Title: Give and Take
Author: Aeneus

Email: aeneus111 (@) hotmail (.) com
Pairing: Hakkai/Sanzo
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Hunger, desire and release. What's the prize and who's paying?
A/N: Written for the Minus Wave Mix'em Up Challenge; darkish; creepy!Hakkai; unbeta'ed.

Disclaimer: Not mine, just playing...



Sanzo lifted his hips up with a grunt, making his cock disappear even further into Hakkai's mouth. Every sensation in Sanzo's body was being pulled to the direction of his groin and Hakkai was doing everything in his power to suck it right out the tip of his cock.


The feeling right on the edge was the most perfect moment, the feeling that had made Sanzo addicted to these nights. Sanzo lifted his head, watching Hakkai straddled across his legs, his head bend, his eyes closed. Any second now he would be shooting his come into that mouth and Hakkai would swallow it like he always did.


Sanzo relished the filthiness of the act. He loved knowing Hakkai did this for him. Sanzo didn't care who else Hakkai did this with. He wouldn't be surprised if Gojyo got the same privilege. Sanzo never asked and Hakkai never told.


Sanzo let out a long cry and pushed his cock up one last time, feeling himself emptying into the heat of Hakkai's mouth.


He let his head fall back, waiting for Hakkai to finish licking his waning erection clean. Sanzo lit a cigarette, let the lighter fall on the ground next to the bed, took a long satisfying drag and let his arm dangle over the edge.


After a few moments Hakkai crawled up next to him. His hair was tussled, his monocle stowed away somewhere safe, leaving nothing between Sanzo and his penetrating gaze.


Hakkai was a different man when they fucked. Sanzo had never quite figured out what had motivated Hakkai to start these sessions, whether he was excising some inner demons, or whether he was just plain horny.


Not that it had bothered Sanzo much either way in the beginning. Hakkai had made the offer clear, showing up in his bedroom one night - naked. Before Sanzo had had much of a chance to object or consider, Hakkai had given him the best blowjob Sanzo had ever had in a life time. Sanzo had fucked Hakkai that same night, now almost a year ago.


It had been different than the occasional fuck Sanzo had with one of the temple's many monks and priests. Hakkai had seemed more eager, almost desperate, and therefore all the more intoxicating.


Their sessions were infrequent and always depended on Hakkai turning up in his bedroom. Outside of those occasions, Hakkai, Gojyo and Goku continued in their usual ways and Sanzo moved between them, not acknowledging any connection or commitment.


"Fuck me," Hakkai said impatiently next to him, plucking the half-finished cigarette from between Sanzo's fingers and tossing it in the nearest astray. He grabbed Sanzo's hand and shoved it down towards the crack of his ass. Hakkai's eyes were looking at him expectantly.


Sanzo couldn't quite pinpoint the moment he realised Hakkai's manner was not so much desperate as it was demanding. The hunger in Hakkai's eyes had started to take on a whole new meaning.


But what did it matter? Sanzo told himself. Hakkai was still a willing fuck, letting Sanzo do pretty much whatever he felt like. Why should he care about the man's motivation? If Hakkai wanted to pay off his karmic debt by offering himself to Sanzo, Sanzo wasn't going to second guess. His fingers found Hakkai's entrance and pushed inside the ready-lubed hole. Hakkai's muscled clamped down, his face showing a predatory smile.


Reacting, Sanzo pushed in harder, asserting control. After all, he was the one fucking; Hakkai was the one letting himself be fucked, Sanzo reminded himself. Hakkai's eyes glowed in the semi-darkness, egging Sanzo on. His hands worked Sanzo's cock back to hardness, but the priest barely needed it. Hakkai's defiant hunger was stimulating enough.


He threw Hakkai over on his belly, shoved his legs apart and pulled his hips up. Sanzo's fingers slid over the sweat slicked skin and had to dig in firmly to find a hold. Hakkai growled as Sanzo pushed inside him and rocked back to meet Sanzo's thrusts. Sanzo let the rhythm take over. It would be a while before he would come again, so he knew he could make this last. For once Sanzo wanted Hakkai to be the one to collapse first. Sometimes Sanzo wondered if there was a limit to what Hakkai would endure for him. As he anchored his cock firmly inside Hakkai, he wondered if he could ever make Hakkai call stop.


Sanzo pushed in deep every time, making sure Hakkai felt him all the way, and still Hakkai didn't let up, meeting him half-way, panting his name like a siren's call, taunting him to give more. After an eternity, Sanzo couldn't hold back and drained himself again in Hakkai's body. He was too exhausted to move and let himself be rolled over by Hakkai. He could feel Hakkai's limp cock against his side, indicating he had come too at some point. Sanzo didn't care. He needed another cigarette.




Hakkai could still taste the semen in his mouth. Not as good as blood, but close enough. Next to him Sanzo fumbled with his lighter. It took a long time before the priest managed to lit up and blow a cloud of smoke up to the ceiling.


"Tired?" Hakkai asked. For the last few months, Hakkai had always managed to make Sanzo come twice. One day he would manage three, but he would have to train Sanzo for a little bit longer.


Sanzo tsked and continued smoking. Hakkai would have been better off with Gojyo; the half-breed had more stamina than the pathetically human priest. But Hakkai had never been able to make himself do it. Sanzo had been a much easier target: close enough for access and commitment but distant enough to avoid emotional entanglement.


Gojyo would have been too afraid to hurt him, too concerned to give Hakkai what he needed. Sanzo didn't care and would do anything Hakkai steered him towards. After all, the priest 'held nothing' and had therefore all the more to give.


Hakkai climbed off the bed and gathered his clothes. He wouldn't shower till next morning, keeping Sanzo's essence with him as long as he could.


"You're leaving?" Sanzo grumbled from the bed.


Hakkai looked at him. Sanzo's naked body was a sight to behold and Hakkai counted himself lucky he had the use of it. He wouldn't have minded another round, but the man was wasted and Hakkai never stayed the night, needing to be home before Gojyo woke up.


Hakkai nodded and started to get dressed, carefully enclosing the mix of sweat on his skin.




Sanzo watched Hakkai getting ready to leave, dressing himself with methodical precision, adding his monocle and his headband as last. His skin still shined and his breathing was deeper, but more and more Hakkai resembled the man Sanzo knew during the day. Sanzo couldn't help but wonder…


"Why do you come here?" he asked, turning his head so he could look at Hakkai properly.


Hakkai stopped his movements and looked at him. "Does it matter?"


Hakkai's lips were still slightly swollen, his stance was stiff. It must be his youkai side that made him able to still stand after the pounding Sanzo had given him. In the dim light he looked just like the usual polite, soft-spoken, gentle Hakkai, except that Sanzo knew he had just fucked the life out of him.


"You don't owe me anything," Sanzo said, suddenly feeling the need to excuse himself, or excuse Hakkai, because frankly the whole thing was starting to freak Sanzo out just a little bit.


Hakkai stood silent and seemed to consider this.


"Maybe you owe me." He smiled, bringing a glint of hunger back to his face. "After all, you let me live."


Leaving the words in Sanzo's room, Hakkai closed the door, letting Sanzo lie and recuperate till the next time.

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