Title: Business
Author: Aeneus (http://aeneus.livejournal.com/)
Pairing: Sanzo/Gojyo
Summary: Gojyo finds himself on the unexpected end of a business deal.

Disclaimer: Minekura's, not mine. Just playing ;)
Note: This ficlet was originally written for the random song-request meme. Ssjbento requested Sanzo/Gojyo and randomly selected the song "Business" by Eminem.

beta by car_jack


Sanzo's tongue in his mouth made it hard to say anything. If he could, Gojyo would have told Sanzo to get on with in. This was, after all, strictly business. Kissing shouldn't have been a part of it, but it seemed Sanzo had different ideas on that subject. Since Gojyo was physically incapable of complaining, he figured he might as well go with it. His hand tangled in Sanzo's hair, pulling it taunt to show Sanzo he was still in charge of this transaction, allowing Sanzo to invade his mouth and claim it.

In response, Sanzo pushed forward, pressing Gojyo backwards against the wall of their bedroom and trapping him there. Gojyo wasn't prepared for the spike of lust to his brain and let go of the priest.

"You like that?" Sanzo asked, hoarsely. "I bet you like it a bit rough." To punctuate his words Sanzo pressed his leg between Gojyo's, forcing them apart until his knee met with Gojyo's groin. Gojyo tried to glare at the blond but instead found he was too preoccupied with grinding himself against Sanzo's knee.

Sanzo snickered. "You don't have to say," he said as he unzipped Gojyo's jeans and began pulling them down. He fisted Gojyo's hair and pulled him closer to whisper in his ear, "I can tell."

Gojyo knew he had lost control of the situation when he moaned pathetically as Sanzo's tongue licked around his ear. Sanzo pulled away, grabbed him by the shoulders, turned him around and shoved him back against the wall. Gojyo didn't resist; this wasn't what he had bargained for but he found that right now, he wanted nothing more than have Sanzo fuck him hard and fast.

Sanzo's hand snaked under his tank top and found his nipple, pinching the small bud. "You thought you could fuck me?" Sanzo growled behind him. Lust pounded through Gojyo's blood stream and he thought better of admitting to Sanzo's assumption. "You thought I was so desperate I would jump on your offer of an exchange?"

A slick finger was roughly pushed inside him, making Gojyo see stars for a moment. "Yes," Gojyo moaned, pushing back on the finger despite himself. It was useless to pretend he was in any other position than at Sanzo's mercy right now. The need to finish was overwhelming any sense of pride or preservation in the kappa's mind. A damn good fuck in exchange for a bruised ego might not have been the deal Gojyo had planned, but at the moment he was more than willing to take it.

Another two fingers pushed inside, making quick work of preparation, Sanzo seemingly intent on giving him the least amount of pleasure. Gojyo barely had time to take a breath after the fingers withdrew and before Sanzo slammed inside him. Gojyo couldn't stop himself from crying out. The force of Sanzo's thrusts rattled his teeth and Gojyo had to use both his hands to steady himself against the wall. Once his body had adjusted enough, he arched his back and angled his hips so Sanzo's cock would hit him just right.

"Slut," Sanzo sneered without breaking his pounding rhythm. The painful throbbing of Gojyo's cock intensified under the new stimulation and his eyes were welling up with tears for his need to come.

"Please," he moaned. "I need to…"

Sanzo laughed, but at least took pity. Three firm strokes of Sanzo's hand and Gojyo exploded over the wall in front of him. His knees had turned to jelly and if it hadn't been for Sanzo holding him up by the hips he would have collapsed onto the floor.

The priest clearly wasn't done yet. It would seem Gojyo had underestimated Sanzo on more than one aspect. Sanzo slowed down his thrusts, taking his time to make every one of them count. Gojyo was too spent to do anything but lean against the wall and let Sanzo use his ass until finally the priest let out a gutturally cry and shuddered against Gojyo's back.

When he pulled out Gojyo could feel the warm come drip down the back of his thighs. Without support he sagged against the wall. When he looked up Sanzo had already readjusted his robes and was ready to leave.

He lit a cigarette and gave Gojyo one last look. "Pleasure doing business," he mumbled.

Gojyo could do nothing but nod.



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