This bunny sprung from cryptjo's cracktastic Hazel/Sanzo fic Red Dress, after which she remarked that Hazel probably writes Hazel/Sanzo fanfics himself.
Turns out that it's bad fanfic at that!

Title: Hazel Sue
Author: Aeneus

Email: aeneus111 (atta) hotmail (dot) com
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Hazel/Sanzo (some implied Gat/Hazel)
A/N: Crack. Dedicated to cryptjo. Beta'ed by car_jack
Disclaimer: Just playing with'em :D


Hazel's head rested on a stack of papers, a pen still clutched between his fingers. The candle on the desk had almost completely burned down, marking the numbers of hours Hazel had spent writing at his desk. He must have passed out from exhaustion. Gat looked at Hazel's face. His companion's lips were caught in a smile. Obviously, it was no nightmare he was dreaming this time.


Gat eyed the papers scattered over the desk. Hazel had been working on this for days now. When Gat had asked about it, Hazel had been very secretive. That was nothing new, Hazel hardly ever confided anything to him. But lately, Hazel had seemed more distracted than usual - daydreaming at odd hours and smiling for no reason. Gat was sure it had something to do with whatever the priest was working on.


Gat looked past Hazel's head at the top page. Whatever it was, it was taking up a lot of Hazel's time. Maybe there was something he could help Hazel with. Gat knew the priest was usually too proud to ask him for help, so the only way to find out would be to see for himself what was distracting Hazel so much.


Gat carefully moved the candle and began reading the first paragraph…


Sanzo quivered under my hand. "Please," he begged, "please take me now."


Gat stopped. This couldn't be right. He read the sentence again. It stayed the same…


Sanzo quivered under my hand. "Please," he begged, "please take me now." The blond was on his hands and knees, offering himself wantonly. His lavender eyes glimmered with desire. His pristine white robes were tossed aside to reveal the inviting flesh.


"Alright," I said. "If that is what you want."


"Yes, Hazel," Sanzo pleaded, my name sounding like a prayer from his lips. "Don't make me wait any longer."


Gat blinked and looked down at Hazel's peaceful face. His Hazel and....that rude Sanzo priest? Doing....that? He must be misunderstanding the text. Maybe he should read a little bit further.


I couldn't wait any more and sheathed myself inside him with one thrust. Sanzo moaned my name every time I buried myself in his heat. He pushed up to meet my thrusts, eager to take as much as possible of my cock inside him. His body was so tight, I knew I would come soon.


Gat had to take a breath. He had thought Hazel's flirtations around Genjyo Sanzo had been nothing more than a way to get under the other priest's skin. Surely, Hazel did not find the man attractive. Hazel had always been satisfied with the release Gat could offer him. That skinny weakling was no comparison.


But now that he thought about it, it had been a long time since Hazel had called on his assistance. Almost as long as…they had first met the Sanzo party. With renewed interest, Gat pulled out another page and started reading again.


"You're so beautiful," Sanzo whispered.


I nodded, trailing my fingers through his golden hair.


He bowed his head and took me in his mouth, sucking with abandon. I held his head as he took me all the way down into his throat. I couldn't believe this was his first time.


Gat shook his head, clearing the image from his mind. No way would he ever allow that prissy boy to touch his Hazel like that.


I exploded in long spurts into his mouth and he swallowed everything I could give him. As he licked the last drops from my cock, his eyes begged for more.


Gat put the page down and licked his lips involuntarily. There were dozens and dozens of pages, all densely covered in Hazel's neat handwriting, describing Hazel and Sanzo (sometimes joined by one or more of the other members of his party) in varying explicit scenarios. Gat scanned through them, stopping once in a while when a certain passage caught his eyes.


His eyes locked with mine as he pounded me mercilessly into the mattress. Sweat glistened on his chest and his face was set in concentration.


"Fuck me harder," I gasped.


Sanzo smiled wickedly and complied, filling me with every thrust.


Gat cleared his throat and adjusted his trousers. No way was this turning him on. He took another look at Hazel who was still sleeping obliviously. It was only the thought of Hazel that his body was reacting to, *not* the image of him being fucked silly by that stuck-up, virgin priest.


Gat shuffled the pages back together and replaced them next to Hazel's head. But a last, loose page drew his eyes. There was no handwriting on this one, it was worse - much worse…


There was a drawing of the Sanzo priest, fully naked and aroused –- and handcuffed to a bed. Next to the bed was Hazel, equally naked, grinning and holding a set of keys.


Gat had to steadily himself while he waited for the sudden spell of light-headedness to pass. The slight stirring in his trousers had sprung to full attention. Disturbed, he shoved the page quickly underneath the rest. This wasn't happening.


Hazel stirred and lazily opened his eyes. "Gat?" he asked uncertain.


Gat jumped. "Sorry to wake you," Gat quickly said. "Go back to sleep." He turned away so Hazel wouldn't see his arousal.


Hazel raised his head and looked at him in the dim light. "Everything okay?" he asked.


Gat nodded and hoped Hazel wouldn't notice the disturbed papers.


"I must have fallen asleep while working." Hazel stretched his arms over his head and yawned. "I think I should go to bed."


Bed. Hazel. Naked Sanzo. Images danced before Gat's eyes.


"Excuse me," Gat croaked and fled the room to find some hard needed privacy.



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