Title: Ten kisses till midnight
Author: Aeneus

Email: aeneus111 (a) hotmail (dot) com

Rating: NC-17
Pairing: TenKen
Summary: Tenpou's knowledge of Earth customs gives him the perfect opportunity to test Kenren's feelings.
A/N: For the sake of argument, let's pretend Heaven is in its own parallel time zone. Written for the Minus Wave New Year Challenge. Word count: 5795. Betas:
lirannutian and darkfire_blade <3


Disclaimer: All of these characters belong to Kazuya Minekura. This is written purely for my own entertainment and hopefully that of others.




"Tenpou? There's something wrong with this sake." Kenren shook the bottle and watched the liquid burst into bubbles in amazement.


"It's not sake, it's champagne," Tenpou answered without looking up from his book. He had left the bottle on the desk where it was sure to catch Kenren's attention.


"What's that?"


"It's an alcoholic drink traditionally consumed on Earth at celebrations like New Year." He circumspectly eyed Kenren over the rim of his glasses.


"New Year?" Kenren shook the bottle again, fascinated by the effect.


Tenpou put his book down and took the bottle from his hands. "Don't you ever look down below?"


Kenren huffed. "You sound like Kanzy." He slid down from the desk in Tenpou's library and took a seat in the chair in front of it.


Tenpou looked at him from the other side of the desk and, as always, admired the view on display. "You should try it. They have some fascinating rituals to mark the passing of time."


The general lounged back comfortably in the chair, balancing it on its two back legs and folded his arms behind his head. "Time, right," Kenren mumbled as he studied the ceiling. It was clear he was not paying much attention. "You said there was alcohol in this?" he asked as he brought the chair back down on its four legs.


Tenpou sighed.


Kenren pointed at the bottle that was still in Tenpou's hands. "So, you're gonna open it or what?"


"Not yet, we'll have to wait till New Year." Tenpou had waited long enough for this occasion. He wasn't going to let Kenren ruin his plans now.


"When's that?"


"It starts tomorrow."




"See, that would depend on what Earth time zone…" Tenpou saw Kenren's eyes start to wander again. He gave another small sigh. Being in love with this man was not easy. "Three o'clock."


"Great, I'll come back tomorrow then." Kenren got up and was about to leave.


"Better come to my apartment," Tenpou said with well practiced nonchalance. Kenren had stopped by the door and Tenpou searched his face for suspicion. Generally speaking, Kenren was not a suspicious man, taking most things in his stride without a second thought. But there was a mild questioning look on his face now.  "I wouldn't want to leave it here in the library," Tenpou added. "Someone might steal it."


Kenren smiled. Maybe he thought Tenpou was inferring he might steal it. "Sure, see you tomorrow," the general said and with a backwards wave he closed the door.


Tenpou stared at the closed door. He hoped he wasn't going to make a fool out of himself tomorrow. Kenren certainly sought him out to spend his free time with; he helped him clean his library and made sure he ingested some proper food during the day besides nicotine. But that didn't necessarily mean he reciprocated the type of feelings Tenpou had for him. Kenren was an easygoing guy, so he probably wouldn't kill Tenpou for making an un-welcomed advance. Knowing his general, it'd likely be forgotten the next day.


Tenpou hoped that wouldn't be the case.




It was ten minutes to three o'clock in Heaven. On Earth people had been celebrating New Year for several hours. Tenpou had taken the bottle of champagne out of the fridge and set the clock in his apartment to the next appropriate time zone. He tried to relax as he watched the door, waiting for Kenren's imminent arrival.


At five minutes to midnight - according to Tenpou's clock - Kenren cruised in, bringing in the smell of fresh air and a few leaves stuck to the back of his uniform. "Reporting as ordered, Sir."


Tenpou felt a shiver go through him. "Good, we still have a few minutes till New Year." Tenpou pointed to the clock. "Let's make ourselves comfortable."


Both men settled on the couch. Kenren picked up one of the two champagne glasses Tenpou had put out on the table and turned it around in his hands. He raised an eyebrow but put it back down without a word.


"So what do we do?"


"Traditionally, we count the last ten seconds out loud. Then when the clock strikes twelve we say Happy New Year, kiss each other, open the champagne and have a toast."


Tenpou could see Kenren replaying what he just said in his head. His eyes narrowed. "We kiss each other?"


"Yes, it's tradition." Tenpou held his breath. It left the options in Kenren's hands without Tenpou needing to push the issue. If Kenren only saw him as a friend, he could simply give him a peck on the cheek. Or, if Kenren felt more than that - as Tenpou hoped - he could take advantage of the opportunity to explore the boundaries of their relationship. Either way, Tenpou was going to find out where he stood pretty soon.


Kenren stared at him but didn't give anymore comments. Tenpou felt his face go hot under the scrutiny and looked away towards to clock. Ten seconds to go.


"Here we go," Tenpou said as he stood up. Kenren followed his example and together they stood facing each other while they counted out the final seconds. With each second Tenpou was feeling more nervous. Kenren looked him in the eyes as they said each number in unison and Tenpou swore he could see a spark inside them.


"Happy New Year," Tenpou said with forced cheer as the clock struck twelve.


Kenren hadn't moved and was still looking him in the eyes. "Happy New Year," he answered slowly. He reached out and cupped the back of Tenpou's head, bring him in closer. Instinctively Tenpou tilted his head backwards and closed his eyes. Kenren's lips touch his own carefully, applying only minimal pressure. Tenpou's heart was racing. He didn't dare pull away, leaving the initiative with Kenren. Seconds ticked by and a soft moan formed in Tenpou's throat.


Kenren let go and took a step back. "Now about that champagne?" he asked as if nothing had just happened. Tenpou's head was still reeling. That definitely had felt like more than just a friendship kiss. Even if it had been a chaste one. Dazed, he opened the bottle and poured the two glasses. Kenren took one from his hand, his fingers lingering over Tenpou's. "Now there's a toast, right?"


Tenpou nodded, his throat too dry to speak. "To fascinating rituals," Kenren said and raised his own glass to carefully touch Tenpou's glass. A soft clink of glass touching glass filled the silence. Kenren took a large gulp of the champagne. He took his time to savor the taste and Tenpou took the opportunity to take a sip as well to steady his nerves.


"Not bad," Kenren decided and took another gulp. "I could drink this more often."


"There's more in the bottle," Tenpou offered. If Kenren felt he needed to get drunk first, then that was okay with Tenpou. Anything not to let this first step go to waste. 


Kenren seemed to think about the offer. "You said sometime about time zones, right?"


"Yes," Tenpou answered, amazed that Kenren had been listening after all.


"That means it'll be New Year again in an hour."


"Technically, there will be another nine New Years today."


Kenren gave what Tenpou could swear was a sultry smile "So I get to kiss you another nine times, right?"


Tenpou swallowed. "If you want…"


"Good." Kenren finished off the last of his champagne and gave Tenpou a wink. "I'll be back in an hour."




After Kenren had left, Tenpou fell back on the couch. He absentmindedly sipped the rest of his champagne while he replayed the last ten minutes in his mind. His skin flushed as he remembered the kiss. He couldn't have been mistaken about it. Something had been there. It might not exactly prove that Kenren's feelings were the same as his own, but if Kenren was coming back, then surely that meant he wanted to explore it further.


The rest of the hour Tenpou spend washing off the glasses, rearranging cushions, resetting the clock and restlessly pacing the room. His eyes kept darting back towards the clock. Five minutes to go. Had he totally misjudged the situation? Tenpou refilled the two glasses. Two minutes to go. Had Kenren been kidding after all?


One minute to twelve, Kenren returned, his face flushed as if he'd been running. "I'm not too late, am I?"


"No, just in time," Tenpou answered, relief flowing through him. Kenren walked up to him and pulled him up from the couch. They stood together, just like an hour ago, but this time Kenren's hand didn't let go of Tenpou. They didn't bother with a countdown. Kenren pulled Tenpou towards him and kissed him gently, letting the moment linger like before. If there had been any doubt left in Tenpou's mind about Kenren's intentions, it melted in those seconds.


The pressure increased slightly and Tenpou parted his lips with a deep sigh. He waited, seeing if Kenren would take the invitation. Then came the first tentative stroke of Kenren's tongue inside his mouth. Tenpou opened his mouth wider, letting Kenren go deeper. The exploration was slow and teasing. Kenren's tongue played across his teeth and lips, before delving deeper into Tenpou's mouth. Tenpou pulled himself closer to Kenren, molding their bodies together. Kenren moaned softy and pulled his tongue back slowly. Hesitantly, Tenpou followed it into the warmth of Kenren's mouth. He had longed for this moment for a very long time and he was taking as much time as Kenren had to explore.


He swallowed a whine as he felt Kenren gently push him away. "I've gotta go," Kenren said.


"You're leaving?" Tenpou asked incredulously. After Kenren had kissed him like that, he couldn't believe the man would run out on him.


"I have things to do," Kenren said apologetically. "I hadn't exactly scheduled in 'seduction by superior officer'." He took the glass of champagne off the table and downed it in one go. "This is really good stuff, Tenpou."


"I'm glad you appreciate it," Tenpou said, slightly miffed about being left hanging.


"I'll come back for the rest."




Tenpou quietly moped for the rest of the hour. He was still put out about being left a second time. If only they had more time, he could make sure what Kenren was thinking and whether or not his general only thought of this as a fling. Not that he would mind a fling. He rolled his eyes; two kisses and he was already acting like a clingy boyfriend.


He reset the clock again and thought about all the people on Earth waiting to welcome in their New Year with a loved one, having no idea that up in Heaven one of the Gods was taking advance of their peculiar custom to seduce his friend. The thought was enough to make him smile. He smoked a few cigarettes and cleaned some more of his apartment. He always kept on eye on the clock, expecting Kenren to show up in the last minute again.


He was caught of guard when Kenren casually walked in with almost ten minutes to go. "Any left of that stuff?"


Tenpou had filled the two glasses with what was left in the bottle. "It's all that's left."


Kenren took his glass and settled on the couch, waiting for Tenpou to join him. The marshal sat down and fidgeted with his glass. Now that they had time, he wasn't sure what to say. "Should we talk?" he finally asked.


"Okay." Kenren put down his glass and faced his friend. "Why did you never say?"


The way he said it left no doubt in Tenpou's mind Kenren realized this was more than an attempt at a fling. "I didn't know," Tenpou answered, conveying all the uncertainties he had dealt with since falling for the enigmatic general.


Kenren nodded in understanding. "Now you do."


Tenpou's heart made a leap. It was all the confirmation he'd hope for. "You never said either."


Kenren made a playful shrug. "I could never hope."


Tenpou slid closer to his friend and took his head between his hands. "Kiss me."


Kenren gave a broad smile and leaned into Tenpou. "Yes, Sir."


This time the kiss was more heated and passionate. They plunged into each other's mouths like practiced lovers, mixing the taste of champagne and lingering nicotine. As the clock stuck twelve yet again Kenren pulled away. He stroked his finger across Tenpou's cheek before gently pushing it to the side. Kenren's lips locked over the side of his throat, kissing a trail from one side to the other. He carefully took off Tenpou's glasses and proceeded to kiss every inch of the marshal's face before delving back into his mouth.


Too soon, Kenren stopped, leaving Tenpou frustratingly aroused. "Don't tell me…"


"Sorry," Kenren apologized, stoking his fingers through Tenpou's hair.


"I'll remember next time to give you amply time notice," Tenpou said with a sigh.


Kenren gave him a quick peck on the nose. "I'll make sure to put in my diary then."




Almost an hour later saw them back on the couch, Kenren stretched out comfortably with his head resting against Tenpou. His fingers had gotten hold of Tenpou's tie and were playing with it. "For how long?" he asked while he twisted the strip of fabric.


Tenpou couldn't see Kenren's face, but he knew what he was asking. "Since the first time you categorized my library."


Kenren sat up a little straighter. "Really, that long?"


Tenpou nodded, knowing Kenren could feel the movement. "And you?"


The general turned so he could look Tenpou in the eyes. "The first time I saw you take charge of the army."


Tenpou blushed. That had been quite a long time ago. "We should have done this sooner," Kenren said, reading Tenpou's mind. He leaned forwards, making Tenpou lie back on the couch. "I'll have to make up for lost time."


Kenren pushed back the lab coat and repositioned himself to straddle Tenpou's waist. He loosened the mangled tie enough to slip it over his head. "At this New Year thing, do people get presents?"


Tenpou squirmed in his new found position. "Not usually. The giving of presents is more associated with Christmas."


"I think we should add it to our New Year ritual."


Kenren looked down on him with a possessive smile, making the marshal blush. "I don't see why not," Tenpou agreed.


Kenren wiggled on top of him. "Look, it's midnight," he said. "I get to open my present." He moved his hands down over Tenpou's shirt, carefully unbuttoning each button and pushing the shirt open bit by bit. His fingers grazed over Tenpou's hardened nipples, sending shudders through Tenpou's body. Kenren bend down and sucked one of the nipples into his mouth. Tenpou hissed sharply and arched up as best he could under Kenren's weight.


Kenren repeated the process on the other side, licking around the sensitive nipple before locking his lips over it and giving it a gentle suck. "I think it's you that is seducing me," Tenpou said in between gasps. Indeed Kenren had quite thoroughly turned the table on Tenpou's little scenario and even surpassed it.


"Next time," he promised with a last tender kiss on Tenpou's chest. 




The following hour ranked as one of the most frustrating hours in Tenpou's life. He rescued his tie from the floor and hung it in his closet with his shirt and lab coat. He thought about doing some reading, but his mind was too distracted. He kept remembering Kenren's mouth on his chest and found himself carelessly stroking a path where Kenren's lips had been. He had to stop himself from getting too aroused, saving it for his general's return.


When Kenren finally returned he waited by the door before coming to the couch. He casually shrugged off his coat and belts, discarding them in a pile on the floor next to his boots. He walked slowly to the couch, letting Tenpou take in every inch of him. He stopped right in front of the marshal, looking down into his eyes and giving a smile that went straight to Tenpou's groin.


He took Tenpou's hand and kissed the palm. "Touch me," he whispered. Tenpou placed his hand on Kenren's chest and let his hand glide over the smooth skin. Slowly, it was warming under his touch. Kenren knelt down, pulling Tenpou with him till they were both on the floor. Tenpou kissed a trail from his neck to the top of his pants, observing the tremors as he came to Kenren's lower belly, a patch of softness between the hard muscles.


Kenren squirmed and treaded his fingers through Tenpou's hair. Tenpou let himself be guided to the place Kenren was obviously intent on. "Happy New Year," Tenpou whispered, studying how his breath made the tiny nipple stand up and then giving the nub a fierce kiss. Kenren hissed loudly and pulled Tenpou's hair almost painfully. Under the circumstances, the marshal didn't mind. In fact he copied the procedure on the other side and was rewarded with a delicious moan and another yank of his hair.


Tenpou looked up, dreading the moment he knew would come.


"I can stay," Kenren said with a wicked smile.


With a sigh Tenpou laid his head on Kenren's chest. "Please do." They half-sat, half-laid on the floor like that for another moment, Tenpou simply enjoying being held in his friend's embrace. He groaned when, after a while, Kenren began to move and gently pushed him off to stand up.


"What?" Tenpou whined, "I thought you didn't have to go."


Kenren stretched his legs and held out his hand to help Tenpou up. "Aren't you hungry?"


Now that Kenren mentioned it, he felt his stomach agree. Tenpou looked at the clock and quickly realized that would be no use. Like so many times before, it was pointing at just past twelve. "What time is it?" he asked sheepishly.


Kenren laughed out loud. "Time for dinner."




Luckily, Tenpou had enough food in the house to scrape together dinner for two. The last thing he wanted was to have to go out shopping, since that would involve having to get dressed again. Kenren insisted on making dinner, citing past experiences of Tenpou's cooking as a good enough reason to avoid it. Tenpou leisurely smoked a cigarette while he watched Kenren moving about the kitchen, chopping vegetables and keeping an eye on three pans at the same time. It seemed like an extraordinary amount of work for just dinner for two.


But Tenpou had to concede the result was certainly worth it. His moans of contentment after each bite brought a blush to Kenren's face. A delicious reason to keep doing it. After dinner was over, Tenpou insisted on doing the washing up and this time it was Kenren's turn to sit and watch as Tenpou filled the sink with water and began rinsing the plates. The marshal could feel Kenren tracking his every move and had to use his utmost concentration not the drop any plates.


He pretended to ignore Kenren coming over and standing right behind him. The other man's arms came across his waist, pulling him closer to Kenren's naked chest. "You're forgetting the time," Kenren whispered in his ear. "It's a New Year, again."


Tenpou finally gave up his efforts of washing dishes. "Well I guess you should kiss me, again."


Kenren nudged the back of Tenpou's head with his chin, making Tenpou bend forwards and letting his long hair fall to the sides. Kenren sucked the sensitive skin at the base of Tenpou's neck. His hands slid downwards till they rested on Tenpou's crotch. It was a fleeting, teasing touch, but enough to elicit a response. Tenpou pushed forwards, but Kenren stepped back, releasing Tenpou from his embrace.


Tenpou turned round so he could face his friend. "You're a damn tease, you know that," he admonished.


"Serves you right, setting me up," Kenren replied wickedly. "You'll get the rest in one hour."


"Of all the times to start displaying signs of discipline, you choose a lousy one."


"It that right, Gensui, Sir?" Kenren said mockingly.


"Indeed, Taisho."




"So what'd you expect us the do for the rest of the hour?" Tenpou asked after he had finally put away the last of the dishes.


"Hmmm, you wanna play cards?" Kenren offered nonchalantly while he rested his elbows on the kitchen countertop.


"Are you serious?"


"Why not?"


"Okay," Tenpou said, slightly wary. "I'll get a deck."


They moved back to the living room and settled around the table where Tenpou began dealing the cards. They played several rounds and Tenpou began to relax and simply enjoy spending time with his friend like they had done many times before. Except of course on those earlier occasions they hadn't been both half naked. They had played cards often before and knew each other's tricks so they were evenly matched.


Time progressed till Kenren, losing the last round, threw down his cards and leaned back. "How about we start playing for some stakes?"


Tenpou raised his eyebrow while he collected the cards from the table. It was about time for Kenren to make a move. "Like what?"


"Strip poker," Kenren said with a straight face.


"Strip poker?" Tenpou asked incredulously. "Where did you learn about that?"


"Hey, you're the one who said I should look down below," Kenren said with a wink.


Tenpou looked from Kenren back down to himself. If he counted the socks separately, he only had four articles of clothing on. He suspected Kenren didn't have any more than that; quite possibly less. "That's not gonna take long," he muttered.


Kenren shrugged. "Think of it as quality time."


"Alright," Tenpou conceded and dealt another round of cards. Indeed it didn't take long before both men were down to their boxer shorts.


"Looks like the last round," Tenpou warned as he got ready to deal the cards again.


Kenren reached over and took the cards from his hand. "Let's save that one," he said.


"I thought I was getting the rest," Tenpou said as he took Kenren's hand to pull him closer.


"Oh, I'll give you something." Kenren reached under the table and got hold of one of Tenpou's ankles. He gave a pull, making Tenpou fall back and slide towards him. He raised the bare leg towards his face. "Time for another kiss," he promised. He took one of Tenpou's toes in his mouth and gently sucked it.


Tenpou began to squirm. "That tickles!" he yelped. Kenren held fast to Tenpou leg, pulling it up higher to limit Tenpou's movement even further. He kissed the underside of the foot, licking across the sensitive part of the sole and bringing tears to Tenpou's eyes.


"That is so unfair," Tenpou whined in between giggles. "I'll get you for this."


Before Kenren could give any reply, Tenpou twisted round and with his free foot to Kenren's throat forced the man to roll over, releasing Tenpou's other foot in the process. Taking the element of surprise to his full advantage, he leapt on Kenren and pinned him down on his stomach.


"Now I get to have my kiss," Tenpou purred into Kenren's ear. He pushed Kenren's head down and kissed the back of his neck like Kenren had done to him one hour ago. The man moaned his appreciation and Tenpou slid down slowly over Kenren's body, kissing a trail over his back till he reached the waistband of Kenren's boxer shorts. His movement meant he was losing his advantage over Kenren, but the man didn't seem in a hurry to get up from the floor.


He slipped his fingers under the elastic band of Kenren's boxer shorts and lifted it up enough to expose the top of Kenren's well toned ass. Kenren moaned his name in a half formed plea. Satisfied, Tenpou let the waistband go, the elastic snapping back against Kenren's skin with a loud snap, and got up from Kenren's legs.


"You'll get the rest in one hour."




Tenpou returned to the book he had discarded several hours before and began reading. He had already finished a chapter and Kenren had still not moved from his prone position on the floor of his apartment. Tenpou began to wonder if his general would lie there for the whole hour. Not that he minded the view, but it was distracting him from his reading.


"What'cha reading?", Kenren asked, finally rolling over on his back and leaning up on his elbows.


Tenpou looked up from his book. "Warfare for Dummies."


Kenren remained silent for a moment, seemingly digesting Tenpou's answer and counting the odds whether it was genuine. "Is it interesting?"




Tenpou returned to the page he was reading and pretended to ignore Kenren. But from the corner of his eyes, it didn't escape him that Kenren had gotten to his knees and was slowly crawling his way to the couch were Tenpou was sitting. He slid in between Tenpou's legs, forcing them apart till he could sit between them.


"Am I distracting you?" he asked innocently.


"Not at all," Tenpou answered and turned the page.


Kenren's fingers began casually stroking up and down Tenpou's lower legs. It was a very soothing motion and Tenpou found himself almost drifting off.


"Read to me."


"What?" Tenpou asked, his attention brought back to the here and now. For a moment Tenpou was sure he must have heard Kenren wrong. He lifted up his book so he could look at the man.


"Read to me," Kenren repeated, his face completely serious.


"Alright," Tenpou said a bit suspicious. He brought the book back down and began reading out loud. Kenren resumed massaging his calves while Tenpou finished the current chapter. While Tenpou continued on to the next, Kenren hands began moving past his knees and trailing over his thighs. Tenpou swallowed, his mouth suddenly dry from all the speaking. As soon as Tenpou stopped reading, Kenren hands stopped moving as well. Taking the hint, Tenpou started once more and was rewarded with a return of Kenren's hands.


When he was done, Tenpou closed the book. "It's finished," he said.


"Just in time," Kenren noted. He pushed Tenpou's legs slightly more apart so he could kiss the inside of Tenpou's thigh, just below the edge of his boxer shorts. Tenpou caught Kenren's head between his hands and lifted it up so he could kiss Kenren properly. His tongue invaded Kenren's mouth, pouring out the frustrations that had been building up over the course of the evening.I Kenren climbed up till he was practically sitting in Tenpou's lap. They both dueled for dominance, ravaging each other mouths and ending up tangled all over each other.



When they were done, both men were spread out over the couch, fingers still intertwined in each other's hair and slowly regaining their breath. Kenren shifted so he could snuggle closer to Tenpou, who closed his eyes and wrapped his arm protectively around the general.




Kenren even breathing hinted the man had actually fallen asleep. They hadn't moved for quite some time and even with Kenren's body heat on one side, Tenpou was getting a bit chilly. He carefully nudged Kenren, eliciting a long groan.


"We should go to bed."


"Bed?" Kenren grumbled sleepily.


"Yes, my bed."


"Your bed?"


"Unless you'd rather sleep on the couch…on your own."


The last remark finally made the man perk up. "Hell no." He sat up, rapidly regaining his alertness. "What time is it? Did I miss it?"


Tenpou smiled at his confusion. "No, we didn't miss it."


"Good," Kenren said, visually relieved. "Let's get to bed then."


Tenpou led Kenren to his bedroom and soon both men had made themselves comfortable under the covers. Kenren had his arm draped protectively over Tenpou's chest, making the marshal sigh contently. "Now don't fall asleep again, or you'll miss it," he warned.


Kenren pulled Tenpou tighter against him. "It's almost time. Why don't we get started already?" Kenren said and kissed the tip of Tenpou's nose. Tenpou moved his head so he could claim Kenren's mouth instead. But it was only for a moment. Kenren tried to follow him as he pulled away, but Tenpou pushed him back gently. "Don't do anything," Tenpou said sternly. Kenren nodded obediently.


Tenpou shrugged off the covers and moved to the end of the bed where he could grab one of Kenren's feet. He lightly licked around the edge and found that Kenren was just as ticklish as he was. "I owed you that one," Tenpou said with a grin. But he had no intention of tormenting his friend. Instead he began kissing a path all along Kenren's leg to his inner thigh. Then he did the same on the other side, feeling the shivers that ran through Kenren's body as his kisses moved higher.


Finally, he sat up so he could look at Kenren and gently pulled down the top of Kenren's boxer shorts. Kenren bit his lower lip, his eyes fixed on his erection that Tenpou was now holding. Tenpou gave Kenren's cock an experimental stroke and was greeted with a long eager moan. Tenpou never took his eyes of Kenren as he continued stroking, watching beads of sweat start to form on Kenren's forehead as he guided the man closer to climax. Tenpou shifted a little to a more comfortable position and then bend down to kiss the head of Kenren's cock.


Kenren cried out and stiffened under Tenpou's touch. He hand reached out to touch Tenpou's head. "You don't have to do this," he panted, clearly on the brink of orgasm. "I believe your body thinks otherwise," Tenpou countered and brought his lips back down to the solid flesh. This time he took the erection into his mouth as far as he could go and began to suck. Kenren was no longer objecting and reduced to incoherent moaning instead. The general didn't last for very long. His cries rapidly increased in volume till they ended in a long drawn-out moan as he finally came into Tenpou's mouth.


"Damn, that was good," Kenren sighed once he had regained his breath. Tenpou had snuggled back up against his friend and pulled the covers back over them. Kenren turned to face him. "Thank you," he said with a very satisfied smile.


"My pleasure," Tenpou answered.


"I'd like to do something for you to," Kenren began, his hand snaking under the covers towards Tenpou's crotch.


Tenpou intercepted his hand and brought it back up. "I can wait."




Tenpou could feel Kenren's restlessness radiate next to him, but he wasn't going to let himself be tempted. Besides, it was probably better that Kenren had some time to calm down and regain his strength again. This had been a long day and it was almost over. For Tenpou this would be the final leap of faith in his friend. And the way this day had been going, Tenpou had little doubt he could rely on him.


It was still quite a bit away from the hour mark, but Kenren clearly thought he had waited long enough and once again let his hands roam over Tenpou body till they reached his boxer shorts. "Can I please take these off now?" he asked softly in Tenpou's ear. Tenpou nodded, giving up on holding out any longer. His cock was already stiffening as Kenren removed the last piece of clothing. Kenren laid down next to him and began leisurely stoking it to full hardness. Tenpou was glad to see Kenren himself was also gaining an erection again and reached down to copy Kenren's actions.


But soon enough, Kenren moved away out of Tenpou's reach and began to crawl down, apparently intent on returning Tenpou's earlier favor. But Tenpou grabbed the man's shoulder to stop him.


"What? It's my turn now," Kenren said confused.


"I know. I want you to do something else."




Tenpou rolled over to the side of the bed and retrieved a small bottle of oil. "I want you inside me," he said a little nervous as he handed the bottle over to Kenren.


"Are you sure?" Kenren asked as he accepted the oil.


"Very," Tenpou said loud and clearly. He laid back against the cushion and opened his legs to remove any doubt from his friends mind. He wanted this more than anything.


Kenren nodded and settled between Tenpou's legs. He coated his fingers with the oil and began to prepare Tenpou. The marshal closed his eyes and moaned softly as the first finger slid inside. At the beginning of this day he never could have imagined it would end like this. Kenren took his time stretching him and Tenpou savored every minute of it. When Kenren finally withdrew his fingers, Tenpou opened his eyes again and saw Kenren leaning over him.


"Are you ready?" he asked gently.


"Yes," Tenpou sighed happily and raised his legs over Kenren's shoulders. He could feel the head of Kenren's cock nudge against his opening. He wrapped his arms around Kenren's neck and pulled him close. Kenren's mouth closed over his, pushing his tongue inside his mouth as his cock pushed inside his body. Tenpou made his body relax as he let himself be claimed. He rocked along with Kenren's trusts, moaning it tandem with his lover as they both moved towards climax.


Kenren's fist wrapped around his cock and pumped him, making sure Tenpou was the first to find his release. Tenpou cried out in Kenren's mouth as he came over his hand.


"You're so beautiful when you come," Kenren said, stroking Tenpou's forehead. His trusts were slow, bringing Tenpou down gently from his high. Tenpou didn't mind Kenren taking his time. He didn't want to lose the sensation of being joined.


At last, Tenpou felt Kenren stiffen inside him. He held on to Kenren's body as the man slowly came down from his climax. Kenren pulled out and collapsed next to Tenpou. Tenpou rolled on his side and cuddled under Kenren's shoulder.


"You know it's actually midnight this time?" Tenpou chuckled and pointed to his alarm clock, which was actually displaying the correct time.


"Good. No more waiting from now on."


"Unless you want to wait till next year's New Year," Tenpou teased.


Kenren growled and playfully bit Tenpou's earlobe, making the marshal squeak. "Let's never wait anymore," he said seriously, looking Tenpou in the eye.


"That should be our New Year resolution," Tenpou agreed wholeheartedly.


With their promise made, both men gradually drifted off to sleep.




The end


(and they fucked like bunnies ever after…)

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