Title: Wands

Chapter: 8 - Eight of Wands

Author: Aeneus

Email: aeneus111 (a) hotmail (dot) com

Website: http://www.geocities.com/aeneusfiction

Rating: NC-17

Pairing: Sanzo/Hakkai

Summary: Cho Gonou enters Sanzo's life, turning it upside down. Sanzo needs to cope with the aftermath.

A/N: Written for the 78_tarot LJ community. Beta'ed by Car Jack <3


Disclaimer: All of these characters belong to Kazuya Minekura. This is written purely for my own entertainment and hopefully that of others. Tarot cards can have complex meanings. I've picked the elements that best benefited the characters and storyline.




"You'd better be prepared then."


Sanzo looked over at Gojyo sitting across from him, leaning back in his chair and watching the smoke from his cigarette dance up to the ceiling. Why the hell was Gojyo lecturing him like he was some kind of relationship expert? The damn pervert didn't know the first thing about Hakkai and him. Nor did anyone else, for that matter. Sanzo angrily stubbed out his cigarette. He got up, almost making his chair fall over backwards.


"Wait here," he ordered.


"What?" Gojyo asked surprised, turning his attention fully on Sanzo.


"Wait here till I come back."


"Wait, where are you going?" Gojyo looked bewildered at Sanzo's sudden urgency.


"Taking care of unfinished business," Sanzo replied curtly. "We won't be needing your commentary."


Gojyo rolled his eyes. "I'm not gonna sit around here by myself in a damn temple so you can get laid," he shouted at Sanzo's back as he walked passed him to the door. Sanzo could still hear a faint 'It's my damn house' after he had slammed the door shut, but at least Gojyo didn't follow him.


With only two steps from the door, he saw Goku coming down the hall towards him. Immediately, the monkey came on an intercept course. "Sanzo, Sanzo! I've been looking for you," Goku began enthusiastically.


Sanzo hated to brush off his charge again, but he had better plans to get to. "I don't have time," Sanzo quickly said, before Goku could continue. "Go play with Uncle Gojyo." Hadn't Gojyo said he didn't want to sit around by himself?


Goku's smile turned to a look of confusion.


"He's in my office," Sanzo pointed.


Goku smile returned even bigger than before and he hurried off towards Sanzo's office. That will take care of the both of them for a while, Sanzo thought pleased.




"Sanzo?" Hakkai looked surprised, a dishcloth in his hand showing he'd been busy. "What's the matter --- did Gojyo…?"


Sanzo pushed passed him, seizing Hakkai's arm and pulling him along to the living room.


"Sanzo, really, what's the matter?" Hakkai asked while he tried to keep up.


Sanzo turned Hakkai round to face him. Hakkai's expression was a mix of confusion and worry. Sanzo took a deep breath, trying to formulate in his head what it was he wanted to say. Hakkai was waiting, looking perplexed, but patient. Sanzo's knew he was serious about this. He felt it as strongly as the power of his Sutra. He didn't need anybody else's bullshit about that. The Gods knew he had been through enough of that shit already.


But as usual, the words didn't form to his emotions. So instead, he grabbed Hakkai and kissed him for all he was worth. Hakkai instantly returned the sentiment, letting Sanzo deepen the kiss. Sanzo didn't hesitate, being more forceful than gentle as he pulled Hakkai close to him. Whatever everybody else thought, Hakkai was his now. Sanzo would make sure there was no doubt about that.


As abruptly as he had pulled Hakkai closer, he pushed the man away from him and down on the couch. Pleased, Sanzo noted that Hakkai had to steady himself as he fell back, leaving the dishcloth discarded on the floor in a quite un-Hakkai like manner. The green eyes looked no longer worried, but wide and needy. "Sanzo, not that I mind the unannounced visit, but was there something specific you came for?" he asked hoarsely.


Sanzo wasn't fooled by the polite tone. He knelt down between Hakkai's knees and took the man's head between his hands.




"Yes, Sanzo…"


Sanzo noticed Hakkai's shallow breathing. That was his doing. Hakkai wanted him the same way he wanted Hakkai and he was damn well going to give Hakkai back what he had done. "Just shut up," Sanzo said. He had never been a man of many words and now was not the time for conversation.


Hakkai's mouth opened and closed, his eyes looking down on Sanzo. He nodded slowly. Sanzo's hand rested on Hakkai's lower stomach. He could feel the heat underneath the shirt. He pulled it up roughly, revealing the jagged scar crossing the smooth expanse of Hakkai's skin. Sanzo traced it, remembering the events that had ultimately led Hakkai to him. His fingers didn't linger, going down to open Hakkai's jeans and push aside the neat white underwear.


Hakkai's cock was peeking half-hard from its bed of dark brown curls. Hadn't Hakkai said to do what felt good himself? He might not know a lot, but Sanzo knew about the simple wonders of friction.


He took Hakkai's cock firmly and began stoking slowly from the bottom to the tip. The effect was instant as Hakkai's cock hardened under his hands. Hakkai's breathing increased in rhythm and volume and Sanzo found that if he concentrated hard enough, he soon learned what movements made Hakkai gasp and moan in pleasure. Sanzo put one of his hands on Hakkai's thigh and felt the trembling. He didn't know if Hakkai was nervous or merely aroused. He stopped for a second, letting himself acknowledge both emotions himself. Yes, he was nervous about what he was doing and going to do. But he knew it was worth it.


Sanzo opened his mouth and took the head of Hakkai's erection inside. Hakkai pushed up and Sanzo backed off a little, not taking in too much at once. The taste was bitter and Sanzo had to take a moment to get used to the feel of the hard flesh in his mouth. Hakkai muttered something inaudible that might have been a prayer. Sanzo didn't let it distract him and he began licking and slowly sucking Hakkai's cock.


Hakkai's hand grabbed the back of his head and Sanzo flinched involuntarily, pulling back and releasing Hakkai's cock.


"Sorry," Hakkai said softly, letting go of Sanzo.


Sanzo shook off the sudden anxiety, breathing deep and reminding himself that he was here with Hakkai. He resumed his actions, even more determined to show Hakkai what he could do to please him. He tried to take more of Hakkai into his mouth, sucking around the throbbing flesh. He could tell Hakkai was making an effort not to push up into his mouth. He was moaning loudly in frustration as Sanzo kept a firm grip on the base of his cock.


Sanzo could feel Hakkai was about to come. Above him he could hear Hakkai try to warn him, but Sanzo didn't want to stop now. He wanted to finish it all the way. Finally, Hakkai cried helplessly, his cock spasming inside Sanzo's mouth.


Although he knew it was coming, the sudden influx of fluid made Sanzo gag. He reflectively let go of Hakkai's erection and spit out as much of he could. He wiped his mouth with the back of his hand, trying to get rid of the lingering taste. Once he had recovered, he carefully looked up at Hakkai, afraid the man might be disappointed. But Hakkai looked as if he had left the planet, his eyes dazed and his breathing loud and uneven. Sanzo grinned stupidly pleased. It seemed Hakkai hadn't noticed the mess Sanzo had made yet.


Sanzo quickly grabbed the dishcloth from the floor and began dabbing up the spilled come on Hakkai's jeans. Hakkai stilled his hand. "Don't worry about it, I'll change," Hakkai said, still slightly out of breath. Sanzo moved so Hakkai could get up and go the bedroom.


Sanzo was sitting on the couch smoking when he came back out with a new pair of jeans and shirt on. Hakkai joined him and took his hand. Sanzo relaxed, having grown accustomed, and even surprisingly fond, of Hakkai's casual touching. "Come back to the Keiun with me," Sanzo said, suddenly certain he didn't want to leave Hakkai and go back to the temple alone.


"Now?" Hakkai asked, looking out the window at the darkness outside.


"Gojyo's there," Sanzo explained, even though that wasn't really the reason he wanted Hakkai to come with him. He had really stopped caring about Gojyo and his meddling, anyway. But it was the only thing that popped into his head. Hakkai agreed and got his coat.




Gojyo looked ready for murder when they both walked in. Goku was on the floor, surrounded by a mass of paper folded into an assortment of animal shapes. Gojyo was not even trying to feign interest as Goku explained and demonstrated each new paper construction.


"What the hell have you been up to?" Gojyo said the minute they entered. "No wait, don't tell me. I have a feeling I don't wanna know."


Hakkai ruffled Goku's hair and admired some of the more dubious creations.


"Can we go home now?" Gojyo whined dramatically.


"You go," Hakkai said. "I'm going to stay a bit longer."


Gojyo looked from Hakkai to Sanzo. "Moving in already?"


"Shut your face," Sanzo bit out, standing by the door and waiting for Gojyo to leave.


"I'll see you later, Gojyo," Hakkai quickly intervened, ushering Gojyo towards the door.


Gojyo took a long look at Sanzo as he passed him, then gave a big grin and a wink that made Sanzo want to jam his gun between Gojyo's teeth if that hadn't meant it would have delayed the Kappa's leaving.


So Sanzo ground his teeth and looked away as Gojyo finally left. Hakkai had turned back to Goku and was gently ushering him out of the room as well. Goku yawned, gave Hakkai a big hug, waved to Sanzo and left for his own room, leaving his paper zoo behind on Sanzo's office floor. Sanzo sighed and rubbed his temples. Why were people always so bothersome? Hakkai came to stand next to him. "You want to go to your room?" he asked quietly.


Sanzo merely nodded, letting Hakkai lead the way. In his room, Sanzo immediately opened a beer and took a long welcome gulp. Hakkai took the other beer Sanzo offered and made himself comfortable, while Sanzo sat next to him and lit a cigarette.


"Sanzo?" Hakkai began in a serious tone after a moment of silence. "Did anyone -- ever force you?" he asked, his face a pained expression.


"No," Sanzo said tersely, not wanting to dwell on his lingering and betraying fears in front of Hakkai. Not now that he was sitting close and comfortable with the only man he could have imagined himself doing that with. Those feelings belonged to a different time, Sanzo told himself.


"When I…You reacted like you had," Hakkai pushed. Of course Hakkai wasn't the kind of man to be sidetracked easily.


Sanzo pulled on his cigarette. "Some tried. No one ever succeeded." That was as much information as he was willing to give on the subject. It didn't matter now anyway.


Hakkai looked like he was taking in that information. "Thank you -- I really liked it," he said after a while.


First, Sanzo blushed, embarrassed by Hakkai's reference to what he'd done. Secondly, he was annoyed by the fact that he was blushing. He didn't want to dwell on the last unexpected emotion of relief. The simple confirmation and reminder by Hakkai that every action between them had been done out of desire and voluntarily was something Sanzo hadn't even realized he had needed. Damn Hakkai for knowing it anyway.


"I want you to sleep with me," Sanzo said abruptly, shoving his emotions into a practical outlet.


Hakkai looked taken aback by Sanzo's blunt request. Sanzo folded his arms in front of himself, not knowing how else to formulate his desire to keep Hakkai near him.


"Sleep?" Hakkai asked, one eyebrow gently raised.


Sanzo nodded tensely. He wanted to say more, so that Hakkai didn't get the wrong idea. But then, he didn't quite know what it was that he wanted, or not wanted, only that he was sure he didn't want Hakkai to leave. He didn't want anything…more. Or maybe he did, but not right now. At least he didn't think so. "I want you to sleep here," he repeated, going back to what he was certain of.


After a frozen moment of silence, Hakkai visibly relax. "I'd very much like that," he said, smiling with his eyes and making it sound like a perfectly innocent proposal. The tension drained away from Sanzo, letting him know how tired he really was. He nodded gratefully.


Both men made ready for bed, Sanzo lending Hakkai a spare pair of pajama bottoms and turning his back while they undressed. Even though they had both seen each other intimately naked, Sanzo still held on to his need and respect for privacy. Whether it made sense right now or not, Hakkai obliged for which Sanzo was thankful.


Sanzo lay down on his side, waiting. He felt the movement and then the warmth of Hakkai as the man lay down next to him. There wasn't a lot of room on his single bed and after a few minutes Hakkai's arm draped over his shoulder.


"You're okay?" Hakkai asked.


Sanzo hummed deep in his throat and relaxed against Hakkai's chest. Hakkai's breath ruffled the hair on the back of his neck. He had only slept this close to someone when Goku was still a child. Then he had always been the one cradling the kid. Those days, it had been the only way Goku would calm down enough to sleep. Now Sanzo could understand why. He closed his eyes and let himself be lulled by the steady rhythm of Hakkai's chest moving against his back. When it became clear Hakkai was sleeping, Sanzo finally let himself drift off.




Sanzo woke up with Hakkai still plastered to his back. He turned and let Hakkai roll onto his back, grumbling about being cold and reaching out blindly. The man looked disheveled and so utterly vulnerable, Sanzo felt as captivated as he been the first time he had laid eyes on Hakkai. He pulled the covers over Hakkai's body and got up to go to the bathroom.


He had just stepped under shower when he heard the knock on the door.


"May I come in?" Hakkai's voice asked.


Sanzo hesitated for a moment, but quickly determined it would be ridiculous to refuse. It wasn't like he had anything to be afraid of. He shouted over the sound of the water for Hakkai to come in.


Hakkai entered the bathroom, one hand combing through his hair while his other adjusted his monocle. Sanzo's pajama's rode low on Hakkai's hips. Again, Sanzo was taken by how vulnerable Hakkai looked, even though he knew the image was deceiving. He had to wonder if Hakkai was doing it on purpose. Either way, the effect was a flood of aching desire.


"Can I join you?" Hakkai asked innocently.


Sanzo nodded silently and watched Hakkai casually strip down. It was the first time he had seen Hakkai completely naked. Living in a monastery, Sanzo had seen a lot of naked men, but never before had he felt such powerful arousal at the sight. Hakkai was slender and his skin uncommonly pale. Sanzo's eyes drifted down over Hakkai's body, over his scar to his unmistakable morning hard-on. Sanzo felt his own cock respond in kind.


Hakkai seemed unperturbed by the scrutiny or Sanzo's growing erection. He stepped into the shower and Sanzo moved to make room for Hakkai. Both men crowded in the small shower stall and there was little room to maneuver without being in constant contact. Hakkai was slightly taller and had a lot of muscles on his lithe frame, but rather than being intimidated, Sanzo found himself fascinated.


Soon they were soaping each other as much as they were soaping themselves. In a natural progression of movement, Hakkai took hold of Sanzo's erection and began stroking it. There seemed no reason for Sanzo to stop him, so he leaned on Hakkai and let the man continue and pump him to a rapid climax. Hakkai claimed his mouth and kissed him deeply, holding Sanzo up as he rode through his orgasm.


"God, I love you," Hakkai whispered into his mouth before delving back in, cutting off any need or opportunity for Sanzo to reply. He wouldn't have known what to say anyway. Sanzo wasn't even sure Hakkai was aware he had said it. Under the circumstances, the mutual need of their bodies seemed of higher importance and Sanzo was happy to let his desire guide them. At least that he could understand.


The water had turned cold and Sanzo turned it off with one hand without letting go of Hakkai who was still kissing him with undiminished fervor. The movement made them end up with Hakkai pressed against the wall with Sanzo hard against him. Hakkai's erection was poking against Sanzo's leg and without hesitation Sanzo took hold of it and began sliding his hand up and down.


Hakkai released Sanzo's mouth and arched his head up with a deep pleasured moan. Hakkai's neck looked inviting and without thinking Sanzo locked his lips on the taunt skin and sucked. Hakkai's moans raised in pitch as he squirmed against him.


Before Sanzo could find a good rhythm, Hakkai pushed him back a little. Hakkai's eager, yet uncertain look stopped Sanzo's hand. "Will you trust me?" he asked between labored breaths.


Sanzo told him yes, waiting for Hakkai's next move. Did Hakkai want him to suck him off again? Sanzo didn't think he would mind trying again. But Hakkai made no indication of that. Instead he took Sanzo's hand and began sucking his finger. It was an unnecessary gesture, seeing as both men were still wet from the shower, but it lacked nothing in erotic effect. If he hadn't just climaxed minutes before, Sanzo was sure he would have been hard again. Finally, Hakkai released Sanzo's finger and guided the hand down over his back towards the crack of his ass.


"I want to feel you inside me," Hakkai said, holding Sanzo's gaze.


Sanzo had a feeling Hakkai was leading him there. He had seen a glimpse of this, all those years ago when he had walked in on his Charms teacher and the pupil. "Inside?" he asked nonetheless, making sure he understood Hakkai.


Hakkai pushed Sanzo's hand down unmistakably near his opening. "Put your finger inside me," Hakkai said, uncertainty returning to his eyes. Sanzo looked back and understood Hakkai was putting faith and trust in him; for Hakkai to let Sanzo do something like that. It made him want Hakkai all the more. And he had a way to show it…


Sanzo pressed up close to Hakkai and felt with the tip of his finger for Hakkai's entrance. The ring of muscle gave way under the pressure and Sanzo's finger slipped into the heat of Hakkai's body. Hakkai gasped against Sanzo's neck and Sanzo tried to go deeper, moving back and forth slowly until Hakkai's muscles relaxed enough to give him more movement. Hakkai's erection jabbed into his stomach, showing Sanzo that his efforts were having the desired effect on Hakkai.


"I'm going to turn around," Hakkai breathed. "Just keep going."


Hakkai turned, steadying himself with one hand on the shower wall and urgently fisting himself with his other hand. Now that Sanzo didn't have to twist his arm, he could push his finger in deeper and easier. He stared at his digit disappearing into Hakkai's body. It was positively obscene, yet Sanzo didn't want to stop. He gripped Hakkai's shoulder hard, feeling the muscle tension as he was driving Hakkai closer to his climax.


"Push forward," Hakkai urged. Sanzo complied and Hakkai cried as his come splashed on the bathroom wall.


Sanzo let his finger slip free. "You liked that?" Sanzo asked, staring from his hand back to Hakkai.


Hakkai had turned around to face him again, a sated smile spread over his face. "Sure, don't you?"


"I wouldn't know."


"Have you never tried it yourself?"


Sanzo shook his head. It had honestly never occurred to him to stimulate himself like that. Hakkai didn't continue the issue, turning the shower back on instead to rinse them both off. Sanzo let him get on with it while his mind was preoccupied trying to imagine the sensation. Hakkai's reactions had been quite intense. He wondered if it would feel even better than when Hakkai had used his mouth. 


After Hakkai was finished, both men dried off and went back into the bedroom to get dressed. Sanzo had just gathered his robes when a knock on the door came. Muttering, Sanzo grabbed a towel to wrap around his waist. But before he could do anything, Hakkai had already opened the door, still as naked as he had come out the shower. The group of monks on the other side of the door stood frozen in shock.


Although he couldn't see it, Sanzo could picture that wicked, polite smile on Hakkai's face, as he asked, "Good morning, gentlemen. Can I help you?"


The monks' eyes looked like they were about to pop out of their sockets. Finally one of them mumbled something about wanting to see the honorable Genjyo Sanzo. Sanzo walked up behind Hakkai and looked at the petrified monk who had spoken. "I'm busy," Sanzo said, "Come back later," and resolutely slammed the door.


"That was a bit rude, wasn't it?" Hakkai asked as Sanzo returned to the bed.


Sanzo raised an eyebrow and looked Hakkai up and down. "It's the only way they get the point," he replied. "I'm sure you understand."


"Ah, indeed. One has to make one's points clearly."


"And what point, exactly, were you making?"


That wicked smile Sanzo had imagined appeared clearly on Hakkai's face. "That you're mine," he said casually.


Sanzo felt both warm and cold at Hakkai's words. A pleasant thrill went through him and he could have sworn Hakkai's smile grew even wider. Sanzo shook it off and threw Hakkai his underwear and jeans and watched as he slipped into them.


"That could have been Goku," Sanzo said, getting dressed himself.


Hakkai buttoned up his shirt. "I would have known if it had been Goku," he said enigmatically.


Sanzo tsk-ed at Hakkai's cryptic assertion, but knowing Hakkai, it was properly true. It also reminded Sanzo about Goku's earlier recited gossip. "Maybe you should talk to Goku," Sanzo said while he lit his morning cigarette. "He's starting to ask questions -- about us."


"Us, huh?"


"He's hearing gossip," Sanzo said, trying to sound dismissive. "No doubt he's gonna hear more today," he added under his breath.


"So you want me tell Goku about the birds and the bees?" Hakkai asked, his tone lightly teasing. "Or just the bees in this case."


"No," Sanzo replied a little too sternly. He was still hesitant to admit it might be time for that. He was even more unwilling to admit that maybe he should have done so long ago, if it wasn't for his reluctance to doing that particular task himself. "Just tell him to mind his own business and not listen to any talk," Sanzo said unconvincingly. "He might listen to you."


"Goku's fifteen," Hakkai pointed out, putting on his teacher face. "I'm sure he knows quite a bit already. Didn't you?"


Sanzo shuddered involuntarily. The things he knew when he had been fifteen were exactly the things he didn't want Goku to know.


Hakkai must have sensed his change in mood and sat down close to him. "I won't do anything without your permission," he said reassuringly. "I'm only warning you that Goku is growing up on his own. You can't control everything he knows or does."


Sanzo shrugged, conceding the point to Hakkai. "Sure, whatever," he mumbled in the end, knowing that Hakkai was right and relieved it was out of his hands. He didn't want to think about it anymore. He got up and looked back at Hakkai. "I'm hungry. Let's get breakfast."


Hakkai agreed and the two men walked side by side to the breakfast hall. Halfway there, they were joined by Goku, who immediately clung to Hakkai and started a long rambling monologue about dreaming of oranges. Something Hakkai seemed to understand.


The three of them took their places at the table amidst a flurry of whispers and stares from everyone around them. Sanzo watched Hakkai and Goku dig into their breakfast, ignoring the vibes of indignation mixed with curiosity around them. He threw Hakkai a glance across the table, catching the man's smile. Sanzo smiled back and he didn't care if the whole goddamn temple saw it.




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