TITLE: Sins of Cho Hakkai
AUTHOR: Aeneus
EMAIL: aeneus111 (a) hotmail (.) com
DISCLAIMER: All of these characters belong to Minekura Kazuya. This is written purely for my own entertainment and hopefully that of others.
SUMMARY: Three Sins drawn to Hakkai.
NOTE: Beta'ed by Half Elf Lost. Written for the 7 Deadly Sins LiveJournal Community.

PAIRING: Hakkai/Goku (Goku/Sanzo implied)


Goku pulls his arm to veer him towards the food stalls. Hakkai lets him. It's just the two of them. Gojyo is out hunting the town for women and cigarettes. Sanzo is back at the inn, being too high and mighty to help with the shopping.

Sanzo ignores him and Goku accepts it.

Hakkai pays for the fried noodles Goku wants. They finished shopping early in the day so they have time to sit and eat. The sun is out and a light breeze plays with Goku's hair, making the different shades of brown reflect in the light. Goku munches his food noisily. Hakkai is content to watch him quietly.

Sanzo yells at him and Goku ignores it.

When they are not focussed on his food, Goku's eyes scan the surroundings. He's restless -- ever the monkey. Hakkai wishes he would sit still. He's tempted to put his arm around him, to anchor Goku next to him.

Sanzo hits him with his fan and Goku doesn't mind.

Goku has finished his food and gets up, ready to go.

"Why don't we rest here for while?" Hakkai asks, reluctant to let the moment pass. "It's nice in the sunshine."

"We have to bring the shopping back. Sanzo will be mad if we're late."

Hakkai nods in understanding and smiles. Of course. He gets up to follow Goku as he practically bounces back towards the inn.

Sanzo's his Goddamn Sun.

How do you compete with that?


PAIRING: Gojyo/Hakkai


Gojyo likes to win. Whether it's money, chicks, or arguments, he wants to come out on top. Gojyo likes to think he's a good player -- on all fronts.

So when he found a half-dead body lying in the middle of the road, he figured he'd take the gamble. A pretty face, even underneath all that blood. Gojyo couldn't just let that lie. But for a while it seemed like it would turn out more trouble than it was worth. He had to give up his bed, smoke outside in the damn rain and put up with that crazy priest and his monkey sidekick. And now he's stuck with him.

Hakkai, or whatever he wants to call himself.

Gojyo doesn't care about the name. He cares about the fact that this lightweight can easily drink him under the table. He cares about losing yet another poker game. It's not doing his ego a whole lot of good.

But Gojyo is not quite ready to cut his losses. He has invested a lot and he knows there are benefits to the situation. Hakkai shops, Hakkai cooks, Hakkai takes out the damn garbage -- all in the name of self imposed penitence. Still wallowing in guilt, Hakkai is easy to manipulate. And now Gojyo wants to know how far he can push it.

It's late and he's not quite sober. He's lost the last of his money and those damn rumours meant he couldn't score a date either. Hakkai is in bed when he stumbles in. If the noise didn't wake him, the fact that Gojyo falls down in Hakkai's bed does. "Gojyo?" Hakkai asks, sleepy and uncertain. Gojyo lets out a frustrated groan, hoping it will shut the other man up. He shifts his weight to stop Hakkai from moving. There is a sharp intake of breath. For a second Hakkai pushes him back, but Gojyo's not moving. Hakkai is naked underneath the sheets. Gojyo moves his hand there and there's little to mistake the Kappa's intentions.

Hakkai looks at him, his eyes wide and questioning. Gojyo knows Hakkai won't resist. After all, Hakkai owes him, owes him a lot. And he's prepared to pay off that debt. Gojyo sees understanding turn to resignation turn to consent in the space of two breaths. Hakkai closes his eyes. Gojyo knows he has won. He pushes up Hakkai's legs and slicks his finger. He's about to cash in.


PAIRING: Hakkai/Sanzo


It's been too long since he held someone. Too long since he felt someone else's body heat against his skin. Someone's else's breath against his face. Their mouths crush each other and Hakkai sucks at the energy the other man gives off. It fuels him as his hands roam across exposed skin and tighten in golden hair, pulling their faces closer. He has waited too long for this. Too long to hold back. Too long to be gentle. Not that the other man seems to mind.

How has he ever gone without this? All this time they travelled so close together, why has it taken this long? Right now he can't imagine sitting next to the cold-hearted priest and not think about the naked body underneath those robes -- the naked body now pressed up against him.

Hakkai doesn't remember exactly how it happened, or why. He only remembers the look of Lust in Sanzo's eyes when he came into Hakkai's room this evening. So unexpected his smile froze halfway in the making. Sanzo didn't speak, just looked at him, and Hakkai felt himself shift out of common reality. It has been a long time, but that doesn't mean Hakkai didn't know what Sanzo wanted. Doesn't mean that he didn't know how to respond. And right now, he doesn't care about how or why. He accepted the offer willingly. Without a word spoken he pulled Sanzo in and kissed him hungrily. Clothes pulled or ripped until there were no more barriers, except skin.

Sweat is making his hands glide across the smooth back. Hakkai wants to hold on -- dig his fingers into the firm flesh and the muscles underneath, but the skin slides underneath his fingertips. Sanzo has pulled them onto the bed, falling under him on the dingy mattress. Hakkai supports him, holding him up as he leans over the skinny priest. Fire is burning in his groin and he's through with kissing. He wants more. Sanzo doesn't protest when Hakkai turns him over. He goes willingly on his hands and knees and the sight almost stops Hakkai's heart. He runs his hand over the exposed spine, each indentation building up his anticipation.

He feels his way down with his finger, slicked with his own spit. It finds its target and presses home. Distantly he hears Sanzo groan. He digs in deeper, wanting to hear it again. He moves hard, adding a finger, marking his efforts by the increasing volume of Sanzo's cries. He's glad he can't see the priest's face.

He's so hard he can't stand it. He can't wait. His fingers pull out and his cock finds the vacant hole. Itís still tight and Hakkai holds his breath all the way in. He hears Sanzo's muffled cry into the mattress. Far in the back of his mind he considers the possibility he might hurt Sanzo, but he can't make himself care, let alone stop. He's afraid to ask Sanzo, too scared to break the mood with conversation.

He can't believe he's inside the priest. He holds still, caught in the moment, the seconds punctuated by Sanzo's stifled moans as he breathes through the pain. Then Hakkai starts to move. Slowly at first, savouring each thrust into the body underneath him, feeling the way Sanzo rocks forwards as Hakkai comes down. He grabs the priest's hips and pulls him back to meet his thrusts, trying to force himself deeper into the other man.

It's really been too long since he did this.

His rhythm becomes more forceful, increasing his speed as he feels Sanzo's body adjust to him. He doesnít want to come. He doesn't want this to end. But his body is demanding more, so Hakkai gives it what it wants. He's slamming down, burying himself deep inside the priest. Right now there's no future to worry about, no past to regret -- nothing matters besides the joining of their bodies. His arms encircle the thin waist and squeeze tight as he finally releases his seed into the man's body.

He lies draped over the other man's back, still holding on with a bruising grip as he savours his bodyís last spasms. He doesn't let go until the sweat on his skin begins to cool. He pulls out and collapses on his end of the bed.

On the other side, Sanzo turns round to face him. Hakkai's almost afraid to look, expecting to see the priest's disapproving glare; now that it's over. But the heat has not diminished. The purple eyes look at him, just like they had when Sanzo came into his room this evening. They are wordless, hungry and demanding. Hakkai's gaze is pulled in, then pulled down towards the priest's rigid length of flesh.

Hakkai knows what the demand will be...


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