Title: Mein Herz Brennt
Author: Aeneus (http://aeneus.livejournal.com/)
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Sanzo/Hakkai

Summary: Hakkai's nature stands on a knife's edge…
Disclaimer: Minekura's, not mine. Just playing ;)
Note: This ficlet was originally written for the random song-request meme on my LJ. Moshesque requested Sanzo/Hakkai and randomly selected the song "Mein Herz Brennt" by Rammstein.

Beta by car_jack


Reality comes to him filtered, like light falling through a dirty window. He knows it's there, still within reach. He sees himself looking at it, aware that it's on a knife's edge, ready to fall away from him, but still he doesn't grab for it. Insanity is lurking around the edges of his mind. He knows it. He can feel it watching him, ready to overcome him once the last thread of reality has been cut.

Hakkai breathes in deeply, the basic, natural act helping him to balance for a moment longer. His heightened senses overwhelm him with details: the smell of sweat, the sound of a pounding heart beat close to his own, the sight of muscles twitching beneath him, the taste of Sanzo's skin, the incredible friction around his cock where it slides in and out of Sanzo's body.

Power burns through him. He can feel it glowing under his skin, pulsing along the vines that cover his body. The priest is at his mercy and if Hakkai let go completely, there's no telling what would happen. It's a risk they take, an edge they both need to satisfy a desire neither of them want to define. Hakkai's claws dig into Sanzo's sides, filling the air with the smell of human blood. It's like a lucid dream - part of him watching his own actions, knowing he can interfere but choosing not to - yet. He's playing with fire, testing how far he can push the balance without falling because the feeling is too incredible to resist. His world has narrowed to this very bed and this very moment in time. Thoughts of reason and consequences fade in the blinding light of pure sensation and unrestrained, overwhelming need.

He drives harder into the body beneath him, freeing the reign of his control just that little bit more and letting his primal instinct flood him. Hakkai closes his eyes. His climax is close, rising hard and fast to overtake him and bring him down completely, and for one last, clear moment Hakkai thinks he's finally waited too long; the knife will fall and he will be lost.

As his orgasm slams through him, filling his consciousness and sweeping away the last vestige of human control, he doesn't regret it.



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