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Minus Wave: Saiyuki Yaoi Archive
Welcome to Minus Wave: the archive for Saiyuki and Saiyuki Gaiden Yaoi Fanfiction. All Saiyuki yaoi pairings are welcome here, from both manga and anime. Fics are listed under pairing. Or if you prefer, you can choose the Authors Index where they are listed under author.

Some content on this site is intended for Mature Readers. All fics are rated, please refer to the ratings guidelines for more information. If you access this content, you are stating you are of the legal age to view this content.

Character List
First pick a character, then a pairing.
More characters will be listed when fic for that character is submitted.

Banri Dokugakuji Gat Gojun Gojyo (5)
Goku, Seiten Taisei (9) Hakkai, Gonou (8) Hazel Homura Jeep, Hakuryuu
Jien Jiroshin Kami-sama Kanzeon Kenren
Konzen Kougaiji Koumyou Nataku Ni Jianyi
Sanzo (3) Shien Tenpou Ukoku Yisou
Zakuro Zenon


03 january 2012
happy new year!
many thanks to laeta for her five years of dedication to this archive!
i'm happy and proud to be the new archivist and head librarian for Minus Wave.
Our new LJ is minus_wave_news and I welcome you all to join!

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