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Sorry it's been so long! It's been a bit of a slow year, so here's something to hopefully get some creative juices flowing in the last stretch of 2010: a challenge to finish off MW's 4th year.


Your fic must include some form of anniversary. Any m/m pairing and any rating is welcome.

You can enter as many times as you like.

Normal submission rules apply (please, do read them).
The deadline for this challenge is: Mon 20th Dec, 22:00 UTC.

Additional rules for challenge fics:
- Fics must be able to stand alone.
- Explicit descriptions of rape and/or shota are not allowed.
- You can not submit something you've posted previously.
- Do not post your fic anywhere else till the end of the contest.

Prizes :D
The winner and the runners-up (the number of entries will determine the number (if any) of runners-up) will receive a nice banner to flaunt.
For a change of scenery, there will be two prizes this time :D The first place winner will win this Saiyuki Poster (16.7 x 22.5 in/42.5 x 57 cm). Also, one randomly selected entrant will win a mystery Saiyuki goodie :p

How to enter:
All entries must be send to: minuswave (a) hotmail (.) com and please mark your email clearly as Challenge Entry.
Word documents are preferred, but I can work with just about anything else if needs be, so don't sweat it if you don't have Word. If you're using Word (or similar) please do not include html tags. Simply use mark-up as you want it.

What happens next:
All the entries will be stripped of all identifying info and posted anonymously on the MinuswaveUpdate LiveJournal and readers will be able to vote. After voting has ended, winners and runner-ups will be announced and you'll be free to post your fic anywhere else. There will need to be at least two entries to vote.

All entries will also be archived at this site.

~ Have Fun! ~

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