watching him. He opened his eyes and found his newly acquired pet dragon sitting on the end of the bed, his wings outstretched and his red eyes staring at him. Jeep's name died on Hakkai's lips. There was something in Jeep's eyes that warned Hakkai not to speak.


Slowly, without looking away, Hakkai resumed his strokes. They stayed locked in this inhuman staring match until Hakkai was on the edge of his climax. He bit his lip to stifle any cries, freezing as the final stroke made him spill his come over his hand.


He could have sworn Jeep looked pleased, before flying off and settling on a nearby windowsill.


That had only been the start. Over the years, Jeep had become more and more active, till Hakkai had learned fully to submit to his pet's wants. Gojyo had occasionally raised questions about Hakkai's lack of relationships, but his grief for Kanan had always provided a sufficient excuse.




One thing that Hakkai had learned was that Jeep liked it when Hakkai was wet, so he barely dried himself off. He didn't want to wait any longer anyway. He dropped down on the bed, making Jeep fly up from his shoulders and settle between his legs. Hakkai drew up his legs and spread his knees, giving Jeep a good view. Jeep's wings stroked the inside of his thighs appreciatively. Hakkai knew he should prepare himself. He squeezed some left-over shower gel over his fingers and reached between his legs. Jeep kyuued hungrily as Hakkai quickly pressed his slick finger inside and began finger fucking himself. The dragon flew up and landed on his chest. His long neck curled and the rough tongue licked over his nipple, making Hakkai arch up and press his finger even deeper.


Hakkai was moaning loudly, too desperate to worry about discretion. It was a good thing he had made sure to take the room at the end of the hallway. He drew out his finger and turned over to let Jeep settle on his back. The dragon's sharp claws dug into his skin for purchase. Hakkai hissed loudly through his teeth, relishing the painful contact. He knew this was payback for all the hours he drove Jeep around in his car form. Now it was the dragon's turn.


Hakkai released a deep pleasured groan as the tip of Jeep's tail pushed inside him. Hakkai grabbed his cock and began pumping feverishly. Jeep nipped at the back of his neck, withdrawing his tail and then twisting it back even deeper inside Hakkai's body. Hakkai cried out, pushing himself backwards and fisting his cock. He had learned how much his pet liked it if he was vocal; every moan earning him another nip of his ear, every pant another stab of Jeep's tail. He could feel the tip bend inside him, hitting him exactly where he wanted it. The louder he cried, the more force Jeep applied, driving Hakkai mad with need until he could take no more and exploded his release over the mattress.


Hakkai sagged down and rolled over on his side, mindful not to trap Jeep. The dragon climbed over him and began licking the residue off Hakkai's limp cock. Hakkai's hand stroked Jeep's neck, eliciting a long deep purr without stopping Jeep's actions. Once Jeep had licked him clean, he grabbed the blanket and drew it over the both of them.




It was ironic it had taken him 500 years to get his Field Marshal to submit to him in bed. Gojun hadn't made it a habit to order his subordinates into bed with him. Enough of them went willingly anyway. But he knew it would have taken an order for Tenpou to submit to him. At the time, the man had been too besotted with his books and had seemed barely aware that there were other pleasures to be had, outside of printed pages and planning strategies.


Times certainly had changed, Gojun mused as he looked at Hakkai's sleeping, sated body next to him. He craned his neck to carefully lick the shell of Hakkai's earlobe and watched the man sigh in his sleep. A pleasure like that was worth the 500 year wait.


Their actions in Heaven had doomed them all and had dragged him down with them. He might be trapped in this puny reflection of his former self, but every time he had the man squirming beneath him, with his tail buried deep inside the man's body, his claws in the man's flesh and the sound of the man's pleas for more in his ears, Gojun had his reward.



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