Title: Play the Game
Author: Aeneus
Pairing: Homura/ Kougaiji
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 1754

Summary: A nobleman's son is confronted by an unusual burglar.
A/N: Reinc./AU fic. Written for kaworu_renritsu who requested: 'Homura/Kougaiji: Kou finds reincarnated homeless teen!Homura'.
It turned out a bit different, but I hope you'll still enjoy it.
Beta'ed by car_jack <3


Henry wasn't really sure what had woken him. All he knew was that when he sat up in bed, his heart racing, he was sure he was not alone in his room. It was pitch-black dark and he had to strain his eyes to pick up any shapes in the darkness.

"Who's there?" he said, annoyed both at being woken and at his initial fear. If one of the servants had sneaked into his room, he was not amused.

A light suddenly shown in his eyes, momentarily blinding him. He raised his arm to block the impact.

"Don't be alarmed, Sir Henry," a strange voice said. "We're not here to harm you. All we want is the gold."

This couldn't be happening. Where were his servants? He slowly lowered his arm and saw a youth, surely still in his teens, stand at the foot of his bed. His face and clothes were dirty and his cloak was badly frayed at the edges. His dark hair was matted and one eye had a livid scar across it. In one hand he held a lantern, in the other a pistol.

"You won't get away with this," Henry hissed, mentally calculating the time he would need to reach his own gun on the bedside table. He wasn't going to be held up by some common bandit.

The boy smiled, putting the light down on the dresser. The angle of the light threw sharp shadows over the edges of his face. "There's no one here to stop us."

Us. We. "Who else is here?" Henry demanded.

"Just a few friends of mine. They have your servants secure. Now where's the gold?"

Henry didn't care much for his stepmother's fortune, but that didn't mean he was going to let some rogues carry it off. He dashed to the side, his hand reaching for his pistol. His fingers grazed the metal as the youth's hand seized his wrist and yanked it away.

Henry wouldn't have thought the boy capable of such speed. He arm was twisted and Henry let out a yelp of pain. The barrel of a pistol was pressed against his cheek. They both froze, Henry eyeing the hand that held his wrist, his gaze traveling up the exposed arm and finding the blackened burn mark of an outlaw.

Slowly the boy let go, his fingers uncurling one by one until the fierce grip turned into more of a caress. Henry's breath hitched and he quickly moved away to the center of the bed. "Who are you?" he asked, his voice surprisingly hoarse.

"Emanuel," the boy replied, taking Henry's pistol and shoving it into his belt.

"Spanish?" Henry asked, unconsciously massaging his wrist.

The boy snorted. "I belong nowhere."

The cloak had once again hidden the symbol above his wrist, but still Henry's eyes fixed on the contours of his arm, knowing it was there.

Emanuel followed his gaze. He raised his arm slowly, displaying his marking, and touched the scar on his face. "Noblemen like to play games with the lives they rule," he said bitterly.

Henry bristled at the blanket accusation. He had always taken pride in the loyalty of his subjects and he didn't appreciate being compared to whatever nobleman had cast this youth out.

"That doesn't give you the right to rob people in their own homes," Henry retorted.

Emanuel stepped closer, the scent of sweat and persuasion invading Henry's nostrils. Dirty hands left prints on the sheets as he leaned forward. "Tell me, didn't you steal the gold in the first place?"

Henry couldn't take his eyes off the boy. He licked his suddenly dry lips, very aware of the heat in the room and pistol still loosely held in Emanuel's grip.

Under law he was entitled to collect the taxes of his father's lands. With his father away indefinitely in foreign lands, it had fallen to him as the only son to perform the duty - reluctantly, knowing his stepmother would only squander it. It wasn't a duty he relished, especially as her demands increased each month. Sometimes subjects refused to pay, either out of insolence or inability, and he was forced to take payment by violence.

But still, it was his right and his duty to his father. He shook his head, clearing himself from the boy's charm. "I won't let you have it," he said slowly and clearly.

Emanuel made to withdraw and Henry saw his chance. He jumped forward, seizing the arm that held the pistol and trying to wrench it free. They struggled until Henry managed to pull Emanuel under him and use his weight to immobilize him. He dug his fingernails in Emanuel's wrist until he let go, letting the weapon fall in the sheets that had tangled around them.

They were pressed close together, both men panting to regain their breath. Dimly Henry thought he should let go now, but there was something that made him stay.

"You wish to play games as well?" Emanuel asked, his eyes challenging Henry's reluctance to move away.

"No," Henry bit out. This boy had accused him of a lot of things already, but that was the lowest of them all. He was not ignorant of what Emanuel implied; he himself had taken on servants fleeing such behavior from previous lords.

He released Emanuel's hand and sat up quickly, removing his own pistol from the boy's belt. "Get out and take your friends with you." He rolled away to the other side of the bed, leaving space for the boy to leave.

Emanuel didn't move, but continued looking at him, his eyes fixing Henry in place in a proud and defiant stare. Behind the grime and the scar and the mark on his arm declaring his status, he seemed to have more the bearing of a nobleman's son than a lowly born. Henry found himself unwittingly intrigued.

"What if I were willing to play the game?" Emanuel asked, moving closer in his direction rather than away from him.

"I won't let you have the gold," Henry said sternly. Why else would the boy make such an offer?

Emanuel laughed out loud. Henry was taken aback - rarely did anyone below his own status laugh in his presence. Emanuel composed himself and reached out slowly to touch Henry's cheek. "I'll have the gold no matter what, dear Sir."

Henry was about to protest that assumption, but Emanuel's thumb moved to brush his lip and the words didn't make it past his throat.

"My friends will turn this mansion inside out if we have to, until we find it." Emanuel leaned in closer so Henry could feel the heat of his breath pass over his face. "If you're not going to tell me first, then that might take a long time." Emanuel's hand moved to the back of Hendry's head, tangling in the long red hair and holding him in place. "Or is that what you really want?"

Henry didn't resist the kiss, letting his mouth fall open naturally when Emanuel's lips touched his own and inviting Emanuel's tongue inside. Their bodies pulled together as the kiss intensified quickly in a release of build-up adrenaline. It had been a long time since Henry had tasted this pleasure with someone other than his servants. But this boy didn't simply submit to him, he demanded equal passion.

Emanuel pushed up his nightshirt and soon his hardening cock was enveloped in a powerful grip. Henry groaned, the sudden sensations almost too hard to take. The boy looked more composed, pumping Henry's erection in measured strokes, his other hand still buried in his hair, his mouth hovering over Henry's.

Henry had to close his eyes, loosing himself in the pleasure building low in his belly and shooting down to his groin with each of Emanuel's strokes. Henry felt like he was only seconds away from climax when Emanuel stopped. His eyes shot open.

Emanuel's eyes were less than an inch away from his. "Tell me where the gold is," he breathed

"No," Henry bit out, barely able to form the single syllable.

The youth's hands tightened. "It seems we have all night then."

Henry was roughly pushed down. Emanuel pulled his legs apart and slipped in between them. Henry knew he should struggle, but the need to continue and find release overrode all other rational arguments. Emanuel hooked his arms underneath Henry's knees and pulled them up.

"I do apologize I have nothing to ease the way, Sir. This will have to do."

Henry watched Emanuel spit in his hand and then one finger pushed against his entrance. Henry tensed involuntary, caught between his body hovering on the edge of orgasm and his mind's refusal to simply submit. The inner struggle was soon decided as the finger breached him and pushed fully inside. His cock twitched, demanding more stimulation. All he wanted was for the boy to hurry up, but he wasn't going to beg for it.

Henry suffered through the second and third finger, sure that Emanuel was dragging it out to torment him. Finally the head of Emanuel's cock slipped inside him and he came almost immediately, the dam inside him shattering as he exploded over his stomach.

Emanuel continued thrusting inside him through his orgasm and once Henry had come down, Emanuel still showed no sign of nearing his own climax. With detached precision he held up a steady rhythm, keeping Henry trapped underneath him.

The boy only stopped when the door opened and two men appeared in the doorway. Henry could have died in mortification as the two strangers regarded him, bent double underneath the young man's body and his cock buried deep inside him.

"We've got what we came for," said one of them, seemingly unsurprised and undisturbed by the sight in front of him.

A smile fleeted across Emanuel's face as quickly as a flicker of the lantern. He resumed his movements for a few more deep thrusts, the concentration on his face shifting, then stilled for a second before pulling out, leaving Henry cold, empty and exposed.

As soon as Emanuel left the bed, Henry pulled the sheets to cover himself. The boy picked up his own pistol and joined his two companions.

He looked back. "I have a feeling we'll see each other again, Sir Henry."

"I will reclaim my property," Henry said, not sure if he feeling more angry or fascinated.

"I'll be looking forward to it." Emanuel gave a mock salute and left with a smile.


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